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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Jan. 28

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Take opportunity for critical thinking

After reading the editorial honoring contributors in 2022 in the Jan. 7 Gazette, I too wish to thank everyone for making the commitment to print in an era when shallow, often vicious anonymous online comments are becoming the norm.
The Daily Gazette sacrifices valuable advertising revenue by reserving space for subscribers to make their thoughts known.
Mark Mahoney and Martha Melville do a commendable job ensuring equal opportunity for all, so take advantage of it.
My writing is a celebration of the freedom to do so with a desire to encourage critical thinking and a loyalty to the whole truth. A 250-word limit is daunting.
The social media furor reminds me of how a band of old men blinded by lust for wealth and power could have altered the course of mass communication by burning Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press.
Was the Nov. 20 Saratoga Springs shooting a cop-on-cop-on-cop encounter? Why are minority entrepreneurs being set up to face the inevitable litigation targeting firearms, pharmaceuticals and tobacco?
The desire to surrender the freedom, future and lives of innocents to tyrants unmasks the naive, cowards, fools and “sunshine” humanitarians.
For over 40 years, I’ve encouraged the young to leave New York state. I have no regrets, offer no apologies and miss them dearly.
What is Israel doing to counter rising global anti-Semitism?
Academia has become a theocracy in and of itself. I’m sick of chronic politically correct progressive liberal induced nausea.
Why are Republicans self-appointed poster children for toxic masculinity?
Mark Rahn

Citizens buffaloed by stadium deal

Looks like the Buffalo  Bills won’t be winning the Super Bowl after all. Not in 2023 anyway.
Gov. Kathy Hochul and her hubby were probably counting their newfound fortune in their imaginary sky box.
Too bad the people of this headed-for-bankruptcy state didn’t have a say in spending a billion dollars on a new stadium. Maybe it can house all the migrant flow in the off-season. After all, New York City Mayor Eric Adams wants to send ‘em all upstate.
Hochul has never met a people’s referendum that she could embrace. But she and her husband have given the all-mighty dollar a big hug.
While the people of this state were never given a chance to express their feelings about a golden calf stadium, the football gods have. They weren’t buffaloed. Karma.
John Newell Jr.

Wells article a nice walk through past

It was so nice to look at the Regional section of the Sunday Jan. 22 Gazette and see the smiling face of Mr. Wells (“Achieving harmony.”)
I remember him so well from my younger days not from Linton High School but from Broadway Methodist Church.
He was the choir director there and I had many happy times singing in that choir.
I loved singing in the choir, and I remember Mr. Wells working with me. What I didn’t realize was I sang out of tune.
He sat with me and tried very hard to get me to sing in tune. No one else had bothered to tell me I was tone deaf. He didn’t say it like that, but I remember him sounding a note in my ear and then telling me to sing it back to him.
I thought I was but the look on his face made me realize I wasn’t. He was so kind and gentle, and I always remember those as happy days for me if not for everyone else in the choir. I don’t remember how long I stayed in the choir but he never made me feel like I didn’t belong.
I remember Mr. Howard from Mont Pleasant High School, but obviously not from the choir. Mr. Wells was a good teacher, but there was no cure for me being tone deaf.
Thanks to Bill Buell for bringing back nice memories.
Karen Klotz
Saratoga Springs

Americans need to wake up to ‘woke’

Never has our government been more bloated, stupid and corrupt.
Classified records missing for 14 years are just being discovered. Should they not be looking for the classified records that have been destroyed?
Trump was president and had every right to have classified material. But Biden as vice president did not; but no one checked.
Trump’s home was raided with helicopters and armed FBI agents. Biden, sir, can we look?
Our country has been ruined by the Soros and “woke” influence, and yet all that has happened under Biden is to blame Trump. Another peaceful Antifa demonstration in Atlanta per the mayor.
Since when do Molotov cocktails, burning cars and breaking windows mean a peaceful protest? America, please wake up. The government is more akin to fascism than liberty.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs



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Biden was allowed to have the documents because they were all declassified by whatever president was serving at the time he took them, just by thinking about declassifying them.

