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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Feb. 1 – Two, from readers in Rexford and Niskayuna

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Don’t forget to call out Trump’s lies too

Congratulations local GOP leaders for calling out local conspiracy theorist Jeff Moore.
Congratulations Daily Gazette for your editorial Jan. 26 (“Parties must do more to vet candidates,”) encouraging parties to do a better job vetting candidates and specifically noting Moore and George Santos.
But what’s disturbing is both the local GOP and The Gazette fail to call out or even mention the ultimate liar and conspiracy theorist: Donald Trump.
Trump is running for president, again, and not even a peep from these people.
You ask local candidates their thoughts on Trump and their answer is to avoid the question or tell you it’s none of your business.
The Gazette seems to be using the same playbook editorial boards and reporters used in 2016 when Trump ran the first time by not asking him tough questions or calling him out and yet he has done so many things that make him unfit to serve.
They are all letting his candidacy grow into an inferno instead of stomping it out now.
On Jan. 6, 2021, Trump used his conspiracy theories to incite a bunch of his followers to become terrorists and invade our Capitol.
They almost captured our vice president and speaker of the House and evidence suggests they intended to harm or kill them.
They came close and Trump just sat there and watched.
So, yes, GOP, yes Daily Gazette, it’s time to call out conspiracy theorists and liars who are unfit to hold office, but you also need to do that with Trump before it’s too late.
Aaron Hull

Difficult to figure out the real truth

Here we go again. Unauthorized papers found at an old government official’s home.
The difference, you ask?
I will tell you.
One is a Republican with a bad reputation and really not liked by either party; forget the people who voted for him.
Another is a forever politician who has been making money hand over fist, and folks have been turning a blind eye to his bad deals for years and his family’s bad deals.
The media is no help putting things out to convince folks one way or another which way fits what they think is right.
We now have assess to too much information from the Democrats and Republicans; different websites, different news channels and sites all with sound bites, where we only have time to read the headline sometimes.
That is all we read without knowing what the article actually says. And an opinion is made without knowing the facts.
It’s sad that things with Biden will just be explained away until they can find something else to distract us from what is really happening in our government.
Louise Wasson



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Interesting front page Saratoga liberals and indoctrination schools you reap what you sow BLM Taking over the city. Looks like the do noting socialist protester forget where the city gets their funding from. Businesses that contribute to the tax base. What is a business going to do when BLM take back the streets. Socialism is a disease that spreads through the useful idiots then they are removed.


Mark Houck pro life activist raided by the SS/ FBI on FACE charges for pushing a planned parenthood escort that threatened his son. The Biden DOJ brought these charges and Mark was found not guilty, Yet Janes revenge fire bombs pro life centers in NY and nothing. The Democratic NAZI party is marching through our country wake up America.

I really can’t tell if you’re talking about Trump or Pence, Louise. Perhaps take the time it took you to write that letter, to read the articles instead, and you may learn something.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”


Paul Sperry calls out disgraced Peter Strzok and Lisa Page for a constant open line to NYT editors and reporters with the Obama DOJ authorization in 2017 to talk about FBI mid year exam and cross fire hurricane cases once again corrupt FBI and DOJ of the democratic Nazi party.


So the bio labs in Ukraine is a conspiracy according to the Democratic socialist.
U.S. Pentagon confirmed the US partnership with 46 bio labs in Ukraine.
conspiracy according to the DG socialist
Hunter Biden secured millions for one of the labs -Metabiota
02/24/2022 letter from Zelensky calling for all files and documents be destroyed from Metabiota.
Conspiracy? I’m sure there is nothing to see here. Pay attention to BLM on the streets in Saratoga….


People who continue to accept FOX News as a source of accurate information rather than the propaganda and entertainment network it is, need to read, “Lying liars…” on today’s Opinion page.

Some excerpts:

“Millions believe the lie that coronavirus vaccines are part of a government plot. Millions more believe the 2020 election was stolen. Similar lies were behind the hammer attack that hospitalized then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband…Fox News is currently in court defending itself for having advanced the lie that Dominion Voting Systems helped rig the 2020 presidential election against Donald Trump.

Fox’s Tucker Carlson defended himself in a 2020 slander lawsuit by arguing that the things he says on television are clearly exaggerations and aren’t supposed to be believed. He won.”

