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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Feb. 9 – Four, from readers in Rotterdam, Schenectady, Scotia, Amsterdam

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Dutchman name is rooted in tradition

After reading Sen. Jim Tedisco’s comments in the Feb. 4 Gazette (“Tedisco not a fan of Union dropping Dutchmen nickname,”) concerning a PR firm looking to the Union College community for a change of nickname, I felt the need to chime in.
I never went to Union as a student. However as a Schenectady resident and lover of live sports, I have been attending both Dutchmen football (since 1985) and hockey (season ticket holder since 1990) quite regularly.
Over that time period, Union students have come and gone (and occasionally return as alumni), but residents of our area have been supporting Union athletics for many years.
Many of us have traveled to away games, including NCAA playoffs and national championship games.
So far, from what I’ve read, only students, alumni and college employees have been surveyed. Please be sure to include area supporters of Union during your process. Without us, many of their gyms, rinks and stands would be pretty empty year after year.
For me, Union College will always be the Dutchmen/Dutchwomen, the nickname that gained national prominence during the Stagg Bowl years, then more recently with our Skating Dutchmen’s two Frozen Four appearances.
Please don’t change what is already well recognized.
Wm Scott Daly

Trump-like actions threaten democracy

The unrest which has followed the October 2022 presidential election in Brazil is reminiscent of the unrest which followed our 2020 presidential election.
The Brazilian election pitted incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Bolsonaro, a conservative, had the endorsement of Donald Trump and is often referred to as the “Tropical Trump.”
The election was very close. Official returns gave da Silva 50.9% of the vote compared to 49.1% for Bolsonaro. The speaker of the lower house of the Brazilian Congress recognized Lula’s win. However, Bolsonaro followed the Trump playbook and did not acknowledge his defeat.
Many of Bolsonaro’s supporters protested against the results and observers feared that Bolsonaro might launch an insurrection of the type incited by Trump. Bolsonaro said that the protests were legitimate.
Moreover, Bolsonaro and his supporters claimed without proof that the election was rigged and that the electronic voting system was prone to fraud. All of this should sound very familiar to Americans.
Then, on Jan. 8, thousands of Bolsonaro’s supporters stormed Brazil’s Congress, the Supreme Court, and the presidential palace. Many of the rioters claimed that the resulting destruction was caused by “agents” on the left who had infiltrated the ranks of the protesters, an accusation which sounds familiar.
The insurrection occurred while Bolsonaro was in Florida where he still remains. Prosecutors are now investigating his possible role in the riots and seeking to freeze his assets.
Trump-like extremists continue to be a threat to democracy worldwide.
Don Steiner

Cut lottery pots to pay vital workers

I like to think of myself as an average senior citizen, having retired from a job which I loved and one which paid me enough to live comfortably. I happen to believe God had a plan for my life and I am grateful for it.
As a nurse starting out in the 70’s, I never expected to get rich, nor did I ever think I was  underpaid.
Reflecting on the governor’s recent budget and her targets of priority, I just wonder why the state lottery pots are so exorbitant? Would it not make more sense to have a dollar scratch-off worth say, $500 max?
Imagine where all the millions could be better used, like training more mental health professionals and helping fund nonprofit nursing homes.
Are we too greedy to not think a potential 500% profit on our $1 is not enough?
God bless us all.
Nancyjane Batten

We know how to track documents

Remember the days of Blockbuster Video or your local video store?
How about when we used to go to the library and check out books? They always seem to know where their property was, who had it and for how long. Be late and you get “the” phone call.
Yet our government can’t seem to keep track of classified information, who has it, where it is, what the need is and for how long. It really shouldn’t be that difficult.
Robert Palmateer



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Interesting the Twitter trials reveal that the Hunter Biden laptop did not violate Twitter standards. Yet by the guidance of the FBI they censored it to manipulate the election. Then during the hearing C-SPAN lost their signal, weird why did that happen could be more censorship. Funny they never loose signal when going after Trump. Gee whiz seems kind of weird. But nothing to see here right deep stay getting desperate.
So Yoel Roth states they were not pressured by the FBI to censor, because Twitter , Facebook and Google were in partnership with the Intel community. So there you have it Intel community censoring social media. NAZI playbook once again. WAKE UP there it is right before your eyes. 3 blind mice see how they run…..


