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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Feb. 5

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Real solutions require thought, effort, time

Not for the first time is our nation experiencing internal and external crises.
It’s time for us to cease whining and begin to behave in a mature manner. Here are some suggestions.
First, seek solutions, not sound bites. Current catch phrases such as “Anti woke,” “CRT,” and “Teacher Patriotism Certification,” are faux “solutions” without a problem.
Such catchphrases serve only to spread ignorance and fear of “the other.”
As a former teacher of U.S. history, I find the idea of certifying my “patriotism” to be impractical and repugnant. How exactly does one codify my beliefs and interpretations of the documents of liberty?
In addition to the exams that teacher candidates take now, would a new multiple choice test on flag waving solve any real problems?
Solutions can start at a local level. Volunteer to involve yourself in a community project where you might have a chance to interact with a wider range of people in general.
Second, read Jon Meacham’s, “And There Was Light,” a well-written and well-researched non-fiction book about the life and times of Abraham Lincoln. Please read it, think about it, and do not tweet about it. It may inspire and depress you, but it should also cause you to think and develop your own thoughts, not parrot what you have heard online or on TV.
There are no easy solutions. Nothing can be magically solved in 24 hours. Real solutions to real problems require effort and thought.
Kermit Ackley

Race rightly absent from case of military hero

February is Black History Month.
Many contributions to our country made by Black Americans will be celebrated.
This is another twist in the offering. During the battle of the Chosin Reservoir in Korea, Marines were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of Chinese. High above the Marines, two Navy pilots were giving fire support to those on the ground.
One of the pilots was Black, the other White.
One plane was hit by enemy fire and crash-landed. Its pilot was pinned in the wreckage.
His wingman flew above his friend on the ground but could not find a suitable landing area. So, he crashed his own plane in an effort to save his friend.
The pilot pinned in his plane was dying and could not be dislodged from the wreckage. A rescue helicopter, now under fire from the Chinese, picked up the survivor and flew off.
Years later, the survivor went to North Korea and unsuccessfully tried to get permission to recover his friend’s body. The survivor died in 2013 at the age of 93.
But here’s the point. In the above anecdote, no mention of color was given as to who tried to save whom. That’s as it should be.  Semper Fi.
Allen R. Remaley
Saratoga Springs and Scottsdale, Ariz.

Put an end to TV pharmaceutical sales

Why are we constantly bombarded by prescription drug advertising on our TV sets?
The big pharmaceutical companies should not be allowed to do this, in fact we are one of the only nations in the world that allow this kind of advertising.
Most physicians are aware of what drugs are available for their patients’ medical  conditions, and are visited by pharmaceutical representatives monthly each pushing their company’s drugs.
We don’t need to be told on TV that if you have this condition you should ask your physician if this medication can help you.
Your physician should know this, and your pharmacist can actually talk with your doctor and tell him/her if there is another drug more suitable for your condition.
Take the commercials for all drug companies off TV just like all cigarette companies were forced to no longer advertise on TV.
It’s a disgrace with dozens of pharmaceutical products advertised on our television  every hour.
Robin Zucker



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Joseph Vendetti

I know this is a couple of weeks late – kudos to President Biden & U.S. military that conducted an assault operation in northern Somalia that resulted in the death of a number of ISIS members, including Bilal-al-Sudani, an ISIS leader in Somalia and a key facilitator for ISIS’s global network,”

Some may not realize that ISIS was trying to gain a foothold in Africa where they saw it as a large space with very little rules and an avenue to the US.

The Chinese Balloon(s) was taken down over the Atlantic after spending 3 to 4 days in US Sovereign airspace. Just spitballing here but most military tacticians dating back as far as Roman Soldiers send small tests to their opponents and watch the reactions (from the way we scramble fighters, which bases,) – today with our technology we can zero in on where that communication is even originating from by looking at electronic markers bouncing off towers and even space satellites. Scary stuff right? For all we know – and I’m sure we may have sent air balloons into China, Russia, etc to see their reactions. These military games in a free area like the US come to light instantly, in Russia or China because they control their news we may never see anything about it.

