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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Jan. 22

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Barber’s creativity starts year off right

Starting off the New Year right with the ever increasing ingenuity of photographer Peter Barber, his “bird is the word,” on the front page of the Jan. 15 Sunday edition spoke to me, as I’m sure it did to the many Gazette readers, a Tufted Titmouse.
Janice Evans Thompson

Keep taking steps to prevent covid spread

Entering our fourth pandemic year, with over a million U.S. deaths and plummeting life expectancy, we now have safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines.
Individual and population protection, however, differ fundamentally. Our population will be protected only when the immune fraction increases significantly, whether by vaccination or past infection.
With COVID-19 rampant, only vaccinated or recently infected individuals are protected. We are protected by our individual immunity, not yet (adequately) by the immunity of others, which would reduce COVID-19 incidence and risk.
Infections reduce pressure on vaccination toward population protection.
Immunity acquired by infection differs from immunity acquired by vaccination. Vaccination is better, saving lives and preserving health.
Either way, however, immunity is protection, and protection is beneficial.
We are experiencing a winter surge of infections by emergent omicron subvariants that cause breakthrough infections better than their predecessors. Individual immunity therefore is essential for individual protection. Individuals cannot avoid contracting COVID-19 by assuming that others’ immunity has made the virus rare.
SARS-CoV-2 infections are dominated by omicron subvariants. The new bivalent vaccine boosters add protection against omicron, even if imperfect, including against infection and re-infection, severe covid, and long covid.
Broader-acting boosters and nasal vaccines are expected, possibly for the next round of boosters.
Unprotected people are returning to routine behaviors: mingling, vacationing, and going to stores, schools, and workplaces.
As a specialist in assessing and managing human health risks, I emphasize that covid is still not routine like the common cold. Being fully vaccinated, and practicing masking and distancing, remain important.
Robert A. Michaels, PhD, CEP

Focus state spending on school foundation

School leaders were relieved to learn Gov. Kathy Hochul intends to follow through in her commitment to fully fund education aid as part of the next state budget.
This I hope to see. I worked 37 years in the school system and feel my tax money was not put in the correct place first.
This is the foundation of our schools. The foundation is ignored.
But you will see technology programs and buildings built or swimming pools put in the higher grades.
I worked with challenged children. Yes, the foundation has reading and math programs and this is good. But these specialists can’t do it alone.
We need the first three years of a child’s life in school to have more classes, which means more teachers and teacher assistance.
The students I worked with were missing out. I have seen programs to help students after school, but these students are tired. Give me a break.
I do not care how much education our leaders of our schools have, but if you have no common sense, they have nothing. Or is it they do not care for students who struggle?
I listened to a principal, who gave a speech and talked about going to a child in middle school, who was taking a test crying.
She went up to him and found out he could not read or understand the test. Is this what we want?
Virginia DelGallo



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Steven Flynn
January 21st, 2023
Most extreme liberal’s agree but it doesnt change the fact that liberal marxists are trashing Atlanta. They subscribe to the same creed as u and the posse and angry Lou. Back in the day, that was u.

Steven, did Joe Biden encourage the violence? Did any of his top aids and lawyers speak to the rioters encouraging violence? What “creed” do you assume mainstream Democrats share with these protesters? In what way is this creed reflective of marxist ideology? Do you have any idea what the tenets of marxist ideology are? I don’t know of any Democrat who is a Marxist.

Try backing your accusations up; that would be a post with content, right or wrong, and not just unsupported and inane allegations.


And yet another reason to ban assault style rifles, the offensive weapon of choice for mass murderers. When we will ever learn? “Mass shooting near Los Angeles in Monterey Park, California is worse since Uvalde. Man with assault style weapon killed ten at dance club, where a Chinese Lunar New Year celebration was taking place. Monterey Park is primarily an Asian community.”

You want to drastically reduced deaths by gun violence; Law….Three, hard to obtain, permit only, hand guns per individual. All revolvers, one small caliber, one medium caliber, and one large caliber. Three rifles per individual, bolt or lever action only. Same deal, small, large, and medium caliber.

Get caught with illegal weapon,1st offense 1 year and 5K mandatory, 2nd offense 5 years 20k mandatory. Government buy back program and I’d be first in line. – Sound extreme, perhaps, but something must change.
Never happen though because God, oops, not God, the NRA and the republicans says it’s our right to play pretend Rambo, only with real weapons.


