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Letters to the Editor Thursday, March 16 – Three, from readers in Ballston Spa, Niskayuna and Perth

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Sick and tired of foreign ‘invaders’

America is under siege. We hear on the news that millions of immigrants and thousands of “get aways” come into our country illegally and the government does nothing to stop it.
Let’s call them Invaders.
They suck up our resources. They enter the country, and children born here are American citizens. They do not learn the language, history or our values. We will become a nation of foreigners that do not embrace our values.
Why can’t Americans defend the borders? If the government can’t do their jobs, what can they do — shoot us down or sic the FBI, DOJ and CIA on us and call it an insurrection?
This would make my views seem radical or supremacist. I am sick and tired of my America being overrun by Invaders that are 3 million strong.
Jim Staulters
Ballston Spa

Dems also raised election legitimacy

I read with some amusement Al Singer’s letter (“Stefanik must come clean on lies or quit”) in the Sunday March 12 Gazette indicating that Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s lies regarding the integrity of the 2020 presidential election were grounds for her to resign her office.
I would like to ask Mr. Singer, given that line of reasoning, if Minority House Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Congressman Jamie Raskin should therefore also be called upon to resign given their unsubstantiated claims that the 2016 presidential election was “illegitimate,” and President Trump was not the legitimate president?
Tom McGarry

Lawmakers didn’t do jobs on gun law

Regarding Andrew Waite’s March 11 column (“Sheriff Giardino’s expressed discretion is a slippery slope,”) about Fulton County Sheriff Giardino’s position on the Concealed Carry Improvement Act.
He points out that our system of laws is “… supposed to be based on laws that are written after fierce and meticulous debate held by an array of leaders and constituents representing a cross section of interests.”
I’m not aware of this having occurred with the passage of the SAFE Act, the Bail Reform Law, the Raise the Age Law or this most recent apparently constitutionally flawed law.
The common denominator in all these laws is that law enforcement officials and county district attorneys were not consulted for input prior to being written and voted upon.
In my opinion, the root cause of these issues is that the New York state legislative process is broken and has been for some time.
I fully support those elected officials who have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, as I have in the  military, and actually do so.
I only wish that more did as opposed to just mouthing the words. I do agree with his opinion that it is “a slippery slope,” but the corrective measures consist of the New York State Legislature actually doing the job they were elected to do.
Steve Dudka


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Joseph Vendetti

Mr. Staulters:

The United States is made up of generations upon generations of immigrants that fled Europe, Asia and Africa. Our basic constitutional freedoms are based on no religious, race or gender persecution.

I to want more secure borders because of sovereignty, safety from fentanyl and other drugs, and limited resources (schools, hospitals, roads, etc) but it isn’t because I support “nationalism” – it’s strictly a numbers issue. Increasing the numbers that can legally immigrate and making their home countries more desirable is the smart answer to stopping our massive influx right now.

I suggest you go on or 23& and find out more about your relatives origins. I have an account and was up quite early this morning so I will give you some background. Staulter Immigrated to the US in the 1860’s from Germany. So sir you are not a Native American. Much thanks to the Staulter that faught and died for the north in the Civil War – assuming this woman who received a Civil War pension would be your great great great grandmother. You also had male relatives that fought in WWI & WWII again much thanks to those relatives who fought for the rights that you for some reason don’t want to afford others.

I suggest to stop watching Fox News and getting so riled up.


There is a difference between 1860 and 2023 immigration.
1) Native Americans attacked and took over neighboring tribes for resources no different than what the explorers that came to America.
2) Native Americans many followed the food until they learned farming so they would roam the country.
3) Once the country was settle people came in search of freedom from overlords and monarchies.
4) Those that did come in the beginning create a Constitution and Bill of rights.
5) As the country grew laws were set in place to allow LEGAL immigration.
6) 2023 we have nothing more than an invasion. They are welcome as long as they come to assimilate and become a productive member of our society.

