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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Feb. 25 – Three, from readers in Schenectady and Amsterdam

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Shame on Biden? Evidence is lacking

Shame on President Biden.  Let’s see, he dislikes Americans.
Oh yes, he waited until Chinese spy balloon was brought down over water instead of possibly killing Americans if the balloon contained deadly poisons or because of size when it landed. Jobs were created for those who wanted to work. Unemployment is at its lowest level in years. That’s just to mention a few.
Shame on President Biden?
No. Shame on you.
Marilyn Vitch

Capped landfills a good place for solar

With constant pushback from residents where solar farms are being proposed, I believe it’s time for Montgomery County to act. That doesn’t include banning solar arrays, but rather attracting them to a different location.
The biggest concern among residents is that farmland is used to build solar farms, along with negative impacts on scenery and property values. To address this, Montgomery County should attract solar developers to the two capped landfills in the town of Amsterdam and the town of Root.
Capped landfills offer a great opportunity for solar development because the space has already been used, so it won’t use remaining farmland. The property also cannot be used for any other purpose, which saves the amount of land being used.
The state has a goal of achieving 70% renewable energy by 2030, which means more solar farms will continue being proposed, especially in Montgomery County.
This project would help the state achieve that goal, while not taking away any farmland in the county.
To me this seems like a win-win because not only can we advance renewable energy in the county, but we can also address residents’ concerns. There is a similar project that was done in Schenectady County that includes a solar array and battery storage on a capped landfill. It was done by DSD Renewables.
I’m calling on County Executive Ossenfort and the Montgomery County Legislature to look further into this opportunity to reduce emissions, protect land and provide new economic opportunities this project may bring.
Jacob Reed

Not pleased with Albany Med’s ER

If I asked you to describe Hell on Earth, would you think of the bombed-out hospitals, schools, and playgrounds in Ukraine?
Or would you think of the desperate poverty of poor countries like Yemen and Somalia?
Well, I’d suggest you think more locally; specifically, the emergency room at Albany Medical Center.
My daughter spent 17 grueling hours waiting to see a doctor in the emergency room at Albany Medical Center over a holiday weekend.
I was there for a large part of the time. There was no sense of urgency, no sense of caring, nothing. You simply are supposed to sit for hour after hour in the hope that your name will eventually be called.
Note that if you fall asleep there and miss hearing your name called — and with waits this long, that is not uncommon — they assume you have left and remove you from the list. Talk about adding insult to injury.
When Mrs. Clinton tried to do health care reform, she was demonized. President Obama had to use all his political capital to jam though the Affordable Care Act, and there are folks still trying to destroy it.
But until you’ve spent time in a place of total and utter despair, like this woefully understaffed ER, the problems with our healthcare system won’t be real to you.
My advice to you: Exercise regularly, eat healthy, and pray that you never need to go to the emergency room at Albany Medical Center.
Frank Palmeri



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christophe Stalka

Let’s go Brandies is defined daily by his increasingly hysterical efforts to define his reality.

Posted by the creature let’s go brandies a nazi oriented posts such as the one below define him

please be sure to fact check any of his posts if you read them the are chock full of lies. FACT CHECK THE DUDE HE LIES

HE does not support this country often arguing in favor of hostile countries. Surely not someone who merits the massive amounts of attention he desires

It’s important to recognize a facist position for what it is and if you promote it identify if for what it is American DEMOCRACY thankfully does not support involuntary sterilization of women

Posted by let’s go Brandon on Jan 31 2023

own it dude don’t hide behind your fake name

“Okay if the women gets an abortion then she obviously does not want children why just sterilize her so she can have all the unprotected sex with as many partners as she wants and never have to worry about abortions? No different than suggesting men getting a vasectomy. You are correct men cannot get an abortion, yet a women would not need one is it weren’t for a man

Bill Marincic

Frank Palmeri maybe if you dems didn’t fire all of the doctors and nurses because they refused the covid shot you would have staff. Typical liberals you cause a bad situation then blame Republicans because of it.

Bill Marincic

Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people learn from their experiences, and stupid people already have all of the answers. Socrates was obviously talking about you democrats on here.

christophe Stalka

Mr. Palmeri hopefully your daughter made out okay in the long run. A holiday and a weekend of course also flu season contributed. I would contact the hospital patient liason so this problem is identified and addressed.

Bill Marincic

A cartoon by Boombox some years ago said.

Why are liberals so hot for gun control laws? Any fool knows criminals don’t obey laws.

Because it has the word “control” in it!

christophe Stalka

Big bm calm yourself youre sounding like `let’s go Brandy` today the world is not against you flaming rage serves no purpose try to be constructive and have a positive day. Used car sales will pickup I’m sure

Mr. Bill 🤡 is feeling spunky this morning. Did you get your brain charged by watching Fox News this morning? By the way Mr. Bill 🤡 the “Big Lie” has been exposed as just that a big lie…..Are you still going to be an election denier ?


