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Letters to the Editor Monday, Jan. 30 – Six, from readers in Schenectady, Niskayuna, Scotia, elsewhere

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Special place in heaven for helpers

I have the best neighbors in the world.
I am a recent widow with some physical disabilities, and I’d like to thank my neighbors for being so helpful.
After the Jan. 23 snowstorm, my neighbors were like snow angels to me. I’m not sure which ones did what, but at least three of them came to my rescue and cleared away all the snow on my walk and driveway.
My walk and my driveway were all cleared out by the time I got up that morning.
Then, when the plow came by and blocked up my driveway entrance, my neighbors across the street took shovels in hand and dug at the pile until it was gone.
After being scammed by two men who promised to do some work outside for me and never did, it is refreshing to know that some people really do care about others. Thank you, thank you and thank you to my neighbors to the left, right, and across the street. May God bless you and your families for your kindness and caring.
It’s so good to know that you are watching over me. There is a special place in heaven for people like you.
Addy Welch

Writers serve role as fact checkers

My compliments to Walter Wouk for his devastating rebuttal (“Trump supporters willfully ignore facts”) on Jan. 20 of Bob Mangino’s earlier letter implying things were better under Trump.
Were it not for readers like Mr. Wouk making the effort to debunk seriously distorted letters, who knows how many gullible readers would be deceived by the misleading half-truths cited by Mr. Mangino?
These days, many people, perhaps most, get their news from social media or TV, and a fair number of the latter watch Fox News, including, I suspect, Mr. Mangino and friends.
We should not lose sight of the fact that Fox was conceived during the Nixon administration by political consultant Roger Ailes as a means to present the news in a manner favorable to the administration.
Nixon embraced the proposal, but the Watergate scandal stalled the idea until Rupert Murdock funded it in 1996. (I doubt Nixon would have been forced to resign had the scheme succeeded).
Fox is not “fair and balanced” as the network claims. On the contrary, Fox often pushes the envelope to the edge of libel in support of the Republican agenda (Dominion Voting Systems is suing Fox for $1.5 billion for lying about the integrity of Dominion’s voting machines.) It is the Republican version of Pravda, providing talking points for elected officials and Fox devotees.
If Trump beats the raps he’s charged with and wins the Republican nomination, he should send a thank you note to Roger Ailes and Richard Nixon at whatever level of hell they now reside.
Fred Como
Burnt Hills

Anti-tobacco fight needs more money

The Jan. 17 Daily Gazette editorial “A good New York tax hike,” calls on New York state to increase efforts to reduce the human and financial costs of tobacco use, referencing the American Lung Association’s (ALA) 2022 State of Tobacco Control report.
ALA’s just-released 2023 report suggests that New York made little progress in the past year, earning the same woeful grades as in 2022: F in prevention and cessation funding; and D on restricting flavored tobacco products.
New York invests only 20% of the CDC-recommended level of funding for tobacco control, deepening existing health inequities.
Despite tremendous gains in reducing cigarette use, tobacco use in certain populations remains persistently and disproportionately high. These groups include people living with mental illness, people with disabilities, and people with low income.
The continued and widespread availability of flavored tobacco products also takes its toll. African Americans smoke less than White smokers but die more from tobacco-related diseases, a result of aggressive tobacco industry marketing of menthol cigarettes to the Black community. Black smokers have a menthol use rate of 86% compared to 36% of White smokers. Menthol makes it easier to start and harder to quit.
Menthol, and sweet, fruity flavors in tobacco products also hold strong appeal for youth. More than 80% of youth who use tobacco started with a flavored product and continue to use flavored products.
Tobacco control saves lives and money. New York can do better to help Capital District residents live happy, healthy, tobacco-free lives.
Theresa Zubretsky
The writer is a Community Engagement Coordinator at Capital District Tobacco-Free Communities.