Hunter and Quid Pro quo Joe Ukraine money laundering:
Daniel Goldman is lying. Ukrainian prosecutor Shokin WAS investigating Burisma when Biden got him fired.
He had just seized all property of Burisma owner Zlochevsky. Shokin was retired at the time his corrupt predecessor allegedy took bribe to save Zlochevsky from British probe
Kyev Post Feb 4, 2016: Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office issues a warrant to seize the property of the ex-Minister of Natural Resources of Ukraine Mykola
Zlochevsky, namely housing estate of 922 sqm. 2 land plots, 3 garden houses, a Rolls-Royce Phantom car, etc
Shokin was brought out of retirement by Poroshenko as a clean skin
was fired for doing just that, a politician was installed as prosecutor
and Ziochevsky was let off with a fine to continue business as usual.
Once again the evidence keeps pointing to the corruption involved with Ukraine and the U.S. Socialist Democrats.
I wonder if the election would have been different if the truth about Biden’s crime family was revealed and not censored by the partnership with the deep state intel community.
The facts are there these are not my words just posting what I have read.


Hunter Biden earned $83,333 per month to sit on the board of Burisma until his father’s vice presidency ended and his fee Burisma was cut in half. He earned
$4million from Burisma in the 5 years to April 2019, the month he abandoned
his laptop and Joe announced he would run for president.
Once again these are the facts but yet they keep saying the story was debunked but yet Hunter just admitted it was his laptop and his attorneys want people to stop talking about it.
TIK TOK the truth is coming all the things they accuse Trump and MAGA for is exactly what the Democratic Socialist were doing.


Hey China we will give you our oil reserves and let you fly intelligence ordinance laden balloons fly across our protected airspace. WEF we will stop all drilling and production of oil so we are longer energy independent. Then Biden’s does this? HMM seems to me Biden is working for Xi

Did Biden give the order to destroy Putin’s Nord Stream pipeline after Ukraine invasion? Bombshell report claims Navy divers carried out mission to kill Russia’s gas stranglehold on Europe in audacious mission overseen by president.
• U.S. Navy divers planted C4 explosives that caused $500 million damage to
Nord Stream pipelines between Russia and Germany, sensational report claims
Report by Pulitzer Prize-winner Seymour Hersh details plot in response to
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Europe’s dependence on gas from Moscow
The White House and the CIA have denied claims the attack was carried out after nine months of secret planning overseen by President Joe Biden.
Tell me again how Trump was going to start WW3.


HMM… more information about Hunter and the conspiracy Bio labs in Ukraine.
Newsweek tried to fact-check a thread I tweeted in collaboration with @Clandestine about Zelensky ordering Metabiota files destroyed & claimed the decree was false b/c it looked “translated from Russian” but never received a response from Zelensky’s office denying it
720 ReTruths 1.43k Likes Fact Check: Did Zelensky order destruction of docs linked to Hunter Biden?
A destruction order attributed to Zelensky mentioned a company Hunter’s former firm invested in.
But again just a conspiracy right DONKEY CLOWNS….

Joseph Vendetti

Sir – you do make it difficult to respond because you have multiple topics.

I wish you can cite the sources because I watched about 45 seconds of the social media executives and Former FBI and they said “they pulled it because it looked like 2016 information”, “they admitted in hindsight it was wrong”, “they admit the NY Post account shouldn’t have been suspended”, “but they all stated no FBI directive”, the former FBI director said he doesn’t recall conversations with agents or James Comey – so unless Elon Musk comes out with some smoking gun – actual correspondence between Twitter & FBI I think this story is a dead end for your posts.