A.S. and the rest of the clowns. your support of a socialist government is apparent all of your answers are to repeal constitutional rights. Never addressing the issues with criminals. You want to give criminals benefit of the doubt, catch release, hold no one except law enforcement accountable. Not surprising in California such a tragedy happened. Seems like NY Illinois, California and all the other sanctuary states have more and more issues.
I am surprised you haven’t blamed it on a TRUMP supporter yet but I am sure they insinuating it on MSM.
This falls right into the Hitler playbook. Create enough chaos for the citizens to cry out do something and they take the weapons from the people. They use the MSM to push the narrative on the public.
The more the deep state is exposed the more incidents will happen to take attention off the current exposure of the deep state crimes. Always watch what the other hand is doing.
I agree with Mike when will we ever learn the more rights we take away from the citizens the less safe we are.

Steven Flynn

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Which part of that limits an American to 3 rifles per individual or 3 handguns? Shall not be infinged means just that. I do like this though “Get caught with illegal weapon,1st offense 1 year and 5K mandatory, 2nd offense 5 years 20k mandatory.” The only problem is lefties dont like keeping criminals locked up, you beat up a store owner and steal from him, you get released immediately. Brilliant!


Black Lives Matter and Marxism

Adapted from a document drafted by Eljeer Hawkins and approved by Socialist Alternative’s National Committee, February 2015

We have entered a new phase in the struggle against racism and capitalism in the United States. “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) started after the death of Trayvon Martin and then became a protest movement. The BLM banner is a powerful affirmation of the humanity of black workers, poor and youth. Every 28 hours a black or brown person is killed by police, vigilante or extra-judicial violence. Police kill black Americans at nearly the same rate as the lynchings during the Jim Crow era; young black men are 21 times more likely to be shot dead by police than white men. BLM has captured the imagination of a generation of new activists in the U.S. and globally.

This is a re-emergence of the black masses onto the scene of U.S. history after decades of defeat, sell-outs, decimation and mass incarceration. The current radicalization must be seen in the context of the limits given by the immediate past of a low-level of general class consciousness in society and a historically very low level of struggle in the black community. This is further complicated by the lack of militancy of the remaining civil rights leadership from the 1960s and 70s; those who weren’t assassinated or imprisoned have largely been bought off and co-opted by the establishment. The Obama Presidency both signifies the limits of pro-capitalist identity politics but also gives confidence to black youth that they could get support in society and can defeat racism.

The revolt against police violence took new form in Ferguson and New York in recent months, with daily determined demonstrations and a new layer of activists emerging. There is partial rejection of the old civil rights leadership, which is uneven geographically and generationally, and new organizations thrown up by struggle.

The mood to fight is influenced by the economic crisis and Occupy. At its height, the protests took mass direct action to block highways and occupy symbols of police violence, economic inequality and racism. Now, the movement is in at least partial retreat. There is a danger that the advanced activists will cut themselves off from the broader masses by taking isolated direct action. We should advocate tactics and a strategy that give the activists an approach that can bring broader layers along with them.

The first phase of the movement is over, but the new activists aren’t going away, and a new phase will emerge. This has been only one wave of struggle. There will be more atrocities, more protests, more movements in the coming months and years.

Socialists, while building actions to indict the killer cops and win demands against racist policing, also need to boldly connect the dots to a program that can defeat racism in all its forms. We must connect the battle against police violence to clear economic demands: for a $15 an hour minimum wage and massive jobs programs as well as quality education and housing. We must put forward tactics of mass action while calling on unions and organizations like the NAACP – where they have influence – to support this struggle. We put forward our slogans and demands to be taken up by the broader movement because we want to point towards victories in the here and now. But we must also boldly point to a socialist solution and the need to build a multiracial socialist force in the fight to once and for all end poverty, racism and corporate domination.


