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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Feb. 8 – Four, from readers in Niskayuna, Ballston Spa, Johnstown

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Use term limits to fix Washington

I don’t write letters to the editor very often, but when I read a letter that requires a response, I have to do it.
Renee McEvilly’s Feb. 4 letter (“Stefanik represents every American”) notes that Rep. Elise Stefanik represents every American.
She is supposed to uphold the U.S. Constitution, but she can’t even do that. I do not hate Republicans.
I think Liz Cheney, who is very conservative and I do not agree with some of her views, at least has a backbone and does what she thinks is best for our country, not for what will keep her in power.
Rep. Stefanik is a liar and only looks out for herself.
If she is so special and represents all Americans, she should run for New York senator or governor. She would not even get New Yorkers to vote her in.
As a congressperson for conservative upstate New York, sure. But the broad spectrum of New Yorkers, no. Now what Rep. Stefanik and some Republicans are trying to do is what Sen. McCarthy did in the 50s. Talk about witch hunts. OMG.
Washington does need to get cleaned up for sure. The best way is term limits. Representatives like Stefanik get locked into power then don’t care about the average American or doing their job. They just want to get reelected.
Term limits would hopefully make our representatives do what I assume they all wanted to do when they first got elected. Do some good. But most end up in the swamp.
Fred Haefeli

Biden has done damage to country

A few years ago, a bitter woman, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripped up the then President Trump’s State of the Union address on live national TV. This was all because Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to a non-politician.
There was no outrage from the national media and press. The Republican party were the only ones who spoke up.
At that time of the speech, the nation was on good sound standing, the economy was great, we were self-sufficient with energy and fuel and the country was secure and feared by our enemies.
Joe on the other hand has completely destroyed our economy, opened up both our borders to illegal immigration and let the cartels bring in the most dangerous drug fentanyl killing thousands of Americans.
Our enemies are no longer worried about our military strength.
I am a proud Republican. I will never call Joe Biden president. He is a disgrace to our country.
Looking forward to having the FBI and DOJ raiding my home.
Jay Janczak
Ballston Spa

Do your part to curb climate change

There can be no doubt that the earth is warming.
On Jan. 18, my lawn was as green as it is in summer. Two days later, I was shoveling slush for the umpteenth time this year.  Not snow, the light fluffy kind, but slush from the “wintry mix” that has plagued us for most of this winter.
Ninety-eight percent of our scientists tell us that this is our own fault, from burning fossil fuels.
The other 2% are probably on the payroll of the fossil fuel industries.  Transportation, heating and electricity production are only part of the problem.
The methane-producing beef industry and plastics production are also involved, for plastics are a petroleum-based product.
How may we help? Conserve fossil fuels, eat less beef, avoid plastics to the best of your ability, and contact your congressman about this problem.
Individually, by joining together we can do a lot, but our congressmen have the power to change the laws and the subsidies that are involved.
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson

Noonan a wealth of info on outdoors

I loved reading Mike McAdam’s Feb. 2 article (“Facing health challenges, Ed Noonan retires from writing Outdoor Journal”) on Ed’s accomplishments over his penning of a storied sports column for The Gazette spanning more than 35 years.
He is an encyclopedia of hunting, fishing and trapping info, knows the state regulations, laws, the legal do’s and don’ts, every kind of hunting firearms, archery, fishing and traps.
Thank you to Rose and yourself for a most timely, well written, and congratulatory sendoff.
As a retired educator of young children, I truly appreciate how he tries to inspire a love for these outdoor sporting activities that will last them for their entire lifetime.
Bravo Mr. Noonan!
You and your column shall be sorely missed.
Norm Griffin


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Looks like the invaders from the southern border in NYCare not happy with the grass on the other side of the border. They are asking to be shipped to Canada because NYC is too dangerous and unsafe. I thought they left their country because of deplorable living conditions and they were not safe there? Looks like someone told them it would sunshine and lollipops and they would be farting rainbows when they invaded the U.S. . Tells you everything you need to know how this was organized by Soros to convince people to invade and overwhelm our infrastructure and cause havoc. What is going to happen when all of these invaders start to revolt because the socialist cannot keep up with the government cheese for them. Thankfully they haven’t confiscated our second amendment.
Step back and look at what has happened since the invasion and the increasing attacks on our constitution. The Democratic Socialist came out and said when the Messiah Obama was in the White House. WE WILL FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA. Looks the 16 year plan is on course.

Joseph Vendetti

Mr. Haefeli – agreed the US Senate, Congress, all US Governors, all US State Representatives, & all local politicians need term limits.