I have researched my heritage and my relatives migrated after the 7 year war from Germany. He was a Palatine. He fought in our revolution and our family fought in all conflicts to the current day.
So asking people to follow the rule of law and become a burden on the citizens in the country they are coming to. Does this take time yes. One they doing now is overwhelming our system and disregarding all laws we have in place. But let a citizen exercise their second amendment right and they are called all kind of names.

WE used to be a nation of laws.


LTE great letters it is good to see people are waking up and seeing the corruption at all levels of government from City government liars right on up. The Democratic Socialist and RINO’s need to be voted out of office.

Guy Varoma

Jim Staulters …Adolf Hitler would be proud of your letter if he were alive today.

Joe….I agree on the most part with your comment…nice job

How many times must it be pointed out to people like Mr. McGarry that Trump plotted to stay in the presidency by illegal and violent means. He did not merely claim that Biden’s victory was a hoax and the election was rigged against him. HE ILLEGALLY AND VIOLENTLY ACTED TO DEFY THE CLEAR WILL OF THE VOTERS!

Neither Raskins nor Jefferies EVER plotted to put Hillary Clinton in the presidency against the election results. They engaged in hyperbole, not illegal activities. They were upset because Clinton did win the popular vote by 3 million votes but lost due to the electoral college system which gives more say in presidential elections to low population states, generally rural and conservative. They also believed that Russia worked with Trump’s campaign, which is illegal. Do you remember Trump saying ” “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

Hillary, unlike Trump, conceded and participated in the peaceful transfer of power. Please stop equating Trump’s reaction to his loss with some Democrats’ disappointment with Hillary’s loss.

Anthony, the writer was referring to the 2016 election, the one where there was Russian interference. Putin admitted it and stated he (they) would not stop. Putin wanted Trump to win because Trump is so easily manipulated.


Two banks no heard about failing . They were the two largest cryptocurrency banks sit down . One under the threat of an FBI investigation. The Biden administration is pushing the Central Bank cryptocurrency federally regulated. Meaning they can turn it on and off as they desire.
This is the great reset and it will destroy our economy and country.
Wake up and stop this takeover by the WEF

Jim Staulters’ letter is one of the most pathetic I’ve ever read in the DG.

“We will become a nation of foreigners that do not embrace our values.”
Apparently “our values,” being those of the MAGA, “radical or supremacist.” Certainly not mine!

“They do not learn the language, history or our values.” – So when it comes to our “history” I’m wondering if Mr. Staulters is pushing for critical race theory (“a cross-disciplinary examination – by social and civil-rights scholars and activists – of how laws, social and political movements, and media shape, and are shaped by, social conceptions of race and ethnicity”) being taught in our schools, to help explain certain aspects of American historical truth.

The one thing I do agree with that Mr. Staulters stated in his letter is that “America is under siege.” Yes, under siege by the army of fools he is a part of.
Hello 1/6/21.

I also wonder if Mr. Staulters refers to his ancestors as “invaders”.

Bill Marincic

CYNTHIA SWANSON If Trump is so easily manipulated then why did Putin wait until Trump was gone, BTW even the left said Russia did not change the outcome. Biden is a joke and the whole world is laughing.

Bill Marincic

LOUIS RESTIFO, I’m quite sure his ancestors came over the right way as mine did in 1923 or my great grandfather did in 1884. I’m pretty sure they didn’t sneak into the country.
Arriving in America: Welcome to Ellis Island!

While First and Second-Class passengers disembarked at Hudson River piers directly into New York City, the Third-Class passengers in steerage had to be processed at Ellis Island, the new federal immigrant processing center. There they waited in long lines clutching their few belongings, their papers that proved they were entitled to gain admittance to the land of liberty. Most only spent a few hours there showing their papers and passing through a barrage of medical and psychological tests to prove they were worthy (no illiterates, no anarchists, no contagious disease carriers) to gain legal enter to America. About 20% of Ellis Island immigrants were detained for some period on the island (usually for a medical condition) and released in less than 2 weeks), but ultimately, 98% passed through and gained entry to the USA. By 1970 nearly half the population of the US was descended from an immigrant who came through Ellis Island.



