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GAZETTE – Spring is the perfect time for introspection and renewal, so here at The Gazette we’re observing the changing of the seasons with an initiative to assess how we’re performing as a news company.

And we need your input.

Starting today, we’re launching a readership survey designed to gauge how we’re doing – what we’re doing well and also where we’re falling short. It’s a quick 13 questions and it won’t take long.

Our survey:

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More on the survey:

Your feedback is critical to the success of this exercise in journalistic self-examination. Without readers, we wouldn’t have a newspaper. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business.

Questions on the survey touch on three general areas:

What kind of a reader are you?

What kind of content is most important to you?

And how do you rate our content?


We want to know about you as a subscriber. Do you get the print edition delivered, which also comes with full digital access, or are you a digital-only subscriber?

We’re also hoping to learn a little bit about your reading habits: Do you regularly read content on the Gazette website ( If so, we’d like to know how many times a week you visit the site.

Additionally, we’d like to know where you get most of your community information. Do you turn to a daily newspaper like the Gazette, for example, or do you perhaps tune into one of the local radio or television stations? Or maybe one of the social media platforms like Facebook?


We also hope to learn what kind of content is most important to you in your daily life. But we realize this isn’t something that can be answered in a vacuum. It’s all subjective and reader-specific. Many of us have different interests and subjects of importance in our day-to-day lives. Business, education, weather, the daily TV listings … and the list goes on.

So we’re asking you to rank your most important subjects from start to finish. We’ll compile the data and hopefully some clear and telling trends will emerge from the numbers, giving us a better sense of what to focus more attention on.


We want your feedback on how the Gazette does in its coverage of some of these important topics – from local government and public safety to good-news stories and other features. Let us know how we’re doing. We’re proud of the work being done by our dedicated reporters, photographers and editors, but that’s just part of the equation. We want to know what our readers think. What you think.

Finally, we’re including two open-ended questions to give readers a chance to craft their own customized wish-list hopes for the newspaper’s editorial strategy.

One, are there any topics that you wish we’d give more coverage to? And, two, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

So go ahead. Lay it on us. What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll get a better newspaper?

Haven’t taken it yet? Scroll back up or follow this link: Daily Gazette Reader Survey

And thank you!

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Our delivery man Garry is fantastic! Can’t say enough good things about him—
We read both paper and online versions so we don’t fight over it at the same time!
I love more local and feature articles of what’s happening— also, your terrific upgrade of the community notes! Thank you!

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