Bill Marincic

Plagiarism it looks like Biden State of the Union address on Tuesday night was ripe with plagiarism again.
Last night, Joe was copying someone else’s homework again. This time he was plagiarizing ultra-MAGA Republicans. That’s right: Trump, DeSantis and the entire Republican Party. It wasn’t word for word. He’s learned his lesson, but Joe stole the populist agenda and now he’s trying to cash in on it for 2024.
So last night, Joe did his best Trump impression or DeSantis impression. Biden just plagiarized the Republican platform, slapped his name on it and said, “I’m running for re-election.” “I’m Joe Biden and I approve Trump’s message.
Jessie Waters


J.V. I listen to several news sites every morning while on the elliptical. I source the information from several different news agencies and post their findings. All of the censorship was tied to the twitter trials and statements made by the twitter attorneys and executives. They admitted they were not told to censor because they had a partnership with US intelligence and former FBI agents working with the three social media platforms. I try to show the connections as they unfold. Anything Comey says is trash in my opinion. They pushed the fake FISA and Steele Dossier along with Russian collusion with the fake Fusion funded by Clinton.

christophe Stalka

Let’s go brandies really has the hots for hunter Biden . There was a disastrous earthquake in Turkey and syria where thousands have died. Donations are being accepted by the red cross to aid the injured. Please stop drooling over hunter dude. Make atv least one of your 20 hysterical posts relevant.

Mr. Bill 🤡 you do your best impression of being a fool and being willfully ignorant for Trump daily. Only it’s not an impression, it’s who you are. You grab any far right QAnon garbage and believe it. You’re a disgrace to our community.

christophe Stalka

Mr. Varoma that Biden stole Trumps agenda was hilarious. I think that’s almost as good as the posts of the hysterical hunter Biden fan.

I’ll stop laughing by noon I hope.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that Trump set the cost limit on insulin and the Biden administration seen the benefits from it and took credit as well. Just saying maybe Biden shouldn’t have taken credit for that.


Very sad what happened in Turkey. But we have a President that’s hell bent on destroying our country and starting WW3 . Biden responsible for destroying Norstom pipeline.

christophe Stalka

Brandies execution is everything dude Trump also promised a great new health plan for all remember the stacks of blank paper thank God for the ACA.


National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare: 1/9/20

“On first blush, President Donald Trump’s $35 insulin discount policy may seem like a serious attack on high prescription drug prices. No doubt, it could help some patients. But the new policy is a limited gesture that is no substitute for comprehensive drug pricing reform. The timing suggests Trump’s insulin plan may be a political ploy to curry favor with senior voters, who – according to recent polling – are turning against the president.

On May 26, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that participating enhanced Part D prescription drug plans will allow beneficiaries to access insulin for a maximum copay of $35 for one month’s supply. Notice the words “participating” and “enhanced.” This means that only those patients who elect (and pay for) enhanced coverage will be able to take advantage of the $35 price cap – and only if their drug plans participate. Millions of seniors whose plans do not include this provision will continue to pay an average of over $1,100 in annual out of pocket insulin costs.”

I don’t think Brandon will understand but Trump’s proposal was nothing like what the Biden Administration has accomplished in the Inflation Reduction Act:

How Will the Prescription Drug Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act Affect Medicare Beneficiaries?
Juliette Cubanski Follow @jcubanski on Twitter , Tricia Neuman Follow @tricia_neuman on Twitter , Meredith Freed Follow @meredith_freed on Twitter , and Anthony Damico
Published: Jan 24, 2023

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Print

“On August 16, 2022, President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which includes a broad package of health, tax, and climate change provisions. The law includes several provisions to lower prescription drug costs for people with Medicare and reduce drug spending by the federal government. These provisions will take effect beginning in 2023 (Figure 1). This brief examines the potential impact of these provisions for Medicare beneficiaries nationally and by state.”

christophe Stalka

MR Santo as a person with a family member who is diabetic I can assure you we saw no price reduction under Trump. We have already seen one for insulin this year. I honestly feel pity for anyone stating Biden wants to destroy the country.its pitiful.

Steven Flynn
February 8th, 2023
Lou, if the work you get is from mainly Republican developers, then where’s the problem? Do you think they were handed that development company to them or did they bust their #ss to get there. I work with local developers and they’re some of the hardest working people I know. Most of them started out doing labor work and moved up the ladder in life. Shouldn’t you wonder why they’re not democrats? And why not? If u got minimal work from democratic devlopers, would u still take their work first? Probably not, you’re a businessman. What gives Lou.

Glad you asked Steve,
I never said they don’t work hard, they do. They’re in a competitive business and better keep their nose to the grindstone if they want to stay afloat. Most of them are good people who care about their families. You’re missing my point.

