Eight displaced after Saturday Schenectady blaze

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SCHENECTADY — A fire on University Place left eight adults temporarily displaced, authorities said.

No one was hurt.

Firefighters were called to the residence at 1036 University Place at 3:10 p.m. and extinguished the fire within 15 minutes, Fire Chief Don Mareno said. A team of 20 firefighters had been summoned to take out the blaze, which was fought inside.

“There was an issue in one part of the occupancy structure,” Mareno said. “Our people got in there quick, like they always do, searched the building, got everybody out, thank God nobody was hurt.”

The structure can be repaired, Mareno reported.

Residents weren’t immediately allowed inside the building due to fire damage and gas released during the incident.

While still under investigation, nothing appears suspicious about the fire, Mareno said.

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