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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Feb. 4

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Memphis doesn’t reflect police culture

The Cambridge Dictionary defines culture as the way of life of a particular people as shown in their ordinary behaviors and habits.
As a former member of law enforcement, the events in Memphis that led to the death of Tyre Nichols, I, along with the vast majority of the law enforcement community, find despicable.
I also find offensive the media’s insistence on labeling this as somehow the “culture” of policing. There are, according to FBI statistics, annually over 50 million encounters between police and citizens. Of these, less than 10 result in an unarmed individual being killed. Of that number, some are the result of a life and death battle for control of an officer’s weapon.
Yet the armchair media experts will choose to focus on a horrible incident as the norm for police citizen encounters.
I will not sugarcoat and be so naïve to say no other forms of violent encounters don’t occur, but the periodic demonization and denigration of law enforcement with the broad generalization of terms like “culture of policing” will only broaden the divide between public perception and reality of what policing is.
Departments cannot fill positions now, and by lowering standards and fighting off the mischaracterizations of the profession, quality candidates will become more difficult to attract.
In other words if defunding the police is the radicals’ goal, it’s almost accomplished. Good luck, society.
Alan Buzanowski
Saratoga Springs

Spectrum profits from its monopoly

Spectrum has raised their rates again. I have lived in my home for 24 years and since Spectrum took over Charter, and their rates have nearly doubled. I pay less to heat my home than what Spectrum is charging me. I do not have any streaming capability. As a matter of fact, I have the exact same contract that I had with Charter, which was $124/month. Now, my Spectrum bill is $236/month. Why, I ask.
I am against paying the franchise fee to Spectrum just because they have a monopoly in Niskayuna. I have discussed this with the town board in Niskayuna and they tell me they are in agreement with me.
I have no extra special channels, just a home phone, basic cable TV and internet. This is so unjust.
Dana Brizee

Character defines Super Bowl QBs

Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes will be the starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowl. They both are outstanding leaders, lead through example, have earned the respect of their teammates, possess top line work ethic, and are the hardest workers on their teams.
They study the game countless hours each week, make split-second decisions in games, take responsibility for their mistakes, downplay their accomplishments, commend the accomplishments of others and pick up their teams when they are down.
They are both gentlemen and role models, set lofty goals and strive to attain them, show humility and caring for others.
They will never quit trying, put the well-being of others before their own goals and they have earned every accolade.
This is all a result of their character and has nothing to do with the color of their skin.
Unfortunately the media is only talking about the latter, not the former, and as usual they are missing the real story.
Dr. John Metallo

We need a return to accountability

Accountability is gone. The country’s faith and trust in our government has been destroyed.
I still hear all the bashing of how horrible Trump was for our country; maybe he was in certain aspects.
But consider: the release of recent information like the Twitter files; corruption of senators censoring citizens that oppose them; the recent embarrassment of troves of classified files being taken; the FBI agent being accused of collusion with a Russian oligarch; the potential overturning of the Arizona election with the court moving forward with election fraud; the truth behind Hunter’s laptop that was covered up; the fact that the notification of classified documents taken by Biden was not released until after the midterm election; our news agencies are untrustworthy; the outright lies by Republican Santos on his resume, not just at a federal level but local as well.
The constant corruption and lies are to the point the citizens can no longer find the truth.
As a country, we are heavily divided into identity politics, extreme partisan politics on both sides. We once had an America with a moral compass to guide us, not project one way or the other, but to use as a guide.
Our country has to find its way back to our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Simple but true.
Robert Sponable

Stefanik represents every American

The one thing you can give and always keep is your word.
Rep. Elise Stefanik has always promised to hold Washington, D.C., accountable, and her appointment to the Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the federal government will pave the way.
One would have to be abdicating their American position in the world for the past few years, not to have a few questions on the inner workings of the federal government, which would flash in the news for nearly a moment, only then to be swept away by another circus. We are, ‘a government of the people, by the people, for the people,’ a phrase often blurred by many who confuse our constitutional republic with a democracy.
As an American witnessing corrupt government policies, I am hopeful that accountability is coming to the American people. Elise not only strongly represents the 19th Congressional District, she fearlessly represents every American.
Renee McEvilly
Eagle Bridge