The above quote illustrates the contradiction between the emerging working-class young black activists and the self-serving former civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who are tied to the pro-capitalist Democratic Party. The decline of the radical black freedom movement of the 1960s and ’70s left black workers, youth and communities without grassroots based militant leadership. The sell-out nature of the current inadequate leadership was on full display in Ferguson, as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson attempted to hijack and direct the movement into “safe” channels. Jesse Jackson was unceremoniously booed off the stage as he attempted to proselytize for his church. Jackson hasn’t been back to Ferguson since.
The BLM movement opens a new powerful chapter. The previous radical black freedom movement always had powerful anti-capitalist, socialist, and internationalist currents. Today black and Latino youth are increasingly open to the ideas of socialism and Marxism. Let’s engage this movement with confidence, armed with our ideas and the lessons of history. The struggle of the multiracial working class for socialist change is the beginning of overcoming racial division. Overthrowing capitalism cannot end all aspects of racism overnight, but it can do away with the exploitation that lays the basis for class society’s divide-and-rule approach. There is no other road. Black liberation can only be won through the socialist transformation of society.

Steven Flynn

The extreme lefties were on a roll in Atlanta last night. Burning cars, smashing up stores, and wreaking havoc all over the city. The party of peace has been taken over by the violent progressives. Im waitng for CNN, or MSNBC, or a delusional DG liberal to somehow blame white supremacists. Another liberal city ruined by liberal leadership.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Steve asks, “Which part of that limits an American to 3 rifles per individual or 3 handguns?”

No part makes that specific reference, however the amendment’s aim was to have on hand, in case of foreign invasion, A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, which allows for government control of that militia. The amendment does seem to contain a contradiction in that the requirement for regulation seems to conflict with the phrase “shall not be infringed.” However, in today’s world of rapid fire weapons and high capacity magazines being employed regularly by mass murders, I think we should emphasize the regulation clause; it is the opening phrase of the 2nd amendment.


Antifa and BLM marxist following.

After the election of American President Donald Trump in 2016, the focus of Western disaffection with capitalism shifted from class (the concern of Occupy) to race, most visibly in the rise of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa (an abbreviation of ‘anti-Fascist’) movements. BLM was founded in 2013, first as a Twitter hashtag and online committee and later as a tax-exempt non-profit organization. In an online interview in 2015, the co-founder of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, described the leaders of the organization as “trained Marxists . . . super-versed on ideological theories” (Cullors 2015). BLM co-founder Alicia Garza tweeted on 17 January 2015 that the cause of “black on black crimes” is “not black pathology. It’s capitalism” (Garza 2015). These references to Marxism and anti-capitalism by BLM’s leadership could be multiplied many times. And opponents of BLM and Antifa likewise characterize these as Marxist organizations. Andy Ngo devoted seven pages of his book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy to BLM’s “Marxist Ideology” (Ngo 2021, 131-37), and the subtitle of Mike Gonzalez’s history of BLM is The Making of a New Marxist Revolution (Gonzalez 2021)

Steven Flynn

ABC News in Atlanta reported that the riots were just peaceful protesting as a car is burning behind her. Corporate media carrying water for the Dems. Lies.


Steven Flynn
January 22nd, 2023
The extreme lefties were on a roll in Atlanta last night. Burning cars, smashing up stores, and wreaking havoc all over the city. The party of peace has been taken over by the violent progressives. Im waitng for CNN, or MSNBC, or a delusional DG liberal to somehow blame white supremacists. Another liberal city ruined by liberal leadership.

Again, I ask for the names of mainstream Democratic leaders who spoke to the rioters in Atlanta, encouraging them to violence. Did any mainstream Democrat tell them they had to “fight like hell” if they wanted to keep their country? Did any prominent Democrat call on antifa to “stand back and stand by”? I assume you know what I am referring to.

Steven Flynn

The Atlanta mayor held an emergency press conference following the attack on downtown Atlanta by far-left extremists. The mayor confirms that riot arrestees were found to be carrying explosives.


LOONEY LOU Hitler had the brown shirts( our Antifa & BLM ) create havoc. They legislated confiscation of weapons in Germany. The brown shirts went into cities and towns causing chaos. Hitler asked the people do you want me to fix it? The people could not defend themselves and turn to a dictator Hitler to help. He created the SS to stop the brown shirts. After the SS desimated the brown shirts Hitler unleashed his fury on the world.
Tell me again how this is not being done here by the Democratic Socialist you so love.
Bill M is correct calling you clowns the blind mice. Be good little mice and capitulate your rights as an American for Socialist ideologies.