So those who believe the lies they hear on FOX and from even less credible sources, War Room (Steve Bannon) and Infowars (Alex Jones) need to stop attacking people on the basis of, as Carlson put it:



Louise Wasson asks “Here we go again. Unauthorized papers found at an old government official’s home. The difference, you ask?”

For those who still don’t understand. There is no evidence that Pence or Biden had criminal intent in their document cases. They cooperated fully with law enforcement and the National Archives, promptly returning the misplaced documents.

Trump made up conflicting justifications for the hundreds of documents illegally taken with him and improperly stored at Mar a Lago. He claimed the FBI planted them and then decided he had declassified them in his mind. He instructed his lawyer to lie, telling law enforcement all documents had been turned over on June 6, 2022. On August 8, a search warrant legally obtained and executed resulted in the discovery of dozens more documents, many labeled at the highest classification level.
This is clear evidence of mens rea, a guilty mind, or the intent and knowledge that a crime was being committed. That’s the difference.

Thank you, Aaron Hull for pointing out the consequences of our DOJ’s abject failure to apply the law to Donald J. Trump. LIAR EXTRAORDINAIRE.

Guess who pleaded the fifth amendment over 400 times in the case against his business In New York?

Hint, the same dirtbag that said “You see the mob takes the Fifth,” – “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

No matter how you slice he’s either a looser liar, or a looser hypocrite, a looser criminal. -Actual fact of the matter is he’s all three.


A.S why is it that doctors that question the validity of the vaccine are loosing their license to practice medicine. Why are nations canceling vaccine mandates and stopping all vaccines for Covid.
Why are they continuing the push for vaccine when they are declaring that the pandemic is over.
Why are there more and more medical professionals calling out the adverse reactions to vaccines.
Once again pushing the MSM socialist propaganda narrative

Bill Marincic
January 31st, 2023
You’d lefties love to say my body my choice. It is your choice with your own body but you seem to forget if you’re a female with a child inside of you that somebody else’s body that’s not yours, you don’t have the right to kill it.

January 31st, 2023
Abortion is not women’s healthcare and it should not be used as a contraceptive.

Steven Flynn
January 31st, 2023
Abortion is forbidden in most religions. Any problems with that or is this just another day of bashing Christianity?

If you buffoons had one tenth as much concern for humans after birth as you profess to have before birth, it just might be a bit more understandable if you very softly spoke out about your incorrect outlook on abortion. But screaming it out as you now do only proves you to be the hypocrites you are.


30 second Internet search.
September 27, 2021
“No, doctors won’t lose their licenses for saying ‘anything bad’ about COVID-19 vaccines.”
“The Federation of State Medical Boards issued a statement warning doctors who “generate and spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation” that they could face disciplinary action from state medical boards, “including the suspension or revocation of their medical license.”
“The warning did not prohibit physicians from expressing concerns about COVID-19 vaccines or sharing them with patients.”

Do you understand “misinformation, or disinformation?” No, obviously you don’t because you continuously spread it.

If you’d rather listen to Tucker Carlson and ridiculous conspiracy theories, then proven science, perhaps it would be in your best interest to not advise your eventual grandchildren to avoid getting polio shots.


When I get the opportunity I will post the article of a career cardiologist who is fighting to keep his license to practice because he questions the efficacy of the vaccine and asked for the peer review study


Additional evidence that the far right, without foundation, accuses Democrats of doing what they do but with no foundation:

LOL Boebert: “The Left Wants To Erase History” [VIDEO]
February 1, 2023

“OAN was deplatformed by DirecTV in April of 2022. So what’s next? Fox News? Will the Weather Channel be canceled next if they refuse to bow to the left’s altar of climate change?

“What about the History Channel? We see on a regular basis the left wants to erase history and deny truth.

“How about TBN? There has definitely been an increase in disdain and intolerance by many liberals for Christian beliefs simply by saying we love Jesus. So is TBN next? Americans are tired of cancel culture.” – Lauren Boebert, last night.

TBN is a far-right Christian channel.

Has anyone heard any calls from Democrats to cancel FOX “News”, weather channels, or TBN?

OAN is facing several lawsuits for defamation. It is the right of any private company to refuse to help OAN spread its vicious and destabilizing lies. Doesn’t Boebert understanding 1st amendment limitations are on the government? News and entertainment networks and platforms not required to allow ANYONE to speak on their shows on the basis of free speech rights.

Association of American medical College:
“As of May 2022, the total number of professionally active physicians in the United States amounted to 1,073,616 physicians.”

