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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Jan. 19 – Four from readers in Schenectady, Glenville, Clifton Park and Watervliet

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Harry and Meghan show poor conduct

I watch with amazement the rush to buy the new book by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and fifth in line to the English throne.
He and his wife, Meghan Markle, were joyfully received by the British public when they married and enjoyed a storybook wedding. Since then, they have determined that they do not want to take on the public tasks and responsibilities that are the lot of dutiful members of the royal family.
They have decided that the burdens of duty were more than they wish to shoulder, and they have exercised their right to settle in the United States.
What is galling to this expatriate is the vitriol that they now reportedly pour out on Harry’s family in their television interviews and the first of their promised several books.
I say reportedly, because I will not watch their interviews and definitely not purchase the books.
They break several conventions with their obnoxious behavior. They violate family confidentiality, which should be sacrosanct in any family. Their behavior diminishes the amazing legacy of the late queen.
They claim to want privacy from the press, while working extremely hard to keep in the limelight.
Harry is doing a great deal to undermine his father, King Charles, as the king is working to establish the framework of his reign.
They are obviously two people with very distinct special needs, but I find it hard to believe they will meet these needs with their infantile and disingenuous outbursts.
Michael Bishop
Clifton Park

Grateful to citizen for honoring police

I want to send a shout-out to Schenectady resident Mike Zeppieri for his recent presentations honoring the Schenectady and Rotterdam police departments.
His presentation of plaques to thank and honor these brave men and women was long overdue.
Mike took the initiative to do this, and I appreciate this, as they do.
Something positive for a change!
Paula Breslin

Assess funding to meet school needs

The Sunday Jan. 15 Daily Gazette article (“’Exactly the news we were hoping for’”) about the state Education Foundation funds and views of education professionals was interesting.
The officials’ quotes indicated uncertainty as to financial and human resources needed to meet school districts’ needs.
The federal government authorized $25.9 billion in the Healthy Kids Act and authorized a 10-year Child Enrollment Contingency Fund.
In addition, federal monies are available to improve broadband internet services, tele-health services, school-based mental health services, and to assist development of the National Health Service Corps retention program.
I think the elected school board members must accept the academic professionals’ recommendations for a student-to-counselor ratio.
Inclusion of this ratio into the Foundation’s formula for school districts must be recognized by our elected federal and state government representatives.
The funding of health and dental insurance, pensions and other professional certification costs must be available to school districts to employ additional professionals, besides police officers.
I hope parents and teachers will support appropriate “social and emotional learning” programs of the state Board of Regents to improve school comprehensive counseling-guidance plans.
Do you think students will vote for minimizing their educational needs and rights during times of emergencies and disasters?
Michael McGlynn

Shame state with bridge strike record

Maybe the Town of Glenville Supervisor Chris Koetzle should submit a nomination to the Guinness Book of World Records for the most times a bridge on a state road has been hit in a day, week, month, or year.
Wouldn’t that make the leaders in New York state proud?
Eric Holm


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WEF is a nesting place for the LOONEY Liberal Socialist, We had our lead bird John Kerry licking the boots of the elites calling them extraterrestial beings. But it looks like they are loosing their grip on the loonies. Over 2000 loonies fly in to Davos to make rules for the little ant people of the world. Think about the movie ANTZ

Ethopian World Federation is investigating Madonna and others for child trafficking and experimental procedures on their children. Another connection to the pedo-world.
Also locally another high school boomer caught sending graphic and sexually provocative photos to a minor student.


The ATF is now trying to infringe on the second Amendment. Funny I thought the laws were made by our legislative branch. The AFT does not have the authority to make regulations. Let alone one that infringes on our Constitutional rights.

Bill Wemple

Congress GAVE the power to the Treasury Department and the ATF to regulate firearm types, accessories, ammo, etc. So no, you don’t get to turn your semi-auto pistols into extremely short-barreled rifles by adding a stock accessory to the grip. You don’t get to carry sawed off shotguns or rifles either. Congress routinely delegates powers to numerous federal agencies. That’s how stuff actually gets done. If the agencies overstep the powers granted to them from Congress, that’s when Congress or the Courts step in to curb it. If Congress or some Court does not think this is an overreach, then you need to make these back into simple pistols again.

As for the Royals, they’re quaint, but no longer our concern.

christophe Stalka

Brandies first word decaf. Mr. BISHOP simply expressed an opinion as he is free to do in our democracy. Second word calm yourself. No Hunter Biden update? Have a cheerio type day dude


Bull W except for that particular line in the Second Amendment that says this shall not be infringed upon. Congress cannot abdicate their duties and legislative authority

Bill Wemple

LGB, Can you buy a machine-gun? Can you buy a rocket launcher? No, because Congress gave the ATF power to regulate firearms. Your 2A rights are NOT unlimited.