As far as MY WORK WENT, I didn’t care about their political affiliation. I did my job as best I could, as fairly as I could. Homeowners needed flooring, someone is going to put it down, why not us? We provided it and did a good job. Builders are tough, if you’re a poor quality subcontractor you can bounced faster than a light switch going off.

My guess as to why builders/developers vote Republican is for a few reasons; Republican leaders are far more lax when it comes to development and construction regulations than democrats. Construction lobbyist dump tons of money into the republican party to ease laws. Democrats want stronger environmental protections and regulations when considering housing and land development. They are, as I am, more concerned with the environment. (Admittedly, sometimes overboard, which increases the price of a house. I’m not naïve, but I still lean that way.)

A second issue is, as with most business men,(not talking a mom and pop store) is about more money, more money, more money. Republican tax laws, favor corporations and business people, I know this firsthand. Business men get downright greedy and want to make more and pay less. Voting republicans into office helps their efforts. Greed and indifference, greed, and indifference and more greed and indifference. As my father, the shoemaker, used to say in his broken English when referring to big business and politicians outlook: “Hooray for me and fu%k you’s all.”

Yes, I was a business man, and a fairly successful one at that, but my moral principles, life values, and respect for humanitarian issues, was and is more important than making more money, more money more money.
I’ve made plenty enough money, I could have made lots more, but being the atheist I am, I would be a hypocrite to consider money to be my God.

Also Steve, I’m not a fan of most “powerful people.” Power equates to inequality, and I like a more level playing field for ALL. You include, as long as you play fair and see straight.

Bottom line in my thinking is that greed, indifference, and power are the driving destructive forces in America, and the world, for that matter: Way too many want more money and don’t care how much you or I don’t have. – Also the indifference to the VERY REAL problems of people of color and other minorities creates huge problems.- Power? Putin, what more need I say in that regard?(I know he’s an extreme, but there’s plenty of nasty powerful people in America.

Republican leaders push hard for laws that strongly favor the rich, the indifferent, and powerful. Period. And that’s why I’m a “looney lefty, donkey clown liberal.”


So what you are saying is Trump did lower cost for patients with planD but Biden introduced more taxes on the citizens to pay for other people’s prescriptions? Bidens tax bill was filled with pork spending to curry favor. I don’t think the American people should have to subsidize other people medications.

christophe Stalka

Hunter Biden explained how medical insurance works I don’t get to pick what treatments you need are covered you don’t get any say in which of mine are covered. Maybe that will help you probably not oh and it’s not a subsidy dude grow up


Brandon: “I don’t think the American people should have to subsidize other people medications.”

You are pro-life, anti-choice, right? However once a child with type 1 diabetes is born if his parents can’t afford insulin for him, let him die? I guess consistency is not GFB’s strong suit.

Methinks those tears you shed over the unborn are crocodilian and political.

christophe Stalka

I’m convinced the only place this Brandy would express these bizarre opinions is under a fake name on this Board. Its pathetic


Note also, that Brandon liked government intervention on Trump’s part to lower insulin costs but once Biden put a real plan on the table it became a terrible idea to Brandon.

Yup, Biden and the Democrats are stealing the populist messaging from Trump and going to take it all the way to the bank in 2024. Because they’re the ones actually fighting for populist policies that will help the average American. They’re pushing for corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, railing against exorbitant airline and hotel fees, reducing healthcare costs, etc., while the GOP wants to eliminate SS and Medicare, whine about their personal Twitter accounts being cancelled and give handouts to the already wealthy. Whine on Republicans, can’t wait to see you hitch your wagons to loser Trump AGAIN in 2024 lmfao.


Okay another big lie Committee Oversight just sent a request for all business dealings for Hunter , James Biden and Eric Schwerin. Also uncle Joe is included you know the big guy. Being investigated for selling influence around the world. But that’s all a lie right you know crazy MAGA conspiracy. Had the FBI and the DOJ not censored this information Joe would not have been elected. Blatant election manipulation and fraud.


Looney Lou Who and Hooterville the truth is about to drop like a ton of Donkey snot on you clowns. American citizens are seeing first hand the corruption and criminal syndicates deep state DC is all about.
Be the first to admit your guy is going to destroy the democratic socialist party

Lgb, perhaps a trip to the Crossgates mall would be an order. See if the Apple store can do a reboot on your brain. Perhaps A few more gigabytes of storage so your brain so you can absorb more than bad Hunter Biden.