What worries me is electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons deliver high-energy EMP designed to disrupt unprotected infrastructure. Our electrical grid, or communications grid across the US is largely unprotected from say an innocent balloon(s) off course that detonates in our sovereign air space and knocks out our grids and shortens our time of response to some real military effort.

Again – great job to the President and his team for the ISIS takedown.

Mr. Vendetti the action taken on the Chinese balloon was the wisest and safest for the American people on the ground. Shoot now ask questions later like the Trumpers on this page wanted, could have hurt many Americans. No ones knows what this balloon was carrying. There could have been hazardous materials that would have spread over a wide area. President Biden chose the safest option to keep all Americans safe.

christophe Stalka

Mr Varoma Bidens response was as advised by our military leaders as opposed to that of damsel Donnie and his spawn who called for citizens to shoot at the craft. I thank God every day our Democracy broke free of those dangerous Tump grifters

Bill Wemple

You never see ads on Australian TV for pharmaceuticals. I believe their government negotiates prices and buys in bulk from big pharma using a schedule of common meds similar to what our health insurance companies use here. These meds are then distributed to pharmacies across the country at fixed rates and prescriptions are handled between doctor and patient with no haggling over which medicine is covered or not. Takes the profiteering of big pharma away. That’s how it was explained to me while was there. I noticed lack of these pharma ads on TV right away as we’re bombarded with them constantly here. Imagine that, a government working for its people instead of a corporation?


I agree with Robin Zucker, it is time for the government to prohibit advertising of prescription drugs. These ads cause unnecessary visits to doctors and higher insurance and drug prices. The cost of advertising factors into ridiculously high Rx prices in the U.S. Aren’t we all tired of hearing about “erectile dysfunction” and the verbally rapid fire warnings about possible drug side effects, including death and the very symptoms the drug is supposed to alleviate?

christophe Stalka

MR Santo a perfect example of what you comment on is Ozempic a heavily promoted diabetes drug in short supply due to its use for weight loss


Buried on page C8 in today’s DG is a very important article, “‘Died suddenly’…. “, detailing how the antivax people are falsely inflating the dangers associated with COVID vaccinations. The following quote is fully supported with details in the article:

There is “…a growing list of hundreds of children, teens, athletes and celebrities whose unexpected deaths and injuries have been incorrectly blamed 0n COVID-19 shots. Using the hashtag #diedsuddenly, online conspiracy theorists have flooded social media with news reports, obituaries and GoFundMe pages in recent months, leaving grieving families to wrestle with lies.”

Parents have been accused of murdering their children when their childrens’ deaths had no relationship to being vaccinated against COVID.

We need to stop the spread of conspiracy theories that are becoming daggers aimed at the heart of our country. Congress must work on constitutionally appropriate legislation to stop the lies, political and medical, that threaten our lives.


Christophe, Americans would be wise to take steps to improve their health before going to the doctor for drug solutions. Everyone knows that regular exercise, resistance and cardiovascular, regular social interaction with friends and family, keeping mentally active by reading and doing puzzles, and a diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy proteins and fats is the best way to go. Do it!

Another reason for giving kudos to the Biden administration is directed tied into one of todays topics on this forum.

The Prescription Drug Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act that was signed into law on August 16, 2022 is a major move in the right direction when talking prescription drugs in the America.

Just a few of many provisions:
*Require the federal government negotiate prices …
*Require drug companies to pay rebates to Medicare if prices rise or faster than inflation…
*Limit monthly cost sharing for insulin to $35 for people with Medicare..
*People with Medicare part D won’t pay more than 2000 per year in out-of-pocket costs for covered part D drugs.

As I said these are just a few quick point, realize it’s pages and pages of a typical written government document.