Every President this century has promoted what has been “accomplished”. I think the President has done a fair job in his first two years but frankly it should have been so much better with control of both the house and Senate.

The highs from 2021-2023 are:

1.) Biden’s Build Back Better reforms — which would expand spending in areas like childcare, health care, paid leave and education – fantastic accomplishment.

2.) Focus on infrastructure – there have been 7,000 new construction projects that fund roads, bridges and the internet

3.) Capping pharmaceuticals prices which is extremely important to our seniors that are on a fixed income

The great quote from John Vernon actor from the movie “Outlaw Josey Wales” – “Senator don’t piss down my back and tell me its raining” – Fletcher.

The small or large fibs or stretches of the truth –

1.) The economy – saying 12 million jobs were created? No – we were at full employment before the start of the pandemic and those jobs were going to come back. President Biden & Administration growth is 2.7 million which is still good.

2.) Wage growth is higher then inflation – so this is only somewhat accurate if we are talking about the last 6 months, & this is for federal employees who have been covered by massive raises (COLA).

3.) Fuel costs – we have depleted our strategic reserves, we have stopped federal and state fuel taxes and fuel was down up until November and is rising again. Fuel costs are the major driver in food cost increases across the globe.

The lows from 2021-2023 are:

1.) Not taking responsibility for actions – don’t blame the inflation on everything from pandemic to Putin – if you want to take responsibility for ups you need to own up to the downs – By attacking Oil & Gas from day 1 our & the worlds key inflation driver is fuel.

2.) Crime – what we are seeing in all major cities from NYC, Chicago and Los Angles with people walking into stores and taking things, attacks on innocent pedestrians on the street has to end.

3.) Southern Border – in two years some say 4.5 million some say 2.5 million migrants have crossed into the US. Policymakers have set limits based on schools, infrastructure, & hospitals- we can’t sustain this influx. We will send $100 billion to the Ukraine to protect its border and sovereignty from Russia but leaving our own southern border open???

For middle-of-the-road voters like myself , neither the southern border nor inflation received much attention from the President — despite both issues being of importance to voters.

I am worried about Fentanyl! I’m worried that my paycheck and my workers paycheck is being out stripped by food, gas and utilities!!

Why I voted for President Biden – moderate & bipartisan.

President Biden ran as a moderate. He has not been a moderate. A moderate would have focused on a 20 year rollout to energy not a 4 year take it or leave it plan. This position caused the Oil & Gas industry to retract & not invest which has caused a massive increase in the world in fuel.

President Biden ran as a bipartisan. He has attacked everything from moderate to conservative. Last night with his medicare comments was no way to make friends.

One of his main campaign promises – not to increase taxes on anyone under $400,000? So just because the tax brackets didn’t increase the cost of fuel & food have taxed everyone and it hurts the most to the common folk like us.

Every poll shows now that President Biden doesn’t even have the support of his own party with 71% saying we are going in the wrong direction. Lets support him for the last two years and hope for a younger more moderate President in 2024.


So Mattis is now saying that he never withheld information about Chinese balloons from Trump. So either the MSM is pushing propaganda or their are corrupt military leaders in bed with the DOJ and FBI and are corrupt.
Then the most recent was General Van Herck said he did not feel the balloon wasn’t demonstrating a hostile intent. A balloon from a forge in hostile country sends an aircraft regardless of its type into our airspace is a hostile threat? But then it was said they did not have time to shoot the balloon down. Riddle me this why were there explosives on the balloon to destroy it if needed. The balloon had an explosive payload and that’s not hostile?
Corrupt deep state in bed with China. The FAA had to accommodate air space around the balloon as meandered across our country.
FYI in 2018 China tested a balloon to carry hypersonic missiles tell me again how this is not a threat and Biden is a spineless leader and cares more about his money laundering than protect our country. Treason at the highest levels.


The socialist are ramping up and looking to censor the people just like the NAZI’s did in 1940’s Germany. The threat to constitution is on going.

If new IHR amendments are passed they would give WHO
Director General powers to control, censor and act upon and mis- disinformation’ in
members country.
WHO was founded in 1948 as a “health arm” of UN.
Everything is connected. Pay close attention.
O @discioset
NOW – UN Secretary-General: “We’ll call for action from everywhere with influence on the spread of mis- disinformation on the internet.