A.S. wrong about militia. As previously posted the founders knew that someday a tyrannical government would emerge when the three branches abdicated their duties to hold each branch accountable.
They spent a lot of time debating the second amendment and Tench Coxe espoused that the citizens should posses all the weapons of war in order to protect liberties.
He also stated that militia were not to be regulated by any State of Federal governments.


The chaos has begun and the citizens are in the crosshairs. The extreme radical groups associated with the DNC socialist are on the march again. Just like before destroying businesses and communities in their push for marxist utopia.


The chaos in Atlanta is text book to the brown shirts in Germany. The protester upset with the shooting of an armed criminal. The weapon found on Teran matched the ballistic of the bullet that wounded a State trooper. Commands were given to Teran that were ignored and he was shot.
So the radical groups attack the city because they feel they do not have to follow the rules of law.

Steven Flynn

CNN’s guest said we shouldn’t use the word “violent” to describe the far left riots in Atlanta last night.
Extreme leftists were destroying buildings and setting police cars on fire. You cant make this sh#t up.

I doubt any of these Trump adorers even know the meaning of the word “liberal”…..They were told it was a bad word by the Republican propaganda machine and they ran with it. The stupidity they spew on this forum was entertaining at first. But now has become boring. I read this page daily and the same old claims by the people who like being stupid for Trump. It is such an embarrassment for our community.

Steven Flynn
January 22nd, 2023
Your reference is stupid quite frankly but predictable. You’re ate up with TDS, stage 4.

You’re beyond “ate up” actually off the chart with TDS – Trump Devotion Stupidity.

Steven Flynn

Dont read it then. Noone’s twisting your arm to reply on this page. You’re another who wants this to be a cute little echo chamber of head noddering liberals. Be strong Guy Sharona.


G.V. sadly your party of now democratic socialist have used so many adjectives to describe the party, liberal, progressive, and so on at least now they seem to be happy with the true meaning behind their policies. So they are now socialist. It has been done since Woodrow Wilson changing the adjective to describe / hide the true meaning and drive of the party. Conservatives have been just that no hidden meaning.


Political philosophy
Description Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on the rights of the individual, liberty, consent of the governed, political equality and equality before the law. Liberals espouse various views depending on their understanding of these principles

The meaning proves they use the word to hide the true ideology. It also often uses democracy that you so often use to describe our country which is again A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.


Conservatives tend to favor institutions and practices that guarantee stability and evolved gradually. Adherents of conservatism often oppose modernism and seek a return to traditional values, though different groups of conservatives may choose different traditional values to preserve.

Hence the devotion to our constitution.


Constitutional conservatism, a form of conservatism bound within the limits provided within the United States Constitution, defending the structures of constitutionalism, and preserving the principles of the United States Constitution. Chief among those principles is the defense of liberty.

The very bottom line with BLM is not about the bate and switch, shell game you MAGA supremacists play; Diversion with looting or young Black males and gun violence.

It’s about systemic racism that is rampant, and being pushed by trump and his MAGA trumpettes. It’s about a level playing field for all.

So now, like the good little boys you are, go “scratch my (your) n#t sack and drink a Budweiser in my (your) wife beater shirt with my (your) confederate flag hat.”


Looney Lou are you saying that Eljeer Hawkins is a Trump supporter?

These aren their words not MAGA
Looney Lou maybe I should have used the lead by Mr. Florida and Chuckles the clown and used a gay joke like they did with Idaho.

Black Lives Matter and Marxism

Adapted from a document drafted by Eljeer Hawkins and approved by Socialist Alternative’s National Committee, February 2015


FLORIDA : yesterdays comments: lgb, Did you ever find out why your neighbor is going to Idaho? Because of the big gun or as ChuckD asked something else big as they have large gay population in Boise?

Maybe if I made a joke about the gay population in Boise it would be funnier to the estrogen laden DONKEY CLOWNS.

Steven Flynn

Well played angry Lou. You sir are tearing it up this morning. Seems like you’d denounce Chuck D’s homophobic comment since you’re an extreme liberal. Did the rules change overnight?

Steven Flynn

Ive been reading all the pre-mature information on the 10 people shot in California last night. The liberals were blaming white supremacy, Trump, all the usual nonsense u read on here. Turns out the suspect is an Asian man and all of a sudden we hear crickets. The narrative was blown, again.