SOTU people didn’t catch this but Dufus Joe called for a basic living wage. Translation a Marxist ideology with socialism sprinkled in for good measure.
Yeah Joe he is great for America

christophe Stalka

Let’s go Brandies Bidens under your skin so deep it’s scary. Your name calling isn’t hiding your obsession for minute

Mr. Brandon 🤡 the American people will only see you and other people like you being Magafoon….You people will never learn. You would think the Durham investigation and others (Hillary’s emails Uranium l) et al would teach you a lesson. They count on your ignorance and stupidity to perpetuate the idiotic conspiracies.

WOW! F___youBiden, running at a full head of steam today!
The other attention whores can’t get words in edgewise, it seems.

One thing that stands out from the broken sewer line that is today’s Sermon on Loonacy is this:

“American citizens are seeing first hand…”

It seems (still don’t know the gender preference) it thinks that all Americans are hopping into the Clown Bus with them. The Great Awakening! NOW, ALL Americans can see that Donald Trump was right!

Wrong, jackass. When you start winning popular votes maybe all Americans will ‘see first hand’ whatever it is you imagine. But various flavors of your social paranoia have been around for over a hundred years and it ALWAYS turns out the same way: you eventually trundle back into your caves muttering about your persecution to await the next opportunist to try top make money off you (and that part usually works!)

MAGA folks are so far down the rabbit holes of the internet, they can’t see the fact that most Americans aren’t on Twitter, or watching Cucker Tarlson every night. They care about things that affect their daily lives like the cost of insulin and whether they’ll have SS benefits when they retire. They don’t know or care about who Eric Schwerin is (heck I’m very online and don’t know who he is). Spare us the assertions that Trump and the GOP are finally going to EXPOSE the truth about the Deep State lol. He’s been saying that for 7 years, and he hasn’t even released the taxes he said he was going release since 2015 haha. He just keeps stringing you along and asking for your money and vote and you say, yes Mr. Trump, here’s some more.


F—JoeBiden: “SOTU people didn’t catch this but Dufus Joe called for a basic living wage. Translation a Marxist ideology with socialism sprinkled in for good measure.”

This is proof Brandon knows nothing about Marxism or Socialism. A “basic living wage” is a minimum wage high enough to insure a working person makes enough to provide for food, shelter, clothing etc. It has absolutely nothing to do with Marxism. Marxism predicted that under capitalism the workers conditions would deteriorate due to inevitable wealth accumulation and private monopolized control of the economy. Conditions would become so bad for workers they would revolt in desperation. They would win through sheer force of numbers, eliminate private property and establish a “dictatorship of the Proletariat.”

Marx did not foresee government interventions like minimum wage, legalization of labor unions, and other developments that improved working conditions within the basic framework of a capitalist economy. He, therefore, thought that revolution was inevitable. Government legislation on behalf of working people has prevented the spread of the so-called “inevitable working class world wide revolution.”

F–JoeBideb, you really need to take a course in economics.


The editorial, “Refugees want jobs…” (DG, C7) points out the obvious and does it very convincingly. We need workers. Many people who want to come here can’t because so many American minds have been poisoned by MAGA’s false characterization of immigrants as a threat.

Asylum seekers “are waiting a statutorily required six months between when they can be issued work authorization…as they beg for the opportunity to fill available jobs.”

“…thousands of workers around the world want nothing more than to come to the United States and reestablish lives here through hard work and entrepreneurship, both filling and creating jobs and growing the economy into a more prosperous one for the country as a whole.”

That’s what my grandparents did when they arrived here from Sicily and Abruzzo and I’ll bet that is true of many of the people who post on this site, even those who fear immigration.


Extremist Idaho Deacon Gets Two Years For Child Porn
February 9, 2023 Christianists, Extremists

Big Country News reports:

A former deacon for Moscow’s Christ Church has been sentenced to two years in federal prison for possessing child pornography. Alex Lloyd was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Coeur d’Alene this week. Judge Lynn Winmill handed down the sentence and ordered Lloyd to pay $5,000 in restitution and placed him on probation for 20 years. He was charged by the U.S. Department of Justice in April 2022.

