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Letters to the Editor Monday, Feb. 6 – Five, from readers in Schenectady, Scotia, Ballston Spa, elsewhere

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Prominent corner needs a facelift

I was thrilled to learn that the Wedgeway building on the corner of State and Erie is getting a much needed renovation.
It’s on such a prominent corner in the city and it’s a handsome building.
But every time I drive past its neighbor, the site of the old Nicholaus building, I shudder. On the Erie Boulevard side, we are greeted by a large non-distinct brick wall.
Considering that an architecturally beautiful building used to sit on this prominent corner in our city, it is a real letdown to see the current building.
Can someone commission a large mural on the side of this structure? It would certainly improve the sight of this gateway to downtown.
Peter Butryn

Business owners making winter fun

If you’ve lived around here for a while you know that this winter hasn’t really been much of a winter so far. Unfortunately many local businesses depend on cold, and snow in the winter, much as they do warm, sunny days in the summer. This year has been tough on them to say the least.
I’d like to applaud all the businesses that are thinking outside the box and coming up with some great unconventional ways to get people out this winter.
I’d especially like to recognize Driftwood Park, AKA Wally’s. When the weather gave them lemons, they made lemonade. They hosted a polar plunge, involved the Southern Adirondack Snowmobile Club and gave 54 people who plunged something to do. To make it even more fun, owners Lisa and Dave Servello, dressed up in costume and plunged first. Lisa dressed as Wonder Woman and Dave as an Emperor penguin.
About 300 spectators showed up, when otherwise there wouldn’t have been much to do. The Yachtmasters provided live entertainment. Although no one needed assistance, the Mayfield Rescue squad was on hand. Dave and Lisa had as much fun as their customers. They had a profitable fun day along with everyone else and managed to raise $4,500+ for the snowmobile club.
Anytime you can take a moment that would be otherwise lackluster and turn it into that kind event, it’s awesome. I’m proud to have business owners like them in Fulton county.
Louie Stutzke

Donate food before expiration dates

November 2022.  That date told me I could no longer donate my stuffing to the food pantry.
I had just gotten back from sorting food at the regional food bank where we checked dates on the packages to see if they were usable. Most packages were fine, over 30,000 pounds. Now they can go to local food pantries.
But over 1,000 pounds of food was dumped because it was outdated. That is what got me thinking about the bulk package of stuffing I had purchased. The November 2022 date simply means that no store could sell it, not that it isn’t good.
Therefore, I have been researching recipes where I can add a little stuffing here and there. It also got me thinking about what Americans do with their food.
According to the Guardian from April 18, 2018, “Americans waste 150,000 tons of food each day – equal to a pound per person.” For any of us who volunteer/work at food pantries, you know how much good food is needed in our communities.
What should we do? Go now to your cupboards and check dates of food. If you decide you are not going to use the soup, the pasta, etc. donate it now when the date is good.
Please don’t wait until it is past that date to donate and feel like you are doing something helpful. You are not. You are only having someone else get rid of that stuff for you.
Janice Walz

Elected AG would help serve justice

We (the people) do not elect the Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice, but maybe we should. We elect a president, congressional house members, and senators. Why not an AG? Is there anything more important to demand of our government than justice?
The mission of the DOJ under the leadership of the AG is a heavy assignment: to uphold the rule of the land; to protect our civil rights; to provide safety for our country. All so much to ask and so vital for democracy to thrive.
Like Supreme Court members, the AG is appointed by the U.S. president. That person is supposed to be nonpartisan. Somehow this concept does not appear to be working very well.
I am very discouraged by the lack of action within the DOJ in response to the Jan.6 hearings and conclusions. Furthermore, this inaction emboldens certain political leaders and their supporters to continue insulting the law of the land unjustly.
In general, after observing daily happenings in our country, I am deeply saddened that justice is not being served to our people.
I ask our Gazette readers, the next time we pledge allegiance to the flag and to the indivisible republic for which it stands, are we being sincere when we end by saying, “with liberty and justice for all?”
Ray Knapik
Ballston Spa

Remove barriers to cancer screening

February is all about cancer prevention. It is National Cancer Prevention Month and Feb. 4 was World Cancer Day, where the focus is on closing the cancer care gap.
Closing the care gap means striving to remove barriers to cancer screening and treatment, something the Cancer Services Program (CSP) of Fulton, Montgomery, and Schenectady Counties does every day.
People who are uninsured, without a regular health care provider, and with low incomes are less likely to get screened for cancer.
The CSP provides free breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening for eligible New Yorkers who do not have health insurance. The CSP will also help with finding a healthcare provider and enrollment into the New York State Medicaid Treatment Program if treatment is needed.
Getting screened for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer may save lives. Unlike many cancers, cervical and colorectal cancer can be prevented through screening. Screening tests can find the cells that lead to cancer. These cells can be removed before the cancer grows. Although breast cancer can’t be prevented with screening, a mammogram can find breast cancer early when it may be easier to treat.
If you are age 40 or older and do not have health insurance, call the CSP at 518-841-3726 to find out if you qualify for free cancer screenings.
It might be the most important call you make of the new year.
Kimberly Rodecker
The writer is Health Education Promotion Coordinator for Cancer Services Program of Fulton, Montgomery and Schenectady Counties.