Lottery could help fund free meals

I read your Jan. 31 editorial (“Find the money for free school meals,”) with increasing interest. Unless I overlooked something, there was no mention of the state Lottery as a source of revenue.
Voters were told way back when that approval of the lottery and the additional  sale of scratch-offs would benefit education. In light of the huge proliferation and variety of gaming choices,
The Gazette would do a great service by publicizing exactly where these funds are allocated. Perhaps they could cut back on the constant development and advertising of new games, streamline those offerings and divert those funds to this very worthy proposal. A graphic or pie chart of lottery income and expenditures would be greatly appreciated.
Virginia Newton
Burnt Hills



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Your problem Alan is that we all have eyes and can see the problem. Body cams and cell phones are bringing to light the actual encounters vs what we’ve historically been told happened leading to the inevitable conclusion that policing has always had this culture problem. Police killed almost 1,200 people last year, the highest number ever. The police mantra is supposed to be to protect and serve the public but all I see is them protecting and serving themselves. It’s not just those officers that abuse their power, but the culture of other officers staying silent about the supposed bad apples.

christophe Stalka

Ms mcevilly Elise Stefaniks continued behavior as an election denier her support of George Santos and similar self promoting traitorous behavior does not make her a representative of most Americans. Simple fact it makes her an insurrectionist


From today’s DG, “Advocates: Black cops…” p. A3:

“…the fact that Black officers killed a Black man didn’t remove racism from the situation.”

“Legal scholar Amara Enyia said “being Black and a police officer does not undo the inherent anti-Blackness in the policing system.”

Derald Wing Sue, professor of psychology and education at Columbia University’s Teachers College said…”in a country riven with as many racial fault lines as the United States, no one is exempt from absorbing some brand of racial messaging throughout their lives…”

She added, “We can, as people of color, inherit these biases toward one another…They come out in ways that can be very harmful unless we get in touch with them and give ourselves counter messages.”

Rev. Earle Fisher, pastor at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Memphis stated, “—you’re indoctrinated to believe that certain groups are more prone to criminal behavior than others…And so you treat Black people as if they are guilty until proven innocent. You treat white people as if they are innocent until proven guilty.”


Another article on p. A.3 is evidence of the total lack of character, integrity and honor, among the 1/6 Trump-inspired insurrectionists. “Former West Virginia lawmaker Derrick Evans expressed remorse…saying he made a ‘crucial mistake,'” in order to get a lighter sentence after pleading guilty to a felony charge related to his role in the insurrection.

He is now running “to serve in the same building he stormed on 1/6/21. Evans is now calling the Justice Department’s prosecutions ‘a miscarriage of justice’ and describes himself on twitter as a J6 Patriot.'”

Like his mentor, the truth plays no role in what he says. He says whatever he thinks will give him an advantage at any time, in any situation.

The article goes on to describe similar incidents. “In some cases, judges have questioned whether they should undo defendants’ convictions or plea deals after they made statements in public that appeared to go against what they said in court.”

Imagine how the antics of these reprehensible people affect the officers severely injured in this violent travesty of justice, their families and the families of those who died resisting the Trump-inspired traitors, fascists and racists, some carrying confederate flags, some wearing shirts expressing dismay at Hitler’s failure to kill all the Jews, and some celebrating the death camp, Auschwitz.

And now Trump is offering pardons to all those involved in this infamous stain on our history. There is nothing to see hear, but only if you are unwilling to open your mind to the truth.

Bill Marincic

From today’s Gazette Editorial. Where is the outrage of the BMDCs? This is what happens when you have a corrupt state totally run by democrats, the same thing that happened in 2020 with America. Tax, spend corruption.