Still awaiting help for St. Clare’s

The silence is deafening. Four long years they have been waiting for what is rightfully theirs.
St. Clare’s Hospital, Ellis Hospital, the Catholic Church, and the Albany Diocese have done nothing to alleviate the situation for eleven hundred St. Clare’s pensioners. Even His Holiness the Pope is silent on this issue. (I wrote to him too.)
Now we are asking our new governor, Kathy Hochul, to look at what has happened.
Also, Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado, a Schenectady native, was asked to look into why these 1,100 pensioners, who through no fault of their own, lost their much-needed pension.
Would it help if the workers who took a lump sum when they retired be asked to give a portion back?
For the average worker, a pension would work best as they would not know how to invest a lump sum for their retirement and are now paying the price.
Where do the lawyers who wrote the contract advising no insurance needed for the pension to last get to walk away? They are as much to blame.
Why not bring them to the negotiations and see how things look today.
Time is not on the side of the retiree.
Let justice prevail.
Cecilia McFadden


Hospital failed to clear parking lot

St. Mary’s hospital is putting profits ahead of safety.  On the afternoon of Jan. 23, I brought my wife to the Rt. 30 facility.  She is disabled and uses a wheelchair.
Upon arriving, we found the parking lot to be snow covered, even the handicap spots. We told several staff members about the condition, but no one seemed to care.
After her appointment, she tried to transfer from her wheelchair back into the car.  She slipped on the snow and fell to the ground. Help was needed to get her up and back into her wheelchair. With added assistance she was able to get back into the car.
Having an unsafe parking lot is pure neglect on the part of the hospital. Maybe they need to check out other places along Rt. 30, they all had clean parking lots.
Gregory Maklae

Want to hear from other covid experts

Despite the academic degree, Robert A. Michaels seems to be a self-proclaimed expert in Covid-19 according to his Jan. 22 letter (“Keep taking steps to prevent covid spread.”)
I would like to hear from an expert respected worldwide, not just within groups of their own creation.
He does go a bit beyond the vax and big pharma, but there is evidence that vaccination and masking as not preventative. Going down the ‘home-y’ route, he could have at least mentioned the evidence for keeping one’s abode near 60% humidity which may slow the transmission of viri such as SARS-COV-2 and others.
Betty Pieper



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Dear Fred Como, it appears you get your information from the main stream media propaganda machine of the Democratic socialist. Here’s a couple of facts for you.
1-Hunter laptop cover up
2- Russian collusion hoax
3- always blaming mass shooting on white supremacy Trump supporters
4- Steele dossier GPS fusion.
5- Russian bots pushing fake narrative when in reality it was FBI within twitter.
Just a few the list could go on but clearly you live in the echo chamber of the Democratic nazi party. The Donkey Clown club keeps bringing in new members.


Jim Jordan starting investigation into the DOJ, FBI,DHS let’s see where this goes.

Prince Andrew claim photo is false with him and underage girl he had sex with. Surprise the original photos shows up on Kodak photo paper.

Charles Honor caught during federal grand jury . Another child sex porn trafficker caught and surprisingly in emails trying to push the children. The emails refers to the children as PIZZA and the age of the cheese used refers to their age. Hmm is there something behind pizza gate?

Seems like more and more information continues to come out.


Interesting news from Israel and the recent shootings. Netanyahu calls to arm all citizens in Jerusalem to protect themselves. He said the police cannot be everywhere and the citizens should be armed to protect themselves.

Funny we have an amendment that gives US citizens the right to bear arms and our elected politicians sworn to uphold are trying to strip us of our constitutional right.


PHIZER caught working on gain of function and creating new version more resistant strains to live in cells. Swapping new spike sequences into WUHAN1 virus, gain of function. Tell me again how COVID was not a Biological attack. How does Bill Gates now that the next pandemic will be man made? Where is this taking place because it is illegal in the U.S. maybe Ukraine? Is that why the U.S. keeps pushing war?