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Well EEEEE-HAWWW Donkey CLOWNS. Your beloved John Bolton the one you revere as he turned on Trump in his tell all book you get the Chris Mathews tingling in your leg feeling. From the Independent news agency:
John Bolton, the former Trump White House national security adviser, told Fox that he was unaware of any balloons when he was in the administration.

“I don’t know of any balloon flights by any power over the United States during my tenure, and I’d never heard of any of that occurring before I joined in 2018,” he said. “I haven’t heard of anything that occurred after I left either.”

Mr Bolton said that if the Biden White House has “specific examples, they need to tell Congress”.

“I can say with 100 per cent certainty – not during my tenure,” he claimed.

Mr Bolton’s successor and national security adviser, Robert O’Brien told Fox that “unequivocally, I have never been briefed on the issue”.

Ric Grenell, the former acting Director of National Intelligence, told Fox that he conducted “one of the biggest intelligence deep dives on China, their spying and the origins of COVID” and that “it never came up”.

“If a balloon had come up, we would have known. Someone in the intelligence community would have known, and it would have bubbled up to me to brief the president,” he added.



More information coming out regarding the Covid vaccine and then big Pharma is being accused of releasing a BIO Weapon on humanity. As more and more information comes out Big Pharma is on the run. The independent studies are revealing major concerns of irreparable harm to reproductive systems s well as heart issues. Introducing this to adolescents 12-15shows insufficient proof of favorable benefit risk at this time. Yet we still see the ads on television to get your COVID vaccines. Pfizer continues to push this poison on the public and our FDA does nothing to stop it.
as a bio weapon is determined as :
(c) Definition. For purposes of this section, the term “for use as a weapon” includes the development, production, transfer, acquisition, retention, or possession of any biological agent, toxin, or delivery system for other than prophylactic, protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purposes. The vaccine was supposed to stop the transmition of Covid knowing that it would not do this.
Biontech is in bed with the WEF. They have betrayed the trust of the public and gave us poison.

Bill Marincic

The blind mice donkey, clowns, insane clown posse, is saying that three balloons supposedly made it into the US under Trump. I read all the news reports and they say they were undetected. Let me ask you a question. How do they know they made it into the US if they were undetected? Another thing if it wasn’t for a little newspaper and a reporter that saw the balloon, we would never know about it, he is the one that contacted FAA, and NORAD.. My question is how can a balloon fly over the United States, they can be seen by the naked eye, and without our government knowing it ?

Mr. Brandon 🤡 do you absorb all your stupidity at night by leaving Fox News on when you sleep. And then in the early hours blurt it out here the first thing in the morning? Maybe you should unscrew your MAGA hat from your head at night to let some sanity back in your brain.

Mr. Bill 🤡 the only kind of balloon you are an expert at is the ones you ties into the shape of animals at a birthday party……. being the clown you are 🤡

christophe Stalka

MR Varoma image the inner rage anonymous Brandies and Big BM must feel living in our great successful Democracy while wanting our countries failure the need to make up lies about our nation as a failure is great among these boys. It’s easier to believe a moronic conspiracy as opposed to recognize our success. Such a pitiful childish group calling names and talking in incomprehensible babble. Soon we will begin rehashing the same lies from yesterday in the hope we can con some poor person into believing them. Poor Brandies an Big BM SHARE THAT TISSUE Wipe each other’s tears

Who really cares, on a National Security ranking, the “spy” balloon is like a .25 on a scale of 10. The Chinese already have satellites in space that can tell you if a quarter on the ground is heads or tails. Just another thing for the insurrectionists that suffer from Biden Derangement Syndrome to complain about, while Biden continues to fix the economy, and improve peoples’ lives. The MAGA folks remain angry and upset with their pitiful lives. Happy Monday Everyone!! It’s a great day to be an American, enjoy it!

Steven Flynn

How has Biden fixed the economy Whoville? Im curious to hear your response on this one. Also, your minimizing the Chinese spy balloon fiasco because the people in charge vote the same way you do. It’s more than what the balloon was capable of doing, its Communist China thumbing their nose at the USA and then lying about it like they did Covid. If it was a .25 on the National Security ranking, then why did they shoot it down?