And now you’re going to attempt to find one probably wach-job, who pushed “misinformation or disinformation” in an attempt to prove your totally irrelevant point. So typical.

Attempting to reason with you is a non existent possibility, as with most closed minded, mental midget MEGA people.

christophe Stalka

MR restifo you are correct regarding the lie about the lost license.. do not expect to see a posting from the pathological liar about the cardiologist he mentions. I am familiar with the doctor he’s lying about. Anyone that thinks a cardiologist would sit by and have his license pulled illegally. Is truly gullible. As to the pathological lying Brandies the dudes posted 6 times already today draw your own conclusions on how busy he is I have.


Donkey Clowns I work for a living I will provide the article but you all are incapable of understanding anything that goes against your narrative.
Conspiracy bio labs Metabiota Ukrainian lab. Zelensky send letters to destroy all documents and files. No longer a conspiracy that the United States funded these labs.

Exxon Mobil posted all time record high profits in 2022, the same year “it was Biden’s fault for the high prices at the pump.” $55.7 billion in profit last year. That amounts to $174 dollars for every man woman and child living in the United States, and that’s just Exxon profits.

Do the math when you throw in the profits of Shell Oil, Chevron, Occidental Petroleum, Marathon Petroleum, Conoco Philips, Baker Hughes, Phillips 66, Valero Energy, Halliburton, Continental Resources, Chesapeake Energy, Continental Resources, National Oilwell Varco, EOG Resources, Enbridge, Standard Oil, Enterprise Products, Kinder Morgan, Marathon Oil, Pioneer Natural Resources, Southwest Energy Company, and realize their numbers are astronomical!

Now tell me why we paid the high gas prices at the pump last year?

The MEGA people push for less “government regulation.” They think by voting for the far right conservatives that keep chirping less taxes and regulations, that gained money is going to end up in MEGA pockets. Well guess what MEGA people, if you want to know where the money goes when you slash government look at the above company names.

It’s not about less government, it’s about good government! And good government is an oxymoron for the MEGA republicans leaders.

Republican leaders play into your hands by promoting God, guns, hidden racist agendas, conspiracy theories, and plenty of other bull s#it, for one reason only; to get your uninformed votes to put money in their pockets and power in their fists. Wake up MEGA people, and help save our fragile democracy.

christophe Stalka

MR Santo lying liars is spot on opinion thanks for pointing it out .not only on a national level but the voice of the deluded is evident on these very pages. Pathological lying seems to have become a pass time for the challenged. For example yesterday Chuck asked a slimy poster for proof of his claims about religion the individual went into a flaming rage which happens daily.i think its important to continue to point out these lies I know I will do my part. Pathological liars invariably do themselves in

let’s-go-no-brain, I’ll do your homework:
December, 2021

“Ex-chief of cardiac surgery at Doylestown Health mounts campaign to get his job back after refusing COVID vaccine.

The former chief of cardiac surgery of Doylestown Health confirmed Tuesday he was fired from his position because he refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 
Dr. Joseph Auteri also served as medical director of Doylestown Health’s Woodall Center for Heart and Vascular Care until he said the hospital refused to provide him an exemption from vaccination. 

In a post on the website GoFundMe, Auteri said he sought religious and medical exemptions from vaccination. He said he contracted COVID-19 and recovered from the virus after “two difficult weeks.” 
“I was tested and have both antibodies, as well as t-cell immunity, which my personal physician describes as “robust natural immunity,” he wrote. 

This news organization was not successful in reaching Doylestown Health for comment Tuesday.
Reached at his Buckingham home, Auteri confirmed that he was the author of the GoFundMe page, which states that he had been fired from the hospital. He recently started the campaign to raise money for a legal battle against his former employer.

Auteri declined further comment Tueesday.

Many area hospitals have mandated vaccines for COVID-19, as they do for other common viruses.”

“A.S why is it that doctors that question the validity of the vaccine are loosing their license to practice medicine.”

Again disinformation from lgb, the doctor didn’t lose his license, he got fired from his job, and justifiably so, this was over a year ago, when they were more potent strains of Covid.

It is a scientific fact that when vaccinated you have less a viral particles in your respiratory system, therefore lessening the chance of infecting other workers, and more importantly patients, that are in a hospital. – Again I say wake up!