Mr. Brandon 🤡 you know the old saying ” you can’t make this shit up” ? Usually one can’t….but you do. You need to stop listening to the voices in your head and seek help. Maybe you can ask Mr. Bill 🤡 and other Trump lovers on here and a group discount for the therapy you all desperately need.


G.V don’t be a dumb CHUCK D this is all out there none is made up maybe you should put down the socialist juice box and open your eyes to the corrupt Socialist party you support.
No worries that Russian cruise missile ship will wake up the people .he threat of nuclear war is here. Not since the Cold War era has the threat been so close and why. Because you DUMB CHUCK D Joe Biden is pushing us into it.

christophe Stalka

Kudos to Mr Como for acknowledging Mr. Wouks excellent letter. In the Case of tik tok dancing brandies more doesn’t mean right but keep ranting dude.As Mr varoma suggests try to silence those maddening voices . Good luck dude.

Steven Flynn

Using lefty Walter Wouk as a source of morality says all u need to know about Fred Como. Fred joins the group of liberal propagandists who feed this forum full of lefty lies and deceipt. Im sure Fred’s sitting at home right now, anxiously awaiting Poppy Harlow on CNN at 9 a.m. Fred gets the real news at the sinking news rag. who can barely get 400K in prime time.


The post of above was a response to Marincic’s claim that ChuckD was lying about Republican support for the Fair Tax Act, claiming it had the support of only ONE Republican. If anyone is interested in a more detailed look at the bill and its consequences, the final comment on yesterday’s page is a lengthy and detailed look at this Republican proposal.

christophe Stalka

Little Stevie Walter Wouk is as entitled to express his opinion as is Mr Como and Mr Varoma we live in a Democracy.

Why does that enrage you so much?calm yourself dude.
Mr Wouk simply wrote a letter relax.

Have a great day try not to kick your neighbors cat dude.


LGB has to be a junior high school kid “punking” readers. I suggest ignoring him.

Flynn’s posts boil down to: All liberals are propagandists who lie. All far right MAGA supporters tell only the truth and are real patriots who see the threat that communists, the label for anyone who disagrees with them, represent. Atheists aren’t just people who don’t accept any religion as ultimate truth; they are stupid people who worship rocks and hate America.

Dear Letsgobrandon:
Why should I waste my time responding to a writer who hides behind a pen name that’s a crude slur of the president (“”F**k you Biden”)? Some objective observer you are. What is the “media propaganda machine of the “Democratic socialist” anyway? Never heard of such a publication.

As for the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up, the GOP already held an inquiry into the matter and, like the nine Benghazi hearings, found nothing except bad optics. Some cover-up.

True, the Mueller report found no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians, though the report did say the administration welcomed Russia’s interference in the election. It did, moreover, cite 12 instances of obstruction that the Trump Administration and the GOP have yet to answer for.

Need I go on?

Fred Como

Bill Marincic

Fred Como is one of the original BMDCs, he usually doesn’t post here but writes his lies in the main paper due to his problem of wanting attention, another one that needs a psychiatrist.

christophe Stalka

Big BM the hatred is flaming early today calm yourself I recognize hunter Biden as your trigger words relax let’s not mention him rage on

Bill Wemple

When I read Fred’s posts, they’re typically coherent, logical, and not offensive as compared to BM’s track record of posts over the years that resemble someone who’s easily diagnosable. Fred seems like a guy I could have a reasonable conversation with even if I disagreed with him, versus BM who posts in a way that would get his lights knocked out if done in person.

Bill Marincic

Sorry to bust your little bubble Bob/Chris but I don’t hate anyone, including you lefties, I don’t like what you stand for but I don’t hate you. That must be a Democrat thing.

Bill Marincic

Fred Como, the media propaganda machine as if you didn’t know is the mainstream media, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, Yahoo News, Google, and the rest. Get a life.

Is it just me or has anyone noticed the similarities between the Pelosi hammer guy and Mr. Bill 🤡 and Mr. Brandon 🤡 conspiracy theories? What he said and what they are saying is very similar. Rantings of madmen.