Bill Marincic

Speaking of the nutcases at Davos, they said to not eat meat anymore, well someone better tell Al Gore. While he was up there telling them that our oceans are boiling and that there are “rain bombs” and Billions of people migrating, he looked like he has been eating the whole cow for years. The closest thing to him and vegan is the pcp weed he must have smoked before going up on stage. By the way, Davos is the hot spot for high-priced prostitutes during the WEF, they fly in by the hundreds.

Bill Marincic

Actually yes you can, I have fired both in Nevada, and my friend has a number of full-auto machine guns. He has an FFL.


In the 2008 case District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court held that the “Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.”

Important clause: “…to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as SELF-DEFENSE WITHIN THE HOME.” Government has the right to regulate the arms appropriate for “SELF-DEFENSE WITHIN THE HOME.” The question becomes what types of weapons under this guideline may, in the interests of public safety, be outlawed. There is no absolute right to bear arms in SCOTUS interpretations of the 2nd amendment.

The top of the food chain that control the world,(not even sure who the hell they are) the ruling power, are the kings and queens on the chessboard, the congressman, senators, and other world politicians, along with influential people with big bucks and influence are the bishops, knights, and rooks, and we, the lowly tax paying citizens are the pawns.

The pawns can’t make or change the laws (rules) we can only vote for the rooks and bishops that can. The republicans knights, bishops and rooks are far more effective at moving the pawns in a direction that only feeds their personal desires.

The republican hierarchy on the chessboard are not the least bit concerned with healthcare or retirement benefits, they’re locked in for life. The lowly republican pawns vote for those that promise to lower their taxes. Lo and behold, these pawns will have a rude awakening when they lose their Social Security and healthcare benefits. But that will be ok, because they will still have God, and their guns, at least for a while. Too bad that the MAGA pawns don’t realize the republican bishops rooks and nights, truly don’t give a flying f – – k about them other than their vote.


If you understand the second amendment the founders wanted private citizens to own the same weaponry as the military uses. In the event that the citizens need to overthrow a tyrannical government. Therefore this amendment shall not be infringed upon


My neighbor who is a nuclear engineer consultant is moving to Idaho because he wants to exercise his second amendment rights. He purchased a $16k rifle that will hit a target from 1 mile away. Open carry

“If you understand the second amendment the founders wanted private citizens to own the same weaponry as the military uses. In the event that the citizens need to overthrow a tyrannical government.”

Cite your source for this interpretation.
It’s you who don’t understand the second amendment, so where do you get your interpretation?

Once again, Republican accusations are just confessions. How are Democrats racist again?


Robert Spindell, Republican member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission:
“In the City of Milwaukee, with the 4th Congressional District Republican Party working very closely with the RPW, RNC, Republican Assembly & Senate Campaign Committees, Statewide Campaigns and RPMC in the Black and Hispanic areas, we can be especially proud of the City of Milwaukee (80.2% Dem Vote) casting 37,000 less votes than cast in the 2018 election with the major reduction happening in the overwhelming Black and Hispanic areas.”

“…this great and important decrease in Democrat votes in the City” was due to a “well thought out multi-faceted plan,” Spindell bragged, that included:

– “Biting Black Radio Negative Commercials run last few weeks of the election cycle straight at Dem Candidates.
– “A substantial & very effective Republican Coordinated Election Integrity program resulting with lots of Republican paid Election Judges & trained Observers & extremely significant continued Court Litigation.”


By Bruce Murphy – Jan 10th, 2023 11:50 am


The founders feared a large standing army and created the second to give the citizens of the country to have well armed militias. Not government controlled militias but a citizen well armed militia to defend liberties threatened by a tyrannical government


ChuckD, not only is he making it up, but it is harebrained to imagine any citizen’s militia could overwhelm the military force of the United States. It would be like David v. Goliath only David would have a pea shooter instead of a slingshot.


“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country: but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person,” said Madison.Jun 8, 2022

Does anyone think that well armed militias like the “Oath Keepers” and “Proud Boys” are the “best security of a free country”?

The original idea was that an armed citizenry could be called up to protect the country against foreign threats, making a standing army unnecessary. What “gun rights” extremists forget are the words “well regulated” in the amendment. Who do they think would be doing the “regulating’? Certainly it would not be the likes of Elmer Stewart Rhodes or Enrique Tarrio. Obviously, it would be a government official.

Bill Wemple

Which means your friend has a specific permit (Class 3?) which is heavily regulated by the ATF to own one. Again, your 2A rights are still not unlimited and can be regulated.