Mr Staulters, Take a little tour through history as to who the invaders were. Start of coarse with the Pilgrims and those that landed in Virgina. Move on to the SW US whom we took from Mexico after a war with them. Then off shore to the Hawaiian Islands. Philippines, Guam, Wake and many others. Now into the Atlantic after Spanish_American war we won? Cuba, Puerto Rico and many smaller islands we have since given back to the natives. There is more if you care to goggle the US being invaders. Recent history brings Iraq and Afghanistan to mind. War or we “bought” them all the same, we were the invaders. Thank you Louis, perfect. ” letter is one of the most pathetic I’ve ever read in the DG.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 it’s very simple ….Putin didn’t want to lose his useful idiot in Trump. Putin wanted NATO dismantled and Trump was useful for that. You are also a useful idiot for Trump. He knows you will spew the lies he tells. Its very simple as I told you. You never fail at being an idiot for Trump. Go watch Fox News for your next conspiracy to spew.

Bill Marincic

Florida2015 we took that territory after conquering them, we didn’t sneak into Mexico by the millions and take part of their country to make it ours and we didn’t take the whole country either. More semantics by the left.


Great news looney liberals in San Francisco are 1 Billion in debt. They are going to pay reparations of 5 million dollars to 6% of the population and a $99k yearly salary forgiveness of all debt and no taxes and a house for a $1.
Hmmm why are people fleeing California? Gee I wonder why?

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 actually we took Texas from Mexico ….ya moron thousand of people from the US went there to colonize it.

Bill Marincic

I do dumb chuck, I realized that’s all you idiots are about. You hear something that’s true and you don’t like you just twist it.

“SVB Gave $74 Million to Black Lives Matter”
Jeff Charles, host of “A Fresh Perspective” podcast; contributor for RedState and Liberty Nation

Regular consumers of this forum know that eventually this is going to pop up as yet another reason Demonrats and looney Libs are DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY!!!! So let’s put it to bed as yet more rightwing fake news. More flawed attempts to win something…anything.


The source of the disinformation is something called the Claremont Institute. CI has on its Board of Directors one John Eastman:

“who sits on the Board of Directors and is the Founding Director of the institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, “helped lead [former President] Trump’s drive to overturn the results of the 2020 election.” Despite there being no evidence of any widespread voter fraud, Eastman “wrote confidential memos urging then-Vice President Mike Pence to reject official electoral vote totals” and was reportedly in the Oval Office on January 5, 2021, “argu[ing] to [Pence] that he did have the power to act.”

Eastman also spoke outside the White House alongside Rudy Giuliani on January 6, 2021, “assert[ing] that dead people had voted and that state election officials had ignored or violated state law.” The Claremont Institute stood by Eastman, denying claims that he asked Pence to “‘overturn’ the election” and arguing that he had only “offered legal advice” that was “maliciously misrepresented and distorted by major media outlets.” Former fellows for the institute also include right-wing personalities such as (Charlie) Kirk, Ben Shapiro, and Jack Posobiec, who “promoted the false Pizzagate conspiracy theory.”


So we know that Eastman is man of little integrity, we’ve known that. So let’s dissect what Eastman is pushing:


Tuesday night on Fox News, host Jesse Watters asserted that Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) “donated $74 million to Black Lives Matter.” That was why, Watters claimed, federal regulators did not pursue more aggressive oversight of SVB’s business practices. According to this theory, SVB was treated with kid gloves because it was “woke.”

Watters’ claim is false. The actual amount that SVB donated to Black Lives Matter was zero. But that didn’t stop similar claims from being made repeatedly on Fox News, conservative websites, and social media.