The Idaho Statesman reports:

On Jan. 11, 2022 police searched Lloyd’s residence and he admitted to possessing child pornography on his iPhone. He also admitted to trading the pornography in messaging groups. He was indicted in federal court April 19. Five days before Lloyd was indicted, on April 14, his name and photo were removed from Christ Church’s leadership webpage.

Last year Christ Church issued a statement:

With regard to the criminal charges that were filed, to which Alex has pled not guilty, we are content to let the court do its work. With regard to the other surrounding sins by which Alex disqualified himself, humiliated his family, and embarrassed his church, he has sought our forgiveness and we have extended it. We regard this tragic episode as one more casualty in the unconscionable pornification of our culture.

Via Wikipedia:

Christ Church is a Calvinist church in Moscow, Idaho, pastored by Douglas Wilson, and a member of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. The congregation has received international coverage for its views, which include advocating for a theocracy, its pastor’s defense of slavery, and his teachings using the terms to “conquer” women and make them “surrender” to the supposed superiority of men.

The church has drawn attention for its vocal opposition, and active resistance to federal and local restrictions meant to halt the spread of COVID-19. The church’s leader, Douglas Wilson, has posted on his blog and on YouTube to call on his followers to “resist openly, in concert with any others in your same position”, which he said would constitute “an example of a free people refusing to go along with their own enslavement”


February 9, 2023 Crime, Religion

The Ohio Times-Reporter reports:

A 60-year-old man who formerly volunteered with a church youth ministry has received a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 20 years for raping and committing other sex offenses against two girls. Tuscarawas County Judge Michael J. Ernest sentenced Jeffrey A. Pringle Thursday on three counts of child rape and four counts of gross sexual imposition.

Defense attorney John Watters II read a letter from Pringle’s pastor, Jeff Calkins, who said the defendant was repentant. Calkins requested leniency for the defendant. Given the chance to speak on his own behalf, Pringle expressed regret. “I don’t want anybody to feel bad about me going to prison,” he said. “I feel like a failure. I did ask God for mercy and He has forgiven me.”

One honest immigrant from ANYWHERE in the world looking for opportunity to reward himself with the basics of life would do more for American than 10 lets-go-no-brains. Actually nobody from nowhere would do more than no-brain because no-brain is actually hurting America.

“I don’t want anybody to feel bad about me going to prison,” he said. “I feel like a failure. I did ask God for mercy and He has forgiven me.”

And there ya go!
Just ask the god-thing to forgive you and, hey! All’s good!
How do the victims feel about that? Anyone bother to ask?

Being a Christian’s great!

Just in to the “Drill, baby, drill! desk, in cooperation with the “Trump for Keystone and Energy Independence!” PAC…


Allison Kite, Kansas Reflector
February 09, 2023

TOPEKA — The Keystone oil pipeline’s massive spill in northern Kansas was likely caused by a faulty welding job, the company that owns the pipeline said Thursday.

Federal regulators in December ordered Canada-based TC Energy to investigate the cause of the spill in Washington County, which dumped oil onto adjacent farmland and into Mill Creek.


The spill is the largest since the pipeline started operating in 2010
By: Allison Kite – December 9, 2022 12:41 pm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Federal regulators have ordered operators to temporarily shut down part of the Keystone Pipeline in northern Kansas after it spilled 14,000 barrels of crude oil. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration issued a corrective action order, its strictest enforcement, Thursday evening. It orders the pipeline’s operators to conduct an investigation before they can resume operations.
In a statement Friday, TC Energy, which owns the 2,687-mile Keystone Pipeline, said it had been working closely with regulators, local officials, landowners, tribal nations and the community at-large. “Over the last several years, we have taken decisive action to implement measures to strengthen our approach to safety and the integrity of our system and will conduct a full investigation into the root cause of this incident in cooperation with regulators,” the statement says.

The spill occurred close to Washington, Kansas, near the Nebraska border, dumping oil into Mill Creek. Environmental Protection Agency coordinators were dispatched to the scene Thursday along with state and local crews. TC Energy said in a news release Thursday evening that the segment of Mill Creek where the oil spilled had been isolated to prevent it from flowing downstream.