The arms available to a “well regulated militia” would be decided by the government. Modern weapons have made the concept of citizen’s militias obsolete. Thus, it remains the government’s job to decide what types of weapons are acceptable for self defense. It is the 21st century, not the 18th. Weapons have become so much more deadly and efficient that the widespread availability of semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines makes THEM a threat to public safety (security). The government, through our elected representatives, has the duty to determine where the line should be drawn, what weapons are compatible with self defense and which are more likely to be used for criminal purposes such as mass murders.

Wow ! Mr. Brandon 🤡 knows what was in the framers of the constitution minds. If they were here today I’m sure they would allow everyone to have a small yield nuclear device for protection of their property and themselves. Who would want to mess with anyone if all homes and businesses had WMDs? Maybe a tank or two parked in front of each home,


Read about a real sex scandal, a real cabal of evil people exploiting and trafficking in children. Forget Qanon’s lurid lies about Democrats as Satan-worshiping child traffickers. Here is the truth. Face it, oh ye of little reason:

“Special Prosecutor Assigned In Case Of VA Megachurch Pastor Arrested In 2021 Underage Prostitution Sting
January 19, 2023 Christianists, Crime

Richmond’s NBC affiliate reports:

During a brief press conference on Thursday morning, Chesterfield’s Commonwealth’s Attorney Stacey Davenport said a case involving a Virginia pastor and a child sex crimes sting might move forward after charges were dismissed.

John Blanchard was the lead pastor at Rock Church in Virginia Beach. In October 2021, he was one of 17 people arrested in a Chesterfield child sex crimes sting. He was charged with felony solicitation of prostitution, but his charges were dropped a year later.

Hampton Roads’ ABC affiliate reports:

The announcement comes months after prosecutors nolle prossed all charges related to attempted solicitation of an underage minor against Blanchard, who serves as a pastor at Rock Church in Virginia Beach. That means the charges were dropped but could be refiled again if prosecutors felt they had enough evidence against Blanchard to move forward.

Investigators said they communicated undercover with Blanchard and the others on social media, pretending to be underage girls advertising prostitution. All 17 who were charged had arranged to meet with someone whom they thought was underage and was soliciting sex, and when they arrived, officers arrested them.

Today’s move comes after weeks of public pressure by Chesterfield County Police Chief Jeffery Katz, who made multiple Facebook posts condemning the initial decision to drop charges against Blanchard but not the other 16 men collared in the underage sting.

My 2021 reports on Blanchard’s arrest and subsequent resignation are here and here. Police say Blanchard’s usage of shorthand in his text messages indicated his familiarity with the underground sex trade.

For example, he offered the detective posing as a 17 year-old prostitute $70 for a “qv hhr” – a “quick visit” lasting “half an hour.” Blanchard also reportedly asked, “Are you affiliated with law enforcement in any way?”

In November 2022, I reported that Blanchard’s church had called upon the public to forgive him.

The initial news that charges had been dropped has long roiled local Virginia outlets. Surely a powerful local megachurch had no role in that decision.”


A.S. It’s all bad but you seem to only mention churches and forget your alumni groomers. Come condem your fellow educators that sexually exploited the children in their schools

WILMINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Lawyers scouring President Biden’s garage in Wilmington, Delaware, have been unable to find any plans to overthrow the United States government through a violent insurrection, the lawyers have reported.
In addition, the lawyers said, a thorough search had not turned up any instructions to subvert election results by spreading baseless claims about voter fraud or by promoting slates of fake electors.

“If, in searching President Biden’s garage, we had uncovered evidence of plans to end democracy as we know it—or, for that matter, proof of systematic tax fraud spanning a period of many years—we would have informed Attorney General Garland immediately,” the lawyers’ official statement read.
The lawyers revealed that they did discover plans to build a Jacuzzi and a barrel sauna on the President’s deck but said that they would not be forwarding those documents to the Department of Justice.

In Washington, House Republicans flatly rejected the lawyers’ account. “The American people are sick and tired of President Biden being less than honest with them,” Rep. George Santos said.

“A.S. It’s all bad but you seem to only mention churches and forget your alumni groomers. Come condem your fellow educators that sexually exploited the children in their schools”

He already has, and others not a part of your cult have as well.
Also, you and your cult have made it very loud and clear your hatred for education and teachers, so your credibility is not very high.

Also, how about commentary on the sad state of the Boy Scouts of America (now under bankrupcy protection), due directly to defending their many scout masters and others who’ve been caught out abusing young boys?

Also, how about addressing the scourge in the clergy and their very public troubles keeping their skeazy hands off children?

How abut taking a good look into a nearby mirror?

Bill Wemple

Your nuclear engineer friend with the 16K rifle wanting to move to Idaho is probably already tagged as a possible insider threat by KAPL security.


