Tractor-trailer driver from Johnstown gets tractor stuck on Ulster County mountain road, police there say

The stuck truck. Source: Saugerties Police Department

The stuck truck. Source: Saugerties Police Department

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ULSTER COUNTY – A tractor-trailer driver from Johnstown got his rig stuck on an Ulster County mountain road this week after police there said he failed to follow warning signs and road closure signs.

The incident happened Monday in the town of Saugerties. Saugerties Police relayed details of the incident Wednesday, including releasing photos of the stuck semi.

The initial call came in just before 3:30 p.m. Monday for a disabled tractor trailer in the town. Officers found the driver, identified as Joseph James Brooks, of Johnstown, was driving his tractor trailer when he “failed to abide to warning signs and several road closure signs that Platte Clove Mountain was closed for the season,” police wrote.

Brooks instead continued to drive part way up the mountain, but he couldn’t continue due to the road conditions. An attempt to turn the semi around left it stuck, wedged across the roadway, police said.

Crews worked to find the best way to remove it, but it took 24 hours until they could get it out, police said.

Police issued Brooks four traffic tickets for failing to abide by posted traffic control devices, police said.

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I happen to know this road very well, and I’ve driven a few trucks in my life. And anyone who thought they could drive up through there with a tractor trailer needs to have their CDL revoked. Period.

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