“Silicon Valley Bank, brace yourself, spent more than $73 million on donations to BLM and related organizations,” Tucker Carlson declared on Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning, Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt claimed that SVB donated “more than $73 million to Black Lives Matter.” There were many more examples on Fox News.

Each claim is phrased slightly differently but they are all false.
The reports are based on a database produced by the right-wing Claremont Institute. The database tracks pledges to groups that are associated with Black Lives Matter, including the BLM Global Network Foundation, The Movement for Black Lives, the BLM Foundation, the BLM PAC, BLM At School, independent local BLM chapters, and fiscal sponsors of BLM groups, including the Tides Foundation and Common Counsel Foundation. According to the database, the total amount that SVB gave to all of these groups is zero.

So where does the $73 million figure come from? The database also includes “organizations and initiatives that advance one or more aspects of BLM’s agenda.” The “agenda” of BLM is not defined. Most consider BLM a movement to end unjustified violence against Black people by law enforcement and other acts of racial injustice. But an article by the Claremont Institute that was published in Newsweek, explaining the purpose of the database, says the goal of BLM is to “undermine capitalism, the nation state, and Western civilization.”

– Popular Information


“Popular Information” is a progressive website founded by the founder of ThinkProgress, and it’s reporting on this is spot on simply in citing the CI as the originator of this shameful lie. Every rightwing “news” source reporting this will freely state that too.

ChuckD, they have built an entirely different reality and are totally immersed in it. I fear most right-wing extremists, people like BM and LGB, are too invested in this alternate reality to question even its most absurd beliefs, Trump’s elections lies and Tucker’s downplaying of 1/6, for example. They would have serious withdrawal symptoms including the loss of the identity they cling to like a babe at its mother’s breast. Against all reason and fact they proclaim themselves the true Christians and patriots. I just hope we can survive their assault on decency and democracy.

If Jesse Watters says it and it reinforces what they want to believe, it is true to them.

If Tucker and other right-wing propagandists tell them BLM is a Marxist conspiracy and more violent and dangerous than libertarian/anarchist white supremacists like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, boogaloo boys, and 3 percenters, they believe it.

They know Trump would have stopped the Russian attack on Ukraine though there is overwhelming evidence that he would have given them free rein.

They claim the left is against traditional freedoms, while they ban books, erase much of our history, and take away the rights of women.

They are the descendants of immigrants and totally accept Trump’s unfounded and ugly description of immigrants as a threat to the America they love.

And on and on…

MAGA and its shining star are fading. The Republican Party is not trending upward.
tRumpy will be their nominee and they’ll try again to fall back on the terrible, terrible injustices committed on them when they lose worse than before, because that’s all they have. They sure have nothing to offer all Americans’ well-being, just lip service for a shrinking demographic.

– Benghazi
– Hillary’s emails
– FISA report
– Nunes memo
– IG report
– 2nd IG report
– Ron Johnson report
– Spygate
– Obamagate
– Unmasking investigation
– Durham report
– Huntergate
– 2000 Mules
– Twittergate

Not one arrest.

Couldn’t someone from the right show how your ideology is taking hold with Americans? Oh right, Tucker Carlson’s winning the ratings game on the lying and disheveled Fox News. But “Onward to victory!”

Some light (enlightening, or woke) reading, if you’re done shoveling and snowblowing, as I am.
What is the Mandela effect? And have you experienced it?
By Joe Phelan
published March 19, 2022

Nobody’s memory is perfect. For instance, do you think that Stouffer’s Stove Top Stuffing existed? Or that there was a children’s book series called “The Berenstein Bears?”

In reality, neither of these references are spot-on. Stouffer’s never made a stove top stuffing, and the books are actually known as “The Berenstain Bears.” But if you got these details wrong, don’t feel too bad — a 2020 memory study in the journal Psychological Science … found that, when asked to recall information, 76% of adults … made at least one detectable error.