Rep. James Comer announced tonight that many are cooperating with the investigation that Congress is conducting into the Biden Crime Family, including Eric Sherwin, who was one of Hunter’s closest associates and a key figure throughout the laptop and all the Biden family correspondence
The birds are starting to sing!

It is only a matter of time for the Traitor In Chief Biden

Joseph Vendetti


I see frequent comments about Bill & LGB and some others supporting the “Big Lie”, etc besides storming the Capitol – is it any different then Hillary claiming thru 2019 that her election was stolen by Russian Hacking? FBI interference? Or Stacey Abrahams suing and re-suing the State of Georgia over voter suppression (when more ppl voted in the last two elections in GA & President Biden carried CA).

Were Hillary and Stacey supporting a Big Lie?

christophe Stalka

Great news Let’s go Brandy you’ve heard about the earth quake in Turkey and Syria? The war in Ukraine?the train crash in the US …lol you really are hot for Hunter it’s getting you all worked up


OOPSS there goes another CLINTON-ITE… OOPSS there goes…

Billionaire financier Thomas H. Lee, 78, shoots himself dead inside Fifth Avenue office: ‘Envy of Wall St’ Harvard grad and friend of the Clintons was worth approx $2B
• Thomas H. Lee, 78, was found dead at his office in Manhattan on Thursday
• Billionaire financier died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, it was reported
• Lee had a net worth of roughly $2 billion at the time of his death
PUBLISHED: 19:14 EST, 23 February 2023 | UPDATED: 09:59 EST. 24 February 2023

A shotgun was discovered near the body of the former Clinton aide with links to Jeffrey Epstein who died by suicide last year — despite initial reports to the contrary, officials said this week.

A new set of documents obtained by the Daily Mail states that a Stoeger 12-gauge coach shotgun was 30 feet from the body of Mark Middleton when he was found dead on Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, on May 7, 2022.

Based on an initial report released yesterday, the outlet previously claimed there was no weapon at the scene.

The additional papers, written by Sgt. Keenan Carter, also detail the lengths Middleton, 59, went to to ensure his suicide attempt was successful by standing on a bench and tying an electrical cord around his neck before finally shooting himself in the chest.

Then you Mark Middleton who not only hung himself but used a shotgun to shot himself in the chest. And the shotgun was found 30 feet from the body. Maybe it was the guns fault and it was an evolutionary thing were the gun tried to escape.
Looks like when birds sing people start being Clintonized like Jeffrey Epstein.


Chris no worries a mouth piece for the Socialist figured it all out with the train crash.
BREAKING: Joy Behar says East Palestine got what they deserved because they voted for Trump
“That’s who you voted for!”
In Pennsylvania :
According to the Philadelphia Police Department, a passerby spotted a PVC pipe with capped ends containing an unknown black powder on Frankford Avenue, in the Holmesburg area to the northeast of the city.

According to investigation into East Palestine the wheel that was burning should have been picked up by heat sensors. This wheel was burning for a long period of time. Is this nefarious activity I was talking about earlier? Biden is distancing himself from it. Biden sending $$$$ to Ukraine and thumbing his nose to Ohio. Maybe Joy is right because they voted for Trump?

Joe, It is entirely different. Hillary did not plot with unscrupulous lawyers like Giuliani, Navarro, Eastman and Powell to hatch illegal schemes, the Green Bay Sweep for example, to illegally reverse the will of the people. Nor did she call secretaries of state and ask them to “find votes” for her. There is truth to Clinton’s claims. For example it was unheard of for an FBI director, James Comey, to announce re-opening an investigation of a presidential candidate days before the election. The renewed investigation resulted in no charge being brought against Clinton and Comey expressed regret for his role in Trump’s victory. But again, in the national interests, Clinton accepted the election result the peaceful transfer of power.

Joseph Venetti …yes there is a bid difference Hillary’s claim there was Russian Interference was a fact. The republican senate even put out a final report on that the Russians interfered with the 2016 election by posting propaganda in favor of Trump. Did it change anyone’s mind…that question can never be answered and will we never know either way. That also goes for the Comey Investigation. Comey broke the FBI’s own rule about investing gate a candidate publicly before and election,,,Did it change any voters minds…again none will ever know…..The “Big Lie” was just that no proof of anything Trump and others around him claimed ….62+ court cases later they found no evidence of Trump’s claim of mass voter fraud …It was ade up a fairy tale that his followers bought and are still running with to this day…..So yes there is a big difference one is full of facts the other just a plain out lie….And Hillary conceded that night …..something Trump never did …….Please weigh the evidence of both claims


Great idea for parents taking control of their children’s education. Let the money follow the child.
Rep: Thomas Massie:

I attended public school from the first grade until my senior year of high school, as did my wife and our four children.
I am pro-education.
That’s why I introduced HR 899, a bill to eliminate the US
Department of Education.
Get the Feds out of our classrooms.

