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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Feb. 2

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Place Spa shelter away from school

The City of Saratoga Springs seeks to solve their homeless problem by putting a permanent homeless shelter next to Saratoga Central Catholic School.
The shelter will be a “low barrier,” shelter meaning the homeless will not be screened for drugs, alcohol or sex offenses. New York state removed the law that restricted where convicted sex offenders can live unless they’re under parole or probation supervision.
Convicted sex offenders may live right next to schools now.
Please support parents of Saratoga Central Catholic School in their fight to keep their children safe.
Contact the city and tell them to find a location that will treat both vulnerable parties fairly and safely: the homeless as well as the children.
Having a homeless shelter right next to the school, the children will no longer be able to use their athletic field. They will no longer have a safe buffer zone to get on their bus or be able to walk to meet their parents.
No amount of new fencing and security cameras will keep the homeless and mentally unwell from getting close to the children.
Under these conditions, the safety risk of an assault is very high. Think of what you would do if it was your child.
Jennifer Richard
Ballston Lake

ERA will expand rights in New York

The League of Women Voters, Schenectady County, thanks the members of the state legislature for their overwhelming support of the New York State Equal Rights Amendment.
The amendment’s passage, on Jan. 24, brought us one step closer to codifying basic protections in our state constitution, to the benefit of all New Yorkers.
The League of Women Voters of New York State was founded more than 100 years ago on the premise that women deserve to be treated as equals under state law.
We believe that passage of the Equal Rights Amendment is necessary to achieve equity for all New Yorkers.
New York’s constitution guarantees equal protection under the law regardless “of race, color, creed or religion.” It does not extend those protections beyond those particular groups.
The Equal Rights Amendment expands equal protection and prohibits discrimination based on a person’s ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, or sex, including sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes.
We have seen that rights we rely on may be subject to reversal. Enshrining equal protection laws in New York state by amending our state constitution will guarantee those rights.
New Yorker voters have that power. In November 2024, we can protect our rights and prohibit discrimination by voting ‘yes’ on the Equal Rights Amendment.
Joan Fucillo
The writer is a LWVSC member of the LWVNYS ERA Taskforce Committee.
Ann Hatke
The writer is president of LWV Schenectady County.

What is the process for endorsements?

Your editorial of Jan. 26 (“Parties must do more to vet candidates,”) asks for political parties to do more background checks on potential candidates.
You indicate that the parties can’t rely on the media to do this work for them and concede that the opposing party and the media could be doing a better job of questioning candidates.
Would it be too much to ask who makes editorial endorsements for your paper? Employees from the advertising section or the loading dock or a part time security guard perhaps?
Could the public check their social media posts? Did the endorsement of Elise Stefanik last November imply that the paper endorses conspiracy theories or the claims (without evidence) of widespread election fraud?
Do you feel as she does that the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol to interrupt the formal proceedings of the U.S. Congress and the Electoral College count was justified and any investigation of it is only a political witch hunt? Who were the people who made your endorsements, and did they look at both public and private statements that candidates have made? Does the truth matter?
Will Seyse
Editor’s note: Endorsements are made by a majority vote of our Editorial Board. The members are listed at the top of every day’s Opinion page, below the date and page number. All are employed by the paper in various roles.


Who’s accountable for racial injustice?

As I sit here in America this evening, I’m beyond disgusted to be a part of such a hypocritical government system.
On June 1, 2020, I risked my life taking a stand against the blatant systemic racism we still face today.
On Jan. 7, Trye Nichols was brutally beaten, which led to his demise on Jan. 10. May his soul rest in peace. Today as a Black Lives Matter activist, I was expected to go out and elevate my voice for equality among my people. I Can Breathe And I Will Speak stand solid with our brothers and sisters in Memphis tonight, along with all of us in pain.
I’m calling on all the leaders at all levels of this country to be held accountable for the continued injustice that plagues the African American communities.
We watched in the last few days hypocrisy on full display on national networks. I ask you all to ask yourselves if those five officers were Caucasian, would I be writing this release?
Lashawn Hawkins
The writer is the founder of Gloversville-based social justice group I Can Breathe And I Will Speak.