Although the memory accuracy of the study’s participants was generally “very high,” with around “93-95% of all verifiable details” being correct, the research highlights that a person’s memory is not infallible. Things that never happened, or events that have become muddled over time, can, in one’s head, become real, and knowledge can become distorted or confused.

This is the foundation of the “Mandela effect.”

The Mandela effect is when many people believe that something happened when, in reality, it never did. These groups are adamant that they can remember an incident or specific experience, even when it is demonstrably incorrect.

The name refers to a mass false memory involving numerous people admitting to remembering Nelson Mandela dying in prison during the 1980s. In fact, Nelson Mandela died at his home in 2013. The term was coined by Fiona Broome, a self-proclaimed “paranormal consultant,” after she became aware that other people shared her recollection of Mandela dying while incarcerated.
The Mandela effect is now used to describe a collective false memory that, though false, has become real in the minds of many.

Generally, these memories are based in popular culture. Two of the most widely recognized examples involve people misremembering the color of a packet of a particular flavor of snack (The Walkers Crisps Conspiracy), or believing that the show “Looney Tunes” was actually called “Looney Toons.” So, why does this happen? Why is it that people who have never met can share the same misconception?

“The Mandela effect seems to be closely related to a number of well-known memory phenomena,” said Tim Hollins, a professor of experimental psychology at the University of Plymouth in the U.K.

Hollins named three similar types of memory-related phenomena: “false memory,” which is the creation of a memory that didn’t happen; “source-memory errors,” which is when someone forgets the true source of a memory; and “imagination inflation,” which is the tendency to believe something is real the more often, or the more vividly, it is imagined.

Hollins also pointed to a several social elements as examples of how fallible our memories can be, such as the “Asch conformity,” which is when people conform to a view in order to fit in with a group, and the “misinformation effect,” which describes a tendency for people’s memories to alter based on subsequent learnings or experiences.

However, Hollins believes the phenomenon that most closely aligns to the Mandela effect is that of “gist memory,” which is when someone has a general idea of something but can’t necessarily remember the specifics.

“It is relatively easy to explain how many people could come to the same errors of memory, even if entirely independently,” Hollins told Live Science. “For instance, many appear to be ‘gist memories’ adapted to fit people’s existing beliefs or knowledge.”

A common example of the Mandela effect relates to “Curious George,” a children’s book character that first appeared in the 1940s, and his lack of a tail.

“Remembering Curious George as having a tail just reflects the fact that most monkeys have tails,” Hollins said. “If you just remember the gist — it’s a monkey — why wouldn’t you remember him having a tail?”


– Livescience com what-is-mandela-effect

Bill Marincic

Do you know what else was Mandela affect? It was putting car tires around the necks of his enemies and filling them with gas and setting them on fire.

The dark side of Nelson Mandela | Herald Sun
Dec 9, 2013 — His then wife Winnie advocated “necklacing” instead – a burning tyre around the neck. Mandela argued the apartheid regime left him no option …

People of color just cannot do anything right in your world, is that right marincic?
The Nobel Peace Prize obviously part of the Deep State, I gather?

Joseph Vendetti

Time Magazine Article –

Why So Many People With Six-Figure Salaries Are Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck
After taxes and adjusted for cost of living, $100,000 amounts to just $35,791 in New York.

As rampant inflation pervades the economy, with it sitting at 6% in February, the study done by the financial advice company, SmartAsset, acknowledges that even high-earners are struggling to build wealth, especially in pricier cities. In December 2022, 51% of people who earn more than $100,000 reported living paycheck to paycheck, which is 7% more than the previous year, according to a survey from financial insight and advising companies PYMNTS and Lending Club.

In SmartAsset’s new study, researchers calculated income tax on $100,000—taking it into account at the federal, state and local level—to find earners’ real take-home pay in 76 of the largest cities around the U.S. Using 2022 data on cost of living prices in these cities from the Council for Community and Economic Research, SmartAsset analyzed how much purchasing power earners truly have. Cost of living indexes include average prices of housing, groceries, utilities, transportation and other goods and services.