You think you’re somehow more informed than everyone else and only YOU know the truth, when in fact you’re just repeating what you heard on some right-wing website or Fox News, which is parroting Russian propaganda. So congratulations, you’re not some super smart politico, just an Anti-American tool for the Russians to spread their misinformation.

Steven Flynn

Extreme liberal wackanut Aaron Hull. When you put your cash up to own a Newspaper, then you can tell them what to print and not what to print. The DG actually has a liberal slant if you really paid attention, but you suffer from TDS like the extreme liberal athiest’s who bark in this forum daily. You’ll be fine Aaron, those words they print wont hurt you.

Bill Marincic

February 1st, 2023
Louise Wasson asks “Here we go again. Unauthorized papers found at an old government official’s home. The difference, you ask?”

For those who still don’t understand. There is no evidence that Pence or Biden had criminal intent in their document cases. They cooperated fully with law enforcement and the National Archives, promptly returning the misplaced documents.

On Hunter’s laptop, there is an email to his Ukraine partner Devon Archer that is almost word for word what you would see in an intelligence briefing about Russia and the possibility of invading Ukraine. Where did he get that info? Hunter is no Russian expert. What do you want to bet that when all of this shakes out that those documents have to do with Ukraine? BTW, I wonder why the White House said it was in full cooperation with the Archives about the files at the Penn Biden Center and neglected to tell us that the FBI raided the place in November.

Bill Marincic

Looney Lou, why, so you can just lie as if it is true. Not a chance Lefty Lou, not a chance. Actually, you are the one living under a rock.

A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies, becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or in anyone else.
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky,

christophe Stalka

ARON Hull Walter wouk Mr Como…. everybody’s against little Stevie and they need to shut up guess they better listen…. what a fool

christophe Stalka

Mr restifo thanks for posting the name of that Dr that lying Brandie tried to slide on. Guess I better be quiet too! The liars might turn their flaming rage on me next


Sorry looney Lou Lou as usually you’re being a Dumb Chuck again I know I have read more than one instance of this. But again the pseudo elite socialist on the DG page again don’t be such a Dumb Chuck. I will follow up with the names.
Liar Lou Lou

christophe Stalka

Thanks for the permission silly Stevie you really must be one frustrated dude. Nobody is listening how sad howxpathetic no one cares . rage on start the lying

christophe Stalka

Silly Stevie I’m not really flattered that you’re obsessing over me today stick with Hunter you probably have a better shot you’ve always creeped me out flame on rager!

Hey no-brain, after reading your first post, as well as so many others in the past, you should understand that there would be no Black Lives Matter organization if blacks lives actually mattered to people like you, but it’s obvious they don’t.

You Steve and Little Willy are a gross redundancy of false and hateful information regurgitated from White supremest anti American propaganda outlets. Never any real substance or truth to anything you say… You’re three men with “paper assho#es”; “The primary version of this originally Black phrase is the man with a paper assho#e, It can also occur as man with a paper ass or paper rectum). Such a person is defined as a talkative fool – all talk and little or no action. The image seems to be that of paper which flaps uselessly in the wind. That wind my be the ‘hot air’ of empty speech, although there may be an underlying hint of farting.”

Steven Flynn

Says the deranged, past his prime, extreme liberal athiest. Angry liberal gibberish like always Lou. Your SSRI’s havent kicked in yet obviously.


Flynn, you are proving, once again, that your posts boil down to your belief in the absolute integrity of Trump and his MAGA worshipers and that anyone who disagrees with them is a Marxist, Communist, rock worshiper. Joe McCarthy would have loved you.

You manage to consistently post without any actual content or factual support for your allegations. Sad.

You and the other MAGA posters do have some talents: insulting people, repeating untruths with stubborn audacity, and the ability to ignore facts which prove you are wrong.

Steven Flynn

I never said one word to that guy, wake up. He goes off on a deranged rant and the hell with him. You want to kiss his #ss the go for it, that i wont do ever. He’s an angry old fool and I wont take his crap for one second. You worry about yourself and stop the stupid lectures.

Proof of God, please.

Steve, do you bash your father and other old people because of their age, something else that there is no choice about.

If I’m a person “past his prime” what does that say about you? I could outwit or outthink you if I were in a coma.

I done wasting my time playing playing Neanderthal ping-pong for the day.