Bill Wemple

Biden is not pitching a fit over the classified documents found in his possession because he knows, just like Trump and all the others before him for decades, that the rules for handling these materials don’t apply to them. There are two sets of rules in this country for these materials it seems. If an ordinary person mishandles these documents, they can easily end up in Federal Prison. If you are a senior elected\appointed official, you get a news story. So quit the partisan bickering really because the issue is not who has what anymore, its WHY these people have a different set of rules than what is applied to the

Bill Marincic

I watched the video of the murder of Tyre Nichols this morning and it was murder, my only question is why? What would make five Black police officers murder a young Black man on his way home? These officers know how hard it is being Black in the police department, they know that it is hard to recruit minorities and yet they go out and set policing back years, they are a disgrace and deserve whatever they get and then some.


Excellent comment Whoville!

Quotes from “Free Inquiry-The Journal of Secular Humanist Ideals” Feb./March 2023 p. 9-11:

“The Republican Party tells a narrative of an elite ruling class who has nothing but their own self-interest in mind at the expense of the working-class American. This narrative is certainly not wrong; however, most popular Republicans who tell this tale are the elites themselves attempting to be accepted as part of the working class. Republicans disguise themselves as have-nots through their culture war talking points, perhaps because they are finally feeling heat from those in the wage-earner class.

These rich elite politicians are not the blue-collar individuals they want their constituents to believe they are. They are the very elite of society and have been proposing legislation that reflects just that.”

The article names Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and John Neely Kennedy who attended the very ivy league colleges they now cynically attack as elitist. These are the legislators who want to end child tax credits, force women to give birth against their will, defund public education and the IRS, balance the budget by cutting Social Security Medicare, ACA and other social programs. They lionize Donald Trump whose greatest accomplishment was a $2t. tax cut heavily favoring the highest earners in the country.

Wake up America.

Bill Marincic

Wemple, I have to agree with you, there is a two-tier justice system, Trump tried to expose it, and look how he was treated. These people both Republican and Democrat like Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, and McConnell are only there for themselves. It was telling that Ronna McDaniel again wins the RNC chair. She is another Bush Republican that will cost the Republican party dearly, she is part of the swamp just like those mentioned above.


Systemic racism poisons even those it demonizes. This causes some to hate their own race and join in blaming them and discriminating against them, often with violence. I condemn what these police officers did and they have been appropriately charged with second degree murder. But comparing far right outrage at their reprehensible behavior with the reaction to the equally horrifying behavior of Officer Derek Chauvin says a lot. Think about it.


Actually, Trump is the elitist phony who is using and benefiting most from the two-tier justice system.
He should be indicted and given a chance to defend himself on charges of illegally conspiring with Giuliani, Eastman, and Navarro to stay in office and for inciting an insurrection. He should stand trial for obstructing justice by denying he had more government documents in his possession when a legal search warrant resulted in the discovery of several more in his Mar a Lago office. He should be indicted for his phone called to Rathensperger; he asked him to “find” the number of votes needed to give him a win in Georgia. He cajoled and threatened the Georgia Secretary of State.

Wake up America.


Mr Marinic, Was McDaniel ok as head of the RNC while she was authorizing them to pay The orange demigod legal bills, for actions he alone bought on himself? And now they have stopped she is a Bush Republican. Which as much as it pains me to say he was a duffis controlled by Cheney but mostly for the purpose of the rich making more money and paying less taxes and waging war. Compared to orange demigod I guess he was a breath of almost fresh air. Like you get starting your car in closed garage and your in the house and don’t realize someone did that till you start to gasp for air.

Bill Marincic

Santo, let’s indict everyone, I could care less. I will tell you the only person that stole the documents was Biden when he was Senator.

Bill Marincic
January 27th, 2023
Humiliated? It seems like all of you were humiliated today, I may just do the same thing tomorrow. And just for the record, I watched him break into the house too, just so you know, in my lifetime I’ve read about many scorned lovers that broke into houses of their former lovers, and attacked them. Again Pelosi had a beer in his hand and was somewhat smiling. He didn’t say help me or anything else. Again it looked like a lovers quarrel gone bad. I know you guys love everything liberal, especially insider trade Pelosi and you’ll make any excuse you can. Before tomorrow, do me a favor and all of you read a couple books if you can or have someone read them to you so you have a few more words that you can bore us with tomorrow
Second opinion for Bill:
Why Some People Will Never Admit They Are Wrong?
By Rida Faqeer Muhammad:

“Some people have such a fragile ego and such brittle self-esteem, with a weak “psychological constitution,” that admitting a mistake or being wrong is basically too dangerous for their egos to bear. Accepting that they were wrong, absorbing that reality, would be so psychologically damaging that their defense mechanisms do something remarkable to avoid doing so — they distort their perception of reality to make it (reality) less threatening.

