Letters to the Editor Sunday, March 19

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Base international order on rule of law

We need a rules-based international order.
Are people in the United States and elsewhere condemned to live in a world where nations launch wars of aggression at the whims of their rulers?
That question comes to mind when one thinks about the Putin regime’s military invasion and occupation of Ukraine.
That Russian invasion and occupation – repeatedly condemned as a violation of international law by an overwhelming majority of the world’s nations, plus the UN General Assembly and the International Court of Justice – has reduced many of Ukraine’s cities and towns to rubble and has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians.
Russian military forces have deliberately targeted Ukraine’s civilian population, destroying schools, hospitals, and residential districts.
Human rights organizations have reported widespread torture, rape, and murder of civilians by Russian military forces – all war crimes under international law.
In short, Putin’s war lacks legal or moral justification.
It is a war of aggression and, as his proclaimed annexation of about 20% of Ukraine clearly shows us, it is also an imperialist war.
As the Biden administration has argued, the world needs a rules-based international order – not a world of marauding military forces armed with the latest weaponry, in which might makes right.
In a civilized world, the law of force should give way to the force of law.
Let us work toward that new and better world.
Lawrence Wittner

Educate Americans in civic responsibility

The local section of the March 13 Gazette contained an article (“’We the people’ need to preserve town sites on national register,”) about two historic structures in our area.
One, the Niskayuna Grange Hall, first served as the Rosedale School, a “common school.”
In describing the school, the article defines the common school movement in terms that every elected official should be required to write out 100 times before taking office:
“The ‘Common School’ movement in the19th century was established to address the integral need for an educated citizenry in a republican nation.
In order to survive and thrive, a republic required civic virtue and civic participation which was enabled by widespread basic education.’”
Perhaps if the people in the fantasy wing of the Republican Party — including elected officials such as Elise Stefanik and Marjorie Taylor Green, and their followers in the population who get their entertainment (but certainly not genuine information) from the Fox network — had received that basic education in civic responsibility, we’d have a government capable of addressing such fundamental problems as climate change, social inequity and inadequate medical care.
George Woodzell

Thank you to all who helped during storm

Instead of finding fault, let us show appreciation to the countless men and women who worked to keep us safe during the March 14 snowstorm.
Snowplow operators, utility workers, police and fire, EMTs, medical centers and stores that opened to serve our needs and yes, the paper/mail was delivered too.
Let us remember those people who helped neighbors and took responsibility for keeping their sidewalks clean. Thank you. Now let’s enjoy Spring!
James Lechowicz

Trump owes Warren apology over banking regs

It’s time for former President Trump to apologize to Sen. Elizabeth Warren for making fun of her expertise in banking and finance.
The repeal of regulations under the Dodd-Frank have led directly to at least one bank failure.
President Trump called the Dodd-Frank regulations “crippling.”
It turns out that President Trump was wrong, and that Sen. Warren was right.
Christine Root
Ballston Spa

We shouldn’t sacrifice water for business

I was saddened as I read the article, (“House GOP votes to overturn Biden water rules,”) in the March 10 Gazette — saddened because the leadership of our country is so shortsighted as to exchange protecting water for protecting business interests.
House Republicans are claiming that Biden’s protections for thousands of small streams, wetlands and other waterways are an “environmental overreach and burden to business.”
This is unbelievable in the face of how the climate is causing a tremendous upheaval in our water cycle. Pollution has also destroyed millions of gallons of clean water.
Bottling water is depleting aquifers at alarming rates.
We desperately need to conserve every drop of water. All the water there is is all the water there is. We can’t manufacture water.
Our native peoples have been trying desperately to tell us that “water is life.”
In some places, like in North Dakota, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe put their lives on the line as water protectors.
I would hope that Congress would follow suit.
Linda Neil, CSJ