How ironic, cowardly, untrue, and partisan are Marco Rubio’s comments on this over inflated balloon “crisis”? He stated that “…the message they’re trying to send the world is, ‘Look, these guys can’t even do anything about a balloon flying over U.S. airspace. How can you possibly count on them if something were to happen in the Indo-Pacific region.'” (DG p.A2 “China”)

The Biden administration followed the advice of military and intelligence agencies. The balloon’s ability to relay information was disabled and the balloon was shot down over shallow Atlantic waters where no one would be hurt and parts could be recovered for study.

Why are Rubio and other partisans trying to make the U.S. look inept? We were not inept, the situation was handled perfectly. They are more interested in achieving power for their Party of Trump than the well-being of our country. SHAME ON THEM and on the MAGAites who carry their water.


Flynn, at 3.4% the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since 1969 and inflation is being brought under control without recession. Partisans like you and the propaganda outlets you watch rather than the news are causing unjustified fear among Americans. Those of you suffering from Trump Devotion Sycophancy put him and his bigotry and ego before our national interests.

As I said above the Chinese balloon was handled well. Thank fate Americans did not take the advice of “Junior” and take it upon themselves to foolishly shoot at the balloon.

christophe Stalka

Thanks whoville and Mr Santo for trying to cut through the lies. I find the spin these boys can put on a story thinking a `puffs’ collection might help stop their tears.thank God our great Democracy freed itself of the grifters. It Is a great day in this American democracy I will enjoy it

flame on ragers start the lying

Steven Flynn

And Whoville, we’re not angry upset with our so called pitiful lives. We’re just calling out a President WHO’s to old for the job and an administration that survives by gaslighting the American people. Yesterday, I watched a member of Biden’s team gaslight the world by saying Biden’s policies were the key driver in bringing down inflation. Not one time did he mention the fed raising interest rates 475 basis points as the catalyst, hell he even mentioned gas prices coming down which this forumn says he has nothing to do with. When I see terms like Insurrectionists, MAGA, what about Trump, it’s usually followed by a bunch of liberal nonsense and on cue it was.


Quotes from the article “Officials…” on p. A4 succinctly underscore what separates Trump’s document case from both Biden’s and Pence’s:

In the Trump case, “The material at the time included roughly 13,000 government documents, including about 100 bearing classification markings. Some of the material was so sensitive that Justice Department prosecutors and FBI counterintelligence investigators required additional security clearances to review them.”

Because a search warrant was required to recover documents Trump’s lawyer claimed weren’t there, “Prosecutors…are investigating possible violations of multiple criminal statutes, including WILLFUL retention of NATIONAL DEFENSE INFORMATION and OBSTRUCTION.”

The emphasis is mine. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and fairness can see that Trump had MENS REA, the guilty mind needed to indict. There is no evidence that is true in the case of Biden or Pence.

To whom do you MAGAites owe first loyalty, Dear Leader Trump, or the United States of America?

Steven Flynn

The balloon situation was handled perfectly is gaslighting the readers, big time. Most all of us know that it wasn’t and are waiting for the government to give us their version.

“There’s no way the CCP would allow a balloon like this to fly over the Chinese heartland. China’s aggressive behavior is a violation of international norms and shows a reckless disregard for the safety of American citizens.” – Mark Warner Democratic Senator from Virginia.

It was reckless for our government to allow it to cross over our territory. Would the balloon have been shot down if a civilian didn’t spot it? Would we have known about it? What says our government?

Mr. Flynn 🤡 wasn’t it you or some other idiot on here that we had planes that could snatch this out of the air? Did you realize that this things payload was as big as 3 buses? Stop being stupid for Trump and plant your foot back into the real world. The US military used the safest option for all involved. You sound and are foolish.

Bill Marincic

Lowest unemployment? When everyone is out of work due to a pandemic and the CDC pushing false narratives about what we should do and Biden giving people money to stay home and telling landlords they can’t evict for nonpayment was the cause of the unemployment. The money is running out and people finally have to look for jobs. The auto industry is down but the auto executives are hoping for a rebound then we have interest rates almost 6% higher than they were less than a year ago. Biden did nothing except create inflation and the Fed had to kill the retail industry to bring it down, again it is nothing Biden did.

Bill Marincic

Aroma, why was a million-dollar missile the best option? Why not a machine gun? The thing most likely would have slowly fallen to earth in Alaska and we would recover it all whole, and BTW former military said that it is likely China uploaded all the info and destroyed the electronics once we spotted it.

Mr. Bill 🤡 stick to tying animal balloons in your clown suit at Trump rallies. Do you enjoy being stupid for Trump? Does it give you a warm fuzzy feeling showing your ignorance?