The DOE looses control and Schools will be forced to educate and stop indoctrinating. Great Idea but I believe Trump said this years ago. In my opinion it would be a great start to stop the nonsense going on in schools.

christophe Stalka

Let’s go Brandies why – Not increase your credibility by stating the government caused the train wreck because the citizens voted republican. State your claim clearly rather than implying such nonsense. Get yourself some help Sir you really are derranged


HRC used the FBI fusion GPS for fake dossier and FISA warrant. The deep state used the DOJ and FBI to attack a political opponent. Oh course it is different because it is the Democratic Socialist , two -tier justice system.


The war mongers looking to protect their money laundering country.
#1 NEW: Victoria Nuland, a key architect of the Iraq War, responds to Elon Musk’s tweet stating she is pushing for more war in Ukraine.
“If we don’t support the victim in this aggression, then this aggression will be replicated all over the planet.”

During the Cold War, the US made an effort to keep Russia and China divided, despite both being murderous communist regimes.
Now we’re pushing them closer together as a result of Biden’s war on autocracy. This is dangerous and foolish.
Blake Allen Blake_Allen13
According to reporting by Der Spiegel, Russia and China have entered negotiations for China to supply Russia with suicide drones for use against Ukraine. This would be a major escalation by China and likely bring western sanctions against the country…
Elon Musk © @elonmusk • Follow
A Russia-China alliance is inevitable. It will grow much stronger over time.
10:08 PM • Feb 23, 2023
122 Repor

Like Zelensky said once a NATO nation is attacked American sons and daughter will be forced to protect a NATO country.
America are you willing to send our greatest assets (our children) to fight a war in a corrupt country for Traitor In Chief Biden. This is BIDENS WAR and is causing China and Russia to become Allies.

Bill Marincic

Aroma I did watch Fox this morning and watched a democrat councilman say that children that are autistic should be aborted. I’m sure you would agree. Right Aroma?

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – A local Democrat official in Massachusetts is facing calls to step down after complaining about the cost of special education for children with disabilities who are not aborted.

Michael Hugo, the chair of the Framingham Democratic Committee, made the remarks during a city council meeting when discussing a proclamation about access to abortion and crisis pregnancy centers in the city. He said crisis pregnancy centers could misdiagnose a defect in a baby in the womb, leading to them being born and becoming a strain on a school budget. He issued a public apology after 10 days of backlash from members of his own party and parents of special needs children.


Very telling or Fraudian slip? Is Biden a puppet for Obama in the basement? This is not the first time this has happened. Shouldn’t the press secretary know who she works for? Or is it really Obama in the basement?

KJP called Joe Biden as President Obama. 02/23/2023 @1:50 PM

How long before she resigns or gets fired?

Joseph Vendetti

Didn’t the FBI, Twitter and other social media outlets suppress information (Hunter Bidens contacts & laptop) that would have put President Biden in Negative light in 2020? Thus doing the same thing that the Russians did in 2016?

Do we think Trump is the only executive that has called upon States to find votes? Or the only one stupid enough not to do it in person?

You didn’t mention Stacy Abrahms because I heard on NPR that she filed yet more lawsuits in GA.


Hey Bill this is what Margret Sanger wanted she believed in eugenics.
Margaret Sanger, as a young public health nurse, witnessed the sickness, disease and poverty caused by unwanted pregnancies. She spent the rest of her life trying to alleviate these conditions by bringing birth control to America. During the early 20th century, the idea of making contraceptives generally available was revolutionary. Contraceptive usage was considered a distinguishing feature of the ‘haves.’ In recent years, some revisionist biographers have portrayed Sanger as a eugenicist and a racist. This view has been widely publicized by critics of reproductive rights who have attempted to discredit Sanger’s work by discrediting her personally. The basic concept of the eugenics movement in the 1920s and 1930s was that a better breed of humans would be created if the ‘fit’ had more children and the ‘unfit’ had fewer. This concept influenced a broad spectrum of thought, but there was little consensus on the definitions of fit and unfit. In theory, the movement was not racist–its message intended to cross race barriers for the overall advancement of mankind. Most eugenicists agreed that birth control would be a detriment to the human race and were opposed to it. Charges that Sanger’s motives for promoting birth control were eugenic are not supported. In part of her most important work, “Pivot of Civilization,” Sanger’s dissent from eugenics was made clear. By examining extracts from her books, the author refutes the notion that Sanger was a eugenicist. Another unsupported argument raised by the anti-Sanger group was that Sanger, in her position as editor of “Birth Control Review,” published eugenicists’ views.
‘More children from the fit, less from the unfit–that is the chief issue of birth control.’ This quotation should be attributed to the editors of “American Medicine.” The only area Sanger is in agreement with the eugenicists is in her belief that severely retarded people should not bear children. Several authors, including Linda Gordon, argued that Sanger’s interest in providing contraceptives to black Americans was motivated by racism.
But this is the agenda of the Democratic Socialist (NAZI party). Not to mention the $$$ made by selling stem cell from aborted fetuses.
Embryonic stem cells, which have the potential to save many lives, must be recovered from aborted fetuses or live embyros. Although tissue from aborted fetuses can be used without moral complicity in the underlying abortion, obtaining stem cells from embryos necessarily kills them, thus raising difficult questions about the use of embryonic human material to save others. This article draws on previous controversies over embryo research and distinctions between intrinsic and symbolic moral status to analyze these issues. It argues that stem cell research with spare embryos produced during infertility treatment, or even embryos created specifically for research or therapeutic purposes, is ethically acceptable and should receive federal funding.