I was wondering what what was going on with the “Jesus” commercials I’ve been seeing when watching football games, so I did a quick search:

Religious news service:
“This year’s Super Bowl will feature a $20 million pair of pro-Jesus ads promoting the idea that Jesus ‘gets us,’ part of the larger ‘He Gets Us’ campaign. Organizers hope to spend a billion dollars in the next three years to redeem Jesus’ brand.”….

“For the past 10 months, the “He Gets Us” ads have shown up on billboards, YouTube channels and television screens — most recently during NFL playoff games — across the country, all spreading the message that Jesus understands the human condition.”

(Well if you ask me I’d bet if Jesus had something to say about this he’d rather have a billion dollars spent on feeding the poor, then on Super Bowl, commercials. Perhaps Jesus “understands the human condition.” But these people pushing their indoctrination, certainly don’t.)

“The campaign is a project of the Servant Foundation, an Overland Park, Kansas, nonprofit that does business as The Signatry, but the donors backing the campaign have until recently remained anonymous — in early 2022, organizers only told Religion News Service that funding came from “like-minded families who desire to see the Jesus of the Bible represented in today’s culture with the same relevance and impact He had 2000 years ago.” 

(Real progress! MTWGA. Make the world great again! – I wonder how these Christianity pushers would feel seeing commercials promoting Islam and Allah.)

“But in November, David Green, the billionaire co-founder of Hobby Lobby, told talk show host Glenn Beck that his family was helping fund the ads. Green, who was on the program to discuss his new book on leadership, told Beck that his family and other families would be helping fund an effort to spread the word about Jesus.”

“Green grew up in Altus, Oklahoma where his father was a Christian pastor with a congregation of 35. All five of his siblings are pastors or pastors’ wives. He asserts that he has built his business on biblical principles.” —— (Right, like being meek.)

“Green has taken a public stance against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) because of its inclusion of a provision mandating that companies include the “morning-after pill” in their health coverage. He sued the federal government in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., overturning the mandate to provide that medication.”
Church of the servant:
“The Servant Foundation, Inc. is an endowment fund controlled by Church of the Servant’s elected Foundation Board and managed by the Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to receive, take care of, and invest gifts and monies and other properties for the specific benefit of the ministries, people, and property of Church of the Servant. Gifts to The Servant Foundation, Inc. provide a means through which an individual, family, or company can participate in the life and mission of the church throughout its existence.”

(My God they spell it right out for you, I love this sentence; “The purpose of the Foundation is to receive, take care of, and invest gifts and monies and other properties for the specific benefit of the ministries, people, and property of Church of the Servant.”- I’d love to see how the top board members of this “nonprofit” live.)

“The Servant Found ndation, Inc. offers many different ways to contribute to the endowment program. Monetary gifts are always appreciated. In addition, the Foundation accepts gifts of property, stock, bonds, insurance, charitable bequests, retirement plan assets, and charitable gift annuities, just to name a few. A gift to the Foundation can be for any amount. Gifts can be made at any time. One of the easiest giving suggestions could be to make The Servant Foundation a percentage beneficiary of your life insurance policy.”

Imagine that!

christophe Stalka

Mr restifo I also believe hobby lobby was convicted of trafficking in stolen antiques from Iraq. Guess they are only promoting certain parts of the Bible

Bill Marincic

No Aroma, it’s just you and your lack of intelligence, I’m pretty sure if you had an EEG the doctors would say that there is no brain activity and to harvest your organs for someone with a future.


Let’s see if we can get Marincic to admit he was wrong again. Below, I will print Marincic’s response to ChuckD’s post stating Republicans were supporting the Fair Tax bill.

Bill Marincic
January 29th, 2023
Chuckles why do you lie? It was one congressman that suggested it and McCarthy agreed to a vote, which was part of his agreement with the 10 hold out. Nobody believes that this will pass, but McCarthy is doing what he said he would do. Don’t you wish you had Democrats that did what’s best for the country?