Steven Flynn

How was allowing the balloon to cross the United States the wisest and safest option? If they knew about it for days, why didnt they shoot it down in Alaska over the Aleutian Islands? Shouldn’t any vessel, balloon, plane be warned immediately and taken down if it doesnt change direction? The communist chinese government should never be trusted, it mightve been surveilance this time but who knows what the next. After dealing with Covid for 3 years, there’s no reason to take China’s word on anything.

christophe Stalka

MR restifo you are of course correct I have family members who have directly benefited from medical price reductions they are seeing results Remember that old fantasy island TV show da Balloon da Balloon why does silly Stevie complaint sound so familiar flame on ragers

Watch something other than Fox crap. – One reason is because much technical information could be obtained while the balloon was active and in the air. Once down and smashed active operational systems would be kaput.

Steven Flynn
February 5th, 2023
If a civilian didn’t spot it in the sky, would they have shot it down over the Atlantic?

No, they would have waited until it flew over Mar-a-Lago, and then shot it down.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 I’m going with what the military said and did to insure the safety of the American people. You are just another Trumper that thinks you know all information about the Balloon. I’m sure if they took your course of action you would be saying how could Biden put the people of Red State Montana at risk. Take a rest for being Stupid for Trump.

Steve, you add so much to this forum, it’s surprising that DG doesn’t ask you to write a daily column.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.


Biden administration is owned by China. They allow the Chinese government to have an active police force in NYC.China owns Biden because of Hunter’s business dealing along with corrupt FBI and The Turtles wife. Our elected officials have sold our country out. The balloon was just another example of the corrupt government. The balloon was being navigated across the center of the country. This is just another example of the one world order being implemented. Of course the socialist who endorse our capitulation to the notion we should allow China and the WEF step in.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 In the past I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you were just a few teaspoons smarter the Mr. Bill Maniac 🤡. But now I find I was wrong in that assessment.

Bill Marincic

christophe Stalka
February 4th, 2023
Can you imagine Snort jr out drooling over that big white ball?no no donny Jr it’s not a gift from your buddies South of the border put the machine gun launcher away

Bob/Chris the only president with a crackhead son, and a bunch of hookers is Biden. Biden wishes he had successful children like Donald Trump. And not for nothing every one of you. Insane clown posse blind mice, donkey, clowns, wish you too had successful children like Trump.


Why is it that drones need to registered by private citizens and not allowed to fly at certain levels as well as protected airspace. This balloon was given permission and our corrupt TV military generals and political figures allowed it. We have UPENN that is funded by China and where did they find classified files. This is just another example of Biden’s corruption as a life long politician. The China’s president tells the US hey don’t worry about that it is just a weather balloon.

Bill Marincic

The statements above from the insane clown posse, blind mice, donkey, clowns, say that it was a good idea to let a Chinese spy balloon meander across the United States mapping every inch of territory, including a missile silos tells you how nuts they are. They’re cuckoo for Biden. That balloon could’ve come down over Alaska, which is our United States, by doing that it would’ve showed the Chinese that we are on top of things and we are not going to let their balloons into our country and if it was taken down with machine gun bullet say from a warthog, we could’ve re-covered that balloon, most likely whole And seen the technology that was in it. But we all know the liberals are too stupid to have any type of common sense as we see by the liberal posters above. After all, they use the million dollar missile it destroyed everything in it when they easily could’ve used $600 worth of bullets and salvaged it.

Steven Flynn

Guy Blowharda – How many times do i have to tell u, I could care less if you’re informed, bothered, or whatever. That’s your issue big Guy, not mine. My issue is I ran out of Frank’s for my scrambled eggs, now thats a REAL LIFE issue.

Bill Marincic

Yeah Bob/Chris the multi millionaire developer who is never been accused of anything illegal or unsavory is much less of a person than Hunter Biden, a crackhead son of the Biden crime family, who spends tens of thousands of dollars on hookers and cocaine, furnish to him by our enemies in Russia and China and Ukraine. another stupid sentence from Bob/Chris

Steven Flynn

If you give the extreme liberal athiests long enough, they’ll blame the Chinese balloon fiasco on the Republicans or white supremacy or 1/6. Watch.