The study found the worst places to live for people who earn $100,000. After taxes and adjusted for cost of living, $100,000 amounts to just $35,791 in New York, New York, $36,026 in Honolulu, Hawaii, $36,445 in San Francisco, California, $44,307 in Washington D.C. and $44,623 in Long Beach and Los Angeles, California.

Using the same metrics, the best cities to live in for people who earn $100,000 are Memphis, Tennessee, El Paso, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In Memphis, thanks to its cost of living, which is 14% lower than the national average, $100,000 is worth $86,444. Seven cities where six figures goes the furthest were in Texas, credited to low costs of living combined with no state income tax.

In the U.S. 18% of individuals earn more than $100,000, according to Zippia, a career advising company, and like the cost of living, income varies greatly between cities and states.
Zippia’s data also shows that 56% of Americans believe that earning $100,000 per year would make them rich, but Zippia notes that a $100,000 salary is generally considered upper-middle class today, rather than rich, and can even be lower-middle class in some cities. The median U.S. salary in 2022 was $44,225, according to Zippia, which raises major concerns if Americans earning more than double that amount are struggling.
SmartAsset shares some advice for six-figure earners, such as suggesting that they max out their retirement accounts. Contributing the highest possible amount to retirement accounts can help reduce a contributor’s tax bill for that year, potentially even dropping them into a lower tax bracket. They also recommend reviewing a city’s track record on its cost of living before moving there, along with consulting a professional financial adviser to be as tax efficient as possible.

Guy Varoma

Joe I don’t dispute your numbers. But can you tell me what is the average salary in all those cities you mentioned and how many actually make $ 100,000

Joseph Vendetti

I just read the article in Time magazine I didn’t write it. Literally copied & pasted it.

The main driver in global inflation – fuel prices. It accounts for almost 2.7% of increased costs in everything (food, building supplies, medicines, etc). Everything we do is driven or moved by heavy trucks and trains that use diesel fuel – why is diesel so f*cking expensive.

Big oil (BO) is a sacred cow in Washington because they donate so much money to every candidate on both sides of the aisle. In a perfect world we would hold congressional hearings and ask why aren’t we producing more to match demand? Why is diesel fuel which is the least refined product 2.25x the price as gasoline? Why is BO experiencing record gross margins?

Of course some response will be – where was the government concern when oil was $0 or negative per barrel? Why didn’t you ask about profits when it was that low?

This is a ying/yang type of thing. We raise wages to ease peoples $ crunch & cost of producing, selling, etc is added into the end product.

We had 56 heavy equipment operators in the company make over $172,000 last year. There avg wage per hr varies between $45-53 per hr plus OT plus they get $700 per week per diem for staying out of town (subsistence & shelter) – the $700 is untaxed per IRS rules. Another 71 heavy equipment operators made just over $129,000 last year. We had 84 high torch cutters that made $131,000 last year. 9 general laborers that made over $100,000. Another 60 general laborers made over $82,000.

Yet we are passing on work and expanding because how hard it is to find skilled labor.

“After taxes and adjusted for cost of living, $100,000 amounts to just $35,791 in New York.”

$35,791 in what year? When I started teaching in 1966, my annual salary was $5100 (Step 1 with a BA) and I lived very modestly but comfortably in a studio apartment.

Joe, do you have any suggestions to reduce the rate of inflation? Many of the causes are beyond our control. But record high profits in many huge corporations and sky high CEO salaries contribute to inflation. So does an out of control medical system (too much paper work and bureaucracy) with hundreds of insurance options. Check on the costs and health outcomes of Canada or any European country with a national single payer health care system. You will find I am right. Limit redundant and unnecessary military weapons production (much of it due to lobbying efforts by the military industrial complex and of no military value) and free up those resources for the production of civilian goods, more butter, fewer guns. Permit more legal immigration to increase human resources and concentrate more on vocational education in high school and community colleges.

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