Their defense mechanisms protect their fragile ego by altering the facts in their minds, making them no longer wrong or culpable. Some people have such a weak ego, such brittle self-esteem, such a weak “psychological constitution,” that admitting a mistake or being wrong is fundamentally too dangerous for their egos to tolerate.

Accepting that they were wrong, absorbing that reality, would be so psychologically damaging that their defense mechanisms do something remarkable to avoid doing so — they distort their perception of reality to make it (reality) less threatening. Their defense mechanisms protect their fragile ego by altering the facts in their minds, making them no longer wrong or culpable. This is Why Some People Will Never Admit They Are Wrong.”….

“There is professional help available for people with low self-esteem.”


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — “David DePape made a lengthy confession to San Francisco police just hours after he allegedly broke into Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house and beat her husband with a hammer.”

“I’m not trying to get away with it. I know exactly what I did,” DePape told San Francisco Police Department Lt. Carla Hurley as she interviewed him on camera inside a hospital room on October 28.

Video of the interrogation was revealed for the first time Wednesday for DePape’s preliminary hearing. DePape was friendly, blunt, and forthcoming while he spoke with Lt. Hurley for more than an hour.

Reporters in the courtroom could hear, but not see, the video because the TV monitor faced toward Judge Stephen Murphy and away from the courtroom gallery.

Hurley read DePape his Miranda Rights before asking, “Do you know why you are in custody?”

The 42-year-old Richmond man replied, “Oh absolutely. I’m not trying to get away with it. I know exactly what I did.”

DePape then began earnestly explaining why he broke into the Pelosi’s house and what his intentions for going there were.  

“The lies are insane. People in Washington. It originates with Hillary (Clinton). Honestly, day in and day out, the person on TV lying every day was (Nancy) Pelosi. It’s f***ing insane the crime spree the Democrats have been on, persecuting the rival campaign,” DePape explained.

When Hurley asked him to clarify which campaign he felt was persecuted by the Democrats, DePape answered “Trump.” The Democrats go from one crime to another crime. It’s a whole f***ing four years. It’s unacceptable.”

Hurley then asked, “What was your intention going there (to the Pelosi’s home)?”

DePape answered, “Well, I was basically going to hold her hostage and talk to her. If she told the truth, I’d let her go. If she told a lie, I’d break her kneecaps.”

“Hurley asked, “How did you get in?”

DePape answered, “It was not easy. There are cameras everywhere. I broke through (the glass door with a hammer) and I tried to turn the handle, and of course it’s locked. I body slammed through it. I didn’t feel any pain. I was surprised. All that noise, he did not hear it. He was asleep.  I told him ‘I’m looking for Nancy Pelosi.’ He was like, ‘How can we resolve this?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know.’”

DePape told the lieutenant that he was on a suicide mission with a hit list of people who he felt were responsible for “corruption” and “lies” in Congress. His list of targets included: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden; California Governor Gavin Newsom; and actor Tom Hanks”…..


It goes on but I’m sure that’s more than enough there to get the picture, although there may be another explanation; DePape was part of a lovers triangle with Paul or Nancy and Rudolph, the red nose reindeer.

Get the necessary help Bill, you’ll feel a lot better when you realize it’s ok to be wrong.

Joseph Vendetti

Anthony you are saying systemic racism drove 5 African american police officers to beat to death another African american?

53% of the 2000 + officers on Memphis PD are African American, the top 5 officers on the force including the police commissioner are African American. The demographics of Memphis are 65% African american, 3.5% latino, 27% Caucasian- 4% other.

Further according to the statistics released by NYT and CNBC yesterday that since 1995 the department has been African american by majority.

Willie Herenton an African American man was mayor in Memphis from 1992-2009, Myron Lowery 2009-2015 also african american- served on united negro college fund as treasurer, spoke at DNC in 2016, James Steven Strickland Jr. Caucasian- was an adjunct professor for civil rights. Memphis hasn’t had a white republican mayor since 1967 (56 years). So by definition (websters) its been almost 3 generations of Democrat and African American control of the City of Memphis- where is the systemic racism coming from?