ChuckD, Although unwittingly, G-F—Biden is beginning to get the point; he understands now that it is wrong to pick one group and portray them as threats to our children. This started with their hysterical reaction to “drag queens” reading to children. The children were in no danger. They were in public places, yet the bigots were all in a huff, outraged that children were being exposed to the dangers of proximity to “outcasts” or “others,” the people they hate and hold in contempt and portrayed as inclined to harm children.

Of course, his lesson is not complete. He posted, “” No A.S. It’s all bad but you seem to only mention churches and forget your alumni groomers. Come condem your fellow educators that sexually exploited the children in their schools.” Large groups of people, whether clergy, boy scout leaders, drag queens, gays, transsexuals, educators, or Democratic Satan-worshipers should not be “condemned as child molesters.” Yet, in their earlier protestations that is exactly what GFB and his ilk did, with their vile aspersions cast on people very unlikely to molest children, “drag queens” reading to them.

I chose clergy because people like GFB would think them the least likely molesters. Learn to reason “O ye of little reason.”

Bill Marincic

January 19th, 2023
ChuckD, not only is he making it up, but it is harebrained to imagine any citizen’s militia could overwhelm the military force of the United States. It would be like David v. Goliath only David would have a pea shooter instead of a slingshot.

You mean like Ukraine against Russia??????

If the citizen’s militia is given billions of dollars worth of American and European made tanks, drones, missile systems, and artillery, then yes, exactly the same.

No, he doesn’t mean “like Ukraine against Russia”. Don’t you understand what’s going on in Ukraine?
See Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to the end for a better example.

This makes me wonder how Texas helped its citizens after its power authority left millions in the cold and dark.

New York moves to relieve electric and gas bill debt
By Nick Reisman City of Albany
PUBLISHED 3:01 PM ET Jan. 19, 2023

Debts owed on past due energy and heating bills in New York will be forgiven under a plan enacted Thursday by state officials.
The $672 million assistance program is considered the largest such action in state history, and will affect an estimated 478,000 residential customers and 56,000 small businesses.

“Every New Yorker deserves affordable energy, yet too many New Yorkers are at risk of having their lights turned off due to financial problems caused by the pandemic,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said. “Earlier this month, I laid out extensive proposals to make energy more affordable in my State of the State address, and with this historic electric and gas utility relief we’re achieving another major milestone to help New Yorkers stay warm during the cold winter months.”

The debt forgiveness plan allows for one-time credits for residential non-low-income customers as well as small commercial customers for the period through May 1, 2022. A similar program was put in place last summer for low-income utility customers. The money received final sign off on Thursday by regulators at the Public Service Commission.

“To address this major problem, the PSC has approved measures to strengthen and improve utility energy affordability programs to reduce consumer energy burden and address low-income customer needs,” Chairman Rory Christian said.

Officials have backed the debt forgiveness efforts to help customers in arrears due to the financial upheaval created by the COVID-19 pandemic. In June, Hochul announced $567 million for low-income electric and gas utility customers to pay off their past due bills. The Hochul administration is also backing a $200 million plan for to help offset electric bills for more than 800,000 New Yorkers who earn less than $75,000, but are not eligible for the current utility discount program.


lfb, You post “Not government controlled militias but a citizen well armed militia to defend liberties threatened by a tyrannical government”. The “militia in Michigan didn’t do to well trying to capture a state Governor because of covid mandates and restrictions. So to overthrow the US Military sounds like a Qaon subplot from your “thought” process after a few beers with your militia neighbor.


lbj, Forgot to add , does your neighbor know Boise has large gay population? Maybe he is going there for that not to shoot a BIG gun.


ChuckD, Debts owed on past due energy and heating bills in New York will be forgiven under a plan enacted Thursday by state officials.
Here they want home owners whose homes were damaged or destroyed by Ian to keep paying for water and sewer, or pay disconnect fees, then treat them like a new customer and pay in the thousands if and when they repair or rebuild. I know socialist Dems vs capitalist Reps. Who would rather have running the show if your behind on heating bill, or lost your home to Ian?
Seriously watch for news for what Ron is doing on the cultural war front. Starting small here and not getting the MSM attention most of it should. Former guy did with his big mouth, this guy is doing with legislation and stealth.


Proof that the MAGA-Trump cultists are impervious to reason and having difficulty composing meaningful analogies:

Bill Marincic
January 19th, 2023
January 19th, 2023
“ChuckD, not only is he making it up, but it is harebrained to imagine any citizen’s militia could overwhelm the military force of the United States. It would be like David v. Goliath only David would have a pea shooter instead of a slingshot.

You mean like Ukraine against Russia??????”

I posted that civilians rising up against the might of the U.s. military would be like David facing Goliath with a pea shooter.

BM’s response:

You mean like Ukraine against Russia??????

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