BM,obviously, after reading my post above, this should be directed at yourself, not Guy: “I’m sure there is finger painting and naps involved.”

christophe Stalka

Mr Varoma I imagine Mr Biden generates the same flaming rage in the damsel Donnie camp as you do in Big Bmi I can almost feel the rage.thank God Bidens policies statved off a recession!


Keep in mind Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt is openly atheist and outspoken as you read this article from a “Christian” news source. It amazes me that religious people frequently cannot accept that atheists are free of religious beliefs. They do not pretend to have the final explanations for the origins and meaning of the universe:

Nebraska Dem Trolls With Amendment To Anti-Drag Bill That Bars Minors From “Religious Indoctrination Camps”
February 6, 2023 Democrats, LGBT News

Via email from the Family Research Council:

“Driving kids to Vacation Bible School would become a misdemeanor in Nebraska if a recent proposal by Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt (D) passed into law. Hunt proposed to “amend” a bill that would protect children from adult-themed drag performances (LB371) by striking all the language and replacing it with similar language to bar children from attending a “religious indoctrination camp” instead.

Hunt’s amendment (AM74), filed on January 23, defined a religious indoctrination camp as “a camp, vacation Bible study, retreat, lock-in, or convention held by a church, youth group, or religious organization for the purpose of indoctrinating children with a specific set of religious beliefs.”

The amendment would prohibit anyone under 19 (Nebraska’s age of majority) from attending such a camp and declared anyone 19 or older who “knowingly brings” someone under 19 to a religious indoctrination camp to “be guilty of a Class I misdemeanor.”

“There is a well-documented history of indoctrination and sexual abuse perpetrated by religious leaders and clergy people upon children. Abusers within churches and other religious institutions often use events like church or youth-group-sponsored camps and retreats to earn children’s trust and gain unsupervised access to such children in order to commit such abuse.”

It must be hard to serve as a progressive Democratic legislator in a chamber with a permanent Republican majority, but surely Senator Hunt could do better. Instead, she simply works to gum up the legislative gears with a paste thick with bitter irony. Her pro-LGBT worldview and value system — one might even say, “her religion” — stands so entirely opposed to the state’s conservative majority that she believes obstructionism is the most productive use of her time.”

Family Research Council: She is an atheist, accept it or not, she has no religion. You just can’t believe that some people think about and look at the world in a secular and scientific way and have no need for supernatural explanations. You expect atheists to believe you are “religious” yet, you can’t accept that we are not. It makes me think you may not be as secure in your beliefs as you pretend to be.


This also describes you, not Guy, since you openly expressed your total ignorance of the capability of machine guns: “Bill Marincic
February 6th, 2023
“Aroma, you are just plain stupid, go about your day,”


Of course, you have a lot of company. Even superhero Trump junior called upon the citizens of Montana to fire at the balloon. What a moron. But, liker father, like son.

Bill, lgb, and Steve, you are beyond hopeless. You three are like infants that constantly get their soiled diapers changed and their butts cleaned up by someone else, and yet continue to crap in them. The difference being that’s it’s acceptable for the babies, and their feces is contained to their diapers, where yours spills out all over the place.

No point in respond to anything you post because any attempt to enter the impenetrable portion of your thick skulls, to get to a non existent compartment of logic and reason is obviously futile.

“Not ignorance, but ignorance of ignorance, is the death of knowledge.”
Alfred North Whitehead And you three are truly clueless!

You MAGA morons should be much more thankful for the 1st amendment than the 2nd. – You can’t legally go around randomly shootings people, but you certainly are doing as much or more damage by shooting off your dangerously insane conspiracies and disinformation ad nausea of short-circuited, Ill-informed, hate filled, words.

Now have at and prove me right.

Record low unemployment. Highest number of US manufacturing jobs since 2009 and on the rise thanks to the CHIPS Act. Biggest infrastructure investment ever, which is the lifeblood of our transportation and information economy. Fuel prices and home prices on the decline. Jobs, jobs, jobs, economy added 517,000 jobs in January triggering shock and awe from the Biden haters at Fox News. Enjoy the fruits of the economy, the American people will not want to go back to the drama and chaos of Trumpism in 2024. Four more years of Democratic leadership and progress to come!

Bill Marincic

Only an ignorant lefty would ever compare a drag show to a church camp. Stop listening to the people in your head. I’m betting that if you polled 100 democrat mothers at least 95 of them would be against their young children going to a drag show.