Hey Steve don’t worry it is till the guns fault. So the attack will go to disarming the country it fits their narrative. I wonder what would have happened if it was legal to open carry in that state and there were several attendees who were armed. Again a state with strict gun controls soft target. Just a thought. I am sure the loonies will go after that comment as well crazy second amendment citizens want the Wild West to come back.
Now please excuse me I am going to Walmart for ammunition, beer and a bible. and maybe a scratch in between.

Nice twist Steve. It’s obvious from reading years of Chuck’s posts he couldn’t care less, beyond the bigotry from people like you, about an individual’s sexuality orientation.

Homophobia, among other things, usually falls in line, along with the intimacy with guns for most MAGA supporters.

When someone spends $16k on one gun and moves to an “open carry” state, it’s a fair assumption he’s a trumpster. Chuck put up a sarcastic post indicating that he should be prepared he may be in an environment not to his liking. Nice try

Steven Flynn

They could start by disarming thousands of young males who’re shooting each other daily with illegally owned weapons. Thousands of young dudes die every year and I dont see the same outcry from the extreme liberals. Its only those “military style” weapons that they care about. Imagine if we lost thousands of young soldiers overseas, we’d be in the middle of a major war. Here in America, we read about and see whats happening every day yet I dont see the same reaction. Its almost like we’re so numb to it that it’s just another news story and nothing else. Where’s the outrage DG liberals? How many young men have to die before you wake up and focus on the real gun problem.

Washington Post:

“In one Texas school district, school librarians have ordered 6,000 fewer books this year than the year before, because under a new rule parents must have 30 days to review the titles before the school board votes to approve them. In Pennsylvania, a school librarian who must now obtain her principal’s okay for acquisitions has bought just 100 books this school year, compared with her typical 600.”….

“Students are upset, especially LGBTQ students, said a Keller employee who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of professional retribution. “They want to see themselves in books, they want to see themselves reflected, and they’re not able to.”

Short of porn, and perhaps a few extremes, no books should be restricted in schools. In order for students to become well informed, and get a prospective of the real world beyond what the possible limitations their at home family impose on them, knowledge, without limitations is king. Let the kids eventually make their own judgment calls, but do not limit their exposure.

If mommy and daddy want to handcuff and restrict the knowledge of Buba, and Betty Sue Ann, home school them and show them the proper way to clean a gun and hate minorities, but don’t impose your backwards thinking on the rest of the students.

Steven Flynn

Let the teachers teach the students conservatism and the evils of liberalism. You’d want every book burned and the school padlocked. Funny how that works huh.

Steven Flynn

MSNBC reporter: “How many classified documents is it total?”
Biden personal assistant: “It’s complicated”

The administration of transparency my rear.

That’s right, flynn. I said it, and you twisted it. Sexy stuff really triggers you and your people, doesn’t it? The anxiety is palpable. Seems like you’re forever trying to cover up your sexual dysfunctionalities.
The numbers don’t lie. But you sure do! LOL!

Steven Flynn
January 22nd, 2023
Let the teachers teach the students conservatism and the evils of liberalism. You’d want every book burned and the school padlocked. Funny how that works huh.

I should start calling you Chubby Checker because you love to twist stuff to fit your absolute false narrative.

Your statements is analogous to me asking a question like; Steve, does everyone you associate with know how stupid you are?

Don’t make false assumptions or put words in my mouth.

More hilarity.
F___youBiden reminds us of the gun-humper dream:
” I wonder what would have happened if it was legal to open carry in that state and there were several attendees who were armed. ”

What then should the protocol be when the cops show up and a bunch of strangers are all shooting at each other?
Maybe the cops should join in the shootin’ party and try their luck?
Maybe the “good guys with the guns” should all have shiny badges they can flash, just like the real cops?

How about that part F___youBiden? Or any of you other gun-humpers here?
What should the SOP be for LEOs in a mass shooting with some “good guys” mixed in?
Or do you even care?

Steve, I’m not tired, I’m not bossy, and I’m not angry. Obviously, you can’t tell the difference between reality and what Bill’s imaginary mind man in is telling you what to say.

I’m done beating you in this ping-pong match. Have a nice day.


As a country we should be ashamed. Does it really matter what person we blame? Maybe the politicians for the carnage, they can’t bring themselves to compromise on and fix the laws to make common sense for both sides.