An insurrection is happening in Oklahoma whenTRANS LIVES MATTERS storms and occupies the State capital. Will they be prosecuted and held in jail for years without trials. Will the MSM cover this 24/7 . I think not because it doesn’t fit their narrative of the propaganda.
Once again double standards. If they could tie this to Trump it would be a story but nothing to see here.

christophe Stalka

Mr janczuk I’m sorry you feel so badly please be assured unless you’re stealing classified docs or planning an insurrection you have nothing to fear from DOJ or the FBI they are hear to protect us. Have axgreat day

christophe Stalka

SOTU overall I was impressed with Bidens stated achievements There is much more to be achieved. I understand the irrational rage of the dancing Brandies it mirrors that career defining bomb of a response from Sarah Huckabee. Socialists nazis scary terms I doubt you understand whatever dude we live in America a great Democracy calm yourself grow up and support our efforts or rage on whatever we will move forward

Steven Flynn

Is grandpa done yelling at me? America needs younger representation, Biden 80, McConnell 80, Trump 76, Feinstein 89. That speech last night was a gentleman well past his prime yelling at a teleprompter and slurring his speech. It happens to the best of us, age creeps up on you and next thing you know you’re struggling with basic everyday functions. Its time for the elderly crew to ride off into the sunset and let the next generation of liars and thieves take over.


I do believe Joe Biden is too old to run for a second term. I hope he steps aside for a younger more progressive Democrat like Sherrod Brown, Corey Booker, Stacey Adams, Gavin Newsom, or Elizabeth Warren.

However, he did an outstanding job of presenting his accomplishments, and the Republicans led by MTG, who looked and acted like a grossly overgrown schoolyard bully, played into his hands with their childish conduct.

Sarah was boring with her litany of made up problems in America. She needs to WAKE UP! hahahaha!

I have voted for republicans in the past. As the Republican Party stands right now. there is no way I can vote for any of them. Biden is the only viable candidate that can win the presidential election. The republican party must oust the vermin from their party before I can even contemplate voting republican again. People like Mr. Flynn 🤡 and Mr. Bill 🤡 have to be deprogrammed and move away from their Messiah Trump and look at the damage he did to this nation of ours.

I’ll admit to getting second-hand embarrassment from watching Biden’s speeches. He’s not articulate, he rambles on, and is non-sensical at times. I long for the days of Obama’s great oratory skills. BUT… he has accomplished A LOT in his first two years legislatively, and that is undeniable. He has appointed A LOT of judges, and he has proven to be able to beat Donald Trump in a presidential election. So, I say, go with what works. As much as I cringe about the thought of having him deliver speeches for the next six years, as long as he is producing results for the country, I can look past his faults. Contrary to Trump’s assertion, I in fact am NOT tired of winning, and look forward to another four years of the crazies in the GOP bringing the party more losses, and the Democrats winning on their track record of actual accoplishments.

“To rebuild the backbone of America, America’s middle class.
And to unite the country…”

Part of Joe Biden speech was about unification of our nation. Working together in spite of our differences. He called no one names, and he praised the achievements our nation has accomplished together, both Democrats and Republicans.

What’s wrong with raising taxes on the wealthy, and having large corporations pay their fair share as well? What’s wrong with having the loopholes of hidden costs removed from airlines, hotels, and other big business that play a shell game with us Americans.

What’s wrong with the criticism and attempted resolve of the egregious behavior a big tech, big oil, and big pharmaceuticals?

Beyond all that he looks and acts like an adult, not an embarrassment to the country like the MAGA morons, screaming, like jackasses.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders response:

“..government exists not to rule the people, but to serve the people.”
So give big tech, oil and pharmaceuticals a free hand, don’t “rule” them. Let them continue to screw us, the hard working tax payers of America.

“President Biden and I don’t have a lot in common.”I’m for freedom. He’s for government control..”. – Freedom for the wealthy to get wealthier and large corporations to get richer. Wake up you clowns! You’re being used!

…our children are taught to hate one another on account of their race, but not to love one another….” Exactly thank you trump and MAGA people.

“I signed Executive Orders to ban CRT, racism…” CRT EXPOSES RACISM! Great idea to ban it.

“He’s the first man to surrender his presidency to a woke mob”…. 1 / 6 / 21 ?
“Biden administration seems more interested in woke fantasies”

(“The definition of “woke” changes depending on who you ask.
The term has recently been used by some conservatives as an insult against progressive values.
The term, however, was originally coined by progressive Black Americans and used in racial justice movements in the early to mid-1900s.
To be “woke” politically in the Black community means that someone is informed, educated and conscious of social injustice and racial inequality, Merriam-Webster Dictionary states.”). – – What an idiot!