Mr. Bill 🤡the only thing I could say is factual is that you watched Fox News….What you watched I’m sure in your twisted mind you embellished …..Face the facts …Fox News lied to you on air about the election. Off air they said that it was all lies and the people were lunatics ….They want to keep you watching to so you will come back for more to feed your twisted mind.

Joseph Venetti ……The news outlets or social media who choose not to air Hunter Biden’s Laptop story it was their choice. But there were many other outlets who choose to air about the Hunter Biden Laptop…..It was prominent in The NY Post and many other Newspapers ….Fox News aired it daily ….It was hardly suppressed. All the Hunter Biden Laptop new was red meat for the Trumpsters….I welcome an investigation to see if any laws were broken ….So far it’s all speculation given as facts to the Trumpsters. Also to my knowledge I have never Known a president that called states to find “11.780 votes one ore than he needed to win Georgia …I never heard of a Senator from another State asking to find votes in a State he is not a Senator in …..If you know of anyone higher elected official from the Senate or one running for president or a sitting president that did that ….I will be happy to read your evidence …If you would site your sources and articles please

Mr. Bill 🤡 I have proven you wrong many times. Try proving yourself right for a change and research what you call facts. What i do daily is prove you need help from a professional …..The “prove me wrong” is just telling e you have no facts to stand on….If you are still in Florida go take a dip in your sister’s “Olympic sized pool” to cool off

Also Mr. Bill 🤡 on abortion. What a woman does with her body is none of my business. And it should be none of your business either. Try cleaning your own house out and leave others be.

Joe Vendetti comes out.

It’s been suspected since you have a tough time covering it, as most MAGA do. But there you are today, proudly flying your MAGA flag.

Your “issues” are all very easily investigated by now, and that you would put your name to seriously questioning …here of all places, certainly clears up any vagueries about your political standing. There’s only one demographic that seriously tries to equate what the previous president did with anything the Democrats have done. The Clinton and the Abrams issues are very easy to clear up… if you want. The Hunter Biden thing takes some digging but if you seriously think there’s something to it I suggest reading the Daily Beast’s interview with the computer shop guy just a day or so after his disclosure. But as I’ve said here, and based on my experience, whatever the Republicans put up as “Hunter Bidens laptop” (by now only a disk image and file copies, copied numerous times) will be laughed out of court. You really should heed what our intelligence officers warned.

That’s if you want the truth.

But welcome to the demographic that has all the support of all the rightwing fake Christian racists, and terrorists, and aspiring fascists. The septic tank of American society.

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck – sir – yes I voted for Biden but I’m what you call a MAGA because I question the hypocrisy of when one political party calls election results fake as the same as when the other does it.

God forbid if anyone questions the Democrats. Its fine & you pile on if I question Bill or LGB.

No one question Chuck – every thought, every sentence & every movement of yours is correct

Bill Marincic

If you still hate Trump after this two-plus year sh*t show, your commitment to stupidity is impressive. BTW, Vermin, you have never proven me wrong.

For 40+ years i was an unaffiliated, and active, voter. I registered D 3 years ago only so that i could vote for Sanders in the closed NY primary. I question the Democrats every day, locally, statewide (especially) and nationally.
I also pride myself as being a news junkie and take great care not to run my mouth before understanding an issue as best i can.
Do you know why Staci Abrams questions her loss? Do you care?

Do you know Hillary very publicly conceded hers the day after? Do know what the Mueller report actually says? If you actually did, you may have reason to question her loss (blame that is shared with her and the DNC).

These issues are very easily researched for clarity, if you’re so motivated.

One other thing: this crap about “No one question Chuck” is the lament of one who can’t come up with honest rebuttal, or points they can honestly defend. It’s intellectually lazy. It’s a MAGA whine I’ve heard before instead of substantial debate.

