Letters to the Editor Wednesday, March 22 – Five, from readers in Ballston, Clifton Park, Niskayuna, Burnt Hills

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Set reasonable and safe speed limits

As a retired defensive driving instructor with 60 years of driving and over 1 million miles, I have thoughts on raising the speed limit to 70.
First, some facts: Every year, police reports of crashes list speeding as the number one cause; distracted driving now accounts for over 20%; higher speeds make for worse crashes; drivers not “going with the flow” create lane-changing crashes. Opinion: there are a lot of drivers who are aggressive, inconsiderate, or poorly trained.
I realize that most drivers ignore speed limits generally, but what I have seen happening on my frequent trips to Cincinnati is that as the speed limit out there has gone to 70 and 75, drivers just keep upping their speeds. If you aren’t doing 80, you are in the way. Why believe anything different will happen here? It will create a wider range of speeds and cause an increase of gasoline usage. One gallon burned produces 27 pounds of carbon dioxide.
In some sections of I-87, 70 may work fine, but be dangerous in others. Too many drivers do not adjust speed to accommodate road conditions, traffic density, or visibility. Another problem is created when drivers exit the interstate and then try to maintain the too-high speeds on our secondary roads.
I would like to hear from law enforcement officials why they continue to allow drivers to drive 10 mph over the limits. Work with the traffic engineers, establish a reasonable but safe limit, then enforce it.
Bill Shaw

We must stop dividing Americans

What’s next after Black reparations, American Indian reparations, Asian American reparations, Mexican American reparations? And please don’t forget about the Irish Americans, German Americans, Italian Americans and Polish Americans.
Yes, the Blacks were treated badly in many areas in this country because of slavery, but in Western states, the other immigrants were treated the same way until civil rights got involved, and their coloring was White.
We need to get away from separating people by the color of their skin, thus separating Americans into different groups of people. We are all Americans.
I was fortunate enough to grow up as a Navy brat, so I lived on the East Coast and West Coast and Hawaii and Texas. I saw all kinds of Americans being treated unfairly because of color and nationality, even though all Americans said the Pledge of Allegiance to my flag and republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Let’s please stop separating us into different categories, thus keeping the us-versus-them mentality.
Louise Wasson

Church only cares about protecting its money

The recent filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by the Albany Diocese is not surprising.
At the end of the day, the Albany Diocese and the Catholic Church are businesses. They can say that they care about their parishioners. They can say that they care about victims of abuse. They can say that they care about the former St. Clare’s Hospital pensioners who lost all or part of their pensions.
But what they really care about above all, as shown by their actions, is protecting their financial assets. Period.
Bob Bradley
Clifton Park

Look at opposite definition of ‘woke’

The current buzzword among the far right of today’s GOP seems to be “woke.” It is very clear from the way they use the word that it is a pejorative term.
I wonder if they are at all aware of what is the opposite of woke.
As far as I can tell from my American Heritage Dictionary, the word that best describes someone who is the opposite of “woke” is “somnambulant.”
Dave Furman

Paper plays both sides on sports betting

In response to Mr. Andrew Waite’s March 16 in-depth article (“Sports betting advertising sends the wrong message”) about the increase in problem sports betting, I must ask how can your paper be so hypocritical?
My husband has been getting regular emails from your paper urging him to “get in on the action” with an accompanying ad from Caesars Sportsbook and simple “click here” instructions.
Your paper is encouraging the very thing Mr. Waite warns against.
You should really reconsider your logo claiming, “when credibility matters.”
Virginia Newton
Burnt Hills


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“Yes, the Blacks were treated badly in many areas in this country because of slavery, but in Western states, the other immigrants were treated the same way until civil rights got involved, and their coloring was White.”

Here’s a little history lesson, Ms. Wasson:
“The Blacks” were not immigrants. In fact, “the Blacks” were not here by choice. Immigration is something one chooses to do. Enslavement is not that. And reparations, in some form, and awareness by ‘the Whites’ of their culpability are the right things to do.
Not to feel responsible, but certainly feel accountable.


Here’s a thought what about the African tribal leaders that gathered slaves to sell from rival tribes. I would think if you are going to hold people accountable then include the owners and heirs of the Dutch Indies, British monarchy. Yet the most common source of slavery was the taking of war captives by an enemy tribe or state. Snelgrave argued that the slave trade between Europeans and Africans was moral and just and, in fact, benefitted the African slaves.

So why are we not having that conversation?
Because looney Socialist that hate America.

The Irish were the first slaves in America where are their reparations?