”Every day, we are told that we must partake in their rituals, salute their flags, and worship their false idols”…. Christian Gods?

In all of politics, the biggest worry right now in America is the MAGA Republicans. – They were unsuccessful in their attempt to overthrow the government on 1 / 6 / 21 with a crazy mob, but they are currently diligently working to overthrow the government via the House, with the Marjorie Taylor Green’s of politics. – God help us!

One of the smartest things that Joe Biden said in his speech was about having everything for our rebuilding of the US infrastructure manufactured and resourced in the United States.

In actuality, that’s a terrible move, certainly not cost-effective and not helpful to international trade relations, but that’s what the MAGA morons want to hear, so you’ve play that game to get the simpleton vote. USA, USA, USA

christophe Stalka

Mr restifo I agree Biden scares these nuts the idea that mad madge Santos and gaetz and crew are even in Congress should scare the rest of us. When the joint chiefs feel they have to hide intelligence from a president to prevent him from bombing neighboring countries that’s my argument against ageism in a nutshell.

Jay Janczak, there are many more ways to expand and remedy your limited, ill-informed beliefs. Realize it’s not going to happen on the Fox reality show, or conspiracy promoting social media websites.

Steve, There are some advantages to aging:

If someone has at least half a brain, with age, they will gain knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Obviously nothing you should concern yourself with.


Excerpts from the column “Where wartime…” in the Opinion Section of today’s DG:

“Chevron ($36.5b.), Exxon ($56b.), and Shell ($39.87b.)…announced this past week that in 2022 they…earned the highest annual net profits ever recorded in the company’s history…”

“Exxon…paid a bit of U.S.taxes last year, at an estimated tax rate of $2.8%.”

Come on righties, you have to acknowledge that greed and the influence of BIG OIL LOBBYISTS plays a part in how high gas prices are.

Much of the high price we pay for gas goes into the pockets of wealthy oil-company stockholders as dividends and higher stock prices through buybacks; how hard must they work to earn this money? Most, not at all. I believe in a reasonable return on investments, an essential part of capitalism. But when companies can buy Congressmen and thus preferential tax treatment and charge whatever the market will bear, they are literally picking our pockets.


The most important quality of any executive or administrator is to know how to pick the best people to rely on for input and to carry policy out.

BM, just for the heck of it, try to post one comment without numerous insults. Maybe people would take you more seriously. You come off as not only ill-informed and opinionated, but rude and unbearably self-satisfied.

Steven Flynn

Sarah Huckabee Sanders rebuttal should’ve been, her standing at the southern border, holding a carton of eggs, utility bill, a balloon, and not said a word. That would’ve done been the perfect response to the 2 hours of yelling and slurring.

Bill Marincic
February 8th, 2023
If any of you ICP-BMDCs believe that Biden is the one making decisions you are dumber than a box of rocks.

Nasty is obvious, but you’re dumber, if that’s possible, than previous thought.

Any one in any type of leadership position has advisors that may be more knowledgeable In certain aspects of what’s going on. Even in my small business, I listened and learned from sales people and installers, to factory reps and the builders themselves.

You rely on others expertise and experience in a field, look at the total picture, make a rational decision while considering the possibilities outcomes, then follow through with a plan. Additionally have a good back up if change is necessary.

Or you ask Donnie Jr. to get his finger out of his nose, and advise with unbelievable gross incompetency.

Or you lose money in your 401k portfolio by not getting the right advice, and doing it yourself, right Bill?

Please again say something stupid or nasty so the borderline voters that read this forum will know who not to politically align with.

Steven Flynn
February 8th, 2023
Sarah Huckabee Sanders rebuttal should’ve been, her standing at the southern border, holding a carton of eggs, utility bill, a balloon, and not said a word. That would’ve done been the perfect response to the 2 hours of yelling and slurring.

To the other genius Steve, your comprehension skills are close to nil.

Your utility bills are so high because of MAGA Republicans continue to get you nitwits to vote for “less government.” Letting the energy companies do as they please, and pay no taxes is the result.

Yes holding a big balloon is a great idea, in hopes that it would have floated her off into the ozone layer that she is metaphorically existing in right now.

As far as the eggs go, make yourself useful and sit on a few.

Steven Flynn

Half of Americans say they are worse off now than they were last year, the highest proportion since the height of the Great Recession, a poll released on Wednesday found.
Exactly 50% of Americans say their personal financial situation has deteriorated over the past 12 months, a level not seen since the 54% who said they were worse off in May 2009, according to a Gallup poll.
Meanwhile, the poll found that just 35% of Americans say they are better off now, down from a high of 59% in January 2020.