Bill Wemple

Most fighters, and their pilots, don’t operate too well at 60K feet altitude. They could fire multiple types of old radar guided missiles at it and take it down fairly cheaply with stuff they have in storage. Sometimes not tipping your hand, and not letting adversaries find out your advanced defense capabilities in taking down a low-tech balloon is a smarter option.

February 4th, 2023
Maybe the ballon had the next pandemic in it releasing over our country into the jest stream.
Biden has Chinese connection along with the bio labs in Ukraine. Remember Bill Gates warned us about the next pandemic. The Democratic Socialist cannot let this come out they are going for broke.

From that point on there’s nothing you could possibly say that would be considered to have the least bit of validity. –

Out of balance:
“With the internet and social media connecting thousands of people in an instant, conspiracy propagandists have become an almost infinite source of misinformation and disinformation.”

let’s-go-no-brain, help America and yourself as well. Perhaps if you, and people like you, focused a bit more on reality, people like Marjorie Taylor Greene wouldn’t be in a position to ruin our country and democracy.

If nothing else, research what you post from MULTIPLE RELIABLE sources, then make an attempt to do the near impossible for you, make an educated relevant, reasonable response.

Little Willy, 🤭 you’re beyond hopeless!


The Hunter laptop will expose all of the Democratic Socialist agenda. The propaganda the FBI and DOJ pushed censored is all part of the corruption inlace to destroy and hand America over to the China. The sad thing is the donkey clowns who perpetuated the propaganda saying the laptop was Russian disinformation, Trump conspiracy, MAGA conspiracy. Now the truth is there Hunter admits it is his laptop and now wants his lawyers to press charges against the release of the information.

The DONKEY CLOWNS / ICP are eating crow today the conspiracy are coming to be truth.

Steven Flynn

Liberal media doing what they do best:

“Last week, a Palestinian gunman critically wounded an Israeli father and son in Jerusalem. Today, Reuters
dedicated an entire article not to the victims—who aren’t even identified—but to the attacker! noting his “passion for football” and his “dream of being a chef.”

This sounds exactly like the liberal media’s description of the scumbag in Atlanta who shot the cop. They described him as a passionate climate activist when in reality he was a domestic terrorist. Liberalism is a disease.

Steven Flynn

What Lou’s trying to say Brandon, is type what I want to hear or I will attack you. His keys must’ve gotten stuck and some mess of a comment came out.


Looney Lou Who from Dr. Seuss Ville. The COVID gain of function virus is a bio weapon in my opinion. My neighbor is a pilot and prohibited to fly in certain airspaces as they are sensitive areas. Any other types of aircraft , balloons, drones are all required to be registered and adhere to regulations. But a Chinese balloon carte blanche to go as it pleases.
Your resident in chief is corrupt end of story.
The administration is being exposed for what it truly is and the American people are seeing now first hand. The orange man you fear is because he has seen the corruption for what it is. The more that is exposed from the rino’s and socialist the more the American people will seek a person to fix the problem.
Your ilk of followers are the minority no matter what the MSM propaganda tells you.
The keep you occupied with gender identity and race dividing politics while they systematically destroy our country.
No worries LOONEY LOU WHO and the rest of the ICP the train to Seuss land will be ready for you to board. Then you will all get to shower together when the Biden criminal syndicate sells you out to China.


Steven, If Hunter admits it is his laptop what other sources are needed? They are so full of the kool aid their eyes are brown.
I have said it before the Democratic Socialist are using Hitlers handbook, control media and propaganda, divide the people and blame a race for all the woes. Create havoc with BLM and ANTIFA(brown shirts). Take away the means to protect themselves(remove weapons from the people). Then when all is failing the corrupt government steps in with its own government controlled police force(DOJ,FBI, IRS) and fix the problem.
The only thing after that is the train ride to Dr. Seuss land and a shower.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 caring or not caring is not the issue. It’s your stupidity for Trump that is the issue along with your willful ignorance for him. Congratulations you have joined the ranks of Mr. Bill 🤡 and Mr. Brandon 🤡…..All you need to do now is comment “Biden Bad .Trump Good” to express any thought you have.