To make it crystal clear, this is the post Marincic was responding to:

January 29th, 2023
After 3 years of listening to Republicans blame Joe Biden for inflation, their solution is just place a 30% tax on everything.
Oh, and kill the one body responsible for seeing that everyone pays their fair share, the IRS.

Enjoying the fruits of their sweet, sweet midterm Red Tsunami. As long as the MAGA faction approves.


In reading some LTE here locally came across this. I won’t name any names but can anyone identify some posters on here everyday from this explanation of their “thinking” process?
Common Sense
Cognitive Scientists and Social Psychologists have identified common phenomena which cause people to form opinions that are contrary to the evidence. ‘Motivated Reasoning’ leads to justification of opinions based on one’s beliefs or desires rather than an accurate interpretation of relevant evidence.

‘Cognitive Dissonance’ creates undesirable stress when facts [empirical/scientific evidence] do not support one’s opinions or beliefs. The unpleasantness of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is reduced by practicing ‘Confirmation Bias’, i.e., watching and listening to only clearly biased TV or talk-radio and reading or discussing nothing that challenges one’s views.

The ‘Illusory Truth Effect’ occurs when unjustified rumors, misinterpreted facts, opinions lacking evidence, and blatant lies [e.g., bigotry, xenophobia, election denial, religious doctrine, anti-global warming/vaccination, et al] are repeated often enough that large numbers of people believe them.

If you have experienced any of the above, you may want to reconsider some of your opinions and beliefs.


Lou, excellent post and commentary on the ad campaign by the “Servant Foundation” to promote donations to them. I especially enjoyed your making it clear that ““The purpose of the Foundation is to receive, take care of, and invest gifts and monies and other properties for the specific benefit of the ministries, people, and property of Church of the Servant.”-

I agree with most of the moral advice in the New Testament, not all of it. I won’t let ignorant people slap me only to turn the other cheek. But it is impossible to picture Jesus, in light of his advice on how a person should conduct himself, wasting resources on an ad campaign to raise more money. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!


If not systemic racism, what explanation does the far right offer for these facts? The population of Memphis is 64.4% Black. On page D1 continued on p.D3 (Tyre Nichols…) in today’s DG we find that “They (Blacks) were subject to nearly 86% of the recorded use of guns, batons, pepper spray, physical beatings and other force in 2021, the total nearly doubling that year to 1700 cases.” These statistics are from the MPD.

It is naive to believe that some Blacks do not absorb and act on the common American stereotype of violent Black males. My guess is that those who choose a career in law enforcement are more likely to be prejudiced against Black males. That is my OPINION. I do not state it as a fact. It just makes sense to me.


A plain language explanation of who owns the Nation Debt is available at “the balance
money” for those interested. One interesting fact is not as much as we are led to believe, and what foreign countries holds a % of our debt. Turns out it us as the largest holders of our own debt. Social Security, Medicare and a few other Federal Agencies of our own goverment. Very informative. The amount of debt is certainly scary and needs to be addressed, but fear of foreigners as were are told is not the problem. It’s our politicians and lobbyists for special interest buying said politicians.

Bill Marincic

Who wants to bet that the arrogant lefties don’t do this?

The shopping cart is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing.

To return a shopping cart is an easy, convenient task, and one which we all recognize as the correct, appropriate thing to do. The return of the shopping cart is objectively right. There are no situations other than dire emergencies, in which a person is not able to return their cart. Simultaneously, it is not illegal to abandon your shopping cart. Therefore, the shopping cart presents itself as the Apex example of whether a person will do what is right without being forced to do it. No one will punish you for not returning the shopping cart. No one will fine you or kill you for not returning the shopping cart, you gain nothing by returning the shopping cart. You must return the shopping cart out of the goodness of your own heart you must return the shopping cart because it is the right thing to do. Because it is correct.