M. P , Calif
The tragedy marked not just the fifth mass killing in the U.S. SINCE THE START OF THE YEAR but also the deadliest since May 24, when 21 people were killed in a school in Uvalde, Texas, according to The Associated Press/USA Today database on mass killings in the U.S.

The database also shows that 2022 was also one of the nation’s worst years in terms of mass killings, with 42 such attacks — the second-highest number since the creation of the tracker in 2006. The database defines a mass killing as four people killed not including the perpetrator.

The latest violence comes two months after five people were killed at a Colorado Springs


DeSantis has promised “open carry” which means no permits need to purchase any firearm before he leaves office. Any one want to apply for a policeman’s job here? You can help establish the SOP ChuckD speaks about in his post for when the shooting starts.

Steven Flynn

Florida. What common sense law would u propose? Does this also cover the thousands of youths shooting each other annually with illegal handguns? If so, Id be interested in a conversation.

Steven Flynn

For example, according to Chicago Police Department data, 25 people were shot in 23 separate shooting incidents between 6 p.m. Friday and 11:59 p.m. Monday. Chicago is a city in the USA, where’s the political outrage? Why isnt that front page news every damn day of the year?

Any idea where those guns in Chicago are coming from, flynn? Have you thought about that?
You might be proud to learn that your beloved Reagan’s “trickle down” effect works! Only with weaponry, not corporate profits so much.
Millions of responsible gun owners who got their beloved guns stolen, or gun shops broken in to. They play a large role in putting guns on the street.
Reaponsible gun owners, who’ll also be there for us at the next mass casualty event…maybe.

Steven Flynn

If you’re so against it then dont own a gun, its pretty simple. The 2A has given myself, and millions of other legal gun owners, the legal right to own. You’re part of the, if its not for me its not for thee crowd. It doesnt work for me so take it away from u crowd. The anger should be towards illegally owned weapons and the penalty should be severe. Problem is, the libs dont like punishing criminals and the criminals know it. Beat a store owner, steal from him, release without bail. Beat the hell out of an old lady on the streets, release without bail. Beat the hell out of a jewish man in NYC and call him an anti-semetic name while doing it, release without bail. Why is it society’s problem that someone doesnt have the funds to bail out. You dont want to rot in jail, dont commit the crime.


ChuckD, it is interesting to note that the implication of Steve’s last post is that there are too many guns. How else could this happen: “25 people were shot in 23 separate shooting incidents between 6 p.m. Friday and 11:59 p.m. Monday. Chicago is a city in the USA, where’s the political outrage?”

There is plenty of outrage Steve. Many of us are saddened and outraged by how easily guns can be bought in states like Texas and transported all over the country and how gun assembly kits can be sent through the mail. Until recently no serial number or background check was required on these gun kits:

“The Biden administration announced a new federal rule meant to crack down on the use of what’s been dubbed as ghost guns – untraceable homemade firearms that do not have serial numbers.

The new rule requires the kits to make homemade guns to be treated like other guns made and sold in the U.S.

The kits will need to have serial numbers and the person buying one would need to pass a background check.

The rule goes into effect in four months, according to the Department of Justice.” 4/11/22

However, no story can be front page news every day. There are other stories like the Russian terrorist attack on Ukraine, McCarthy’s caving in to the demands of the MAGA lunatic fringe endangering our economy with threats to not raise the debt ceiling, George Santos etc. The national debt increased by $7.8 trillion during Trump’s administration. I am concerned. Eliminating tax loopholes, imposing a functioning graduated income tax, fully funding the IRS, and cutting wasteful spending from the military budget would balance the budget and reduce the debt. But I guess your side thinks that’s Marxism. Unbelievable.


Steve, how many times do we have to repeat that no one is advocating taking reasonable firearms used for self-defense, hunting, and target shooting away from you or anyone else? Deal with real issues and be honest in your discussions. It is always wrong to assume what someone you disagree with believes. If you think your opponents are Marxist-Communists or socialists tell us why. Otherwise stick to countering the actual positions they take on real issues, not your imaginary fears.

“If you’re so against it then dont own a gun…”

Which serves as your intellectual dead-end. When asked to think deeper about the Chicago gun problem (one of many there) you toss that up and quickly move into diversion.
Got it.