Bidenomics in action. Gaslighter in chief.

great thing about the future in the US its probably going to get a lot better knowing that may be the source of all the complaining. Strange I enjoyed the Speech. I cant say I would’ve minded not seeing Sarah making such a fool of herself but she took her shot. Time to start the bitcjin about life liars go for it start depressing each other


Flynn could this have something to do with America’s economic problems:

“Chevron ($36.5b.), Exxon ($56b.), and Shell ($39.87b.)…announced this past week that in 2022 they…earned the highest annual net profits ever recorded in the company’s history…”

“Exxon…paid a bit of U.S.taxes last year, at an estimated tax rate of $2.8%.”

Come on righties, you have to acknowledge that greed and the influence of BIG OIL LOBBYISTS plays a part in how high gas prices are.

From highlights of coverage of the Inflation Reduction Act: CNBC 8/16/22

-Corporate business advocates have railed against the 15% corporate minimum tax in the Inflation Reduction Act.

-President Biden is scheduled to sign the legislation into law Tuesday afternoon.

-Tax analysts say the reforms will not adversely affect most companies.

-The 1% excise tax proposed on stock buybacks will not be enough to discourage companies from the practice, analysts added.

My suggestion is to raise the excise on buybacks tax to 2% and continue until the practice stops.


Flynn, of course, someone as knowledgeable as you on matters of the economy knows what a ripple effect on prices increased costs of transportation have.

Last night’s State of the Union speech gave me hope things are getting better. The policies President Biden has implemented and the legislation that’s been passed are largely things that will take time to realize the benefits of.

And things look so much better than what the Republicans have put forth which amount to basically nothing. Actions speak louder than words.

Taking cheap shots at how President Biden presents himself and speaks shows an empty vessel of ideas. Biden has assembled a great team who have been and promise to be productive and in sync with what the American public call for.

Chuck as you know Mr Biden has a speech impediment. Mocking the disabled is sport for these donkey boys – they wouldnt feel like winners if they couldnt kick a blind man.


The loonies always contradicting themselves. Calling for higher taxes on corporations will just make corporations stop spending and hiring. Funny the lead donkey clown just yesterday endorsed capitalism. Now the propaganda machine tells you no capitalism bad. FYI when corporations are not making money then their shareholders demand ROI so they cut employees and production drops . Stock values go down. Santos was just saying what a smart capitalist he was now you made your money so screw everyone else.


Love the MSM is besides themselves because of out bursts by republicans. Had no problem with the queen shrew Pelosi ripping up the copy of the SOTU address with Trump. What a bunch of Dumb Chucks


LGB, why are you not able to understand what I so clearly posted? Unbridled, unrestrained capitalism would be a nightmare for ordinary people. Government regulation and taxation KEEPS REAL CAPITALISM ALIVE WHILE PREVENTING ITS DEGENERATION INTO MONOPOLISTIC PREDATORY CAPITALISM. The accumulation of too much wealth in corporate hands is not good for society or real competition. Do you think EXXON paying 2.8% in federal taxes is fair, considering people with infinitely lower incomes pay a higher percentage with much of it going to keep up the infrastructure necessary for EXXON to do business.

Do you really want a Putin-style Russian America?


Can everyone see the racism and obvious contempt for the intelligence of the American people in this haughty comment from Florida Senator Rick Scott?

February 8, 2023 Hypocrisy, Republicans

The Hill reports:

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) on Wednesday defended his proposal to sunset all federal legislation after five years and slammed President Biden as “confused” in response to Biden’s claim at the State of the Union address that some Republicans want to sunset Social Security and Medicare.

“In my plan, I suggested the following: All federal legislation sunsets in five years. If a law is worth keeping, Congress can pass it again,” Scott said in a statement following Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress.

The only goal the Republicans have is saying “We owned the Libs”…it makes them happy. They didn’t even notice how Biden threw back their catcalls with facts. Biden got the Republicans to agree on national TV there will be no cuts to Medicare and Social Security. …Biden saved the USA. History will show it,

brandies it was entertaining watching Biden handle those classless fools without flinching .
Mccarthy certainly was unsettled by that sloth like display but hey you do you- barn animals act like barn animals Mad Madge certainly had no class prior to the speech why would anyone expect her to act normal during it.