In fact, more Irish were sold as slaves to the American colonies from 1651 to 1660 than the total existing “free” population of the Americas! In1652

The fact that American slave traders bought their victims from Africans in no way absolves them or the Americans they sold them to from the suffering of these slaves and their descendants. Of course, it was just as wrong to sell the slaves as to purchase and abuse them.

LGB when you claim slavery “benefitted (sic) the African slaves” you cross a line exposing utter and complete ignorance and total lack of empathy. Children were sold before the eyes of their mothers, likely to never be seen again. Slaves were a resource that was abused by getting the maximum labor from them to profit the owners. They were raped and tortured. Our own esteemed President Jefferson had children by a child slave; we would call it rape today.

America practiced the most brutal form of slavery. Slaves were property and had no legal protections:

“Marie Delphine Macarty or MacCarthy (March 19, 1787 – December 7, 1849), more commonly known as Madame Blanque or, after her third marriage, as Madame LaLaurie, was a New Orleans socialite and serial killer who tortured and murdered slaves in her household.”

The descendants of slaves continued to suffer mistreatment through Jim Crow, segregation, discrimination in all sectors of life, lynching and to this day they die t
under under the knee of White racists.

The Irish were never slaves in America. They were indentured servants who contracted to work for a set period of time, usually 5 to 7 years without pay. This system lasted in America until the early 20th century. Though often abused, indentured servants were considered people, not property, and hence had legal protections. This is another attempt on the part of white supremacists to claim Blacks were never treated any differently than whites. Anyone who uses it it to justify or draw an equivalency between it and slavery is either profoundly ignorant, a white racist, or most likely, both.

ChuckD, I’ll bet he didn’t realize Snelgrave was Captain of a ship transporting Africans to American auction blocks. Of course he tried to portray slavery as “moral and just” but for a modern apologist like LGB to seriously use this man to support slavery as having been good for Blacks is reprehensible.

Not surprisingly, just as misogynists use the Bible to keep women in their place and justify patriarchy, slave traders often used religion to justify their cruelty:

“Early on, many slaveholders were not concerned with the spiritual well-being of Africans. But few had qualms about using Christianity to justify slavery.

Some theologians said it was providence that had brought Africans to America as slaves, since their enslavement would allow them to encounter the Christian message and thus their eternal souls would be saved, said Mark Noll, a historian of American Christianity.

Some preachers encouraged slave owners to allow their slaves to attend worship services — though only in separate gatherings led by white proslavery preachers. They had to be seated in the back or the balcony of a segregated church. Those men of God argued that the sermons on the injunction in Ephesians and Colossians, “slaves, obey your earthly master,” would promote docility among enslaved workers.” WP 4/30/19


TIC Joe Biden border policies are allowing invasion of our country.

91% of Chinese nationals crossing the border illegally and being released into America are military aged men.

Why do they want to take away the second amendment so the Chinese that infiltrated our country will have a standing army already in our country.

All thanks to the corrupt Biden criminal family.

Bill Marincic

Dave Furman’s letter says all you need to know about lefties, when they make a statement using abstract words that people don’t normally use. He could’ve said contempt and sleepwalking but that’s too easy for someone like him. He had to use pejorative and somnambulant. SMH.


The stupidity of this country continues. IF THEY DO THIS WHAT WILL THE J 6 DEMONSTRATORS GET?

Philadelphia reaches $9.25M
settlement with demonstrators over police tactics in 2020 protests
Philadelphia police used tear gas, rubber bullets during unrest following murder of George Floyd in 2020


Watch and see the BLM and ANTIFA cause chaos in NYC if Trump is indicted.They have the cameras set up staging everything. Just like the J6 implants in the crowd.


The Deep State are using two disbarred lawyers to indict Trump. Ivenatti and Cohen both imprisoned disbarred lawyers.

– The Washington Examiner

Former President Donald Trump has released a grand plan to “shatter the deep state and restore government that is controlled by the people.”

That’s fantastic. So, why didn’t he do that when he was president for four years?

Trump’s plan involves firing “corrupt actors” in national security agencies and federal departments and publishing “all documents on deep state spying,” among other things. There is no doubt that the blatant politicization of the federal government, especially the three-letter national security agencies, must be addressed by the next Republican president. And yet, whether or not Trump’s plan is good or bad is irrelevant. It is late.

Trump was president for four years. Trump and his allies were talking about the “deep state” as early as March 2017, not even two months after he was inaugurated. He was the head of the executive branch and could have come up with and implemented a plan to “shatter the deep state” whenever he wished. And yet, it is only now, more than two years removed from office, that he wants to take up the fight.