All world problems are interconnected

Every day, my inbox has appeals to save the manatees; stop polluting rivers and oceans; stop using toxic insecticides; stop toxic chemicals from getting into our drinking water; help fix climate change; and so on endlessly.
What strikes me is that all of those pleading with me see a major problem. But what I see is a whole web of interlocking problems, not one of which can be fixed without dealing with all of them.
Climate change is made worse by an overpopulated planet; lack of clean water for farming and household use is made worse by climate change and by overpopulation; sea levels are rising due to climate change and squeezing evermore people into smaller and smaller areas and adversely affecting drinking water in many areas; too many people means ever greater amounts of pollution, which is killing life in the oceans and reducing wildlife habitat on land; and all of this is being made worse by our shortsighted quest for endless economic growth and by our insistence on measuring everything by dollars.
Our only planet is limited in size and area; endless growth is impossible. What difference does it make how much this or that fix will cost if failure to implement the fix means a planet on which humans can no longer live and thrive?
The law of nature that governs all our problems. Everything is connected to everything else. So treat all these major problems as critical, because they are.
David C. Furman

Grateful for those who clear sidewalks

I do so enjoy taking a walk through the side streets on Market Hill in Amsterdam, even in the winter. I do wish to thank all property owners along my routes for clearing the sidewalks during the winter season.
A special thanks to those who live on a corner lot and faithfully clear both sides of their sidewalks. Taking this time for such community help makes my trip safe and enjoyable. Thanks to all of you!
Anne Frank


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Will Seyse I agree 100% but it funny how you make one sided. In recent light of classified documents found at Joe Biden place. This was discovered 4 days before the mid terms. How would the election ended up if they put this out like the news event Trump raid was. How about the willful manipulation of the hunter lap top information. If you truly transparency then call it out on all sides and at all levels from city government up to through state and federal.


Recent flood of pedophile programing being pushed on children 12 and under. The groomers are in overdrive. Billboard Chris pushes the notion that 12 year children can give consent for sex. Drag Queen lip sync, child 12 and under being exposed to this vial behavior. This is what the LGBQT community is pushing.
In LasVegas a PEDOwood movie star Dances with Wolves was arrested for being the leader of a sex cult and forcibly have sex with a child under 15. The ABC journalist that went missing last April the FBI found he film child pornography maybe he went missing on purpose. Luckily parents are waking up to this despicable behavior and calling out the groomers. This includes any religious organization as well they all need to be exposed.


Joe Biden quotes that climate change is a bigger threat to the world than nuclear war!
FYI if there is a nuclear war it will end humanity in an instant. The lies keep pouring out. This guy is off the hook.
Interesting tidbit regarding the Biden and the bio lab Metabiota. The have discovered that after Hunter made a $500K investment into the bio lab from Hunter’s Rosemount Seneca in 2014. Ukraine bio lab Metabiota receives 23.9 million dollar contract from DOD. Huh a crack head son of VP work that kind of deal.
But that is just a conspiracy right.
Again Russia invades Ukraine 02/22 that same month Zelensky sends letter to destroy all files and documents from the lab.
Nothing to see here right Donkey Clowns?

Bill Wemple

Why is the Daily Gazette (or any newspaper) endorsing any political candidate? Endorsement implies bias. Please stay out of the endorsements and just report the news.


DG article about SPD overtime. Maybe they should talk to the city council that push the defunding of police which they said they would not do. So the option like mayor McCarthy said is no coverage or OT. Just like typical socialist looking to blame the police for lack of funding and using OT. I hope the city residents see this and vote the Socialist city council out of office and their WOKE policies. I wonder if they will call out the council member that lied on his resume? Head fast into NYC type of migration out of NY.

christophe Stalka

Let’s go Brandies dude slow down the windmills of your mind try writing completes sentences.

