Glenville women named 2023 New York Mother of the Year

Kate Boydston of Glenville was selected as the 2023 New York Mother of the Year
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Kate Boydston of Glenville was selected as the 2023 New York Mother of the Year Photo provided
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GLENVILLE – Local teacher, women’s health advocate, pageant winner and mother, Kate Boydston of Glenville, was named the 2023 New York Mother of the Year.

The award comes from,  American Mothers Inc., a national non-profit, non-partisan organization which determines Mother of the Year for each state, and who will be the National Mother of the Year. The award came as a surprise, Boydston, 34, a mother of a two and five-year-old, explained.

“It’s really hard being a mom, and taking care of yourself and taking care of your family,” Boydston said. “To then be recognized for Mother of the Year is a little bit shocking, I think because you never know if you’re doing a great job with your kids, or your family. So being able to be recognized for that, it’s incredibly honoring and exciting.”

Boydston became a women’s health advocate and patient family partner after surviving a placental abruption, gestational diabetes and postpartum anxiety and depression.

“I was one of the three-in-four women who went undiagnosed with those maternal mental health struggles,” Boydston said. “So even though I was married to a psychologist, neither of us recognized the signs of what I was going through, and we weren’t able to put a name to what was happening.”

Boydston participates in pageants and a pageant sister of hers, with a platform of maternal mental health, reached out to her with resources at the Postpartum Research Center. Boydston said that helped her get on track to being healthy. Boydston has gone on to help not only local mothers but to help mothers nationally and internationally with mental health struggles as she had.

“I started locally, through pageantry,” Boydston said.  “I was Mrs. Electric City for Schenectady I was able to start there, get some word out at different types of events and start reaching out to other moms, starting some mom groups, attending podcasts, to be able to talk about my platform, and raise awareness.”

Boydston competed for and won the title of Mrs. New York America in the summer of 2022. She explained that gave her the opportunity to go statewide with her title and reach mothers throughout the state. She went on to compete on the national state for Mrs. America and has been able to share her message nationally and internationally through different interviews and podcasts.

“I’ve really been able to have more of an outreach towards moms,” Boydston said. “And, making a difference for them in finding help or finding resources near them that are available for them to use for their maternal mental health struggles.”

Boydston has been working with a group called MoMMa’s Voices, a program through the Preeclampsia Foundation. She explained they have been able to reach more outlets on different ways to help mothers.

“I’m currently working with New York state on having an equity plan for NICU families,” Boydston said. “I’ve been able to help with trainings for professionals on how to help with the diagnosis, or finding the signs and symptoms of moms with mental health struggles.”

Boydston was nominated for Mother of the Year by a friend and “life coach” of hers. Boydston is the 60th representative from New York state for American Mothers. Boydston and her husband, Chris founded #momsmaketime, which is used to encourage mothers to make time to take care of themselves.

“I’m really excited, and I’m so happy that all of the struggles my family has gone through up until now, has led to being able to help other moms in our area,” Boydston said.

Boydston is a special education teacher in Niskayuna. She is also on the Glencliff PTO as Vice President of Communications.  In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family outside, in the garden, playing sports, tubing in the snow and watching movies.

Boydston and the other honorees from other states will be recognized at the 88th National Convention of Mothers in April, where one honoree will be named the National Mother of the Year.

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