But the governor is more than Santa Claus, and her budget does more than deliver presents.

It also sends a message. And the message she’s sending to New York taxpayers is that she is not serious about addressing the state’s history of excessive spending, unwarranted tax breaks, looming budget deficits and high taxes.

These are the same factors, along with overregulation, that are driving residents out of New York to other states. Her plan relies on a rare surplus to help close current budget gaps. Her failure to make any attempts to rein in spending could lead to budget gaps of $22 billion over the next three years. Without any reliable increase in revenue to offset the record level of spending, taxpayers will eventually be called upon to make up the difference.


Trump added $7.8 trillion or 25% to the national debt. That’s $23,500 for every person in the country. He promised to eliminate the debt, bring it down to zero in 8 years.

Where is the outrage?

Quoting BM: “Without any reliable increase in revenue to offset the record level of spending, taxpayers will eventually be called upon to make up the difference.”

christophe Stalka

Pedocrats Big Bm you might want to run. That question by thatpervert slimy Stevie and his little doll we can let him pick first for you boys

Bill Marincic

First, Trump had a worldwide pandemic and nobody was working and the government had to buy everything to protect Americans from masks to tests to hospitals and doctors, along with seeing that people could eat and live.

Prior to the pandemic, the U.S. national debt was on an unsustainable path. In 2020, policymakers appropriately enacted $3.4 trillion of additional borrowing to help fight the pandemic and stabilize the economy. Once the economy was strong enough, Congress and the White House should have stopped engaging in new borrowing and pivoted to focusing on implementing reforms to slow the growth of the national debt.

Instead, policymakers have added to the deficit, and borrowing has continued and at a very high level. We estimate the Biden Administration has enacted policies through legislation and executive actions that will add more than $4.8 trillion to deficits between 2021 and 2031, or nearly $2.5 trillion when excluding the effects of the American Rescue Plan. This is on top of the trillions of dollars we were projected to borrow before President Biden took office.


BTW, I believe we need to close the budget gap at the federal and state levels. A one time estate tax of 2% on personal assets over $25m. would go along way toward a balanced federal budget. We should eliminate ALL tax breaks and stop subsidizing the already ridiculously wealthy owners of sports teams by building their stadiums at taxpayer expense. Hochul made a big mistake in funding the Buffalo Bill’s stadium with taxpayer money. We should raise income taxes on high income individuals and eliminate many of the available deductions. We must ferret out and eliminate wasteful spending.

christophe Stalka

Big Bm im thinking pervocrats for your coffee klatch I’m just wondering if you all share the one doll or did you buy in bulk. Flame on rager you sound a little rattled BM

Bill Marincic

Michael Stenger, Senate Sgt. at Arms on J6, testified *under oath* about a possible Federal Agent setup on J6

“Investigations should be considered as to the funding & traveling of what appears to be professional agitators”

He was found dead months later

Why would the J6 committee block release of all of their records for 30 years? Not gonna happen.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) already named the House Committee on House Administration the custodian of the records. Under current House rules, the committee is obligated to hand over the official records to the House clerk, who transmits them to the National Archives. The rules also prevent the National Archives from releasing committee records for at least 30 years. Sensitive records, such as those from a major investigation, can be held up to 50 years before being made public.

Although the House committee investigating the insurrection has released a trove of transcripts and underlying information backing up its report, the vast majority of raw information the panel collected is slated to be sent to the National Archives, where it could be locked away for up to 50 years.

But the proposed rules package the new Congress will vote on Tuesday orders that any record created by the panel must instead be sent to the House Committee on House Administration by Jan. 17 and orders the National Archives to return any material it has already received

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo should we rehash the chilean minin g company lie next? Or perhaps we can babble in a false rage about Paul manafort or should we rehash the ukraian biolabs lie would you care to vote on which the clever `pervocrats ‘ will take a dump on next.the selections I’m presenting are from the past week from Big Bm I guess we can add Stenger as well let’s not forget the ever popular Glass breaking pile of crap I’ll let you pick.