Flavor bans work to cut kids’ tobacco use

The March 13 Gazette article, (“Dake, local politicians weary of menthol, flavored tobacco ban,”) reiterates unfounded concerns that a prohibition on the sale of flavored tobacco products will increase youth access to these products.
As a leader in public health in New York, I can tell you that the public health community is wary of the spread of misinformation related to prohibition on the sale of flavored tobacco products.
I provide these facts:
In 2009, New York City enacted a partial ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products, allowing the continued sale of flavored e-cigarettes and menthol cigarettes. Even without a comprehensive ban in place, data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey show that New York City teens had 37% lower odds of ever trying flavored tobacco products and 28% lower odds of every using tobacco products in 2013 compared to 2010.
The percent of New York City teens who reported ever using flavored tobacco products or any tobacco products declined significantly after the policy was implemented (from 19.6% in 2010 to 15.6% in 2013; a 20% decline).
Prior to the statewide flavor ban in Massachusetts, counties with greater restrictions on flavored tobacco products demonstrated greater decreases in cigarette use, with the largest decreases among adolescents. Greater flavored tobacco product restrictions were also associated with reductions in the likelihood of e-cigarette use.
Tobacco retailers and decision-makers can conjecture all they want, but it doesn’t change the bottom line: Evidence shows that tobacco flavor bans work to reduce youth tobacco use.
Brett Harris
The writer is president of the New York State Public Health Association.

Photo brought back memories of thrill

The photo on the front page of your March 9 issue, labeled “Low Rider,” brought back similar memories from my youth in the mid 1970’s.
The only difference was we weren’t zipping down main roads and posing for the local newspaper. We were zipping down back streets trying to get home from the trails without the local cops impounding our minibikes, The times are a changing.
Tom Pasko

Screen for colorectal cancer at lower age

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the United States, but there has been improvement.
Since 2005, deaths have dropped nearly 3% per year. However, the decreases are mainly among those ages 50 and older. It’s a different story for people younger than age 50.
Deaths from colorectal cancer have risen in the United States by 1.2% each year from 2005 to 2020 among people younger than 50. More than one in ten new cases occur in people younger than age 50.
Because of these alarming trends, the recommended age to start colorectal cancer screening was lowered from age 50 to 45.
Getting screened regularly and at the right age can save lives. Screening tests can find growths that can be removed before they turn into cancer. Screening tests can also find colorectal cancer early when treatment may work best.
When found early, people have an excellent chance of surviving the disease.
The Cancer Services Program (CSP) of Fulton, Montgomery, and Schenectady Counties offers free colorectal cancer screening to New Yorkers ages 45 and older without health insurance. Screening can be done at home. The CSP uses a stool-based screening test that gets mailed to a lab. If cancer treatment is needed, help is available for clients to enroll in the Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program.
If you are 45 or older, ask your healthcare provider about colorectal cancer screening. If you are uninsured or don’t have a healthcare provider, call the CSP at 518-841-3726.
Patricia Myers
Florida (formerly from Glen)

Put more national news in print version

I know that print newspapers are in trouble, but does it really cost that much more to print two additional pages of national news?
I could see if you wanted to add a couple pages of human interest stories in digital format only, but national news?
Is this The Gazette’s way of trying to discourage physical subscriptions and push everyone to a digital subscription? As hard as it is to believe, there are still people who do not have internet access or simply prefer a physical paper. It allows a method of reading the paper that the digital version does not.
Angela Marczewski

Smiling kids helped soften blow of storm

Heart happy thank you for Erica Miller’s picture (“Regional Y launches fundraising drive,”) on The Gazette March 14 Local Section front page.
The 4-and 5-year-old class from the Malta Y is the best way to make a smile come to the face, especially on the scary snow day in the Northeast. It made me forget about the impending doom of possible power outages and missed appointments and who knows what?
Seriously, I love seeing the sweet and happy faces filled with the joy of childhood. Congratulations to their families, the teachers and the Y program. I wish all the best for your fundraising. The song choice is a personal favorite of mine.
Good choice, Gazette.
Theresa Rickard

Fix weekend papers and lower the price

I’d like to second the opinion of Anne Fringo’s March 15 letter, (“Consider readers who prefer print version,”) I used to get my paper delivered, then was told that needed to stop and my paper was mailed.
The problem was if there was no mail delivery, no paper. Plus I was getting “old” news. I canceled my subscription and now drive to get my paper.
My issue is, it is $2.25 Monday through Friday ($11.25) then it is $3 for Saturday and Sunday. The only difference between Saturday and Sunday papers are the comics and one additional crossword puzzle. I find that absolutely appalling.
Every other section on Sunday is exactly the same as Saturday, including the inserts. Do away with the Sunday sections and the inserts on Saturday and go back to $2.25 on Saturday.
Tammy Lawyer
Central Bridge