For example like your rant on abortion

letsgobrandonJanuary 31st, 2023

Okay if the women gets an abortion then she obviously does not want children why just sterilize her so she can have all the unprotected sex with as many partners as she wants and never have to worry about abortions? No different than suggesting men getting a vasectomy. You are correct men cannot get an abortion, yet a women would not need one is it weren’t for a man.

Flaming rage is so disturbing and hard to follow

Steven Flynn

Newspapers have been endorsing canddates for years. Some democrats, some republicans. Its funny that these letters are being written by liberals who’re used to the media bowing to their demands. Mr. Seyse, can you show me on the doll where the Gazette’s endorsement hurt you?

Steven Flynn

Sounds like one of the extreme liberal athiests. Check the security cameras.

“Jerusalem — Israeli police on Thursday arrested an American tourist after he allegedly knocked down and broke a statue of Jesus in a church in Jerusalem’s Old City. Images on social media showed the statue laying horizontally on the floor after apparently being pulled down from a stand at the church.”


After reading Karl W. Smith’s column “GOP tax proposals…” I am inclined to view a flat tax on income, with no deductions and no loopholes, as the foundation for an efficient, fair, hard to evade tax system. I think any realistic plan would exempt the first $25,000 to $50,000 in income from taxation. It should be levied on all income and profits whether from labor or investment, corporate or individual. It would be easy to adjust the percentage to avoid deficits and keep the federal government funded. My guess would be the flat tax would take 10 to 15% of income, perhaps less. Of course this would depend on how much income was exempt from all taxes.

If the government needed more, I like the Value Added Tax, which is “collected at various steps throughout the supply chain process based on how much each step adds to a product’s value rather than collected all at once at the end.”

christophe Stalka

MR WEMPLE i agree completely that the daily gazette should not be endorsing any candidate yet alone a supporter of the jan 6th insurrectionists


Flynn, what an unfounded nasty accusation. As usual no evidence is offered to support smearing atheists. They are looking into the mental health of the vandal. I will withhold blaming it on religious beliefs or anything else until there is some evidence.

Great letter Mr. Seyse. The DG acknowledged all of Stefanik’s election-denialism and attacks on our legal system, both bedrocks of a democratic society, and STILL endorsed her because she looks out for the interests of the North Country in Congress. Well geez, that’s what representatives are supposed to do, minus the parts about casting doubts on elections and calling prosecutions of a corrupt president “witch hunts”. I hope for the DG’s sake she doesn’t start legislating against their freedom of the press, because it will be hard to not feel a great sense of “we told you so” when she does.

christophe Stalka

A truly unique and perverted comment made to Mr. Seyse by silly Stevie “can you show me on the doll where the Gazette’s endorsement hurt you from Silliy Stevie flynn

It’s a unique perverted mind that makes this kind of jump based on mr seyse`s comment just an opinion expressed
Flame on silly Stevie


I thought Mr. Furman’s letter was thoughtful and important. I agree that “endless growth is impossible.” We have limited resources; planet Earth can provide only so much. Energy provided by renewable sources, wind power, geothermal, tidal motion, solar etc. can provide energy indefinitely. However we will never have an unlimited supply of any material natural resource, farmland, mineral resources, or any other raw material. At some point people will begin to limit their family size; I just hope that is before limited production leaves huge swaths of the population in poverty. As a matter of fact: “Almost a quarter of the global population, 23 percent, lived below the US$3.65 poverty line, and almost half, 47 percent, lived below the US$6.85 poverty line, as reported in the 2022 Poverty and Shared Prosperity report,” Dec 8, 2022.


The Atheists I know are not concerned at all with whatever statues, idols, or artifacts any particular religion venerates. We object to the imposition of religious based morality on the general population.
“Secular humanism is a philosophy, belief system or life stance that embraces human reason, secular ethics, and philosophical naturalism while specifically rejecting religious dogma, supernaturalism, and superstition as the basis of morality and decision making. Secular humanists promote values including integrity, benevolence, fairness, and responsibility, and believe that with reason, goodwill, the free exchange of ideas, and tolerance, we can build a better world for ourselves and for future generations.” Wikipedia


In my mind a newspaper has the right to endorse candidates. Those who criticize the endorsements are entitled to explain why they believe the newspaper made a mistake. The newspaper has the choice of responding to criticism, remaining silent, or acknowledging their endorsement was a mistake.