NEWSWEEK article: systemic racism:
President Joe Biden referred indirectly to abortion as health care during his State of the Union address. It was a euphemism inside a euphemism: the “right to choose” abortion framed as a necessary part of this thing we call “health care.”

But abortion isn’t health care. And it’s time to stop playing word games.

Health care’s dictionary definition is “efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals.” But abortion doesn’t treat a disease or improve a disorder. It forcibly ends a life.

The Hippocratic Oath, one of the foundational pillars of the medical profession, explicitly bans doctors from administering abortions or euthanasia.

Talking about abortion like it’s “health care” isn’t just a pernicious, subtle lie. It confuses and obscures reality. It harms women, it harms children and it prevents us from improving countless lives.

There is also a deliberate attempt to convince our kids that abortion is just another part of women’s health care. Planned Parenthood is already in many classrooms nationwide, teaching students that abortions are a normal medical procedure. This muddies the water even more, and is going to make real maternal health care reform increasingly difficult as time passes.
There’s a reason its advocates need to play word games, after all—”abortion” is a word with negative connotations, no matter where it’s used. An “aborted” landing, an “aborted” meeting, an “aborted” mission: these are all things that have been terminated too soon. They aren’t routine procedures. Being “aborted” is not a good thing.

Framing abortion as the only possible response to inadequate maternal health care makes killing unplanned babies the easiest thing to do—and that’s exactly what so many young, frightened mothers choose to do.

And the longer people get away with calling abortion “health care,” the longer we avoid the conversation about what real maternal health care would look like.
I’m not really sure why we dodge this question. The U.S. has nearly double the maternal mortality rate of any other wealthy, developed nation. That’s a scandal.

The maternal mortality rate disproportionately affects minority women. The impact of structural racism and implicit bias on social determinants of health is undeniable. During the pandemic, for example, maternal mortality spiked because more Black women died. The mortality rate for white women, while still relatively high, remained more or less unchanged. When critical factors such as economic stability, quality education, health care access and mental health are left unaddressed, we simply double down on the nefarious policies that created these inequities.

Complications from pregnancy, delivery or the postpartum period is among the most common causes of death for American women ages 20-34. I find it hard to believe that these mortality rates don’t influence a mother’s decision to kill her child.
his is avoidable. We should make it possible for these women to feel safe keeping their babies, by giving them better access to maternal health care.

Not abortion, mind you. Actual health care.

The FDA Should Follow England—And the Science—on Mail-Order Abortion
Senate Democrats Tried, and Failed, to Shut Down Abortion Debate
A woman’s reproductive system is one of the only biological systems we suppress when it is working properly. Improving mothers’ access to health care during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum could vastly reduce the risks and stress of childbearing and delivery. Why not aid its function and support it, rather than turn to abortion as a quick fix? Why not galvanize every sector of society, from policy to the pew, to promote opportunities for human thriving?
Those who argue that pregnancy is unsafe for women—and that, for that reason, access to abortion is a necessary health service—are ignoring the fact that pregnancy is natural and has been made amply safe for women all over the world. Many nonprofit organizations, including Human Coalition, have worked hard to fill the gap in American maternal health care by coordinating long-term support services for women and children.
We need to set the record straight, now. Killing people isn’t health care.

It never has been, it never will be, and we must stop letting people act like it is

So is the type of systemic racism you speak of with the like of the Democratic Socialist, Margret Sanger, HRC planned parenthood.

Very similar to what the nazi’s did to the jewish population in1940’s Germany

Bill Marincic

So I was wrong, it wasn’t a lover’s quarrel, he admitted to a Fox News station why he did it.

Despite saying he didn’t want to jeopardize his case, DePape told KTVU he attacked Pelosi because “liberty isn’t dying, it’s being killed systematically and deliberately.”

The “people killing it have names and addresses, so I got their names and addresses so I could pay them a little visit … have a heart to heart chat about their bad behavior,” he asserted.

Bill Marincic

Joe Vendetti, climate change, systemic racism, Jan 6, and Trump are all the extreme liberals talk about. I guess these Black murdering cops must have missed their CRT classes in college.