Joseph Vendetti … need a new scale….Yours isn’t weighing accurately… seems it’s leaning to the right by a lot ….. Your comparisons are Unequal …..Also having Mr. Bill 🤡 on your side isn’t helping your argument and never will

Bill Marincic

As spoken by the princes of the DGs own insane clown possie. Way to go chuckles and vermin, you never fail to prove your ignorance.

posted by big BM

If you still hate Trump after this two-plus year sh*t show, your commitment to stupidity is impressive. BTW, Vermin, you have never proven me wrong

two days ago he was lying about Mein Kampf day before it was about physicians refusing Medicare the list goes on and on

anybody want to rehash those lies with this liar?

Biden scares these boys for some reason

Bill Marincic

BTW chuckles you lost what little credibility you had when you voted for an avowed socialist like Sanders, did you also honeymoon in Cuba?

Bill Marincic

Chris/Bob neither are lies, the problem is you are too blind and stupid to see things. As your alter ego would say, rage on donkey clowns.

Bill Marincic

Yeah, Biden scares us because he and his weak administration will get us into WWIII and we live in NY and the wind usually blows in from the ocean not out. I don’t want to have to eat iodine pills and live in my basement for months on end. You, people, are used to the basement living, I’m not.

Joseph Vendetti

Frankly I could care less what you think. Hardliners like you – the republicans, democrats, ultra liberals or right wing conservatives – you have zero thought process – you mindlessly pull levers for D’s, R’s, no matter if they’ve flip flopped on topics (like schumer, like graham, etc ) – you worship a party that doesn’t give two f@cks about you. You are a sheep.

Me I point to your hypocrisy and you flip out.

Big Bill go back an reread the proof/posts you lost those discussions . im not rehashing them with you youre are sounding more foolish and hysterical than normal

For my part, to bring substance to what passes for debate here, regardiung the Stacey Abrams issue:

I’s as simple as this. If you were in a big tennis match and your opponent was also the court referee, how would that set with you?

The 2018 GA governor’s race problem was really. that. simple.
Brian Kemp, while acting as the GA Attorney General participated in an election he was also the referee for. Those are incredibly easy facts to verify.

It’s really. that. simple.

Chuck…..When a person starts Hyper-Commenting it means you have riled him up with the facts….Mr. Bill calm down….The world isn’t ending ….Dream of 2024 and imagine Trump won again. Until then take a seat.

Mr. Brandon 🤡 if anyone should be censored it should be you. Reputable Newspapers don’t want your crazy rants on their site….Go to a Street corner and scream about your 1st amendment rights all you want …Maybe someone will feel sorry for you and buy you a meal

Joseph Vendetti ….don’t be angry …..all I did was point to your unbalanced comments. I’m an Independent that has leaned Left since Newt Gingrich took over as speaker. That was the start of the Republican Party becoming unbearable. “The Contract with America” Gingrich wrote was the start of the big con

Bill Marincic
February 25th, 2023
You hypocrites are so funny, Joe Vs. comment the other day about you people is proven every day. You just can’t be civil and debate, it is not in you.
Being civil with you Marincic is like trying to be “civil and debate” with a rabid raccoon attacking a child. You’re a one dimensional nasty, delusional, evil little man.

You constantly lie, twist things, and pay no attention to facts that counter your never ending false narratives. You only see and hear what you and the imaginary man in your wicked mind want to see and hear. If it doesn’t fit your degenerate pre-programmed portrayal it’s dismissed.

Your above comment is one of 99 percent of your posts exactly proving what I’ve just said: Read Joe’s post that you were referring to. I’ll help you: “THREE OR FOUR LEFT LEANING DEMOCRATS ATTACKING TWO TO THREE RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVES (AND VICE VERSA) ON A DAILY BASIS. – The full post is below.

All you heard or saw in that post, as with every you read or hear, was only what you wanted to, you completely disregarded the “and vice versa.”

Facts and truth mean nothing to you, even on simple meaningless issues or situations; Your sister does not have an Olympic size swimming pool!

Joseph Vendetti
February 19th, 2023
Dear Gazette:
This area of the online newspaper was intended to comment on letters to the editor & things in the news has turned into three or four left leaning democrats attacking two to three right wing conservatives (& vice versa) on a daily basis.
It is either their way or the highway. Not once have I seen “i can see your point or counterpoint”. It is just shut up, your stupid, etc etc.
How ppl can function on this planet with no negotiation or middle ground is beyond me.

As a footnote to Joe’s post, yes, I’d love to find “middle ground” with reasonable rationale members of the GOP. But there is no middle ground when dealing with the immoral, depraved, clueless hypocritical fat orange ass worshipping MAGA fools.

And yes Steve I am angry. I’m angry because I have concerns for the future of America, our planet and all life on it.

I also have no apologies for my strong words, because I cannot act like a meek rabbit, while attempting to defend everything that is holy to me, while battling evil and ignorance.

BTW little Willy 🤭 Read your above posts and again say; “You just can’t be civil and debate, it is not in you.” Who’s the hypocrite?