So, why didn’t he do this while he was president? He and his team had identified this problem early in his presidency, so ignorance is no excuse. The common refrain from his supporters will likely be something along the lines of “the deep state obstructed his plans.” But if Trump was so weak that he couldn’t pull it off the first time, what is stopping them from obstructing him again?

If the excuse is that “RINO Republicans didn’t stand with him,” has anything happened to change that? Most of Trump’s chosen MAGA candidates lost, in case anyone has forgotten. Maybe Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) was the magic chess piece Trump was waiting for, but the GOP House and Senate makeup is otherwise remarkably similar to what it was when Trump left office.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 I agree with you. He should have dumbed it down for you. God forbid he made you look up the word. Researching things on the internet is not your forte ( a thing at which someone excel) <———–In case you don't know the meaning of forte

Bill Marincic

varoma, no need to dumb anything down for me, I’m quite aware of the meanings of those and thousands of others. It was funny because that’s what lefties constantly do, they try to be smarter because they believe they are superior. It’s funny, for real.

christophe Stalka

The flaming ragers are agitated today. I assume because
The lead grifters call to arms was not answered yesterday

Calm your selves Big BM aka Zach and let’s go Brandie’s.

I hear Trump only asked for a 3300 donation to his legal fund yesterday you can still donate.

Thank God we live in this great Democracy that is America.


In Troy a teenager riding a motorcycle on the roads ILLEGALLY. He crashes with an SUV wearing no helmet. Now CBS 6 is pushing the narrative that it’s the SUV fault because it may have been speeding. How about holding the person who purchased the motorcycle for the teenager no helmet or a place to ride the motorcycle. How about holding the parent responsible for the damages to the SUV and the psychological damage caused because this teenager was breaking the law. They show pictures of him playing football and just being a great kid. That maybe all true but he committed a crime that cost physical damage to him and the person he was in the accident with. The investigation should be on the parents for neglect

If the accident was caused by the SUV going over the speed limit, it was the SUV’s fault. The fact that the teenager was not wearing a helmet resulted in more severe injuries but was not the cause of the accident, though he or she could be ticketed for not wearing a helmet. I am not familiar with the story but if he was licensed to ride a motorcycle on public roads and was obeying all traffic laws he bears no responsibility. Why would the person who bought him the motorcycle be responsible for the accident? Is he underage and/or unlicensed? One needs to know all the facts before passing judgment.

Explain how they’re “pushing the narrative that it’s the SUV fault”. I only read limited info on the story and that an investigation is underway. I guess you were a perfect child and never made any mistakes when you were 13. Good for you. Sounds like this kid made a terrible mistake that he’s going to have to deal with the repercussions of for the rest of his life if he’s lucky enough to pull through. Seems to me to be punishment enough.

christophe Stalka

Let’s go Brandie’s “Hold ‘em accountable” what a clown you make of yourself like Philadelphia is doing? Like NY is doing with Trump?

Crawl back in a hole and come up with a new chant that doesn’t conflict with every other post you’ve made

Imagine your grandfather was forced to work for a company for free for his entire life. If he spoke up, he would be tortured. If he tried to leave his job, his employer would kill him. He contributed greatly to the success of the company, but never saw a dime from all of his work. If he was able to start his own company doing the same work, he would have been able to raise a family and pass his company on to the next generation, ensuring a good life and financial stability for your parents and you. You’re telling me you wouldn’t try to sue the company today, even if the original owner has since passed, to get justice for your grandfather and get what was owed to him and his future generations? You’d just throw your hands up and say “oh well” and move along, while you and your kids live in poverty? I can tell you that I would seek justice for my family.

The nation is focused on whether or not Trump will be indicted for the misuse of campaign funds in the Stormy Daniels’ case. Let’s not forget about this career criminal’s role in election fraud and the 1/6 insurrection. I hope Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis soon brings charges against Trump for calling Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and trying to cajole him into finding 11,700 votes, the number he needed to win in Georgia:

“So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state.”

Reuters: 1/4/21

“Georgia has a state law against ‘criminal solicitation to commit election fraud.’ That law makes it illegal for a person to intentionally solicit, request, command or otherwise attempt to cause another person to engage in election fraud.

A separate federal law makes it illegal to attempt to ‘deprive or defraud’ people of a ‘fair and impartially conducted election process.’”

I think the bottom line for the MAGA mentality is that if they believe it’s good for them in the moment, without an immediate negative impact to their existence, they fight hard for promoting whatever that may be.

On the flip side if they perceive the immediate impact to them to be negative they fight hard to to put an end to whatever that may be.

Immediately consequences to others, as well as future consequences to themselves and others are never considered.