Trump’s vicious nature and Republican in-fighting are highlighted in this excerpt from Newweek: 2/7/23

Former President Donald Trump boosted an accusation that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was guilty of “grooming” underage girls shortly after DeSantis defended the former president over the “Russia collusion hoax.”

Trump went on a rampage against DeSantis in a series of Truth Social posts. In two posts, Trump shared an image that purportedly showed the governor drinking alcohol with teenage girls that he was responsible for teaching at a high school in Georgia.


I see the Republican party crumbling in the future when Trump runs as a 3rd party candidate against Republican nominee DeSantis in 2024. He will take the MAGA vote, which will never be a majority. More “moderate” Republicans will vote for DeSantis. And the Democratic nominee will win. There is a good chance both the House and Senate will have Democratic majorities. Happy Days will be here again.

Joe V.: As usual I agree with much of what you say. But I take strong objection to your seemingly persistent defense of the oil and gas industry. Do you own stock? No law against it but it sounds like you have a vested interest in their success.

The facts, as provided by the fossil fuel industry itself are that they have raked in obscene profits, and still benefit from government subsidies in the form of tax breaks and other support, all while watching America’s meltdown over gas prices (and the loud minority making it Joe Biden’s fault, exacting a political toll). And you don’t see the immorality in that?
And whether you like it or not, the facts and the science, in worldwide consensus, are that the earth is warming and that warming has followed a striking parallel with the rise of the industrial revolution. Fossil fuels are a major culprit that the fossil fuel industry itself admitted decades ago. Insurance actuaries don’t fool around and are building in the prospect of worsening natural calamities in the future due to a changing climate.

Time *is* of the essence wrt transitioning to cleaner energy sources. The fossil fuel industry could have accepted this decades ago when their scientists reported on it, and started planning. But they seem locked into being simply a short-sighted revenue robots. Biden and other world leaders know that without legislation the industry will remain locked in intransigence, and they need to receive some tough love to get them to move in the right direction.

Steven Flynn
February 8th, 2023
Half of Americans say they are worse off now than they were last year

Ya know what? I’d be willing to bet that it’s in the 85% – 90% range that American families can’t succeed, prosper and live comfortably as compared to in 1956. ( I remember growing up in those days) Yeah, back then the “head of household” could be the only person working. Dad, if he was willing to work hard, could support a wife two kids a car and small house. Guess what jack? Those days are gone! The times they are a changing.

If that’s what “Make America Great Again” means, forget it, like I said, it ain’t happening. Don’t believe the trump lies. Yes, Those days are gone!

That’s why we keep on going from a Democratic president to a Republican president. People are promised that it’s going to get better so they switch, but nothing ever gets better, except the pockets of the wealthy and powerful.

MAGA people, realize, and I can’t stress enough, when the new republicans play into your hand by constantly touting “less government” it only helps big business, and the rich and powerful get bigger, richer, and more powerful.

The big players have the means to spend millions on lawyers and accountants to find and use the loop holes. They spend millions more to get lobbyists to tilt the laws to their advantage.

Vote these greedy, indifferent people out of office, vote for the people that want BETTER GOVERNMENT, not less or more. in order for the playing field to be more level, the huge disparity in the distribution of money must end.

Stop being played, trump and tucker carlson couldn’t give two sh/ts about any of us.

Steven Flynn

Fair but Maddow and Biden could give 2 sh#ts about you. They only care about one thing, how much $$$ can I make bullsh#tting America. It pays well as you can see.

Steven Flynn

In what scenario? That question could have a bunch of different situations where u could say both and which particular big business? and why are they trying to break them up. Big business isnt always the boogeyman u know.

February 8th, 2023
Excerpts from the column “Where wartime…” in the Opinion Section of today’s DG:

“Chevron ($36.5b.), Exxon ($56b.), and Shell ($39.87b.)…announced this past week that in 2022 they…earned the highest annual net profits ever recorded in the company’s history…”

“Exxon…paid a bit of U.S.taxes last year, at an estimated tax rate of $2.8%.”

Come on righties, you have to acknowledge that greed and the influence of BIG OIL LOBBYISTS plays a part in how high gas prices are.

Washington Post:

“Soon after Elon Musk took over Twitter, he began promoting screenshots of internal company documents that he said exposed “free speech suppression” on the social media platform during the 2020 election. Republicans were thrilled.

On Wednesday, Musk’s “Twitter Files” took center stage in a combative Capitol Hill hearing, as GOP leaders attempted to turn Twitter’s decision to briefly block sharing a New York Post story about President Biden’s son into evidence of a broad conspiracy. Conservatives have long argued that Silicon Valley favors Democrats by systematically suppressing right-wing viewpoints on social media. These allegations have evolved in nearly a half-decade of warnings, as politicians in Washington and beyond fixate on the industry’s communications with the FBI and Democratic leaders, seeking to cast the opposing party as against free speech.