The EPA said Friday the oil was contained within three miles of the pipeline burst and no drinking water had been impacted.
Zack Pistora, a lobbyist for the Sierra Club in Kansas, said it was a “shame that this has happened once again on the Keystone Pipeline. It’s a shame because Mill Creek will probably never be the same,” Pistora said.


14,000 barrels spilled into creek and farmland; 2,598 barrels of oil and water removed as of Monday
By: Allison Kite – December 13, 2022 2:50 pm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Federal regulators have issued warnings repeatedly over the life of the Keystone pipeline that operators aren’t doing enough to prevent corrosion and don’t follow proper construction procedures. But despite a history of warnings and large spills, the Keystone pipeline failed again last week, dumping 14,000 barrels — or 588,000 gallons — of oil in northern Kansas. It’s the largest spill since the pipeline began operations about a decade ago. After more than 20 spills, the crude oil pipeline’s Canadian owner, TC Energy, has paid just over $300,000 fines. That’s 0.2% of the more than $111 million in property damage it has caused. That doesn’t include the damage from its latest spill, which has yet to be totaled.

“This has been a long-standing systemic problem,” Kenneth Clarkson, a spokesman for Pipeline Safety Trust, said in a statement. “The fines are just not meaningful to these extremely profitable operators.”

The Keystone pipeline carries crude oil from Canada to Texas and Illinois with one branch running across northeast Kansas and another south through central Kansas. The system drew controversy for years because of a proposed extension, called the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have run through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska before tying into the existing system near the Kansas border. In its history, the pipeline has spilled more than 26,000 barrels of oil, including last week’s spill, which is larger than all its others combined. It occurred near Washington, Kansas, not far from the Nebraska border. Oil sprayed onto farmland and flowed into Mill Creek, turning the water black.


In 2016, about 400 barrels (64 m3) were released from the original Keystone pipe network via leaks, which federal investigators said resulted from a “weld anomaly”.

On November 17, 2017, the pipeline leaked around 9,600 barrels (1,530 m3) onto farmland near Amherst, South Dakota. The oil leak is the largest seen from the Keystone pipeline in the state. In April 2018, a federal investigation found that 408,000 US gallons (1,540 m3) of crude had spilled at the site, almost twice what TransCanada had reported. That number made it the seventh-largest onshore oil spill since 2002.

In April 2018, Reuters reviewed documents that showed that Keystone had “leaked substantially more oil, and more often, in the United States than the company indicated to regulators in risk assessments before operations began in 2010.”

On October 31, 2019, a rupture occurred near Edinburg, North Dakota, spilling an estimated 9,120 barrels (1,450 m3) where the 45,000 US gallons (170 m3) that were not recovered from the 0.5 acre containment have spread contaminating 5 acres. This occurred while the South Dakota Water Management Board was in the middle of hearings on whether or not to allow TC Energy to use millions of gallons of water to build camps to house temporary construction workers for Keystone XL construction.


ChuckD, religion is frequently used to escape responsibility for wrongdoing. After all, one would not want Jesus’ suffering to have been for naught. If only the religious paid more attention to the moral lessons of the New Testament and less to the “I can do whatever I want because Jesus already paid for it” message. I am still waiting for the report about the much maligned “drag queens” molesting children.

Bill Marincic

Santo the wages are up to $15 an hour everywhere and guess what? I can go to Delmonicos and have a great dinner for 2 kids and 2 adults for about the same cost as Mcdonald’s minus tip. Look how great that $15 an hour works, so many businesses laid off millions of employees because it wasn’t cost-effective. There is more than just wages, medical insurance, social security, disability, etc. You and the other lefties never consider the full impact, like Biden’s tunnel in New York City, by the time it’s completed the cost will be at least ten times more than they budgeted for.


ChuckD, your last post brought to mind an old comic strip, Pogo, in which he says, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Does that apply to many current world problems? A resounding “MOST DEFINITELY!”


Another gem from the confused depths of BM’s mind, “Look how great that $15 an hour works, so many businesses laid off millions of employees because it wasn’t cost-effective.”

Facts don’t matter to BM, but I will provide them to prove how inaccurate the above claim is:

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 517,000 in January, and the unemployment rate changed little at 3.4 percent. Job growth was widespread, led by gains in leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, and health care.