Bill Marincic

According to your logic then every secretary of state in a state that was lost by Trump should have won because they all cheated, right Chuck?

Bill Marincic

Well, Lou Lou, I have been posting on here for years and you people have been attacking everyone for years. See, when I post a truth like Bidens 2 year sh*t show you people take it personally and attack. You can ignore it or refute it but instead, you attack it. Hense Joe’s letter was right on. Stop playing the victim Lou, there are 10 of you against 3 and Joe is in the middle.

Bill Marincic

You said there is no such place, does it matter where it as long as it is real and his family emigrated from there? That was the argument not what continent it was on.

Nice. Three strikes in one swing.
I didn’t say there’s no such place, it does matter where it is, and he didn’t emigrate from Suriname.
You really running up the score, but in your version of the game you can strike out eternally, I guess.

Joseph Vendetti
February 20th, 2023
I am just guessing here but the top 6 or 7 authors above – all retired?
The only time I get a chance to peak at the LTE is early when going to the can or on a plane.
I would suggest some hobbies – journaling, traveling with a significant other, painting, puzzles, bird watching – something that can be very relaxing….

Joe, must be you’ve apparently been spending a lot of time flying or on the toilet.

Joseph Vendetti
February 25th, 2023
” besides storming the Capitol Hardliners like you – the republicans, democrats, ultra liberals or right wing conservatives – you have zero thought process – you mindlessly pull levers for D’s, R’s, no matter if they’ve flip flopped on topics (like schumer, like graham, etc ) – you worship a party that doesn’t give two f@cks about you. You are a sheep.

Me I point to your hypocrisy and you flip out.”

No Joe, you are simply ignoring the facts. Read my response and Guy’s to your post stating Hillary’s complaint about Russia and Comey interfering in the 2016 election is equivalent to Trump’s illegal attempts to stay in office. You cannot compare the continuing lies by Trump and his supporters with Hillary’s simple complaint.

To post ” besides storming the Capitol” as you did is like a man concerned about a wart on his nose rather than a diagnosis of terminal cancer. If we allow those who plotted the 1/6 insurrection to walk free, punishing only the naive foot soldiers, our democracy could fail.

To post “Frankly I could care less what you think” followed by ” you worship a party that doesn’t give two f@cks about you. You are a sheep” seems a contradiction. You ignore people if you actually don’t care what they have to say. Also, it seems fair to question your “middle of the road credentials” when you state that the Democratic party “doesn’t give two f@cks about you.”

Is it your contention that the Republican party cares about ordinary Americans?

I have always thought the accusation of flip-flopping is nonsense no matter which party it is aimed at if the change of mind is reasonable and based on serious re-consideration of an issue. Never changing your mind is not necessarily a good thing. However, when you abruptly switch from disparaging a potential nominee for president to fawning over him when you think your political future is tied to his, that is despicable. That is what Graham, Stefanic, McCarthy and many other gutless Republicans did.

“Several more newspapers have dropped the Dilbert comic strip from their pages after its creator, Scott Adams, called Black Americans a ‘hate group’ in a Feb. 22 YouTube video.” Daily Beast 2/24

To assume all Blacks hate white people makes this man a rabid racist.

“Six days ago, Russia’s Vladimir Putin sought to shake the foundations of the free world thinking he could make it bend to his menacing ways. But he badly miscalculated. He thought he could roll into Ukraine and the world would roll over. Instead he met a wall of strength he never imagined.”

“The smartest one gets to the top,” Trump told the crowd. “That didn’t work so well recently in our country. But they ask me, ‘Is Putin smart?’ Yes, Putin was smart.”
“They say, ‘Trump said Putin’s smart.’ I mean, he’s taking over a country for two dollars’ worth of sanctions,” Trump told a crowd at a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, “I’d say that’s pretty smart. He’s taking over a country — really a vast, vast location, a great piece of land with a lot of people, and just walking right in.”

OK, so let’s follow the rationale of some people posting on this form and say: Both Biden and Trump have thoughts and comments about the war in Ukraine, therefore both politically left and right leaders are acting similarly.

Give me a freaking break!

Steven Flynn

Joe – Chucks a little man who lets your sons and daughters fight his wars but not him. He’s a coward who hides behind his little petty insults. You’re more of a man than that little extreme liberal panzy. He calls you MAGA because he knows you’re right and his radical #ss has no valid argument. Be proud of who you support Joe, he’s just dust in the wind brother and he’s harmless.

Flynn posts, “He’s a coward who hides behind his little petty insults. You’re more of a man than that little extreme liberal panzy. He calls you MAGA because he knows you’re right…”

He does exactly what he accuses ChuckD of doing. He lashes out with a petty insult and one that is derogatory term for gay people. I believe he meant “pansy” not “panzy.”

He also criticizes ChuckD for offering no “valid argument.” Of course, his posts offers no argument whatsoever.