Bill Marincic

Santo and Looney Lou here is your problem, you equate everything to Trump and so-called MAGA people, I don’t care if it is Trump or Desantis or even Nikki Halley, I will vote for them. I’ve said before that due to the left-wing fake news that Trump has an issue with voters, especially women voters. As long as it’s one of those three I’m happy.


Fox’s Tucker Carlson defended himself in a 2020 slander lawsuit by arguing that the things he says on television are clearly exaggerations and aren’t supposed to be believed. He won.”

So those who believe the lies they hear on FOX and from even less credible sources, War Room (Steve Bannon) and Infowars (Alex Jones) need to stop attacking people on the basis of, as Carlson put it:


Steven Flynn

Only Fox news? CNN, MSNBC, doesnt lie? They’re all propagandists, they take a side and they carry water for that side. These people aren’t true journalists, they’re opinion based news. There’s many examples of fake news from all of them. Liberals watch MSNBC or CNN because you have your echo chamber, Fox is the conservatives echo chamber.

sorry Big Billy you nasty boys look like you had one fun time without me but i do enjoy reading and catching up dont get too excited.


one of the articles.more to come

In this week’s Pulse: Ellsworth doctor faces license suspension over COVID misinformation allegations, political hits with no context, a parole bill still in limbo, and what’s coming up next week in the Legislature.

Three days before Dr. Meryl Nass admitted to state lawmakers that she had lied to a pharmacist in order to fill a prescription of hydroxychloroquine for a COVID-19 patient, the Ellsworth internist made sure to let the patient’s spouse know that she had self-reported her deception to the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine.

The spouse texted Nass on Dec. 11 to let her know that the drug, which has yet to be proven effective against COVID and is not approved for use in fighting the disease, had been obtained.

“Good,” Nass responded. “And I wrote a letter to the board of medicine telling them they had forced me to miss inform [sic] a pharmacy today in order to get a life-saving medicine to a patient. Let’s see what they do with that.”

This week the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine suspended Nass’ medical license for 30 days. It said allowing Nass to continue practicing medicine “constitutes an immediate jeopardy to the health and physical safety of the public who might receive her medical services.”

The board’s rationale for the 30-day suspension is extensive: lying to a pharmacist to obtain a drug, hydroxychloroquine, that is not approved by the FDA to treat COVID-19; involving a patient in the “deception”; and record keeping inconsistent with telemedicine standards.

sorry brandies medical mal practice is certainly grounds for the suspension of a doctors license.

The BOLIM investigation into Nass that started with complaints over supposed misinformation eventually grew to include Nass’s disclosure that she lied to a pharmacist in order to obtain Hydroxychloroquine for a patient, along with allegations that she did not keep competent patient records while engaging in telemedicine consultations.

sorry dude seems fair shes not meeting standards. she falsified patient records


To date, only two doctors reportedly faced such sanctions. In Oregon, Dr. Steven LaTulippe had his license suspended in December 2020 for refusing to wear a face mask at his clinic and telling patients that masks were ineffective and dangerous. Dr. Thomas Cowan, a San Francisco physician who posted a YouTube video that went viral in March 2020 stating that 5G networks cause COVID-19, voluntarily surrendered his medical license to California’s medical board in February 2021.

However, Dr. Humayun Chaudhry, president of the Federation of State Medical Boards, says it’s possible that some doctors could already be the subject of inquiries and investigations, since these actions are not made public until sanctions are handed down
KHN reached out to the medical and osteopathic boards of all 50 states and the District of Columbia to see if they had received COVID-19 misinformation complaints. Of the 43 that responded, only a handful shared specifics.

During a one-week period in August, Kansas’ medical board received six such complaints. In total, the state has received 35 complaints against 20 licensees about spreading pandemic-related misinformation on social media and in person. Indiana has received about 30 complaints in the past year. South Carolina said it had received about 10 since January 2021. Rhode Island didn’t share the number of complaints it has received but said it has taken disciplinary action against one doctor for spreading misinformation, though it hasn’t moved to suspend his license. (The disciplinary measures include a fine, a reprimand on the doctor’s record and a mandate to complete an ethics course.) Five of the states KHN reached out to said that they had received only a couple complaints, and 11 states reported receiving zero complaints about COVID-19 misinformation.

Confidentiality laws in 13 states prevented those boards from sharing any information about complaints


Deadline: 8/17/21

Rachel Maddow is still talking with MSNBC about a new contract, but the primetime host and her current cable news home just scored what might be a bonding TKO against One America News Network.