It’s analogous to the self serving toddler mentality, never considered other people and the future consequences to these people. They lack the foresight to realize they themselves are contributing to the strong possibility of their own eventual demise.

Additionally for MAGA people, if past atrocities such as the holocaust and slavery seemingly had no negative impacts on them it’s irrelevant, water over the dam. History is irrelevant.

They are selfish, do not consider others, and lack foresight. – I, me, now will never work – We’re all the same and they don’t get this.

Too foolish to realize if we ALL can’t live in harmony with equality for ALL we’re doomed.

That’s what I think.

Carlson’s private view of Trump: 3/8/23 PBS:

“The exchanges include Carlson’s text conversation on Jan. 4, 2021, with an unknown person, in which the prime-time host expressed anger toward Trump.

Carlson said that ‘we are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights’ and that ‘I truly can’t wait.’

Addressing Trump’s four years as president, Carlson said, ‘We’re all pretending we’ve got a lot to show for it, because admitting what a disaster it’s been is too tough to digest. But come on. There really isn’t an upside to Trump.’

In another text exchange more than a month earlier, Carlson denigrated Trump’s business abilities: Trump’s talent, he said, is to ‘destroy things. He could easily destroy us if we play it wrong.’”

FOX News, Tucker Carlson: 3/23

“As of tonight, it’s not just Trump who is the target of this, it’s Trump’s voters. The Biden administration is in the process preparing yet another law enforcement dragnet of more than 1,000 nonviolent January 6 protesters.

These were not people who broke windows or tussled with cops. These were patriotic Americans who questioned — who dared to question — the official story of the 2020 election.

They watched with the rest of us as COVID was used as a pretext to eliminate long standing barriers to voter fraud. They saw Democratic partisan Mark Zuckerberg spend nearly half a billion dollars to influence the mechanics of voting, including in critical swing states.

Nevertheless, as they watched the news on the night of November 3, Trump seemed to be winning reelection. And then they woke up, and smug TV anchors are telling them that actually, a senile man who refused to campaign had won the biggest landslide in American history. “He got 15 million more votes than Barack Obama.”

They were skeptical. They did not buy that. So they went to Washington to protest — they thought that was their right — and as a result, January 6.”

If a large part of the American population keeps getting their misinformation from selfish two-faced propagandists like Tucker Carlson it will be difficult to get out of the mess Trump and his followers have put us in.

Bill Marincic

Santo, you speak about Jim Crowe laws how about your wonderful President Biden that was against desegregation, was best friends with a Ku Klux Clan grand dragon, and made the statement that he didn’t want his kids growing up in a racial jungle? How you seem to lose all memory when it’s a democrat, just as Joe Vendetti said the other day. Or Biden said that Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”?

Mr. Santo’s words carry the weight of hundreds of years of history (of which he is an expert).
You, on the other hand, shoot spitballs. And you’re not that good at it.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 I don’t know if those things about Biden are true. But if they are you seem to forget he doesn’t take those stances anymore. Deal with the present. Look at what Trump is saying about a African-American District Attorney Bragg in New York. Look what Trump said in Charlotteville etc. etc. etc. This is why you will always remain stupid for Trump always.

Bill Marincic

Varoma do as your mentor Don Kemon does, Google it. America doesn’t live by slavery any more and hasn’t in 150 years. Deal with the present, I’ve never owned a slave and not a single person I know was a slave so take your own advice. Deal with the present.

However BM, the evil legacy of slavery lives on. You, for example, have posted excuses for the brutal treatment of African Americans by certain white supremacist cops like Derek Chauvin. You are unfazed by redlining and other evidence of systemic racism such as profiling and the gap between the net worth of Black and white families.

As to Joe Biden, he has evolved and become a better person. In order to accomplish that one must first recognize past mistakes and errors in judgment. Have you done that, BM? I don’t think so. All I see is swagger and braggadocio.

Ponder this quote from J. Walter Thompson, an expert in communication and advertising:

“This is an age of faith. Disbelief requires an effort of the will while belief requires only acquiescence.”

christophe Stalka

Remember Big bm aka Zach speaks as a person of color.to ssy nothing of his 18% mixed race Trans sister with the Olympic size pool and 20 adopted children from the Aleutian Islands.

Man’s a national treasure in his own mind.

Bill Marincic

Biden said if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black. Biden said the Latino community is diverse unlike the African-American American community.. August 6, 2020. You just keep making up stories about what I believe and what I know. So did Biden change? I don’t think so.