Steven Flynn
January 22nd, 2023
You can repeat it until you’re blue in the face and I still won’t believe you or any liberal politician on that.

Stated another way, you are impervious to any viewpoint in conflict with your long established world view. Obviously many liberals hunt, have guns for self defense and target shooting. I know many of them. Wanting to make mass murderers’ weapon of choice illegal, or at least banned from purchase by those under 21, does not make you a Marxist or narrow-minded. On the other hand, your tightly shut mind is often referred to as being narrow minded.

Bill Marincic

Wow, the lefties are at it already this morning, they talk about being blind yet they don’t understand that their policies cause nothing but pain and suffering to working class people. The rich can afford bodyguards and gated communities, gated communities for the rich because walls work. The lefties continue to let the criminals out of jail And try to hold only the police accountable for the actions of a criminal. Loony Lou says it’s all systemic racism, really Lou,a racist behind every bush. I wonder why Obama didn’t do criminal reform? I wonder why Obama didn’t give tens of millions of dollars to all Black schools , I can tell you why, because obama wasn’t half the President Trump was

Because you sound like a special-needs news consumer:

The Barack Obama Foundation is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization founded in 2014. It oversees the creation of the Barack Obama Presidential Center, runs the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance (a program Barack Obama began while he was president), and operates a scholarship program through the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy.
wikipedia Obama_Foundation


MAGA folk love to complain about Trump being a victim of a biased system of justiced; any investigation of Trump is characterized as a “witch hunt.” The real double standard and brazen hypocrisy common among Trump devotees was on public display on FOX horses–t:

January 22, 2023 Fake News, Fox News

Mediaite reports:

Speaking with Rep. James Comer (R-KY) on Sunday Morning Futures, the Fox News anchor floated the notion that the president committed treason by keeping classified documents from his time as a Senator and Vice President at his Delaware residence and his Washington office.

“Is this treason?” Bartiromo asked. Comer wasn’t quite willing to go that far, but also didn’t dismiss the idea outright. “It’s very concerning,” Comer said. “We’re not going to let up. I think that we’ve got plenty of information to move forward [with an investigation].”


talk about having your cake and wanting to eat it too. Trump cannot have declassified files. Biden cannot declassify files as VP. So here’s an opinion on that.
There is “zero truth” to the claims that vice presidents cannot declassify documents while they are in office, Kel McClanahan, executive director of the National Security Counselors, told VERIFY.
Richard Immerman, a historian and professor at Temple University, agrees. Biden had the ability to declassify documents when he served as vice president during the Obama administration, he said in an email.
A vice president’s authority to declassify information stems from Executive Order 13526, which former President Barack Obama issued in 2009 when Biden was vice president. That order specifies who is allowed to classify and declassify information.
It says that “the authority to classify information originally may be exercised only by the President and Vice President,” as well as “agency heads and officials designated by the president.”
There are four categories of people who can declassify a document under the executive order: the official who originally classified it, their successor, a supervisory official of either the originator or their successor, or officials given declassification authority in writing by an agency head.
So do the Democratic socialist sacrifice their own lamb Uncle Joe or do they drop it? Either way Joe is going to loose. They cannot go after Trump and not Joe. So keep up the double standard.
Either way the left once again SWING AND A MISS!!! Next attack on Trump will be coming. The left keeps trying to convict him for the same stuff they do the difference is Trump didn’t do it.
Those dang gun-humpers.
I recently seen a video when it is okay for a guy to cry. My response was a joke.
One reader called me an example of toxic masculinity! I read that and apologized because I was talking to men, not him!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!
That’s funny right there.

Bill Marincic
January 22nd, 2023

“Loony Lou says”….

I figured you wouldn’t be able to refrain from calling me a name, and it would only be a matter of time, it’s in your DNA. So right back at ya, little Willy🤭.

Now slither back under the rock you slimed your way out of to put up your BS broken record delusional post, and get back to the conversation with the imaginary man in your skull.

Additionally, little Willy🤭, as far as I’m concerned, if a person that doesn’t recognize and acknowledge systemic racism in this country as being very real, you’re either a racist, or dead.

Fully agree with you, Lou. Systemic racism against non-whites in general in America is a given. The only ones who deny it, or make excuses for why our kids shouldn’t learn about it have suspicious reasons. And it’s because of deep-seated racist beliefs.

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