Birdhouse design fun, even long distance

Two times before COVID-19 struck, my now 14-year-old grandson, who lives in St. Paul, Minn., and I built and decorated birdhouses for the Ballston Spa Birdhouse Program while he visited us here.
This spring he will not be visiting us, but when he heard the program was being reinstated, he eagerly asked if he could help create another birdhouse long distance. I immediately agreed and we have begun planning and carrying out an original bipartisan, trans-generational design. It may even have a Ukrainian theme, making it international as well.
I want other families to know that given our current (pardon the pun) electronic interconnectedness, participation in the Ballston Spa Birdhouse Program can be an opportunity for lots of fun, even across wide distances.
Forman Phillips
Ballston Spa

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I for one am just beside myself in anticipation to see which rightwing, fake Christian Republican grifter will profit the most off the tRump drama this coming week! You just gotta know the whole Trump family is in on how best to milk this (and the American public, and foreign “fan clubs” and royal families) for the big ones! That’s what it’s all about too!
What better way to stick another well-deserved nail in socialism, and strike a big vote for Capitalism!
American Capitalism!

“MAGA! We’re gettin’ ours!”

Joseph Vendetti

Ms Root:

Sorry to say that the de-regulation of some parts of dodd frank bill had no effect on the recent bank failures. They were being scrutinized as per the original intent of the law.

Two things led to the recent bank failures – liquidity & interest rate risks. Out of 18 premier economists polled on the subject only one (who is funded by the Guardian) blamed deregulation.


Remember when Joe Biden said during a debate that his son’s laptop wasn’t real and was the product of a Russian operation? Knowingly lying for political gain about a nuclear power we’d soon be in a proxy war with is so risky and shows a lack of concern for our national security.

The Washington Post @washingtonpost
Breaking news: Hunter Biden countersues computer repair shop owner who had laptop with provocative data and images, alleging invasion of privacy wapo.st/3LrWm0g

Yet he now trying to bring legal action against the computer repair guy.
TIC Biden will destroy our country.

Far right Republican leaders deny scientific realities, exaggerate, and make ludicrous claims in their quest for power:

The article “Haley, Ramaswamy among those…” (p. A2 today’s DG) illustrates each of the above tactics. Nineteen Republican governors have come out against the Biden administration’s “support of a federal labor rule allowing retirement plans to consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors when making investment decisions.” They consider this a political agenda, claiming it is a “woke” policy trying to divert investments toward fighting climate change. Climate change is a scientific reality, not a political construct like election denial. Who are they to direct the investment strategies of retirement funds? I thought they were against government regulation.

Senator Tim Scott (R. S.C.), the only Black in the Senate attempted to impugn Democrats by stating that they believe, “if you’re white you must be an oppressor. If you’re Black or brown, you are a victim.” This is a gross exaggeration of the Democratic belief that the legacy of past discrimination against people of color blinds many of us to systemic racism which manifests as continued mistreatment of people of color to this day. According to Nikki Haley “transgender students competing in sports (is) ‘the women’s issue of our time,’ adding: ‘If we don’t stop all this woke ideology that’s happening in our schools we’ll lose them.'” Many women who have lost the right to choose will be shocked by that wild assertion.

The article “Election conspiracy…” (p. A8) examines the ludicrous continuing claims of election denial and rigged results by truly mentally ill people like Mark Finchem who lost his run for Arizona Secretary of State in 2020. He claims to have won with no supporting evidence yet states, “We are at war. The only thing that’s not flying right now is bullets.” It seems he would like to see bullets flying, a revolution to remake America as a Christian National theocracy. If you think I am exaggerating, consider that “Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, was traveling the country spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and vaccines as he builds a movement based on Christian nationalist ideas.”

These individuals are not American patriots. They are partisans seeking the power to impose their views on all Americans.


George do you really believe that our countries biggest issues are Climate Change, Social inequity, inadequate medical care?
All of these problems are manifested issues by the Democratic Socialist to keep you busy worrying if you call Frank or Frances, Tony or Toni. The rest of the world builds their Manufacturing and infrastructure and produce goods regardless of the Climate change activist that destroy America.

How about a corrupt administration that has sold out our country to China and Russia. The deep state government that is crashing our banking system to push ESG regulation that will destroy our country.
Stop drinking the KoolAide and start thinking for yourself.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Brandon 🤡 your babbling about the Hunter Biden laptop is just another Hillary’s emails. it’s also like The Durham report that you nut jobs said would prove Trump right. It’s another nothing burger. If and when charges are ever brought about for the Hunter Biden laptop then start crowing…..-Any court of law would question the chain of evidence on the laptop. Until then move on to something else. In short ….be stupid for Trump on another subject.