Earth to Bill Marincic,

“First, Trump had a worldwide pandemic and nobody was working and the government had to buy everything to protect Americans from masks to tests”…..But they didn’t!

HELP! And you have the audacity to call us “blind mice donkey clowns.”

Trump/Pandemic = Gross incompetence, with continuing and complete mishandling from start to finish!
Report: “The Trump administration didn’t order ventilators or masks until mid-March. -The federal government’s delayed response to the coronavirus pandemic included failing to order lifesaving medical equipment in time for hospitals to use it.”

“It’s one person coming from China, and we have it under control, I t’s going to be just fine.”
“It’s going to disappear. One day – it’s like a miracle – it will disappear.”

And because of your true God, not the biblical one, the price paid was thousand’s of American lives. Your continued devotion to your orange messiah is pathetic! – Did I mention grabbing pu#sy?

Bill Marincic, in my 74 years of life, I have encountered all kinds of people with various undesirable personality characteristics. Some have a propensity to excessively lie, some are unable to empathize, some are arrogant, some are dishonest, some are, self-centered, some are argumentative, some are narcissistic, some are aggressive, some are manipulative, some are disrespectful, some are selfish, some are psychotic.
And you, Mr. Marincic, are the total package! – Congratulations you’re a one of a kind special man!


Bill I want to know more about Ray Epps as well I think as new investigations continue the citizens will be more informed about the real insurrection that was the theft of an election and the cover up was Jan. 6. just a conspiracy now but let’s see how it plays out.


Supreme Court judge defends second amendment in ruling NJ.
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D.), who pushed for the bill after Bruen, said the

“We know the gun lobby and its acolytes are already preparing to take us to court to block these common sense measures,” he said while signing the bill, according to Politico. “The Attorney General and his team are fully prepared to forcefully defend the constitutionality of this bill.”

Attorney General Matt Platkin (D.) similarly called it an “entirely constitutional bill” during the ceremony. But Judge Bumb decried the lack of evidence offered by the state in court despite officials’ public pronouncements.

“That Defendants dedicate a significant portion of their argument discussing the benefits of the firearms regulations and not evidence of historical analogues is quite telling,” she wrote. “And although Defendants represent that the ‘State will offer ample evidence that Chapter 131 is constitutional,’ they do not adequately explain why—if such evidence was critical to the passage of the legislation that would pass constitutional muster post-Bruen and available to the Legislature as set forth in Section 1(g) of the statute—they have not introduced such evidence here.”

Much of Bumb’s analysis in the case mirrors District Judge Glenn Suddaby’s ruling in Antonyuk v. Hochul, where Suddaby blocked most of New York’s Bruen-response bill.

“As an initial matter, this Court echoes the observations made in Antonyuk v. Hochul,” she wrote. “First, although the Supreme Court in Bruen did not go so far as to restrict the definition of ‘sensitive places’ to only government-sanctioned or affiliated places, it did indicate a skepticism as to expanding the definition of “sensitive places” based on the historical record. Thus, ‘sensitive place’ is a term within the Second Amendment context that should not be defined expansively. The Court’s second observation is that the plain text of the Second Amendment clearly covers the conduct at issue: ‘carrying a handgun in public for self-defense.’”

Judge Bumb went further and argued New Jersey’s law was also unconstitutionally vague. She agreed with plaintiffs who argued it created a “veritable minefield” for them to navigate if they wanted to try and legally carry a gun.

“The Court knows of no constitutional right that requires this much guesswork by individuals wanting to exercise such right,” she wrote. “With such sweeping legislation that includes catch-alls, Plaintiffs cannot decipher what constitutes a ‘sensitive place,’ and so they have abandoned their constitutional right to bear arms out of fear of criminal penalty. Relatedly, Plaintiffs argue that these provisions sweep so broadly that the legislation ‘effectively shuts off most public areas from carrying for self-defense.’ In the final analysis, at some point on the line, when a constitutional right becomes so burdensome or unwieldy to exercise, it is, in effect, no longer a constitutional right. Plaintiffs have made a convincing case that this legislation has reached that point.”