Regarding the Tyre Nichols beating that led to his death. – Beatings and murders are committed for scores of reasons, there is no definitive common denominator.

Lack of proper police training, being in a unchecked position of authority combined with a neanderthal like, twisted need of asserting dominance and power while sometimes working in dog eat dog environment could have been major factors in the tragic death of Nichols, and in all likelihood racism was not a factor.

Bill Marincic

That’s right Lou I wouldn’t accept it, I don’t believe something like that without absolute proof. I saw the proof and for once you all are right. Woo Hoo, now you can use that against us for the next three years until you are right about something again.

That answer is easy Bill. It’s because these five officers, regardless of their race, are part of the same corrupt policing institutions that have existed forever. They’re not out there to “protect and serve” but they take the job to “coerce and punish”. They’re the types of individuals that like to take their own dissatisfaction with life out on people that are less powerful than them. And their badge gives them that sense of power, along with the guns, weapons, fast sports cars and cool task force names like “SCORPION”, bestowed upon them. We allow them to murder us as long as they reasonably think a person has a gun on them. We protect them from liability with qualified immunity. And they protect themselves by never criticizing other law enforcement officers. Wish you were out here criticizing all the white officers that have had similar cases of murdering innocent civilians, but I guess if it takes a few black cops for you to see the corruption so be it.

The perp confessed to everything in his Mirandized interview with police on 10/28/22.
But you needed to ferret out the sexy part thinking you’d uncovered the massive sexy scandal you all desperately want to believe. You’ve made the painfully obvious for 3 months now.
You fools.

Something to consider is the unprecedented swiftness of the firing, video release, and murder charges brought against the 5 Black officers. I most certainly am not saying this is a bad thing, quite the opposite. What I am saying is this should set a precedent for all officers committing this type of heinous crimes, be they Black or White.

Lou, this is why any “tough love” heard from the likes of marincic and other racists concerning police discipline is suspicious. Suddenly when the cops are people of color, we must hold them accountable.

But even when the white cop forces his knee into the neck of a black man and the entire episode is on video tape for 10 minutes, even then we need to take close look at the black man and the white cop we’ll give the benefit of the doubt.
Even when the white cop is video’d shooting the black man in the back, even then we need to take a closer look at the black man.
Even when the cop admits to pulling up quickly on a kid in a park with a toy gun and before barely uttering a word, takes the kid out, even then we need to take a close look at that black kid.

People like the MAGA, and marinicic, and F___youBiden wear their racism out on their lapels for all to see, and will lie bald-faced to anyone that challenges them. They don’t get that the whole world is not as stupid and gullible as them.

Bill Marincic
January 28th, 2023
That’s right Lou I wouldn’t accept it, I don’t believe something like that without absolute proof. I saw the proof and for once you all are right. Woo Hoo, now you can use that against us for the next three years until you are right about something again.

Right Bill, I guess that’s why you constantly puke out the Fox propagandize lies, and consider the words of Tucker Carlson Laura Ingraham, and their guests to be gospel when attempting to transform your incorrect opinions into fact. All “absolute proof.” True to your hypocritical form Bill.

The way you twist, cherry pick, and lie while attempting to fit your false narratives is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen.

My God Marincic, you are downright insufferable!

Bill Marincic

Whoville, that’s probably the dumbest thing you have ever posted and I’m now dumber for reading it. I’d like to leave you with one thought, but I’m not sure you have anywhere to store it.

Bill Marincic

Are Fox News truths worse than your MSNBC lies Lou? If you’re gonna be a smartass, first you have to be smart. Otherwise, you’re just an ass.

“Whoville, that’s probably the dumbest thing you have ever posted and I’m now dumber for reading it.”

Bill, realize it’s close to impossible for you to be “dumber” than you already are.

“I’d like to leave you with one thought, but I’m not sure you have anywhere to store it.”

How about in the same place you store the rest of your thoughts. Then the next time you have a colonoscopy you can have your gastroenterologist pull it out.


Enough with the dumb Chuckery from the DG socialist , the Newsweek article is from an African American author Benjamin Watson not my words his.
Seems like once again the dumb Chucks Donkey clowns cannot accept the facts that the systemic racism is embedded in their the Democratic socialist party so so believe.