Guy Varoma

Joe….I could show you 20 other economists that say Trump’s deregulation had something to do with SV bank’s collapse. And the blame should go to The Republicans and the handful of Democrats who voted for it

LGB, you state, “Joe Biden said during a debate that his son’s laptop wasn’t real..” Do you mean Biden claimed his son’s laptop was something other than “real”? What was it then?


The Democratic Socialist WOKE policies does nothing more than try’s to delegitimize women by allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports. It takes the voice away from women. Funny The Democratic Socialist are so quick to defend a women’s right to abortion and killing their baby. Yet they tell women to SHUT- UP because that man wants your trophy because he cannot get one competing against men.

The ESG policies were hid in the inflation reduction act by the TIC BIDEN to destroy and further weaken the economy and middle class workers. All for Windmills and solar panels that do not work. If they worked why are they charging Electric vehicle with fossil fuel energy. It all B.S. to keep the citizens fighting over the gender identity politics rather than stopping the money laundering in Ukraine, WW3 that the Traitor and Chief is trying to push. China cannot invade until they take away our second amendment and how can they do that have a war with a country and loose and they come and make the rules.
Keep an eye on the missing uranium and a dirty bomb in Ukraine. This is no different than Nordstrom pipe line.


Apple pulls #1 song Justice for all. It is Trump saying the pledge of allegiance with the background music of the national anthem. It was #1 and Apple pulled it.

This is what the WOKE agenda is ANTI AMERICAN values. Stunning they censored our please of allegiance and National Anthem.

This is the TIC Administration cannot tolerate Americans that love their country and will protect the Constitutional Republic.

There were many great letters to the editor today. Two columns were particularly important, relevant, and informative. “When journalism and commerce collide, who wins?” (p. D1) by John Fligliozzi takes a deep objective look into the negative effects “journalism” for profit is having on our political lives. “”What if we were ‘tough on crime’ instead of’tough on people’?” (p. D2) takes a refreshingly different look at how we could more effectively fight crime by addressing the underlying causes rather than imposing draconian solutions on individuals.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Brandon 🤡the song you so cherish orated by Trump and The Jan. 6th Insurrectionists is back up. It was down temporarily less than a day. You can listen to it again …stop panicking. Put your MAGA hat on and salute your king Trump while listening to it. Maybe listen to the flip side Crime after Crime to balance your brain

Joe V., once again you reliably jump to the defense of your Republican party with another backhand to the Democrats (you know, the party that reliably comes to the defense of the American consumer).

I’ve made no secret of my ignorance for financial issues, but I do know reliable source when I see them and here I’ll defer to Factchect’s assessment which is certainly not as conclusive as either side claims.

Did 2018 Deregulation Lead to Bank Failures?

Although some Democrats have directly blamed the 2018 law for the collapse of SVB and Signature Bank, banking experts we spoke to were divided on that.

“I agree that the 2018 deregulation contributed to the problem,” Michael Ohlrogge, associate professor at the New York University School of Law, told us via email. “Basically, the deregulation made it more likely that we would have a crisis such as this, and more likely that it would be worse in the event that it did happen. One of the key reasons for this is that the 2018 deregulation reduced the amount of shareholder money that banks need to use to finance their asset acquisitions. Banks are required to have minimum amounts of shareholder money funding their assets so that if those assets drop in value, there is enough of a ‘cushion’ of shareholder value to take losses, before those losses take a hit out of depositor recoveries. So, without the 2018 deregulation, it is likely that SVB would have had a larger buffer of shareholder money to absorb losses, making it less likely that there would have been a panic in the first place, and given that there was a panic, the losses to depositors likely would have been less.

“That being said, it would not be accurate to say that there is no chance this crisis would have occurred were it not for the 2018 deregulation,” Ohlrogge said. “The 2018 changes just made it more likely to occur.”

lots more….

factcheck org/2023/03/what-to-know-about-trump-era-bank-deregulation-and-bank-failures/

There is no defense for the Republicans or Democrats who voted for weakening Dodd-Frank; your facts indicate regulations should have been tightened. I don’t defend Democrats who are in the pocket of corporate lobbyists. The fact that many prominent economists and bankers argue the weakening of regulations did contribute to the current banking crisis indicates the causes are far more complex than the handful of statistics you cite. I don’t pretend to understand this complex problem but I know ridiculously overcompensated CEO’s are for deregulation and many dramatically increased their wealth in the months preceding the crisis. There is a bill in Congress that would require them to return all bonuses they received in the three months before any bank failure. Good idea.