A person who is unable to do this is no better than an animal, an absolute savage, who can only be made to do what is right by threatening them with a law and the force that stands behind it.

The shopping cart is what determines whether a person is a good or bad member of society

So many miserable MAGA types on this forum, full of hatred, spewing vitriol, and as cynical as the day is long. Perhaps it’s because their party is led by an unelectable , proven loser who is going to drag them down to even more losses in the next election. Their grip on power is waning and they’re throwing temper tantrums trying to hold on to it. Good luck trying to convince an average American that they should vote for the former president who achieved very little when he was given the keys to the people’s house except for giving people anxiety whenever he tried to govern by tweet.


Grand Wizard Fred just like all the other Donkey Clown dumb Chucks you and your one eyed socialist party are the problem with this country. You believe that the pseudo elites are the ones who should make the rules for everyone else. You endorse the indoctrination of the children, you support the theft of wealth from the people who earned it and give it to the do nothing in society except feed off the teat of society.
Just like the illegal immigrants in NYC staying in 4 star hotels on our tax dollars. You and your donkey clown buddies will have a front row seats on the train to socialist vacation land you’ll have to shower together before you get in.

Bill Marincic

Santo, there are 222 republicans in the 118th Congress, and only 30 sponsoring the Bill, which means that about 93% of the Republicans don’t agree with it. I guess in your minds 7% is the majority.

christophe Stalka

Gentleman first it was the big Bm with shopping cart flaming rage

then the dancing Brandies posts another unintelligible rant

Life can sometimes be a challenge but I’m hoping Mr Santo gets big Bm to cop to another one of his liesabout the tax proposal

you can’t grow if you can’t be honest with yourself

Bill Marincic

Bob/Chris, we were energy independent, inflation was around 2%, gas was around $2 a gallon, our 401Ks were making lots of money and then Covid hit, I’m beginning to believe it was on purpose because America was doing so well. See you BMDCs don’t take into consideration that more than 50% of democrats don’t want sleepy Joe to run.

Bill Marincic

What’s the matter Bob/Chris, why don’t you tell me where I’m wrong, or have they not studied that in 7th grade yet? You are living proof that a sharp tongue is no indication of a keen mind.

Bill Wemple

Apex example with a shopping cart? Where do you get this stuff? I typically give my cart, and the quarter stuck in it, to the next person coming into Aldi’s. In your quack judgement I must qualify as a messiah then I guess.

Mr. Bill 🤡 you are the shopping cart that has one of those crazy wheels on it….No matter how hard one tries to steer it in the right direction it makes a squeaky noise and goes off in the wrong direction every single time.


Bill Marincic
January 30th, 2023
Santo, there are 222 republicans in the 118th Congress, and only 30 sponsoring the Bill, which means that about 93% of the Republicans don’t agree with it. I guess in your minds 7% is the majority.

Let me correct you again. I never said a majority of Republicans support the bill, nor did ChuckD. You said only ONE Republican “suggested” the bill, when in fact, 29 other Republicans cosponsored it. What the exact number of Republicans who will vote for it is yet to be seen.

Read what Florida posted again: ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ creates undesirable stress when facts [empirical/scientific evidence] do not support one’s opinions or beliefs. The unpleasantness of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is reduced by practicing ‘Confirmation Bias’, i.e., watching and listening to only clearly biased TV or talk-radio and reading or discussing nothing that challenges one’s views.

Your ridiculous comment stating whether or not a person is a “bad or good member of society” hinges on whether or not he returns his shopping cart is laughable. To assume “lefties” are more likely to not return their cart is unfounded, absurd, and your silly opinion.


Marincic: I’m beginning to believe it (COVID pandemic) was on purpose because America was doing so well.”

Absolutely “0” evidence exists to support that harebrained opinion. Who are you accusing of purposely starting the pandemic? How did they accomplish that? Were they Americans? If so, why did they want America to look bad?