It is that simple.


More background explaining the motivation behind vandalism at a Christian Church in Jerusalem:

“Today’s attack is merely the latest in a string of settler attacks perpetrated over the course of the last months against Christians and their property in Jerusalem.

Earlier, on the evening of last Thursday, illegal Jewish settlers attacked an Armenian restaurant at the New Gate in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem.

Other recent settler attacks against Christians in Jerusalem included the attempt of Jewish settlers to climb the walls of the Armenian Monastery in Jerusalem and lower the Monastery flag, scrawling racist slurs in Hebrew on the walls of the Armenian Patriarchate vowing ‘Revenge and death to Arabs, Armenians and Christians’ and the desecration of some 30 gravestones at the historic Protestant cemetery on Mt. Zion.”


Bill Wemple

Of course the DG and any other newspaper has the ‘right’ to endorse whatever candidate they choose, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If newspapers stay out of the endorsement process, then they can focus on the news without having to respond to criticism of their choice, retractions of support, etc. They should definitely present contrasting viewpoints in their editorials and guest columns, but they can do this without specifically endorsing a specific candidate. Mr. Seyse or I are certainly not the first ones to bring this up (liberal or conservative) so Mr. Flynn’s attack on his opinion as some kind of butthurt is a bit obnoxious to say the least.


Congratulations NY #1 in the country for killing / abortion fetuses. Another interesting number for every 100 black child born 76 are terminated. When history judges our society what will they think. All you atheists and murdering babies supporters congratulations you should be proud. Hopefully the African American community wake up to the genocide


Bill, I understand your point and acknowledge it makes sense. Ideally, news sources would refrain from editorializing and report facts only, leaving opinion formation to readers. However, that is easier said than done. We, including reporters and journalists, often unconsciously select words that give away our biases. Certainly endorsements are appropriate in clearly labeled opinion magazines and other news sources but perhaps newspapers should refrain. Any network claiming to be “fair and balanced” should report the news as straight as possible, though the stories covered will reflect some bias.

Congratulations Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky , Alabama and West Virginia, six of the poorest states in the entire country none of which allow abortions and most with no exceptions for either rape or incest. The single biggest determinant for a woman’s life outcome and earning potential is at what age she has children. So congrats to those states that are going to force women to carry fetuses to term and provide them no financial or social support to do so. Continuing the cycle of poverty in perpetuity. How very Christian of them.

Steven Flynn
February 2nd, 2023
Sounds like one of the extreme liberal athiests.

I keep asking, but nobody answers; Will you give me proof there is a god, or more specifically, if you like, a Christian God? – Blind faith by blind men, that pathetically use “God” as a tool for their devious behavior, and most certainly not for, as it should be, the positive aspects of religion. – Nauseating hypocrites!🤮

Steven Flynn

The Gazette’s been around long enough to walk and chew gum at the same time. They can endorse whoever the hell they want and still report news. They should do this and they should do that would be a never ending debate. If they endorsed a liberal politician, you wouldnt hear a peep from Mr. Seyse. His echo chamber would be complete. Both sides of the aisle read the Gazette so balance is good. Again, where on the doll did the Gazette’s endorsement hurt you Mr. Seyse? Where did it hurt you Christophe / Bob and or assigns?

Let’s-go-no-brain, not unlike Little Willy and Steve, you’re again doubling down on your lying ignorance.

“for every 100 black child born 76 are terminated.”

Do you actually realize what you’re saying? That statement is not vague, and exactly means that for every 100 pregnant Black women that give birth there are 76 pregnant Black women whose pregnancies terminated. That’s flat out ludicrous!