“Twitter … was a private company that the federal government used to do what it cannot: limit the constitutional free exercise of speech,” said House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, flanked by a poster displaying the New York Post story. He added that the committee now knows all of this “because of Elon Musk,” joining a chorus of Republicans praising the mercurial billionaire throughout the hearing.

The testimony of former Twitter executives repeatedly contradicted these accusations. Still, Republicans plowed ahead with unsubstantial allegations of collusion between government officials and the company’s old regime. After one former Twitter executive testified that most of his interactions with the FBI were about foreign interference, Rep. Jim Jordan, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, shot back: “I think you guys got played.”

At times, the hearing veered away from Republican aims as Anika Collier Navaroli, a company whistleblower, brought forward new testimony alleging conservatives influenced the social network. The company changed its policies to accommodate Trump’s rule-breaking tweet, according to Navaroli, and the Trump White House asked Twitter to remove an insulting tweet about the former president, posted by the television personality Chrissy Teigen Teigen.

But the hearing was just the latest effort to advance an increasingly popular Republican narrative that Democrats colluded with social media companies. House Republicans have formed a panel to probe perceived government abuses against conservatives, including allegations of social media bias. Meanwhile, two Republican attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri have filed a lawsuit alleging that the Biden administration is circumventing the First Amendment to censor social media.

Taken collectively, these actions represent the next phase of a GOP strategy, which contributed to the distrust among some conservatives that seeded the “big lie,” the baseless claim that the 2020 election was stolen. The early warnings that liberal employees inside tech companies tilt the playing field in favor of Democrats have ballooned into accusations that government officials actively collude with the platforms to influence public discourse.

Paul M. Barrett, the deputy director of the New York University Stern Center for Business and Human Rights, said the increased pressure from Republicans have resulted in tech companies “bending over backward” to accommodate content from right-wing accounts for fear of political reprisal.

“The fact that … people are continuing to bang this drum that there’s anti-conservative bias is really unfortunate. It’s really confusing, and it’s just not true,” Barrett said in an interview”……

Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.


Unregulated capitalism leads to cutthroat competition and monopolies. Without competition the benefits of capitalism, efficiency, variety, low prices, high quality products, and incentives are all lost. In a monopoly supply and demand no longer operate to produce high quality goods at low prices. An unregulated monopoly looks for the highest price the market will bear, one that reduces supply but maximizes price and profits.

This is the paradox of capitalism, to maintain a functioning free market economy government intervention is essential. The question is what kinds of interventions are necessary. No one posting on this page ever expressed the desire for a government take over of all production, with ownership of the “means of production” theoretically vested in the public.

A minimum wage, progressive income taxes, social security, a national health care system and public education are not communist! They are programs designed to fulfill basic needs and to create a more equal distribution of wealth than would occur in unregulated capitalism.


I challenge our fellow MAGA posters to dispute the following as your parties policies. Please show us what your parties policies ARE if not these. Just look to DeathSantis and Florida to see all five in action all day every day . They basically have 5 main policy goals right now.
1.. The manipulation and subversion of electoral systems to cement their own political power.

2. The extermination of LGBT people from the public sphere

3. The protection of wealthy and corporate interests from regulation, taxation, and organized labor

4. The legal penalizing of anything that could cause their base to question their beliefs

5. The propagation of the culture war to distract the public from the first four policies


The main stream media scratches the donkey clowns belly like a lost puppy. They belch out everything about republicans are in fighting the democrats have all together and Sleepy quid pro quo Joe has nothing to worry about. Joe first of all probably didn’t hear her say LIAR. If he did he something it probably sounded MMMM I like pudding.
The facts are the democratic Socialist are being called out for what they are the Socialist have hand there hands in the cookie jar to long and now it is time to pay the piper.
Even your beloved WSJ poll has Biden in the toilet. They have the DOs and FBI making it known that Congress better not follow through on the investigations they are pushing. Once again the GESTAPO for the Democratic socialist using broad base threats against congress.
All you ICP turds have is Yeah but what about Trump?
Santo the free market always corrects itself. Consumers decide what company will succeed what companies do not. Need an example DISNEY they went woke and are going broke. M&M is next along with BED BATH and BEYOND. Government regulates to do one thing like any mafia boss. You want to do business I want a piece and I will get it through regulations and taxes. That is not a free market that’s called organized crime.