That’s rich Bill, coming from someone who thinks that Trump tried to expose the two-tiered justice system lmao. He is at the heart of the two-tiered justice system. The only reason he’s not in prison for his many crimes is because he’s a) rich, b) famous, and c) the former president.

Bill Marincic

Whoville really? Then why did Trump pass prison reform? Seriously, the stuff that comes out of your mouth is so nasty and full of crap I don’t know if you need tic-tac or toilet paper?

christophe Stalka

Whoville any normal person reading your comment would immediately realize there is nothing nasty in it.perhaps if you throw in some perverted comments Big BM will be more receptive try something related to toilets or holes that’s a theme he’s embraced

Bill Marincic

Bob/Chris Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize my happiness makes you so miserable, I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter.

christophe Stalka

breaking into his performance late today it really is amazing reading his rants Any normal person reading Big Bms attacks on. Virtually everyone posting would wonder what asylum the lunatic escaped from.what a pathetic embarrassment ragecon Big Bm feel happy!

Bill Marincic

Bob/Chris If you ran like your mouth, you’d be in good shape. Sometimes, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you’re stupid rather than open it and remove all doubt.

christophe Stalka

Thanks big Bm love the advice like I said Scott toilet tissue calm yourself dude geez wind it down

I’m sure Don Jr will feed you some new conspiracy now that you’ve admitted you lied about Mr pelosi and the attack

Bill Marincic

Never lied about insider trading Paul, that was my opinion at the time. Stupidity is not a crime, so you’re free to go.


Anthony you are saying systemic racism drove 5 African american police officers to beat to death another African american?

Joe, “drove” is too strong a verb to use. What I am saying is that it MAY explain why they did it and why it so seldom, if ever, happens to a white motorist who is pulled over for a traffic violation. There is definitely a widespread belief in America that Black males are far more likely to be violent than white males. It is, like all stereotypes, a false belief. Many are unaware that it explains their behavior until their heart beats a little faster when they become aware that a Black man is walking toward them on a dark night and no one else is in sight. Law Professor Paul Butler told NPR this story on 3/31/15, Morning Edition:

Prof. Paul Butler: [I was] walking home in my beautiful upper-middle-class neighborhood in D.C., when the cops start following me —kind of like this cat and mouse thing. They are in their car, and you know, every time I move they move. And we get up to my house and I just stop on the street and say ‘what are you doing? And then they say ‘what are you doing?’ I say ‘I live here.’ They say ‘prove it.’ They made me go to my porch, and then when I got there I said, ‘you know what, I don’t have to proof nothing.’ I knew this because I am a law professor. They said, ‘we are not leaving until you go in the house, because we think you’re a burglar.’ I say ‘you’re doing this because I am black.’ They said, ‘no, we are not, were black too,’ and that was true. These were African-American officers. Even they were racial profiling me, another black man.


Anyone who can demonstrate so much ignorance in this short post isn’t worth dialoguing with. Lou’s post explaining the behavior of a person who can’t accept being wrong explains this man perfectly:

Bill Marincic
January 28th, 2023
Joe Vendetti, climate change, systemic racism, Jan 6, and Trump are all the extreme liberals talk about. I guess these Black murdering cops must have missed their CRT classes in college.

I believe by “something like that” in this next example of ignorance means something I must be forced to believe to stop feeling humiliated even though I knew all along I was wrong. What obvious duplicity (look that one up PPBM):

Bill Marincic
January 28th, 2023
That’s right Lou I wouldn’t accept it, I don’t believe something like that without absolute proof.

Bill Marincic

Lefty Child Indocrinator Anthony Santo, I don’t understand your specific kind of ‘stupidity,’ but I do admire your total commitment to it. May your life be as pleasant as you are.

christophe Stalka

Big billy the dodge is on today nobody’s talking about trading and who is Paul ?huh. Yesterday you lied about the mining and Mr pelosi remember? The only way to heal big billy is to admit your problem with the truth


PPBM you are so rude and disrespectful of anyone who dares disagree with you that you deserve to be treated with contempt. Whether a person is unpleasant or not in your mind is determined by whether or not he represents the same line of BS that you do.