That is the lowest unemployment rate since 1969. Keep drinking the swill pouring out of right wing propaganda machines and you will never understand what is actually happening in this country. You and those like you are the problem. You are sheep following a false prophet to disaster and we will not let you take us there.


The FBI had Hunters laptop in 2019, once the computer shop guy knew the FBI would cover it up he gave a copy to Giuliani. FBI starts spying on Giuliani because they know he has a copy and was going public with it.The FBI coordinates with social media to shut down anything about Hunter as it was Russian election interference. Well the twitter trials shot down that narrative. So now we have the top law agency purposely manipulating an election to favor the Democratic Party. This is very dark day for America and our top law enforcement agency. These events will change how Americans see their country and what the cancer of corruption has done to our standing in the world. Hopefully the Constitionalist will restore order and law. I believe at this point in our history if we do not rid the government of this cancer we will lose our freedoms. It is a battle of good verse evil. We must choose our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


I don’t want anybody to feel bad about me going to prison,” he said. “I feel like a failure. I did ask God for mercy and He has forgiven me.”

And there ya go!
Just ask the god-thing to forgive you and, hey! All’s good!
How do the victims feel about that? Anyone bother to ask?

Being a Christian’s great!

Funny but when the pro life call abortion as murder that’s no okay.
Dumb Chuck since you do not follow a religion what do you care. If this guy thinks his sins are forgiven it is free will. You would understand that some sins cannot be forgiven and all must pay penance for their sins.
But you do not believe so why do you care.
Just like a boy decides to say no I am a girl anatomically he is still a boy but I am supposed to believe him that he is now a girl because he says so or has a feeling?
Must be great being a crazy

marincic, why don’t you ever consider Donald Trump tried to overturn the results of his losing election results?
Why don’t you ever consider that you only follow the laws if it suits you?
Why don’t you ever consider the Republicans are going against the majority wishes of this country?
Why don’t you ever consider you may be mistaken?


-My name’s ChuckD, and I’ll call you what we all know you really mean. Unless you want to give a more acceptable name to use.

-I am free from being told what’s a sin, what’s forgivable and what’s not, and how many points I need to get into heaven. I was born and raised and educated to have a conscience that closely follows your Golden Rule.

-Spare us the “pro life” BS. You’re not “pro life” at all, and the implication that others are “anti-life” and are murderers is disgusting and sick and has no place in civil discourse. How could possibly expect to succeed with that tactic.

Again, how do his victims feel about his God-given forgiveness?

Mr. Bill 🤡 when you pull your lies out of your arse. Try sniffing them first before you comment here. You ight find they are just crap coming out of you.


Oh I thought I would use your last name first . That is what the D stands for right?
Feel safe I will be sure to ask all the MAGA people to keep you in their prayers. They ask god to guide to elightenment and to touch your soul so you may release the wonders of being saved. May the peace of the lord be with you… Dumb Chuck
your are given free will to follow as you wish you soul is for you to give or not. No one can force acceptance of anything you do not wish to accept.
As for those who believe they too get decide what to accept and what not to accept and what is best for their family to accept.

OK, so maybe you don’t think that deeply about your religion? Or you’re confused?
Maybe you could at least tell us what gender you see yourself as. With your chosen name it’s hard to tell.
So, male of female? Or fluid? Which are you?


F–JoeBiden, you are obsessed with Hunter Biden’s laptop. I think it is symptomatic of a deeper psychological/emotional problem. You often hold contradictory positions, apparently without realizing it. You should make an appointment with a psychiatrist and bring transcripts of your daily posts. I am certain the doctor could diagnose your problem and might be able to help you. Sometimes just realizing you have a problem helps a lot. If the doctor isn’t troubled by your posts, I will be surprised. If you take my advice let us know how it turns out.

Speaking of mental illness, there may be something going on here that we haven’t considered. Marincic once referred having weekly MAGA warrior regroup meetings.

Perhaps he’s suffering from schizophrenia, or some sort of multi personality disorder and he’s meeting by himself, thinking he’s with a group.

Possible Lgb is Willy II and they are one and the same. They both have that relentless out of touch with reality MAGA insanity persistence.
It actually makes more sense than they do.

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