Never any logic or reason with MAGA people; It is because I say so, and that’s the way it is.

christophe Stalka

In case anyone wants to act like they don’t understand what clever little silly Stevie was saying in his comment I encourage you to read it again

A truly unique and perverted comment made to Mr. Seyse by silly Stevie “can you show me on the doll where the Gazette’s endorsement hurt you from Silliy Stevie flynn

It’s a unique perverted mind that makes this kind of jump based on mr seyse`s comment just an opinion expressed
Flame on silly Stevie


Flynn: “If they endorsed a liberal politician, you wouldnt hear a peep from Mr. Seyse. His echo chamber would be complete.”

I don’t think you understand. I agree the Gazette has a right to endorse whomever they wish. Of course, a person who agrees with the endorsement would not criticize it. Those who do not agree have the right to criticize the endorsement. Wouldn’t you criticize an endorsement of Hunter Biden for Congress? Might you not argue that such an egregious endorsement might lead you to question the paper’s right to be endorsing candidates.


Believe it or not Christophe, it took me until just now to figure out what Flynn’s “doll” comment was about. How totally pre-adolescent of him, but not at all surprising.

christophe Stalka

mr. Santo he is sick this is a perfect example of a truly perverted mind attached to a loud mouth. Best to call him out for what he is I will.


More evidence (proof?) the vandalism at the Christian Church in Jerusalem was motivated by extreme religious views:

“American tourist ‘armed with a hammer’ is arrested in Jerusalem for smashing up a statue of Jesus in a church on the historic Via Dolorosa and shouting: ‘You can’t have idols, this is the holy city’
A tourist in the Old City of Jerusalem tore down statue of Jesus and was arrested
A witness described the accused as a Jewish man armed with a hammer

PUBLISHED: 06:57 EST, 2 February 2023 | UPDATED: 12:30 EST, 2 February 2023

“Israeli police arrested an American tourist today suspected of vandalizing a Jesus statue in a church in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The suspect, who is in his forties, damaged a statue of Jesus in the Church of the Condemnation on the historic Via Dolorosa, a processional route believed to be the path Jesus took to his crucifixion.

He was detained after shouting at security guards: ‘You can’t have idols in Jerusalem. This is the holy city.’

Police said the man’s mental health was being assessed. The American Embassy declined to comment.

Steven Flynn

You’re such a drama queen Christophe / Bob and or assigns. Put your big boy pants on and blast us with your liberal intellect. The boogeyman’s not going to get u.

christophe Stalka

Stevie don’t concern yourself with me perv. Pull your own pants up loser move on. You really need to be watched dude your a pervert


How about addressing your slur against Atheists? Read the article just above and you will find you were wrong in assuming an Atheist was the vandal.

I am not lecturing you; I am disagreeing. Your failure to respond will be tantamount to an admission of your error. Well?

Obviously you can post whatever you want but others are free to disagree and evaluate the merits and truth of what you post.

You see Flynn, freedom is for all of us, not just those who agree with you. At least for the time being.

Steven Flynn

Christophe / Bob and or assigns. Im not buying your faux paranoid outrage. you’re another who loves dishing it but act like a sniveling child when the favor is returned. Man up big guy, its all in debate.

Steven Flynn

Good to see anti-semite Omar booted from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Anyone who supported her is as guilty as she is.

Referring to critics of the Israeli government as “anti-Semitic” when we all know that criticism is NOT of the Israeli people, nor the Jewish faith is outdated and worn out.

Rep. Omar has never criticized anything Israeli except for their far right, and insulting treatment of the Palestinians and their abuse of the agreements they signed on to.
Shrieking about “anti-antisemitism” is so much Zionist BS.


It’s no accident that former President Donald Trump led a birther movement that falsely claimed he was born in Kenya. Because to them, falsely labeling the first and only [Black] president a Muslim, an African immigrant somehow made him less American. Well, I am Muslim, I am an immigrant, and interestingly, from Africa. Is anyone surprised that I am being targeted? Is anyone surprised that I am somehow deemed unworthy to speak about American foreign policy? or that they see me as a powerful voice that needs to be silenced? Frankly, it is expected. because when you push power, power pushes back.

Representation matters. Continuing to expand our ideas of who is American and who can partake in the American experiment, is a good thing. I am an American, an American who was sent here here by her constituents to represent them in Congress.