I’m done with you for today. As I posted yesterday, you should be cringing in a corner, humiliated, and licking your self-inflicted wounds.

christophe Stalka

Mr. Santo Big billy is cringing in a corner humiliated that’s why he lashes out so completely at everyone everyone is against him and his happiness he knows he needs to embrace his problem with the truth in order to heal. Paul I’ll include you in my post just for big billy

Bill Marincic

LCI-AS I was quite nice today like every day, I actually agreed with Wemple and Restifo today then the attacks started, Restifo, Whoknows, and Chucklehead. I don’t start them but it will be a cold day in hell before I ever back down from anyone, don’t start it if you don’t want it back. That is all you people do is insult and attack those that don’t agree with you. You even attack Joe Vendetti a middle-of-the-road “normal” democrat. You attack because you hate that he is fair and tells the truth, you can’t allow a democrat to tell the truth, can you? You all need some serious psychological help.

Bill Marincic

Bob/Chris, why do you come on here? Don’t you have enough people in your real life that tells you that you are a total moron? You come on here for validation from these lefties? Give it a break you are neither profound nor funny, you are just a sad little drain on society.

christophe Stalka

Big billy I’m not sure about Bob but I admit I come just for your melt downs dude. Calm yourself tell some more lies and hurl a few more zingers you’re a winner… and one hell of a liar!


Karen Klotz, nice letter remembering Mr Wells. My memories go back to my late 50s early 60s days at Van Corlaer jr high school as my music teacher. He was an extremely articulate man and taught me much about harmonies and recognizing major and minor cords. You could tell he loved his job and inspired me to continue on with my interest as a part time musician for many years in the area. And as you pointed out he never let anyone feel left out.


I went to Van Corlaer from 1956 to 1959, grades 7-9, what we called “junior high school” back then. Mr. Wells was a caring and wonderful man. I too, was tone deaf, and I remember Mr. Wells working with me to no avail. When I told him I was embarrassed by trying to sing the notes on a sheet of music solo because my voice shook with nervousness he never called on me again to sing notes solo. He was aware of how sensitive pubescent teens are and I never forgot that act of kindness.

Bill, you’re a pathetic loser, a bottom of the barrel lying twisted scum sucker of a human being. You calling the people you did today stupid is like a rotting old skunk telling a new born fawn that it stinks. I’m sure you have no friends and your relatives only tolerate you, if that. I say this because the venomous cesspool of rotting sewage that involuntarily irrupts from your volcanic face hole is certainly not limited to this forum.

If you’re of the mind that you align with any biblical character, rest assured it’s not Jesus, you should check your skull daily for the growth of horns.

Your greatest gift, not unlike your evil orange counterpart is, as this post proves,
Is to bring out the worst of what is inside man.

I would advise you to do some serious soul-searching.

Steven Flynn

“Bill, you’re a pathetic loser, a bottom of the barrel lying twisted scum sucker of a human being. You calling the people you did today stupid is like a rotting old skunk telling a new born fawn that it stinks. I’m sure you have no friends and your relatives only tolerate you, if that. I say this because the venomous cesspool of rotting sewage that involuntarily irrupts from your volcanic face hole is certainly not limited to this forum.”

Lou, id suggest talking to your doctor or taking a break from DG. You sound like an angry, deranged, old dude who needs serious counseling.


There is a problem with this post from Marincic:

Bill Marincic
January 28th, 2023
Whoville, that’s probably the dumbest thing you have ever posted and I’m now dumber for reading it.

He couldn’t get any dumber than he already is.

Thanks for your advice/concern Steve. I’ve actually talked to both doctors and counselor friends about narcissistic personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder, and sad to say for people like Bill, I’ve been told that, unlike depression or other mental illnesses, there’s no fix.

Glad to see you felt it appropriate to re-post my first paragraph, perhaps some sort of Freudian agreement from you.

You keep accusing people of being angry, I’m not. As far as deranged, what I said is not indicative of a person who is crazy or insane. It made total sense to me, if you had difficulty understanding it, perhaps a course in reading comprehension would be in order. And what did say that sounds like it came from an “old dude”?

christophe Stalka

BIG BILLY had a rough few days liar got caught every time he opened his mouth good to watch. Glad he took a break to regroup and get his BP down probably went to watch some more snort jr videos. More of his lying to come I’m sure.

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