Attorney General Platkin said New Jersey plans to appeal the decision.

“We are disappointed by the Court’s ruling, which is inconsistent with the Second Amendment and will make New Jerseyans considerably less safe. But this temporary order is just that: temporary,” Platkin told The Reload. “And we look forward to ultimately appealing the ruling.

Once again baseless attacks from blue states that go against constitutional rights.

Bill Marincic

Brandon, I want to know about Ray apps as well I’ve been asking since the beginning of this. I watch the videos I watched him go up to people and whisper in their ears. I just read today that Ray Epps‘s lawyer was former FBI. If it’s true, it’s no shock to me.

Bill Marincic

If you collect 100 black ants and 100 red ants and put them in a jar nothing will happen. But if you pick up the jar and start shaking violently, they will start killing each other. The red ants believe it’s the black ants that are the enemy and the black ants will believe it’s the red ants that are the enemy. When the enemy is really the person who shook the jar. The same is true in society, man versus women, Black versus White, young versus old, democrat versus republican, religion versus science, gay versus straight etc. Before we fight each other, we need to ask ourselves who shook the jar.

>>>>>>Attention MAGA and gun loving patriots everywhere!<<<<<<<

Now is the time your country needs you most!
There's a Chinese spy balloon now flying directly over the god-fearing state of North Carolina, and many are saying it's looking directly into everyone's bathroom windows! And putting video on their Tiktok thing!

We need you all out there RIGHT NOW, on your lawns, with your Second Amendment solutions and as soon as you see this nefarious thing, start shooting!
All of you!

SloJoe Biden won't protect from this because Coco Chow, or something…

For God and country, and Mr. Trump!
He says he'll pay you all for your ammunition!
Now go!


A re-post from late last night. It applies to all MAGA fans:

February 3rd, 2023
Marincic: TDS= Trump’s Devoted Sycophants, those who kiss His Orange Butt and refuse to recognize the fool he is and the danger he represents to America. As “Dear Abby”used to say “wake up and smell the coffee” or in this case BS. But then, who would expect BM to detect BS?


GEEE-WHIZZZ is it still a conspiracy now with Hunter and Burma and the corruption the Biden’s are involved in. Here you have the beginning of the end for Joe. His party is going to sacrifice him for the better good of the Democratic Socialist NAZI party. Just 3 days ago: Worldview reported as well as WP:
Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky just sicced his secret police (Ukraine’s SBU) on Igor Kolomoisky, a billionaire oligarch who was once wholly responsible for financing the Ukrainian president’s rise to power. The significance of the story — regarding Zelensky turning on his longtime patron and Kolomoisky’s other significant ties — was entirely buried by foreign and state media, with most merely referring to the situation as another in a series of “anti-corruption” actions. The New Voice of Ukraine @NewVoiceUkraineThe case concerns the alleged embezzlement of oil products worth UAH 40 billion ($1.09 billion) and customs duty evasion “of astronomical amounts.” english.nv.uaSBU searches oligarch Kolomoisky’s residence over misappropriation of $1 billionUkraine’s SBU security service and the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine have raided the house of oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky in connection with an alleged case of fraud at oil companies Ukrtatnafta and Ukrnafta worth $1 billion.
5:16 PM ∙ Feb 1, 202338Likes9Retweets Nika Melkozerova @NikaMelkozerovaSbu and State Investigation Bureau are searching oligarch Kolomoisky’s mansion in the Ukrnafta and Ukrtatnafta embezzlement case. What an interior. 9:09 AM ∙ Feb 1, 2023149Likes18Retweets A quick rundown on why Mr. Kolomoisky is significant:

He owned Burisma when it employed Hunter Biden

But the donkey clowns will say nah just a conspiracy Brandie!