Mr Restifo weve been very fortunate to not have been subjected to a second Damsel Donnie term – just my opinion. not meant to set the ragers off again.
i hear jill Biden suggested joe will be running again. im betting thatll frustrate the damsel and really enrage putin.

Bill Marincic

I would truly love to see a Biden v Trump race again. It would be hilarious just watching the debates. Well, what did you do Joe and Biden will be forced to say that he destroyed this country quicker than anyone in history. But truthfully I would rather see Desantis as the front-runner.

calm yourself little stevie we all know youre a pervert and a homophobe add in a liar you got little Stevie defined to a “T’

Bill Marincic

Rev. Al Sharpton’s half-brother pleaded guilty to tax evasion, mail fraud, and drug conspiracy charges on Friday.

Kenneth Glasgow, an Alabama pastor, voting rights activist and half-brother to the famous Black pastor and MSNBC host, entered a guilty plea in Montgomery, Alabama federal court Friday, the Associated Press recently reported. The 56-year-old minister has dedicated his career as an Alabama activist to restoring voting rights to former prisoners and prison reform. Like Sharpton, the minister is a major critic of America’s prison system and law enforcement.

However, throughout his active political career, prosecutors claimed Glasgow admitted he has failed to pay income taxes on thousands of dollars he withdrew from his two charities, and that he also committed Social Security fraud.

In addition to fraud, Sharpton’s half-brother pleaded guilty to a drug conspiracy charge. He was recently found in possession of cocaine he was intent on distributing. Glasgow had also been charged with a drug conspiracy charge in 2021 along with an accomplice.

In 2018, Glasgow was arrested on capital murder charges for the death of 23-year-old Breunia Jennings, who prosecutors claimed was shot in the head by someone in Glasgow’s car.

HAHAHAHAHA, Another hero of the DG DCs

Mr. Bill 🤡 I would love to see Trump run against Biden again also. Trump would lose again “bigly”. The jig is up for Trump…. He now is just a guy asking for donations so he can pay his upcoming legal bills if he gets indicted. Bless Joe Biden. He saved us from 4 more years of Trump’s insane presidency, He did nothing for the people. All he did was pass one tax reform bill that gave Corps and the Rich more money. ..There was no cheaper and better Health Insurance like he promised…There was no wall that Mexico would pay for. He gave us division in our country like we haven’t seen in ages. Deregulations that he gave us only helped the Corps and certainly not towns like East Palestine.

Bill Marincic
February 25th, 2023
Frank Palmeri maybe if you dems didn’t fire all of the doctors and nurses because they refused the covid shot you would have staff. Typical liberals you cause a bad situation then blame Republicans because of it.

The original strain of COVID was the most deadly. Hospital workers were continually exposed to that strain. At that time getting the vaccine was a no brainer, especially so for health care workers for obvious reasons the simple minded, like you Bill, couldn’t grasp.

Also consider the vast majority of the 3.5 percent of health care workers who did not maintain their jobs were in lower level positions, “the home health sector had the biggest impact”

The doctors being at the top of the healthcare industry were smart enough to understand the importance of getting the vaccine.

Again little Willy, 🤭 paint your pathetic picture only the way you and your imaginary mind friend see it.

Now go read “War and Peace.” A person with your reading capabilities, that started in the womb, along with your “high IQ” should be able to digest the 1296 pages in 15 or 20 minutes, while soaking your feet in your sisters Olympic size swimming pool.

In actuality, the only thing you’re at the very top percentile of, and certainly not your IQ, is unrelenting obstinance, projecting your own stupidity and ignorance.

Steven Flynn

You have no substance, you bring knives to gunfights. You have these other literate liberals, who can actually type legibly, covering for your incompetance. Which alias has the brains – Bob or Christophe?

Steven Flynn

Is this the point where u run to the basement and cower in the corner? Or sketch out? It usually happens after 10 minutes or so.

little Stevie its so enraging isnt it relax dude try to be civil I dont bring a gun or a knife anywhere you can ask Mr Stalka if he does but I dont silly Stevie
youre so confused you sound a little more nutty than usual

Steven Flynn

You regurgitate liberal propaganda that you see on MSNBC or The View and then think it’s some kind of wild new revelation. Why dont you just lead with “I heard Joy Behar say………….”

little Stevie like I said before
stop lying
stop attacking everyone
stop talking about your perverted dolly
stop asking guys about how they urinate
stop asking about my basement
just makes you sound like more of a pervert with every post

calm yourself youre acting obsessed and stalker like

bye bye Stevie try to control yourself
im getting you too worked up.
oh and dude you cant debate a chronic liar
i dont waste my time with homophobic trash like you

Steven Flynn

I did figure it out, Chuck’s a coward. You’re the one that jumped in, I didnt mention you. You have a habit of doing that and then pretending to be taken back when call out your liberal garbage. There is no substance in this forum, its just a bunch of old miseable extreme liberal radicals doing the same thing overand over and over, day after day after day, year after year after year. Save your faux concern, Im not buying it.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 there are a lot of things you are not buying …..Including Biden the winner of the 2016 election …it’s why you have no credibility. Because of your ignorance for Trump and buying into his “big lie…..carry on

Steven Flynn

Joe had u scurrying like a rat when he put the mirror to your face Mr. election denier. Oh but thats a different election – yeah ok hypocrite.