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo thank you for rather bluntly but clearly outlining big Bms lie
put simply 1 does not equal 29 and never will

I was tempted to but I think my mere presence is setting off his flaming rages today we certainly should add this one to the long list


I think a good way to determine if an American is a patriot and a good and moral person is to ask him if he believes a defeated president has the right to scheme with contemptible lawyers and members of Congress to illegally stay in office even if defeated, and when those schemes fail, call upon his supporters, including the white supremacist Proud Boys, to intervene to keep him in office by inciting a violent insurrection.

Maybe those who support a president who bragged about grabbing p—y because as a “star” he could get away with it are of questionable moral integrity. I guess they don’t mind that same man paid $25,000,000 in damages to desperate young people as a result of a lawsuit against his phony University and on and on ad nauseum.

Bill Marincic

Karine Jean-Pierre has a Gay partner who works as a National correspondent for, you guessed it CNN. Why am I not shocked, the left is in bed with so many in the media literally it would make your head spin.

Bill Marincic
January 30th, 2023
Lou, you should really research these Board Of Trustee members and provide what you have learned.

I certainly don’t need or want you telling me what to do.

I’ve read and posted enough that indicates this is a BS money making power hungry religious scam organization. No one knows what Jesus wants, (one thing for certainly it wouldn’t be blowing $1 billion on commercials and advertising to promote his name) and it’s obviously these clowns want money.

BTW Bill, rumor has it that if someone threw a bucket of water on you you’d melt.

Bill Marincic

Bob/Chris, just because you an immature 7th grader says its a lie does not make it so. In the land of the witless you would be king.

Bill Marincic

Looney Lou, so you accuse this church of being a scam and say you would love to know how the Board of Trustees live is an indication that you believe them to be rich. I have news for you, Boards of Trustees don’t get paid, I’m on a Board of Trustees. Most of these five board members are teachers and professors at Calvin College, they are not billionaires looking for a tax writeoff

Bill Marincic

Santo if it was planned it would have been China, they don’t care about their people and if it will stop America I can see them doing it.

Bill Marincic

January 30th, 2023

I certainly don’t need or want you telling me what to do.

I’ve read and posted enough that indicates this is a BS money making power hungry religious scam organization. No one knows what Jesus wants, (one thing for certainly it wouldn’t be blowing $1 billion on commercials and advertising to promote his name) and it’s obviously these clowns want money.

Looney Lou, You have delusions of adequacy, and BTW your inferiority complex is fully justified and then some.

Bill Wemple

Why did you find it necessary to qualify Karine Jean-Pierre as having a Gay partner? Would it have been unnecessary to mention if she had a husband instead? Don’t bother answering as the reason is obvious – you’re a bigot. Hurry up getting to Tennessee, they need someone young enough there to carry the Confederate flag in a stiff wind. Holy crap, you see some kind of conspiracy in everything don’t you? What a miserable life it must be to live that in that twisted mind of yours.

Joseph Vendetti

Was watching MSNBC today on flight to TX – according to their most recent poll – 71% of Americans think the US is headed in the wrong direction, poll has the majority of those polled as pessimistic about everything from the economy to foreign relations. It is the 1st time according to MSNBC it has been pessimistic for 1.5 years. The longest pessimism streak in history of their poll.

We should be sad about this.

Another fact they stated – it is exactly 1 year before the political frenzy starts for the 2024 starts. 1 yr prior to the 2020 election- 10 democrats had declared their interest for presidency. This year we have 1 – a has been Donald Trump that the US electoral already resoundingly rejected with 81 million votes & probably President Biden. Trump has already attacked Ron Desantis as disloyal.

This makes me even more sad.

The Presidency is a young persons game. Where are the good candidates?