– Representative Ilhan Omar, 2/2/2023


ChuckD, I was typing my post while you were posting yours. Maybe reading both will help Flynn understand the difference between antisemitism and the call for a Palestinian state, which often entails criticism of Israel’s relations with the Palestinian people.

I looked up antisemitic quotes ascribed to Rep. Omar by Republican partisans. They were clearly criticisms of the state of Israel and its policies. Amazing how blind they are to Trump’s own antisemitic comments.


Steven Flynn
February 2nd, 2023
“Putting lipstick on a pig i see. She got what she deserved, it was a self inflicted wound.”

To such blind obstinacy, there is, sadly, no answer.

It’s a raw, desperate clamor for power. Like the promotion of the idiot MAGA candidates, just to hold onto seats (and how’d that work out?). This is all the right has; to game and chisel any way they can. Certainly not to put forth popular ideas of governing.

Hershel Walker anyone?

Steven Flynn

Liberal star AOC putting on one helluva show today in her support for the racist Ilhan Omar. She blames republicans for targeting women of color. Meanwhile, 2 Caucasian men were removed as well and no faux performance for them. Race baiting pays well these days.


The two Caucasian men kicked off the committee along with Rep. Omar were Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell. “Speaker McCarthy confirms that Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and Ilhan Omar are getting kicked off the Intel and Foreign Affairs Committees. ” abc news 1/10/23

Is Flynn wondering why these two outspoken critics of Trump were kicked off the committee by McCarthy whose notorious for sucking up to Trump? Does Flynn remember Kev’s humiliating visit to Mar a Lago after criticizing Trump for his part in the insurrection, how he groveled and swore fealty to the most corrupt man in American politics?

ChuckD, it is obvious Flynn feels no need to support any of his allegations including calling Rep. Omar a racist. But, he gives Trump, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers and all the “fine” torch carrying American neo-Nazis in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017 a free pass. His opinions are rote.


February 2, 2023 Crime, Religion

Fargo’s KFGO reports:

A man who has been under investigation for inappropriate behavior at a Catholic church in Jamestown has been arrested for suspicion of committing sexual exploitation by therapist. According to Jamestown Police, 48-year-old Father Neil Pfeifer was arrested in Rugby, North Dakota on Wednesday.

Pfeifer has been under investigation since Jan. 13 when Jamestown Police were contacted by a person accusing Pfeifer of sexual assault at St. James Basilica in Jamestown while seeking therapy from him. An investigation uncovered accusations of crimes in other jurisdictions.

News Dakota reports:

The Catholic Diocese of Fargo is investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct with adults involving Father Neil Pfeifer. According to the statement, Father Pfeifer has been removed as pastor of the Basilica of St. James in Jamestown, St. Margaret Mary in Buchanan, and St. Mathias in Windsor.

The statement said that these allegations do not involve minors. The Diocese is asking for anyone who has specific information or concerns regarding Father Pfeifer’s interactions with themselves or others to contact Monsignor Goering at the Diocese of Fargo,


“Tucker Carlson, bizarrely argued last week after watching graphic video of the Nichols beating that Babbitt was “murdered… far more clearly” than Nichols was. After bringing up Greene’s comments, a reporter asked McCarthy: “Do you think Ashli Babbitt was murdered or you think the police officer who shot her was doing his job?” “I think the police officer did his job,” McCarthy said.”Mediaite 2/2/23

Maybe there is a limit to Kev’s humiliating groveling after all. He couldn’t bring himself to agree with Greene and others in the MAGA House Lunatic Fringe that Babbitt was murdered. “At her first Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday, Greene claimed Babbitt was “murdered” and compared her killing to the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols.” Mediaite 2/2/23

Prove the statement: “…for every 100 black child born 76 are terminated.”
‘Heard it on talk radio, be back with the source’

Prove Ilhan Omar is racist.

Where are our brave, brave MAGA warriors when challenged?
Probably need to check in with sean/tucker/laura/jesse to get their orders.

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