Letter to the Editor: Prominent Schenectady corner at Erie and State needs a facelift

The vacant lot surrounded by a blue fence and prominent tall brick wall
The empty lot at 264 State St. formerly was the site of the landmark Nicholaus Building in July 2022.
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From our Letters to the Editor today:

Prominent corner needs a facelift

I was thrilled to learn that the Wedgeway building on the corner of State and Erie is getting a much needed renovation.

It’s on such a prominent corner in the city and it’s a handsome building.

But every time I drive past its neighbor, the site of the old Nicholaus building, I shudder. On the Erie Boulevard side, we are greeted by a large non-distinct brick wall.

Considering that an architecturally beautiful building used to sit on this prominent corner in our city, it is a real letdown to see the current building.

Can someone commission a large mural on the side of this structure? It would certainly improve the sight of this gateway to downtown.
Peter Butryn

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The newer architectural work Metroplex is bestowing on this city look like someone’s got a sweet contract with Home Depot.
It does not dignify the history of Schenectady.
Thank you for your letter, Mr. Butryn.

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