Downtown Schenectady Bombers Burrito Bar closing, employees told

The Schenectady Bombers Burrito Bar on Friday

The Schenectady Bombers Burrito Bar on Friday

SCHENECTADY – Bombers Burrito Bar will be closing the doors of its Schenectady location after this weekend.

Staff working at the Bombers location on State Street Friday said a letter from owner Jimmy Vann was addressed to staff at the restaurant informing them of the businesses closing on Sunday.

“This was not a decision we wanted to make,” Vann said in the letter. “The past few years have been extremely difficult and we tried all that we could to keep our doors open, but ultimately, we cannot do it any longer. The costs are just too high to operate this location vs. our sales.”

Bombers recently closed its Harriman location for the same reasons, according to the letter. The letter goes on to inform employees that for most of them Sunday will be their last day of employment with Bombers.

“During our last few days, we intend to provide customers with the same great experience they have always received and hope you will continue to help us do so,” Vann said in the letter.

Staff explained Friday that the Bombers location on Lark Street and at the Empire State Plaza in Albany will remain open.

“This news is difficult to share and I know it is more difficult to receive,” Vann said in the letter. “Words cannot express how much we appreciate your hard work and dedication to our operations.”

Staff working Friday referred reporters to Vann for further comment.

Vann purchased the three Bombers locations in 2017 from the former owner and founder Matt Baumgartner. At the time Vann had been working with Baumgartner for two decades at Bombers. The Albany location was first opened in 1997.

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Bill Marincic

Hey, Ray Gillen and Metroplex do you remember how you forced Pizza King and John Camaj out of their place to put in Bombers? Did you have any thought that because of this he would commit suicide, do you care? Metroplex has too much power in Schenectady and my question is why?

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