No, most normal thinking people will probably suggest you go back to your bed and pull the pillow over your head.
After you try to blast that damn Chinese spy machine outta the sky for us.

(there, that makes more sense)

Mr. Bill 🤡 your brain is the size of an ant’s brain. If that.

When will you stop being stupid for Trump? You’re an embarrassment to the community.

christophe Stalka

Chuck I saw Snort jr. And papa oranges Call to arms earlier I’m just waiting for the announcement of the commercial air craft downed by one of these minions by mistake I’m hoping no one follows the instructions

No, most normal thinking people will probably suggest you go back to you bed and pull the pillow over your head.
After you try to blast that damn Chinese spy machine outta the sky for us.

Bill Marincic

Santo wants to raise taxes to pay for the Bills stadium where Hochul’s husband is the vice president of the company that owns all of the vendors. Nothing to see here, let’s just raise taxes, and you wonder why everyone that can leave is leaving.

chris. please…

ALL gun owners are Responsible Gun Owners. I’m sure they and their kids and grandparents will know the difference.
Many are telling me neighborhood get-togethers are now being organized with Good Christian Patriots pooling their money for beer and ammo.

God bless America!


BM, Don’t you realize your lies are right out in the open for everyone to see? WHAT I POSTED:

We should eliminate ALL tax breaks and stop subsidizing the already ridiculously wealthy owners of sports teams by building their stadiums at taxpayer expense.


Bill Marincic
February 4th, 2023
Santo wants to raise taxes to pay for the Bills stadium where Hochul’s husband is the vice president of the company that owns all of the vendors.

Bill Marincic

Here is Aroma who only posts insults due to him being a cowardly keyboard warrior. And you have Loonie Lou and the rest of the BMDCs jumping in with who knows what, to answer him, the liberals shook the jar but Loonie Lou and the rest are too stupid to see it. I wonder if the BMDCs remember the Jessie Ventura show called Conspiracy Theory where he had a scientist on in 2009 and she said very soon the government will have a pandemic and everyone will have to take a vaccine. It’s still on youtube but don’t worry, there is no way something like that would happen. It’s just a coincidence.


NYP Hunter finally admits the infamous laptop is his. WHHHAAATTTT ! can’t be it was Russian propaganda it was fake it was Trump who planted the laptop.
AWWW what story are the DONKEY CLOWNS going to use now? EEEEE-HAWWW man the CLOWNS are getting a shellacking today because of the lies they perpetuate pushing the Scoiailist NAZI agenda of the DEMOCRAPS.
Hunter admits in criminal probe. TIK TOK Clowns.
Come on suck it up and admit you are wrong.

I envision you sitting in a mens’ room stall at the bus station frantically thumbing in these missives of wisdom, and probably talking out loud as you do, to no one.


Bill they are are all a bunch of DUMB CHUCKS they will now be dubbed the ICP INSANE CLOWN POSSE. NOW right here on the DG opinion page.

I’m sure I speak for most when I say you consistently impress with your deep thoughts and scholarly insights.
Surely you’re a ..uh….person… of higher education.
Still not clear: are you male or female?


Dumb Chuck you have vision of me sitting in a bathroom stale in a bus station? Dude you have creepy fantasies. You need professional help. Maybe go to the Socialist NAZI club and get a juice box and crackers and play with LEGO’s.

Mr. Bill 🤡 you want a reason why you are stupid for Trump. Why didn’t you say so. The Ray Epps conspiracy has been proven a lie ya idiot. And thrown in which was glass falls at Paul Pelosi’s house as another reason you’re an idiot. Want more? Just ask. 😄


February 4th, 2023
I envision you sitting in a mens’ room stall at the bus station frantically thumbing in these missives of wisdom, and probably talking out loud as you do, to no one.