Reaffirming the decision by a San Diego-based U.S. District Court last year to toss out the conservative outlet’s $10 million defamation lawsuit against Maddow and MSNBC, a trio of appeal court judges has advised the Robert Herring Sr.-founded OAN to chill the hell out.

“Turning to the merits, the panel held that Maddow’s statement was well within the bounds of what qualified as protected speech under the First Amendment,” said the summary of the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit’s opinion on Tuesday of Maddow’s July 2019 quip that OAN was “the most obsequiously pro-Trump right-wing news outlet in America really literally is paid Russian propaganda.”

Rudy Giuliani Lawyer Says Smartmatic Smears Were ‘Product Disparagement’ Not Full-Out Defamation
Maddow, who is MSNBC’s top-rated host and one of the most watched on all of cable news, actually was referencing a Daily Beast piece in the segment that got OAN so hot and bothered — and mocked, now and then.

“No reasonable viewer could conclude that Maddow implied an assertion of objective fact,” the opinion penned by Judge Milan D. Smith added (read it here) of the suit OAN filed in the fall of 2020 with great flurry. “The judgment of the district court is therefore affirmed.”

Having sought this appeal and now having struck out twice, the swinging-above-its-weight OAN has been ordered to pay Maddow and MSNBC’s $250,000 in legal fees.

With Maddow reportedly considering exiting MSNBC at the end of her current contract later this year, the latest win makes a nice cherry on the top of the contract cake whichever way things go between the host and the Comcast-owned outlet — plus another win for a cable client by attorney Ted Boutrous.

In some ways, OAN should be glad about the panel’s decision.

Today’s appeal court ruling is, no ironic pun intended, much more conservative than what U.S. District Judge Cynthia Bashant wrote in her 17-page ruling in spring 2020.

Bashant said that despite the fact Maddow used the word “literally” in her commentary based on a Daily Beast story she also “had inserted her own colorful commentary into and throughout the segment, laughing, expressing her dismay (i.e., saying ‘I mean, what?’) and calling the segment a ‘sparkly story’ and one we must ‘take in stride.’”


cont’d from above:

“For her to exaggerate the facts and call OAN Russian propaganda was consistent with her tone up to that point, and the Court finds a reasonable viewer would not take the statement as factual given this context,” Bashant said in a reflection of the ever spirally and tawdry state of American political discourse. “The context of Maddow’s statement shows reasonable viewers would consider the contested statement to be her opinion.”

OAN, another source of disinformation for the MAGA crowd, is an even better example of “fake news”
than FOX Propaganda. MSNBC definitely is favorable toward the progressive interpretation of current events but they do not report outright lies as factual information. Under oath, before the 1/6 committee, Hannity has said he did not believe Trump’s claim the election was rigged against him “for one second.” That didn’t stop him from reporting the story as news. Murdoch’s FOX panders to the MAGA crowd because high ratings result in more profit, the truth be damned, and the far right hands out huge tax breaks and loopholes to the rich. The sad fact is, far too many Americans want to believe these lies: Topline: 1/19/23

TOPLINE News Corp. “Chairman Rupert Murdoch is testifying Thursday and Friday in Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation case against Fox News, a billion-dollar lawsuit that has ensnared some of the network’s biggest personalities over repeated statements after the 2020 election that falsely linked Dominion machines to fraud—including comments by both Fox News personalities and guests.”

Steven Flynn

Veteran Watergate journalist Bob Woodward says he tried to warn Washington Post reporters about the infamous, discredited “Steele dossier” when the RussiaGate coverage first took off — but they weren’t interested, a new report says.

Woodward was among those interviewed for a lengthy Columbia Journalism Review report published this week about the media’s handling of the unproven allegations that Trump colluded with Russia amid the 2016 election.

In the interview, the 79-year-old reporter — famous for breaking the Nixon White House scandal for the outlet in the early ’70s — recalled how he was quick to slam the largely-discredited Trump dossier when it was first published in 2017.

Woodward had dismissed the files, which were funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele, as a “garbage document” during a January 2017 Fox News appearance.

Who’s lying, Fox or Woodward? These propaganda machines are all paid liars and Rachel Maddow was the biggest pusher of this misinformation drug. They just couldnt roll the words “Hillary’s people paid for it” off of their tongues, the corporate mongers with money wouldve thrown a fit.