Bill Marincic

The highest number of manufacturing jobs? It’s certainly not because of chips, it’s because we had a pandemic, we ran out of things because Biden gave everyone free money and no rent so they sat home and bought stuff. You people are nuts, you believe everything that sad old man says, I just watched a video of him actually putting his nose on someone’s back and taking a big sniff. The guy is sick.

christophe Stalka

Whoville thanks for the great fact filled summary Big Bms just having a really bad day reading the facts. Propaganda from Tass is so much easier for the coffee klatch boys to swallow

At least he’s not telling us to inject bleach and sending love letters to a murderous despot. I’m looking at the numbers Bill, not just listening to what the White House says. Check the charts, crunch the numbers, America is winning again and even the Biden haters like you are benefitting. Enjoy the fruits of Democratic policies and whine the whole way to the bank, that’s the Republican Way! Vote against the legislation that helps the American people, then show up to the ribbon cutting and take credit for your inaction, that should be the GOP tagline lol.

Bill Marincic

Benefitting? Due to Biden and his inflation and interest rates, I was about 2K down in my income and this month I will probably be at least 5K down and it’s the same everywhere. The only thing Biden is giving me is a reason to retire.

christophe Stalka

Big billy you’re in the wrong line of work go for stable employment or look for something you’re good at with the low unemployment rates the world is your Peach for the picking dude at your age you don’t want to see fluctuations income like that


Bill Marincic
February 6th, 2023
Benefitting? Due to Biden and his inflation and interest rates, I was about 2K down in my income and this month I will probably be at least 5K down and it’s the same everywhere. The only thing Biden is giving me is a reason to retire.

My investment income and portfolio have gone up since Biden took office. Wages went up substantially under Biden, so it isn’t the same everywhere. I am not saying he accomplished this on his own. But his public investment in infrastructure and appointment of competent people to guide the economy has helped.

I predicted that once the FED employed interest rate hikes to cool the economy and reduce inflation, the Trumpers would begin to complain about that. Poor, pitiful BM, business at the Ford dealership must have slowed. Pity he who can’t gather the worldly riches he has become accustomed to. But, Jesus will reward him in heaven so who cares about a reduced income? Lose some more wealth and maybe you will be able to pass through the biblical “eye of a needle.”

Steven Flynn

Six lies Biden will tell in his State of the Union tomorrow. 1) Biden has reduced the budget deficit by $1.4 trillion. 2) Biden inherited an economy in freefall. 3) Inflation was high when Biden entered office. 4) Biden has brought down gas prices. 5) Biden is doing all he can to secure the border. 6) Biden is increasing domestic oil and gas production.

The DG extreme liberals will be standing and applauding as Joe gaslights America with his slanted facts. The ideal speech would be him announcing that he’s to old to run for another 4 year term, which would end 6 years from now. He’ll be 86 years old, we need younger, more coherent people running the world.

Bill Marincic

Not everyone can have a huge pension for a part-time job Santo. I’m doing just fine all it means is I will pay a little less in taxes. Don’t worry about me I will be more than fine especially once I leave this communist state.

(sigh) So many puzzle pieces for the MAGA economic/health/military experts here to try to assemble, and it never comes out making any sense.

But hey! MAGA know better than anyone how to handle international relations, and fake pandemics, and lazy liberals. And they surely are the best judges of character!

Mr. Bill 🤡 my wage income and interest income has gone up since Biden took office. Just got a CD at 4.7%. CDs were under a 1/2% under Trump. Many retirees are happy they are making money on their money now .Maybe you should stop living in the Trump Republican bubble and come out in the real world. Unscrew your MAGA hat from your head. Take off your clown shoes and nose and look at reality. Also leave your balloon making stuff behind. Or remain ignorant which you no doubt will.

Steven Flynn

Reading a liberal describe how Biden’s economic plan is working is comical yet predictable. In real terms, most people gage this on everyday items that people rely on. World Economic Forum has assessed year over year percentage price increase on daily goods.

Food at elementary schools +254%
Fuel oil +65.7%
Eggs +49%
Airline fares +36%
Butter +34%
Flour +25%
Public transportation +23.8%
Fats and oils +21.8%
Rice, pasta, cornmeal +16.8%
Bread +15.7%
Coffee +14.6% [email protected]#$%$#!!!!
Poultry +13.1%
Energy +13.1%
Furniture +10.3%
Gasoline +10.1%
Fruits and veggies +9.7%
Liquor / Beer +4.5%
Clothes +3.6%
Beef and veal -5.2% Some relief
Smartphones -23.4%

They lie and gaslight us with the propaganda that you hear on this forum. The above statistics speak for themselves. It doesnt include construction costs or housing costs which are extremely high. Bidenomics are killing us in the wallet. I will give him credit though, he did shoot down the communist chinese spy balloon, a little late but it happened nevertheless. Pop!!!

Steven Flynn

Your 4.7% CD is getting chomped up by 6.5% inflation. What you supposedly gained in income is being overwhelmed by the cost of goods. Whats the net gain after you calculate that?