Dumb CHUCK you should know better than to identify gender. Does it really matter what I write based on my gender. Are you not one to endorse non binary existence?
Funny you ridicule and call what I write conspiracy then once it is proven you insult.
It is okay I accept that the ICP on DG are mentally challenged when it comes to the truth about the NAZI Socialist Democrat party.
It reminds me of a saying that fits the ICP group. Being Bipolar is awesome I hate it.

Well F___youBiden, when you have such strong feelings about how a woman handles her health, you should be a woman. You probably should be someone who’s had to make that awful decision concerning a pregnancy.

But just to prove that, and assuming you’re a male, let’s ask any female readers how they feel about you needing a vasectomy. Because that’s against God’s will too, you know.

Gee look at that …The Chinese Balloon was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean…..What now? Not soon enough for all the people here being stupid for Trump?

The balloon’s down!
Reporting now that the balloon’s been “shot down”. Many are saying Mr. Trump himself did it with his golden AR.
(sigh) What a man!

Yeah, apparently somebody cried to someone about something. – I was copying the following post and a post lgb put up on January 21, when he was implying Chuck sat down when peeing. Was just wondering if he had fantasies he is accusing Chuck’s of being.

February 4th, 2023
Dumb Chuck you have vision of me sitting in a bathroom stale in a bus station? Dude you have creepy fantasies. You need professional help. Maybe go to the Socialist NAZI club and get a juice box and crackers and play with LEGO’s.

This is the post from The 21st
“Hey Chuck I understand if testosterone offends you. Continue to sit down when you urinate, and cry when a hallmark commercial comes on. No one is asking you do be any more of a man than your estrogen will allow.”

Hey no -brain, now call yourself out for your above January 21st post.

“Dude you have creepy fantasies. You need professional help.” lgb, talking to yourself?


BM, You haven’t commented on this yet. Cat got your tongue or Keyboard. Not much of a warrior, are you?

February 4th, 2023
BM, Don’t you realize your lies are right out in the open for everyone to see? WHAT I POSTED:

We should eliminate ALL tax breaks and stop subsidizing the already ridiculously wealthy owners of sports teams by building their stadiums at taxpayer expense.


Bill Marincic
February 4th, 2023
Santo wants to raise taxes to pay for the Bills stadium where Hochul’s husband is the vice president of the company that owns all of the vendors.

ALSO, I GUESS IT MADE SENSE TO WAIT UNTIL THE BALLOON COMING DOWN WOULD NOT ENDANGER PEOPLE. Any response to that news from the trigger-happy segment of our friendly little discussion group?

Noted also that F___youBiden still won’t gender identify. Can’t imagine why?

For the record and in fairness, I’m hetero male, always have been, always will be (“cisgender” as the kids say now). And that’s nothing more than a statement of fact, not preference.

Various patriotic websites now reporting it was either Mr. Trump flying the fighter jet, or Tom Cruise. Not clear yet, and of course our Deep State military will never admit to the truth.

lets all just be thankful the military’s direction was followed and no one was killed or injured.

but chuck D i dont think damsel donnie could fit in a fighter jet even with the double layer of industrial strength Skims kim K left him on her last visit


Some diehards apparently are unaware that the burden of proof is on the accuser; and that the defendant is assumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Let me clarify this for right wingers with extra hard heads: Prove Trump did not have personal gain in mind when his lawyer lied about not having more documents at Mar a Lago on 6/6/22. Prove he wasn’t going to use them to extort money from a foreign country or even sell them. Prove it BM.

Do you now see how foolish you sound to others?

My, my, my, little Willy 🤭being so demanding of proof of something, that seems quite obvious, when he on the other hand, when asked, proves nothing, deflects or lies.

Why not comment on your obvious Pinocchio interpretation/response of what Anthony posted? He’s already asked twice.

Mr. Bill 🤡 the only thing I have to prove is you’re an idiot. I just have to sit back and watch you being stupid for Trump and watch you blurt out your conspiracies ….You have no shame and are a disgrace to the community you live in.