“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” – Isaac Asimov

Bill, lgb and Steve, keep talking and proving the above, I’m done for now.

Steven Flynn

Whats your point in that meaningless babble big Lou? You sound like a robot that’s stuck on the same sentence. You must say that at least 5 times a day, just to different people. Its a bunch of words that are meaningless in the conversation. “I gave you the benefit of the doubt” – Who the hell are you?

Mr. Flynn 🤡 unscrew you MAGA hat from your head and calm down…Rest up for the next conspiracy you want to promote for Trump.

Regarding the Big Scary Balloon and the Wily Chinese (I bet rightwingnuts let that book into kids libraries):

Bill Wemple:
Sometimes not tipping your hand, and not letting adversaries find out your advanced defense capabilities in taking down a low-tech balloon is a smarter option.

And this, rightwing MAGA military experts here and on your talking screens, is why you’re not the military (or Economic, or public health) experts you claim to be with all your “questions”.

There is so much that’s not being made public about this situation. There’s so much your simply can’t know, MAGA. Sorry!

It’s hardly classified information that we have the ability to not only identify, but disable electronics from a distance, like a “weather balloon”.
That, and Bill’s comment above, is likely why this thing was allowed to drift across the US; because it was likely identified and disabled long before and that would be something our defense people would not want to advertise.

The US intelligence community does not operate like the MAGA people who insist on loud and reckless as a strategy.

Steven Flynn

“There’s no way the CCP would allow a balloon like this to fly over the Chinese heartland. China’s aggressive behavior is a violation of international norms and shows a reckless disregard for the safety of American citizens.” – Mark Warner Democratic Senator from Virginia.

Finally, a liberal who makes sense. Who’d thunk?


I just read through the above posts. The attempts of MAGA extremists to impugn whatever Biden does is more evidence of their lack of awareness, their devotion to getting news exclusively from far right opinion propagandists. Steve, LGB, Marincic: Did any of your Tucker Carlson style propagandists tell you that several PCR balloons flew over the U.S. during the Trump administration and none were shot down? Daily Mail and many other sources: 2/5/23

REVEALED: Three Chinese spy balloons infiltrated the US during the Trump administration but he NEVER shot them down or told the public. As Republicans call for Biden to resign for putting Americans at risk, the Department of Defense reported that three Chinese spy balloons entered US airspace during the Trump administration. It comes as Republicans are calling for Biden to resign after waiting about a week to shoot down the balloon over the coast of South Carolina.

In reporting the latest on the Chinese balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday, The US Department of Defense said three other PCR balloons ‘briefly transited the continental United States at least three times during the prior administration.’

The revelation comes as Trump and other Republicans claimed he would have shot down the balloon while calling on Joe Biden to resign over the stalled attack on the craft.

One such Republican was US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who tweeted on Saturday: ‘I just spoke with our GREAT America First President Trump. He would have never allowed China to fly a spy balloon over our country and our military bases and assets.

Trump has chastised Joe Biden for not immediately shooting the craft when he first learned about it last week.


Doyle McManus’ column in today’s DG is more evidence that influential people have no problem with convicting the fools who carried out the 1/6 insurrection but are loathe to indict the powerful man who encouraged and incited them. Maybe it is out of fear of widespread violence should they dare indict Trump. I am more afraid of an example being set, encouraging others to try the same scheming and illegal activities to end democracy and make the U.S. a Putin style oligarchy with Trump or some other “America First” autocrat in charge.

First, he states in regard to the document cases involving Trump, Biden and Pence: “The differences between the cases are significant.