Bill Marincic

Hey, stinky, you do know that CD rates follow interest rates so when you have a crappy economy you have high rates of return and when you have a big beautiful economy like Trump had then rates are low. What would you rather have $2 gas and a great economy or $4 gas and everything else up between 20% and 135% like eggs?

christophe Stalka

Back to the inflation whine I don’t get it I’m the last person to claim to be wealthy like big Bm but I’ve worked my whole life considerably myself middle class (lower) and don’t spend a minute of the day whining like these Sallies about the price of butter.

sorry dude there’s something wrong with your approach to life

Flame on rsgers

Bill Marincic

He probably has a 10K CD max at 4.75 % and that money is tied up for 5 years. He will get roughly $2375 out of that 10K, which will pay for his gas for a year.

Bill Marincic

Bob/Chris so you have spent 5 years in the workforce, someone like me that will have spent 50 years and watching your 401K drop by almost 6 figures is not something you plan for. I will survive as I always do and I’m far from wealthy, I’m middle class with a mortgage-free home.

Steven Flynn

Christophe / Bob and or assigns. You spend most of the day whining on here about something or someone else. maybe there’s something wrong with your approach as well, dont you think? I myself are guilty of that but dont make yourself look like an innocent do gooder.

Mr. Bill 🤡 I’m glad you clucked in on the price of eggs. Are you saying that Biden is responsible for The Avian Flu that caused chicken farmers to kill all their chickens and start over? Cluck some more and lay another egg on here please. Please show me more of your Stupidity and Ignorance for Trump. 🐔🐔🐔🐔 cluck cluck.

christophe Stalka

Big Bm I’m not far off but like I said I don’t spend a minute during the day like you Sallies kibbutzing about the price of butter life’s too short dude. If it’s that bad get a second job. Maybe Bob feels differently but my families on solid ground and doing better under Biden. Flame whoville said Trumpism was a nightmare and it’s gone

christophe Stalka

Silly Stevie we all don’t have those ‘special” dollys ike you boys do like I said I don’t deal with pervs move on dude


BM and Steve, My bet is that even Jesus is bored with your one-sided and futile attempts to saddle Biden with all that is bad while singing the praises and good works of one of history’s slimiest creatures.

BM, did your financial situation go south because you invested in Trump’s silly superhero trading cards? You wouldn’t want to admit that, but knowing how much faith you have in him, I’ll bet you did.

BTW, if you had been smart enough to become a teacher and chosen a competent financial adviser, you could be enjoying my income, which has steadily increased over the years instead of belly aching about how unfair Democrats have been to “poor little you.”

And bonus for me! I enjoy my money without fear that god will judge me to be, like a camel, too fat and rich to pass through the eye of the needle. Life is here for me to marvel at and fully enjoy without fear or pretense.

Steven Flynn

Guy Blowharda – you have a way of leaving out key facts. You brag about your CD return without mentioning inflation or rising interest rates, which as you know, is important to your fact. You then blame the cost of eggs solely on the bird flu and left out cost of labor, feed, transportation / logistics. Were you telling a half truth or a half lie?

Mr. Flynn 🤡 labor, feed, transportation / logistics were all there before the Avian Flu hit the farers…Killing 52.7 million birds was the major cause of the price of eggs going sky high. Now strut around and cluck for me because you think you won the argument please. You laid an egg on this one along with Mr. Bill 🤡 But keep clucking we need the eggs 😂


Guy asks the question,Mr. Brandon 🤡 do you absorb all your stupidity at night by leaving Fox News on when you sleep? Sorry Guy that is giving Fact Free Fox way more credit for what he spew’s out first thing in the morning. There has to a special place he plugs into to download all the mis information, downright lies and general c**p he spews.

2020 Electoral College Results
President Joseph R. Biden Jr. [D]
Main Opponent Donald J. Trump [R]
Electoral Vote Winner: 306 Main Opponent: 232

Just stay vigilant for DeathSantis on the horizon.

Steven Flynn

But what caused the price spike?

Highly pathogenic avian influenza is the main culprit.

In 2022, the U.S. lost 55 million commercial poultry to the virus, including ducks, turkeys, broilers and laying hens.

Layers were hit the hardest, totaling nearly 44 million nationwide and resulting in 6% fewer laying hens.

But even without factoring avian influenza, Pierce said prices would have been higher than normal due to input costs.

“It’s labor, it’s energy, it’s grain pricing,” Pierce said. “Then adding on top of it was the impact of losing 43 million hens across the country.”
Alex Baloga, president of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association, said the Ukraine war and labor shortages have also played a role.
“It’s not a one-part thing,” Baloga said. “It’s a multi-part issue that’s impacted prices.”

Gu-Gu-Guy Blowharda. – The Knack

Mr. Flynn 🤡 you didn’t let me down ….you have your clucking and strutting down perfect, Baloga and Pierce !……the 1st part of your statement was the main reason for high prices….cluck some more for me !