Bill Marincic

According to Santo and I quote “Maddow, who is MSNBC’s top-rated host and one of the most watched on all of cable news”. By June 2021, The Rachel Maddow Show had fallen to fifth place with only 289,000 viewers in the key 25–54 demographic. Rachel Maddow’s weekly primetime appearance on MSNBC paid dividends for the Comcast-owned cable news channel on Monday as she pulled in 2.36 million total viewers — good enough to beat Laura Ingraham but still shy of Sean Hannity’s massive viewership.

Maddow’s one-hour gabfest on Monday attracted 232,000 viewers in the 25-54 age demographic most coveted by advertisers.

“Hannity” still topped Maddow as his Monday show boasted 2.68 million total viewers and 358,000 in the 25-54 demographic, according to Nielsen figures cited by Mediaite.

And Monday night football gets 6,604,000 viewers, so get your news from that.

As pointed out before, try realizing you MAGA morons all focus in on the only network, not the news, program that pushes your propaganda, as apposed to the many that at least try for the truth.

The Steele Dossier.


Fact: (The dossier) was leaked and published against Christopher Steele’s wishes because it was a draft. Not a final report.

Fact: Steele became the center of controversy after he authored (the) dossier *for multiple clients*, including an attorney associated with the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. (emphasis mine)

Fact: Trump and his allies have falsely claimed the U.S. intelligence community probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election were launched due to Steele’s dossier.
The Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee concluded in an April 2018 report that the probe had been triggered by previous information from Trump adviser George Papadopoulos, and the February 2018 Nunes memo, written by staff members for that committee, reached the same conclusion.

Fact: Some key dossier allegations were corroborated in the (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) 2017 assessment, namely:

– that Vladimir Putin favored Trump over Hillary Clinton; that he personally ordered an “influence campaign” to harm Clinton’s electoral chances and “undermine public faith in the US democratic process”

– that he ordered cyber attacks on the Democratic and Republican parties;

– and that many Trump campaign officials and associates had numerous secretive contacts with Russian officials and spies.


The “Steele Dossier” was not central to the Mueller investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia or Russian support for his candidacy:

From the Washington Post: 4/24/19

“Defenders of the dossier say its overall message — that Russia wanted to help Trump win the election, in part to sow discord in the United States — has been validated by the Mueller report. Detractors say many of the details have been proved false or remain unverified.

Neither case is confirmed by the Mueller report. Mueller was looking for criminal acts, not seeking to confirm the dossier. In fact, Steele is rarely mentioned in the more than 400 pages. So one cannot necessarily say the Mueller report ends the matter, given a continuing counterintelligence investigation. But some key elements certainly appear in grave doubt.

“The Mueller Report substantiates the core reporting and many of the specifics in Christopher Steele’s 2016 memoranda, including that Trump campaign figures were secretly meeting Kremlin figures, that Russia was conducting a covert operation to elect Donald Trump, and that the aim of the Russian operation was to sow discord and disunity in the U.S. and within the Transatlantic Alliance,” Joshua A. Levy, counsel for Fusion GPS, told The Fact Checker. “

And so what if Clinton hired a company to look into Trump’s ties to Russia? There was good reason to believe that those ties were real. The Mueller Report confirmed Trump campaign ties to Russia. Trump’s continued praise for Putin, in Trump’s words “savvy,” a “genius” for the way he prepared to invade Ukraine is further evidence of his affection for Russia and the brutal Putin. Don’t forget Trump wanted us out of NATO and had wet dreams about constructing a Trump Tower in Moscow.

From the same WP article:

“The “dossier” consists of more than a dozen memos, based on conversations with Russian sources, that were written between June and December 2016 by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele under a contract with the research firm Fusion GPS. The company had been hired by a law firm connected to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to look into Trump’s ties with Russia.”

Face it, Trump admires Putin and the way he governs Russia and is drooling over the idea of himself as an American Putin. Wake up and be a patriot, not a Russophile.

What if disruption of the US by pushing Trump into presidency was actually intended as a precursor to Russia invading another country…like Ukraine.

In other words, knowing he had “leverage” on Trump it’d be easier to have his way geopolitically if the stooge Trump was in the White house.
Can you imagine having this idea maybe 10 years ago? Say, for a thriller fiction novel, or a screenwrite for a Tom Cruise movie.

But here we are and it’s not out of the realm of reality.
Thanks Trump.
Thanks MAGA.

Just thinking out loud…

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