Hey Florida The issue is the LGBQT are forcing their way of life down children’s throats through the corrupt D.O.E.
Organized labor had its time in history today it is just an extension of Democratic money bank on the backs of union workers. They say they are the workers when the sends millions to the DNC. I am a union worker and came from the private sector my work ethics conflict with union rules , they bitch at me for working past the lunch time or end of day. They say it makes the members look bad. That’s what unions do if any of these lifers ever had to work a private sector job with their mentality they would last a couple days.
The electoral system correct me if I am wrong but didn’t the DNC change the primary states start to South Carolina because sleepy Joe did well there? Congratulations you managed to rant without mentioning Trump although you did call out MAGA

“…The issue is the LGBQT are forcing their way of life down children’s throats …”

Better than fake Christian indoctrination though.
Better than racist revisionist US history.
You loon.


The consistently wrong, out of ignorance and/or malice I don’t know, GFB erroneously states, “Santo the free market always corrects itself.”

During the gilded age monopolies were gaining so much power that Congress passed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act in 1890 and in 1914 the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clayton Act. These laws are still in effect to prevent private monopolistic control of the economy.

FDR’s New Deal helped pull our country through the Great Depression.

In an advanced industrial economy with so much potential for wealth concentration and monopoly government regulation is necessary for capitalism to function.

I don’t expect GFB to understand this, but who knows?


What an outstanding example of the slime MAGA voters sent to the House of Representatives. Electing lawmakers like this will ruin this country. Please, MAGA loyalists, consider carefully the character of the people you support:

“Bottom line is that the FBI had the Biden crime family laptop for a year. They knew it would hurt the Biden campaign. So, the FBI used its relationship with Twitter to suppress criminal evidence being revealed about Joe Biden one month before the 2020 elections.

“You, ladies and gentlemen interfered with the United States of America 2020 presidential election, knowingly and willingly. That’s the bad news.

“It’s gonna get worse because this is the investigation part. Later comes the arrests part. Your attorneys are familiar with that.” – GOP Rep. Clay Higgins, at today’s “Twitter Files” hearing.

Higgins last appeared on JMG when he tweeted this about Nancy Pelosi: “That moment you realize the nudist hippie male prostitute LSD guy was the reason your husband didn’t make it to your fundraiser.”

Is the last paragraph where BM got his disinformation about the attack on Mr. Pelosi or did he and Higgins use the same source of disinformation?

Jay Janczak:Yet another loon.

“a bitter woman, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripped up the then President Trump’s State of the Union address on live national TV. This was all because Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to a non-politician.”

Wrong Jay, but thanks for yet another glaring example of how you people think. And I do mean “you people” and I do paint with a broad brush because you all repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and echo, and parrot all the same talking points. Mostly verbatim (know what that means?) to what your puppet masters tell you. And then you turn all your own bad behavior into everyone else’s.

Donald Trump told you to hate Hillary, so you do.
Donald Trump told you Barack Obama wasn’t a US citizen, so you believed him.
Donald Trump told you Mexico would pay for the wall, and you bought it.
Donald Trump told you the elections were stolen, and you ran with it.

The TDS belongs to you and others, like flynn here, marincic, F___youBiden and all the other little critters that occupy your minds.

Steven Flynn

Lou, if the work you get is from mainly Republican developers, then where’s the problem? Do you think they were handed that development company to them or did they bust their #ss to get there. I work with local developers and they’re some of the hardest working people I know. Most of them started out doing labor work and moved up the ladder in life. Shouldn’t you wonder why they’re not democrats? And why not? If u got minimal work from democratic devlopers, would u still take their work first? Probably not, you’re a businessman. What gives Lou.


This is what Putin, a man Trump called a “savvy genius” for his plans to divide Ukraine before invading, has brought the world to. We are on a nuclear precipice looking down into the abyss because of the “savvy genius” whom Trump so admires. Newsweek: 2/8/23

Russian state television aired its latest nuclear threat amidst the war in Ukraine, with former Russian Army commander Andrey Gurulyov suggesting nuclear weapons should be used following a series of military setbacks.

Gurulyov, currently an MP in the State Duma, has not been shy in referring to Moscow’s nuclear capabilities during his appearances on the program Evening with Vladimir Solovyov.

Last month, he said that Russia should use atomic weapons to attack the United States to avenge its support, both military and financial, for Ukraine and that Americans “won’t come to their senses” until they “get hit with a nuke on their skull.”

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