The causes of many of our economic and social problems as well as crime was understood by Plato over 2000 years ago and his warning bears repetition:

“There should exist among the citizens neither extreme poverty nor again excessive wealth, for both are productive of great evil.”

Joseph Vendetti

Michael Ohlrogge Is on payroll of the Guardian also. Those two banks fell into the category where they were being heavily scrutinized. The avg bank keeps 13% in cash reserves they had 9, dodd frank allows 8, they had 55% in treasury securities avg bank 34%, dodd frank allows 60%, they weren’t doing anything wrong. They got caught in a perfect “bad” situation where they had assets (treasury bonds) that turned into liabilities because interest rates rose over 5.4% in short time, they sold them to stop the bleeding anticipated another interest rate increase, the street (stock and bond market) created enough buzz that their large investors started selling, and depositors asking for cash had create liquidity issue (99% of depositors had accounts larger then $250,000 – also allowed), once that both hit the bank couldn’t withstand it.

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck – in the late 70’s when interest rates rose so fast – Banks were just Banks (no fancy products, life insurance, credit cards, reverse mortgages etc – so there were no models or past performance to look at banks holding onto treasury bonds – a normally safe investment/instrument for a bank).

Lots of smart people created Dodd Frank and none of them anticipated banks assets (treasury bonds) being turned into liabilities when interest rates rose so quickly over such a short period of time.

I can almost guarantee- many of these banks will start running a monte carlo (MC) model that looks at multiple variables of risks. On projects over $10 million we (my company) runs MC models that looks at fuel, politics, ability to pay, weather, etc.

christophe Stalka

lets go brandies are you kidding…lol

March 19th, 2023
The Democratic Socialist WOKE policies does nothing more than try’s to delegitimize women by allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports. It takes the voice away from women. Funny The Democratic Socialist are so quick to defend a women’s right to abortion and killing their baby. Yet they tell women to SHUT- UP because that man wants your trophy because he cannot get one competing against men.

lets recall you classic plans for delegitimizing women

Posted by let’s go Brandon on Jan 31 2023

own it dude don’t hide behind your fake name

“Okay if the women gets an abortion then she obviously does not want children why just sterilize her so she can have all the unprotected sex with as many partners as she wants and never have to worry about abortions? No different than suggesting men getting a vasectomy. You are correct men cannot get an abortion, yet a women would not need one is it weren’t for a man men getting a vasectomy. You are correct men can

“Many claiming Christ in America today shall stand before God in judgment one day guilty of ‘the sin of omission’ (inaction) whereby they omitted the obligation to self-sacrifice at the expense of earthly security in order to ensure their children and grandchildren inherited freedom as they did. Instead, they omitted the obligation to preserve the blessing of freedom, causing their own children and grandchildren to inherit bloody tyranny.” – Sh-tcanned Fox Nation host and QAnon anti-vax nutbag Lara Logan, in a Truth Social post above a screencap of Trump’s call to “protest, protest, protest.”

Too bad “Orange One,” Lara, and all the other phony patriots and Christians who pledge loyalty to Trump over the Constitution, this time the police are ready for you:

The Daily Beast reports: 3/19:

“If a significant demonstration materializes in the next week, NYPD sources said the force may deploy the Strategic Response Group, a roughly 700-hundred-member unit trained in ‘disorder control.'”

Joseph Vendetti
March 14th, 2023
“I don’t have a “team” during voting. I try to vote what makes sense to my business and my family.”…

Joe, after reading your above comment when it comes to your voting, be it conservative or liberal, it appears to presents a catch 22 conundrum for you.

I believe you do, in your heart, for the most part, lean left when it involves environment, women’s rights, human equality and gun reform, but I believe what “makes sense to my (your) businesses” seems to be the bottom line. There in lies what appeared to be your hard right leaning political views in many regards.

Conservative Republicans push hard for tax laws that undoubtedly put more money in your pocket.- I know, I lived 53 years of being in business, and the republican tax laws promoted and eventually instated always made my bottom line stronger.

I think more businesses men who have made plenty of money should strongly consider what is truly best for the future of America and their families as well, at the expense of NOT MAXIMIZING their bottom financial lines. When is enough enough? Apparently for way too many, never.