Biden, again, corrected himself when he realized how easily what he said could be misinterpreted:

“In no way did I mean to suggest the African American community is a monolith — not by identity, not on issues, not at all,“ Biden wrote. “Throughout my career I‘ve witnessed the diversity of thought, background, and sentiment within the African American community. It‘s this diversity that makes our workplaces, communities, and country a better place.“ Politico 8/6/20

On the other hand Trump never retracted his statement referencing torch-carrying, confederate flag toting neo-nazi Americans as “good people.”

Nor has he ever backed down on his claim that the steps Putin took before invading Ukraine, annexing Ukrainian territory contrary to international law, were “savvy” moves which made the Russian dictator a “genius” in the eyes of the would be American autocrat.

BM, you have the gall to accuse others of making up stories? You make who you are quite clear to anyone reading these posts. Now go take a lap in your transsexual sister’s olympic size pool and be glad it isn’t the 1950’s when even light skin Blacks (17% African genes if I recall correctly) would never have the money to afford such luxury in the deep South.

The attention span isn’t there Tony. Just like Joe’s meltdown where he maintained Alvin Bragg was neglecting his duties for political attacks. And it’s plainly documented that Bragg apologized and reversed his policies. And yet there’s Joe and others moaning the same mantra they were programmed with. Truth be damned.

The MAGA doesn’t do apologies (just wait till God gets them!) and they don’t think deeper than a talking point’s depth.

Painting with a broad brush? Not sorry, they’re all so depressingly predictable.

ChuckD, I think that the inability to admit a mistake is what ultimately brings every totalitarian regime down. Hitler couldn’t face the fact that he was losing WWII in 1943 as he got bogged down during the winter months on the eastern front. There was a failed assassination attempt, but his inner circle didn’t dare question him and continued to believe that his superior intellect and vision would lead to victory. I believe and fervently hope the same thing is happening in Russia today. Just as our erstwhile Criminal-in-Chief has total admiration for Putin so do the oligarchs who continue to support his invasion of Ukraine. There has been some resistance among the oligarchs but those brave souls seem to have met with unfortunate accidents. Yet, Putin’s stubborn insistence on continuing his ill-advised invasion, his refusal to own up to a mistake, will bring his regime down. I am certain of this.

Bill Marincic

Stalker if that’s your real name I’m not gonna respond to you anymore after this. You never have any thing to say on here except butt kissing the other lefties and stupid insults. So I’ll leave you alone to your own imagination which must be pretty deep with whatever it is you’re taking. You’re a moron and a complete idiot and I don’t mean to disparage morons and complete idiots.

christophe Stalka

Big BMW aka Zach just repeating your past claims they kinda come back to haunt you don’t tear up too much maybe I can find that nude pic of Michele Obama you’ve been listing after for so long.. tissue dude ? Talk about a waste.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 you forgot to mention your claim of being 17% African American so it excuses you from being prejudice. You should always lead with that when talking about slavery. Who knows if there are reparations maybe you can get a little chunk. When signing up though,,,,I would lose the MAGA hat

christophe Stalka

MR Varoma those reparations certainly might make up for his massive losses from his 401k and drop in salary as a used car salesman he’s suffered as a direct result of president Bidens activity. I agree the guys a national treasure

Bill Marincic

Santo, you are probably the stupidest teacher out there and everyone is dumber for reading the crap you write. My sister’s Olympic size pool is in Florida, you keep bashing my Trans sister, I would say with all of your crap talk that you are transphobic. The only people lying on here are you looney lefties.

Just so we’re all clear, an Olympic size pool is specifically 50 meters by 25 meters by 2 meters deep.
I think it more likely this pool is part of an apartment complex, or a condo.
Or at the local YMCA.
But any of these is more likely than it being in someone’s back yard.

And I’m betting marincic’s one of the only black people there.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡it’s seems you have popped. I understand why you are the way you are. Attacking Anthony shows me what you are about. You are jealous of intelligent people. People have made fun of you all your life, haven’t they. It’s the reason you are loyal to Trump. You love Trump because he’s on your stupidity level. You can’t understand why we question you on your sister with the Olympic sized pool” or your “Trans” sister you claim to have. It ‘s because you post so many false stories we don’t know what to believe. I don’t hate you though. I feel sorry for you. Your childhood must have been difficult for you.

christophe Stalka

Mr. Varoma and mr Santo big BM / Zach is troubled that his racist anti trans homophobic comments are coming back to haunt him. His ridiculous statements such as Russia is our NATO friend
Michele Obama has a penis.are a few of the examples that define him as the ignorant racist fool he is

add in his claims to be mixed race you have one of the biggest fools to ever post on this forum. No one needs to make the case for his stupidity he does it daily with each new babble if he’s not insulting someone. Now he seems to want sympathy.

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