Trump took hundreds of classified documents home; Biden a far smaller number, assuming no more turn up. Trump resisted returning documents to the government; Biden’s lawyers turned them in promptly. Trump appears to have held on to the documents on purpose; Biden’s aides say his mistakes were inadvertent.”

I might add that in both Pence’s and Biden’s cases there was no evidence of criminal intent. Yet, McManus goes on to argue that the mere fact documents were found in the Biden and Pence case will make it far more difficult for Smith to bring an indictment against Trump for fear it would make the the DOJ look politicized.

Does he think the American people are that uninformed and stupid? Does he think they can’t grasp the concept of “mens rea”, the guilty mind necessary for an indictment to be issued? Does he not realize a majority of Americans are sick and tired of the seeing the wealthy and powerful facing no consequences for criminal behavior? We don’t want more excuses for the elite to get away with crimes. Indict Trump NOW and stop the foolishness.

christophe Stalka

It was rather entertaining to watch Senator Rubio stumble over the Chinese balloons downing especially when confronted with the fact that Trump ignored at least 3 documented similar incursions.Almost as comical as Snort Jr. response. Flame on ragers. Oh and Hunter biden…. Threw that in just to make you boys feel better


MAGAites, Trump loyalists, RALLY! Seriously, where are your responses to Trump’s inaction when PRC balloons flew across the country several times during his administration?


Lou, keep up the good work! You managed to get Flynn really upset! Love it!

I wonder if he actually understood your excellent Asimov quote. It sure does describe him and those like him on this forum.


Steven Flynn
February 5th, 2023
“There’s no way the CCP would allow a balloon like this to fly over the Chinese heartland…”

Flynn, how do you feel about Trump letting the PRC balloons fly over the U.S. with no comment or action?


I had posted earlier in the week regarding the balloon. Same yahoo’s who wanted to launch missiles at Russia when a errant Ukrainian missile landed in Poland. Sleepy Joe said lets wait for the investigation. Calm and experience among the professionals. Military and Executive Branch wins the day.
For you younger posters some history for you. Republicans were in charge when we intervened in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam. Before saying JFK was in charge then he was handed VN by Eisenhower. Those that remember communist were hiding under every bed so we had to help the French retake there colonial colony to stop them. When they got whopped we just couldn’t leave it at that. And how did that go for us?


Florida2015, When will we ever learn to accept the realities of history? I will never forget protesting our involvement for just the reason you stated. We helped France in its attempt to continue colonial rule over Indochina, including Vietnam. Ho Chi Mihn admired and respected the U.S. expecting us to help free them from French colonial rule. Instead, we blocked the unification of N. Vietnam and S. Vietnam in the name of stopping the spread of communism. We lost that war and never having learned our lesson, we intervened in Iraq gaining nothing but more turmoil and insecurity in the Middle East.

MAGAites this does not apply to the Russian attack on Ukraine which is analogous to Hitler’s invasion of other countries. In Vietnam we intervened in a civil war for unification and in Iraq our goal was regime change, not concern about non-existent Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction.”

Yesterday’s “hardhats,” bigoted, blindly patriotic, ignorant and violent bullies are today’s Trump-MAGA loyalists.

Steven Flynn

You liberals drank the propaganda juice again on MSNBC, hell even Christophe / Bob and or assigns woke from his afternoon slumber to back you up. As little Chuck put it, prove it. Im sure there’s a propaganda piece on Rachel Maddow’s blog that will guide you.


Do you actually think the meaningless tripe you posted above means anything? As with everything you post it is fact and reason-free, the outburst of a frustrated thoughtless man, drowning in his own nightmares.

I have to ask, prove what? Everything I posted is factual and historically valid.

Take a long and needed rest Flynn. You must be worn out.

Steven Flynn

Did you discover that through your extensive forensic expertise? Little Chuck with the big words, chest all pumped, stubby fingers plugging away on the keyboard. Well done online warrior.

Steven Flynn

Probably the only time in your life where you’ve been a warrior, behind a keyboard. You seem like the type that avoids confrontation little Chuck, am I right?

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