Not sure where you got those numbers from Steve, but if they’re from WEF, I assume they pertain to the global economy, not just the US. So are you really going to blame Bidenomics for the global rise in fruit and veggie prices??


A self-indictment:

Steven Flynn
February 6th, 2023
But what caused the price spike?

“Highly pathogenic avian influenza is the main culprit.

Alex Baloga, president of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association, said the Ukraine war and labor shortages have also played a role.”

Exactly what role did your arch-villain Biden play in this eggy catastrophe? Maybe you think he should have let Putin take over Ukraine so that grain shortages wouldn’t have led to higher prices? It does sound like your golden boy Trump would have looked the other way for his “savvy, genius” friend. And what is the security of Eastern Europe and the territorial integrity of Ukraine worth compared to higher prices for American egg-eaters? Try a bowl of oatmeal, it might soothe the troubled waters of your roiling mind.

Bill Marincic
February 6th, 2023
Bob/Chris so you have spent 5 years in the workforce, someone like me that will have spent 50 years and watching your 401K drop by almost 6 figures is not something you plan for. I will survive as I always do and I’m far from wealthy, I’m middle class with a mortgage-free home.

“The Dow Jones average return is 8.70%, as measured by the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial ETF (DIA), from its January 1998 inception through March 2022. The Dow Jones, which consists of 30 stocks, was once the performance benchmark for the stock market. However, the S&P’s broader coverage of 500 stocks makes it the primary market benchmark today.”

“The average return of the stock market over the long term is just above 10%, as measured by the S&P 500 index. Over the past decade, through to March 31, 2022, the annualized performance of the S&P 500 was 14.5%.”

If you lost money money it’s because you tried to to the thinking and, as always, blew it. – I made money, and for me it’s been 55 years of investing,not 5.

Bill Marincic
February 6th, 2023
Not everyone can have a huge pension for a part-time job Santo.

Little Willy, I guess if anyone has the right to rank on teachers, you’re the guy.

Teachers obviously failed you, the special needs boy, hugely. Or perhaps more likely you were the nitwit kid picking his nose all day in class and wiping on the little girl sitting next to you, while assuming you knew more than your teachers.

Just a reminder that every one of these MAGA tap-dancers we see here everyday, trying their damnedest to divert attention from the obvious:

– They have no solutions to the problems they blame on everyone else.
– Are on the same side as all the white fake-Christian nationalists (the real extremists).
– And are on the same side as all the election deniers trying to subvert our elections.

And they would vote for Trump in a heartbeat if they thought it’d benefit the white race and fake-Christians in America.

A very uncomfortable truth that they are barely able to hide from.

BTW Steve, my personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are.” You keep saying I’m angry, I’m not. It’s just getting old constantly dealing with very dangerous MAGA stupidity.

Glad you agree and realize I do deal with dangerous MAGA stupidity “day, after day, after day.”

We all can’t be complacent to this type of ignorance. Perhaps “God” has given me a purpose.


Newsweek: 2/6

“Donald Trump would have been impeached for a third time if it was found that a suspected foreign surveillance balloon had entered U.S. airspace for several days while he was in office, according to the former president’s eldest son.

Donald Trump Jr. has once again weighed in on the spy saga involving an alleged Chinese balloon. The balloon was shot down by a U.S. fighter jet on Saturday, February 4, off the coast of South Carolina, having first entered U.S. airspace in Alaska on January 28 and later spotted flying over Montana.

The Pentagon said it had to wait until the balloon was over open water until it attempted to take it down over fears about falling debris landing on civilian areas. The delay in shooting down the balloon resulted in criticism of President Joe Biden from Republican figures.

Trump Jr., who was one of those who previously suggested that civilians themselves try shoot down the balloon flying several miles in the air themselves, said that his father would have been scrutinized way more if the Chinese surveillance craft was so openly flying in U.S. airspace for days while he was in office.

“Trump would have been impeached a third time if foreign spycraft was parked over the U.S. for four days—and ‘whistleblowers’ in the IC and DOD would have made sure of it. Complete and total BS,” Trump Jr. wrote on social media.

The comment from Trump Jr. arrived after military and defense officials said that balloons similar to the one that was shot down over the weekend did fly over the U.S. at least three times while Trump was president, and at least once at the start of the Biden administration.

“PRC [People’s Republic of China] government surveillance balloons transited the continental United States briefly at least three times during the prior administration and once that we know of at the beginning of this administration, but never for this duration of time,” a senior defense official told reporters.”