Joseph Vendetti

Lou – possibly when my youngest doctoral program and wedding are fully paid for and oldest wedding is paid for maybe I will stop considering taxes, and money.

Somehow as a moderate/conservative financially and socially liberal on other items you mentioned none of my children went into the private sector for a career. They are all care givers, educators, and one soon to be dr of psychology.

Joe, considering taxes is one thing, but when voting for conservatives that give HUGH tax advantages to big business and the extremely wealthy is another.
Sure it may help business the size of yours, but I believe when looking at the big picture it’s bad for our country and the people in it.

Perhaps with a more even distribution of wealth, fair taxation on the wealthy and more tax money appropriated for education it would be much less expensive for your “youngest doctoral program” and therefore a wash.
Also consider how it would help those less financial secure, giving better opportunity to all, leading to a “smarter” America.

“Michael Ohlrogge Is on payroll of the Guardian also. ”

So what? If you’re going to try to impugn The Guardian you’re going to need to search far and wide for the evidence that its credibility is questionable.

It’s become far too common and tiring to hear those on the right try to condemn any news source they don’t agree with.

The Guardian is one of only a couple that I pay for a subscription, and that comes after I’ve dug into their reputation and credibility. Certainly not because I like what they report on. I want straight news with educated commentary and The Guardian provides that.

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck – the Guardian is left leaning in its reporting – which is fine, I read it along with NYT, Wash Post, Time, Newsweek, WSJ – try to stay away from really hacky stuff like NY Post or Spectator or Vanity Fair.

I’ll give you an example of something I don’t like about bias reporting.

When Amy Comey Barrett was doing Senate Confirmation hearings – she refused to answer questions regarding abortion, guns, labor law, etc. The headlines in Washington Post, Guardian and NYT – “Barrett stonewalls Senate on Abortion” –

The practice of not answering questions that could come before the court was started by the late great Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG). Which again was completely fine and didn’t make headlines during her confirmation hearings. No where even below the headline of “stonewalling” Senate was there any mention that this was a practice that became customary by RGB.

I certainly disagree vehemently with what SCOTUS did regarding Roe V Wade but I also understand who the majority of NYT readers are and why they put headlines like that.

At this point I have to hope the Court goes back to 5/4 sometime in next 4-6 years or Abortion Rights can get codified under Federal Law (something I thought President Obama ran on). I think Roberts is fair he stood up for Obamacare so that gives me some faith


Christo the infanticide supporter. This is your legacy:

Abortions worldwide this year:
Sources and methods:
Definition: An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus, resulting in or caused by its death. An abortion can occur spontaneously due to complications during pregnancy or can be induced.

Abortion as a term most commonly – and in the statistics presented here – refers to the induced abortion of a human pregnancy, while spontaneous abortions are usually termed miscarriages.

“This year” refers to the period from Jan 1 at 00:00 up to now.

The data on abortions displayed on the Worldometer’s counter is based on the latest estimates on worldwide abortions published by various sources, including the World Health Organization (WHO). According to WHO, every year in the world there are around 73 million induced abortions. This corresponds to approximately 200,000 abortions per day.

In the USA, where nearly 30% of pregnancies are unintended and 40% of these are terminated by abortion, there are between 1,500 to 2,500 abortions per day. Nearly 20% of all pregnancies in the USA (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion. Guttmacher Institute reports 930,160 abortions performed in 2020 in the United States, with a rate of 14.4 per 1,000 women. CDC reports 629,898 abortions in 2019, with a rate of 11.4 abortions per 1,000 women (excludes CA, MD, NH).

christophe Stalka

Let’s go Brandies your posts speak for themself.you are a repeated liar and a pervert
I have said nothing in support or against abortions I have stated it is a woman’s decision.

I do not support involuntary sterilization of women as you do which I find consistent with your other perverted views


Wow, you’ve got sticks. To poke people in the eye. You’re so awesome.
And your holy book is full of sh!!te.


1 Timothy 2:11-13

11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

Joseph Vendetti

I responded to LGB 3-4x
Max – i wont waste my time – too precious to do it anymore. Let him or her stand in front of planned parenthood. Wont adopt. Wont help educate. Just venomous garbage.

Guy Varoma

Joe…..Does it really matter what the nominees for SCJ say or don’t say/….McConnell lowered the bar by making it a simple majority. So who ever controls the Senate. That person is a shoe in. These justices nominated have track records on how they view things. Interviewing them now is just a formality.

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