Mohawk CoWorks offers flexible, professional office space

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Mohawk Co-Works, which is located at2 Guy Park Ave. in Amsterdam, hosted a grand opening tour at  on Friday, March 3, 2023.

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AMSTERDAM — Mohawk CoWorks became the first shared office space in Amsterdam and Montgomery County when doors opened at 2 Guy Park Ave. on Friday.

“We came to the realization that not only are we in need of this sort of thing, but there are a lot of other small businesses out there also in need,” Deana Mancini said at the bustling grand opening.

Owners Deana and Chris Mancini never planned to open a coworking space before visiting the former dental office building by chance for a promotional photoshoot of small business owners by the city.

“The inception was basically an accident,” Deana Mancini said. “I was working out of my home and I needed space … Everything fell into place.”

The couple needed a new space for their existing business, Mohawk Mills Real Estate Group. But the Guy Park Avenue building was oversized for their needs and overpriced.

They were ready to sign a contract for another location when the building’s price was suddenly reduced substantially.

Chris Mancini was convinced they should buy it, but it wasn’t clear how they would use the roughly 5,000-square-foot building.

The idea for a coworking space quickly came together spurred by market research and encouragement from the city for the in demand service.

“When [Deana Mancini] called to talk about it we had been hearing from a lot of constituents that wanted a structure like this,” said Amanda Bearcroft, Amsterdam’s director of community and economic development. “They just fell into our lap at the same time we were researching it.”

The couple closed on the building about a year ago and began renovations overseen by Chris Mancini, a construction project manager by trade.

Work on the second floor was recently completed converting the formal dental office into an open concept coworking space with a full kitchen.

The space boasts a variety of shared spaces to work collaboratively and carved out corners to work more privately in the communal setting.

The fully furnished space offers flexible space for remote workers to get out of the house and a professional setting for entrepreneurs without the burden of establishing an office.

“A lot of it boils down to needing a space to meet clients,” Deana Mancini said. “I know I struggled with that.”

Mohawk CoWorks offers day passes for drop in use and monthly memberships providing access to common areas, conference space, WiFi, printing and copying.

Four private offices are also available on the second floor for short and long term rental. Additional suites on the first floor will open in the coming months as renovations continue.

The new venture was supported by a $75,000 Small Business Assistance grant through the state Division of Homes and Community Renewal and a $25,000 Main Street Revitalization Program grant through National Grid.

“It’s really wonderful to work with individuals and business owners that not only have a vision for themselves, but a vision for the community,” Bearcroft said. “Creating dedicated space for their business and business needs they saw were lacking in the area.”

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