Steve, beyond all else, bob gareat, like the rest of us “blind mice, donkey, clowns” has the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad, equality and inequality, which is more than can be said for you and your orange fat ass kissing cohorts.

Steven Flynn

You’re a joke. Joe showed you that you’re everythng that u accuse others of, then you weasel into “Well thats different yadda yadda yadda. How pathetic man.

Bill Marincic

Loonie Lou Lou, just like masks the vaccine did not stop covid, and if you were a healthy person without underlying medical;l problems along with age or obesity you would survive, I know dozens that did not get the shot and every one of them are still alive. Was it worth firing thousands of doctors, nurses, pilots, military, ATCs, and police and fire? No, it wasn’t and just like my post above, it was and is always about control with you people, just like you try to control what is said on here. Too bad, you lie.

Steven Flynn

He showed u that you’re a hypocrite, u can DENY it all u want but it’s all in black and white. You can bob and weave all u want but it doesnt change the fact of what happened.

Steven Flynn

Louis – in your mind, you probably believe everything you just said. That doesnt mean someone else reading it sees it that way, I certainly dont. All I read is liberal nonsense ad nauseum, you can clean it up all u want but it is what it is.

What did happen Mr. Flynn 🤡. What actually are the facts. Tell me your take on Trump being an election denier From Dec. 7th until Jan. 6th and beyond. Then give me a timeline on what happened with Hillary from the night of November 8th and beyond…Line up your facts for me. ….Or are you just happy with thinking you “own the Libs” ?

Bill Marincic
February 25th, 2023
Rev. Al Sharpton’s half-brother pleaded guilty to tax evasion, mail fraud, and drug conspiracy charges on Friday.…

And your point is?….Perhaps one person is the same as as one of his

Bill Marincic
February 25th, 2023
Rev. Al Sharpton’s half-brother pleaded guilty to tax evasion, mail fraud, and drug conspiracy charges on Friday.…

And your point is?….Perhaps one person behavior is the same as as one of his siblings, which in turn means you’re going to become a transgender like your sister. BTW is she the one with the Olympic size swimming pool?

More great facts and solid rebuttal. I too may insult, but Stevie-no-wonder, thst’s all you’re capable of.
Now do something productive, have a beer and scratch your nuts as you previously posted you were going to do.

Bill Marincic
February 25th, 2023
Loonie Lou Lou, just like masks the vaccine did not stop covid, and if you were a healthy person without underlying medical….

And as the doctor presented with that same weak argument said; Yes, and both Serena Williams and I can play tennis. – You’re truly a fool, who only fools his own foolish self.

Anthony J. Santo
February 25th, 2023

“Several more newspapers have dropped the Dilbert comic strip from their pages after its creator, Scott Adams, called Black Americans a ‘hate group’ in a Feb. 22 YouTube video.” Daily Beast 2/24

Crazy how we hear that Democrats are racists, yet all the racists gravitate to Trumpy and the Republicans. It’s almost like the racists want everyone to look the other way.
(also funny how the fake Christians do too)

Mr. Flynn 🤡 enjoy your beer. I will ask you about the facts om Trump and Hillary elections tomorrow….You seem to want to ignore the questions. Enjoy your beer and by all means don’t cry in it…..Salute’

I know this quote rings a few church bells for those of us on the outside of the Holy Bubble:

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

I am soooo…. tired of Flynn and company. One would think they would have bored themselves to death long ago with their empty-headed repetitive nonsense.

People who believe MAGA BS are the same people who believe in creationism rather than evolution. Homo sapiens evolved from australopithecus, homo habilis, and homo erectus. There is hard evidence that proves this beyond any reasonable doubt. Yet, they choose to believe in fantastical stories explaining our origins written by unknown persons thousands of years ago! It is difficult to understand the mindset of people who choose to believe what pleases them rather than what is demonstrably true.

They confront rational people every day. They infect government, business, and every other facet of life. I fear they will win because, no matter how foolish the rational prove them to be, century after century, the witch burners, the true believers, the science deniers raise their hoary heads. They might ultimately win because they know no morality other than might proves right.

The rational play by the rules. The irrational see this as weakness and play it to their advantage. Perhaps this is a genetic flaw that will lead to our extinction. If so, so be it!

The same people that are at Professional Wrestling are the same people at Trump rallies for the most part….They are not to voice their political views so much but to be entertained by Trump’s nonsense

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