The pessimism is likely the result of the continuing threats to democracy and traditional American values posed by the never-ending Trump-inspired MAGA attacks on the integrity of our elections. There is also the ongoing threat of nuclear war due to Russia’s terrorist attack on Ukraine and the Taiwan problem. I believe Americans, other than MAGAites, are concerned about the ever growing number of absolute whack-jobs in the Congress of the United States, crime and its companion police brutality, and economic insecurity much of it attributable to Republican fear mongering. The threat of out of control immigration is another greatly exaggerated “trumped-up” MAGA fear strategy.


Can anyone find William Marincic on the list of trustees, current and recently retired, that I posted? I might be missing something but I don’t think so.

Joseph Vendetti


While I respect you and that opinion (and I think those points are valid), I really see more pessimism in our own workforce that I haven’t encountered before.

As a company we are ratcheting back our CAPEX spending on heavy equipment because rates have jumped to between 6-10% for that type of expenditure. Our crews with personal vehicles are holding on to older vehicles because of cost and interest rates.

CNN did a fact checking report on President Bidens speech – out of 14 statements he made 7 were blatantly false – 700,000 infrastructure projects (is really 7000), claimed Trump had vaccine and only 3.5 million ppl got it while CNN says 19.5 million were inoculated by the time he left office, claimed wages are out pacing inflation and that is only true in last 2-3 months, we are all disappointed about the handling of classified documents and the cost at the grocery store.

I wish my pessimism was about MAGA but its about food, utility bills, car loans – pretty much what I think the avg joe thinks about.


Joe, I am not sure what point you are making. As I said, economic insecurity is a problem, but inflation is being brought under control by necessary but painful interest rate hikes. The fed is doing its best to avoid the threat of recession that necessarily accompanies such hikes. The economy continues to grow. I think most Americans are aware enough to realize that nuclear war is a far greater concern than inflation; we’ve suffered and survived worse economic problems in the past.

As for Biden I agree, he should step down at the end of this term. But, I refuse to believe the verbal flubs of an 80 year old man cause more concern than threats like nuclear war, climate change, pollution, and insane members of Congress.

As much as I disliked Ronald Regan and felt he was the onset of the Republican party we see today …If they dug Regan up and hoisted him upright on a podium, I would vote for him over Donald Trump. If Biden decides to run again, he will be the only choice over any of the MAGA republicans who might run. The Republican Party must be sanitized of the “Freedom Caucus” and election deniers before they can become a viable choice again.


Guy, I would love to see Adam Schiff or Eric Swalwell run for president. In the current political climate, I would vote for ANYONE, including Biden, over TRUMP or any of his stomach churning clones.

I believe that people can differentiate between an existential threat and day to day problems we will always be dealing with. They put priority on existential threats like pollution, nuclear war, and climate change not cyclical economic concerns. I trust that voters will favor a Democrat over any “MAGA” candidate Republicans offer.


Nah, MAGA’s not the problem, in spite of the latest on its fuhrer, Whack-Job-In-Chief. DONALD J. TRUMP:

AJ McDougall
Breaking News Reporter
Published Jan. 30, 2023 4:37PM ET
Daily Mail

Former President Donald Trump wasn’t able to hold his tongue Monday after The New York Times reported that a Manhattan grand jury had begun hearing evidence in a criminal probe of a 2016 hush money payment he allegedly authorized for adult film actor Stormy Daniels. The grand jury presentation signals that District Attorney Alvin Bragg, once considered to have more or less mothballed the inquiry, is one step closer to a decision about whether to charge Trump with a crime. On Truth Social, Trump lashed out at the “Radical Left” Bragg, slamming him for “[leaking] to the Fake News Media that they are still going after the Stormy “Horseface” Daniels Bull” even as “murders and violent crime [surge] like never before in New York City.” He continued: “Working closely with the Weaponized Justice Department, this is a continuation of the Greatest Witch Hunt of all time. They long ago missed the Statute of Limitations, & I recently won big money against ‘Stormy’ in the 9th Circuit – NEVER HAD AN AFFAIR. This is old news!”

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