God’s honest truth, I was being entirely satirical.

Then I see this:

Donald Trump Jr.
If Joe Biden and his administration are too weak to do the obvious and shoot down an enemy surveillance balloon perhaps we just let the good people of Montana do their thing… I imagine they have the capability and the resolve to do it all themselves.
11:21 AM · Feb 3, 2023


North Carolina police are urging residents to refrain from aiming their guns into the sky to take “pot shots” at a Chinese spy balloon that may be headed their way.

President Joe Biden faced Republican backlash after deciding, on the advice of military leaders, against shooting down the high-altitude surveillance balloon when it was spotted over Montana earlier this week. A number of the same Republicans have since encouraged citizens to take the matter into their own hands by shooting at the balloon themselves.

Police in Gastonia, about 20 miles from Charlotte, begged locals in a Facebook post on Friday to avoid firing their guns into the air in hopes of shooting down the balloon, which a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration model predicts could be in the area on Saturday morning.

And once again, the beleagured writers at The Onion are beaten to the punch(line) by the MAGA Surreality.

I bet ol’ manly-man Ted Nugent was oiling up the 50 cal black powder (the Superman Card, some say), ready to save America!

Aha, come on Chuck, give them a break. These MAGA, I’m sure, men were just trying to put together a “well regulated militia” to fill in for the US military’s “inability” to shoot down a balloon that was a dire threat to the entirety of America and perhaps the world.

All the more reason to let 18 year old’s own rocket launchers and bazookas. America needs fine young people like Adam Lanza, Eric Harris, Nikolas Cruz, to protect us. Long live the 2nd amendment and the NRA. /s of coarse.

christophe Stalka

Can you imagine Snort jr out drooling over that big white ball?no no donny Jr it’s not a gift from your buddies South of the border put the machine gun launcher away

Who’s gonna break the news to them (and every right wing “news” outfit) that the wily Chinese have been flying spy satellites over us for decades?

And yes, even while Donald Trump sat in the White House.


A.S. , C D. L. R., C.S. , G.V. and Mr. Florida all callout conspiracy and the FBI and DOJ said the Hunter laptop was Russian propaganda. The Hunter admits it is his, so therefore the coverup before the election was FBI and DOJ coverup and weaponized against Trump. Now we will soon see the results of election fraud. You attack and divert when you are faced with the facts you drank the Kool-Aid like you accuse the right of doing. Sadly you admit this, you admit Trump was right about election integrity and cover up. Biden lost Arizona was behind it.
A recent article came out about an FBI. IT person she was in charge at the Arizona election board. I believe there was a song in the 1970’s that went. Its sad so sad just a sad sad situation and getting worse all the time. Your new ICP theme song.

Washington Post:

“Ron DeSantis is way behind me,” Trump said. “Every once in a while, Fox will put up a phony poll … but I’m way ahead in New Hampshire. I’m way ahead in South Carolina. I’m way ahead in Iowa.”
Those last assertions are very far from true. And they spotlight an important aspect of the nascent 2024 GOP campaign.

What a dilemma for our MAGA warriors. Believe the known lies and stick with TDS – Trump Devotion Stupidity, or go with what may be the other better awful candidate.

No, Knucklehead.
No One.
So whatever else you said, which I did not read, is BS also.

Please try to remember that you’re communicating with adults here.


Maybe the ballon had the next pandemic in it releasing over our country into the jest stream.
Biden has Chinese connection along with the bio labs in Ukraine. Remember Bill Gates warned us about the next pandemic. The Democratic Socialist cannot let this come out they are going for broke.

Breaking news:

It was recently reported that what fell out of the balloon were children being trafficked for sexual exploitation by Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden. It was not a Chinese virus as previously thought.

Whew! Good thing, eh Lou?
Abusing brown kids, and Hillary and Hunter always polls better with the Fox crowd than some crazy virus story. It’s about the children, eh?

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