If you do, you have your heads buried so far up their butts that you are suffering impaired thinking from oxygen deprivation. These people are obvious scam artists: Trump University, Trump digital assets, and his phony charity; and pathological liars, the election was rigged, I’m the least racist person you’ll ever meet, I have a cheaper and better health care plan, I’ll eliminate the national debt blah, blah, blah; as well as the poorest of losers and phonier than a Trump superhero figure.


Trump Jr.: ““Trump would have been impeached a third time if foreign spycraft was parked over the U.S. for four days—and ‘whistleblowers’ in the IC and DOD would have made sure of it. Complete and total BS,” Trump Jr. wrote on social media.”

Then why hasn’t the big bad DOJ arrested your irredeemable father for conspiring to stay in office illegally, inciting an insurrection, and obstructing investigation into his attempts to keep the government documents he kept and stored illegally, for unknown but suspect reasons?


HYPOCRISY at the highest levels of Christian Evangelism:

Posted to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page: 2/6/23

“Many churches today are being influenced by culture when it should be the other way around—the church should be influencing culture with the Word of God.

There are denominations and many churches that have compromised on what God’s Word says about things such as homosexuality, marriage, and abortion.”

Graham’s net worth is $10,000,000. I guess he is more influenced by our culture which places a premium on money, than Jesus Christ’s biblical messages:

Matthew 6:24 No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.

Matthew 19:21-26 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

James 5:1-6 Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you.


I apologize for taking up so much space but sometimes I just can’t handle the non-stop crap right-wingers keep posting including their adulation of Trump, unfair criticisms of Biden, and false protestations of their deeply held Christian beliefs. Yeah, right.


HEY DUMB CHUCK IN Florida. The information I put I gave the source Independent news. The Covid information came from Karen Kingston Bio tech analyst . Feel free to look her up and learn for yourself. Prove me wrong.

I think I’ll take the world’s medical authorities over this tripe.
From Ms. Kingston’s site:
(The “link below” of course and predictably asks for donations.)
What a loser.


Sacrifice for Truth

Karen Kingston left her lucrative career in #BigPharma after being called by God to use her knowledge and skill set to tell the world the details of the dangerous corruption plaguing medical establishments, government, and media.

Since then, she has been physically assaulted, deplatformed, defamed, and spends countless hours doing research so that you can have lifesaving information. If you would like to help Karen, please click the link below.


ChuckD, the gullible fools will send money; grifters like Kingston and Trump will continue to use religion to grease their path to self-aggrandizement. Maybe that is why BM complains so much about his financial situation.


BM posts: “Don’t worry about me I will be more than fine especially once I leave this communist state.”

1) I guarantee no one is worried about poor little you except poor little you.

2) Are you really so ignorant of history, economics, and communism in theory and practice that you could possibly believe we are living under communism in NYS?

3) If I were living under the yoke of a communist regime and could leave with no problem, I would be out of here tomorrow. Why aren’t you leaving tomorrow? Anything is better than living under communism. Just think, once you leave for the free South you can print and say whatever you want! Although you don’t seem to be holding back. hmmmmmmm….

For the walking Brainiac, F___youBiden, and the other meathead MAGA here:


On July 28, 2021, internet personality Stew Peters landed what he described as an “exclusive” scoop: a video interview with what he billed as Pfizer insider Karen Kingston who, Peters claimed, produced “indisputable documentation” that proves mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) contain a “poison” known as graphene oxide.

The video went viral, despite the fact that Kingston produced no such documentation, and despite the reality that her tenure at Pfizer, according to her LinkedIn profile, involved marketing cardiovascular therapies to healthcare providers in Manhattan from 1996 to 1998 — well over a decade before pharmaceutical companies had any interest in mRNA vaccines.

Graphene oxide is an ultrathin material with unique electrostatic properties popular with conspiracy theorists because of its application in various experimental technologies. The conspiracy theory promoted on the “Stew Peters Show” suggests that the vaccines secretly contain undisclosed graphene oxide to test how much their bodies could hold for future graphene-oxide-based mind control shenanigans or perhaps, as Kingston described the vaccines in her interview, for “planned genocide.”

PETERS: There is a legitimate theory that these shots are actually designed to create some sort of connectivity between humans, 5g, whatever this is controlling, your thoughts, your memories, all of these things. I mean, those are realistic and plausible.

KINGSTON: That’s not possible with this round. They rushed this thing out. They’re just seeing, you know, how much they could put into people before they die, I think, honestly


And needless to say, Snopes’ conclusion: FALSE
Please, please Mr. F___youBiden! Come back and defend yourself! Please show you’re not the pathetic little man you present as!


Just a thought:

Maybe if King tRumpy had read his Presidential Daily Briefings, he might have caught the Pentagon’s warnings about the three balloon intrusions.

Sad that the PDFs weren’t done in cartoon form with scantily dressed female characters… Then he might have shown an interest.

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