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Letters to the Editor Thursday, March 23 – Six, from readers in Rotterdam, Schenectady, Scotia, elsewhere

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Rotterdam citizens deserve full story

I found Mr. Godlewski’s comments at the last Rotterdam Town Board meeting and in his March 15 letter (“Via Port settlement was fair to both sides,”)  regarding Rotterdam’s settlement agreement with Via Port — and his annoyance over a concerned citizen questioning that agreement — quite interesting.
The concerned citizen, Ms. Torrosian, has asked the Town Board repeatedly since the settlement what counteroffers may have been discussed during negotiations. Town leaders refuse to give Ms. Torrosian a direct answer.
Remember that the current Town Board terminated the lease agreement with Via Port last August based on legal advice, pronouncing the deal jurisdictionally defective, void, and unenforceable.
Mr. Godlewski stated emphatically that Rotterdam would lose in court against Via Port, following his disclaimer that he is not a lawyer.
It is also noteworthy that the $1 million deposit mentioned in Mr. Godlewski’s letter was not local taxpayer money, but federal ARPA monies given to the town, which was returned. Rotterdam taxpayers did not get back $750,000 as part of the negotiated settlement agreement as claimed, but instead paid $250,000 to Via Port (figures rounded).
I commend Ms. Torrosian for her dogged persistence in seeking to learn what was discussed behind closed doors on behalf of Rotterdam’s taxpayers relevant to the final settlement.
It is easy for politicians to spend taxpayers’ money on a settlement and call it a win.
Mr. Godlewski finished his letter saying, “enough is enough,” but perhaps it was too much to Ms. Torrosian’s point.
Frank Natalie

Trump will return to rescue nation

I want to take the time to thank The Gazette for publishing all the Trump hater stories.
It makes me glad to know after being out of office for years now, he still has the power to rent space for free.
He is going back to the White House. He is not going to jail.
The Democrats have destroyed the country. But his first day back in office, he will make them regret the abuse they did to this country. They know it’s coming. Buy stock in Samsonite luggage. As soon as he wins. there will be a huge exodus from D.C.
Anthony Wassil

Stefanik’s loyalty to Trump is misplaced

In response to Tyler A. McNeil’s March 20 article (“Stefanik decries possible indictment of former president,”) on Elise Stefanik.
Again, Ms. Stefanik shows that she is more concerned with her own political agenda than at least waiting to see if an indictment is even handed down.
In the long run, she cares nothing about the people she serves. She stated, “Knowing they cannot beat President Trump at the ballot box, the Radical Left will now follow the lead of Socialist dictators.”
Uh — he was beaten at the ballot box, but if memory serves me, Ms. Stefanik believes that Trump did win.
The Manhattan DA is investigating Trump for falsifying business records in the first degree with the intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal another crime — in this instance a violation of strict campaign finance laws.
It makes me wonder, if the name of the person being investigated was Smith or Jones and was a Democrat, what her reaction would be then.
In my opinion, Trump would like nothing better than to become the autocrat of the United States. He is doing the same thing he did in the 2020 election, making statements about things that are not yet true to stir the Trump loyalists.
Stefanik has encouraged protest if and when Trump is arrested. Way to go! That’s right, let’s have another Jan. 6.
How about worrying about the people you represent and what they need?
Deborah Bender

Why is Schoharie still paying law firm

This taxpayer has a question for the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors.
At the August 2022 county board meeting, our leaders retreated behind the curtain for an executive session.
When they returned, they had agreed to hire Lamont Engineers at a cost of $194,000.
The supervisors claimed Lamont Engineers was retained to file the paperwork needed to free up millions of dollars for work already completed on the Streambank Blunder.
They also stated that the county has been paying the Wladis Law Firm to handle much of the work Lamont Engineers will be picking up.
So now for my question: Why are we still paying the Wladis Law Firm thousands of dollars every month? When will this massive waste of taxpayers’ money end?
Jerry Fiore

Law should apply equally to Trump

After realizing that they have no legal defense for the criminal activity of our former president, Republicans have resorted to what they do best when trying to explain Trump’s actions  — which means ramping up the name calling and nonsense.
Since Trump announced that he may be arrested in Manhattan for using campaign funds for personal use, the GOP spin doctors have been in full attack mode — suggesting that Trump is being unfairly targeted in New York, Georgia and Arizona for myriad crimes involving campaign contributions and interference in the last election.
Interestingly, none have said that Trump was innocent of the charges against him. Their only argument is that as a former president, he shouldn’t be prosecuted for doing things that would put any normal American in prison.
They use slogans like “woke” or “socialist democrat agenda.” But what they’re really saying is that there is a separate standard of justice for them and for the rest of us who pay our taxes, obey our laws and don’t pay 100 grand to porn stars to cover up a marital affair.
I’m sorry, but I prefer the style of government where everyone is treated equally under the law regardless of our wealth or social status.
If the former president and his pals don’t like it, maybe they should all go elsewhere where the government shares their beliefs. I think either Russia or China would be a great fit.
John Angilletta

Gazette needs to be more balanced

I am a lifelong Republican, and I am disgusted with the one-way slant of The Gazette. It’s at least 10-1 in favor of radical/woke Democrats. It seems that every other editorial is either from the L.A. Times, or the St. Louis Post Dispatch.
Your so-called columnists are no better. First, we were subjected to a John Figliozzi, and now we have an Andrew Waite on the loose.
While they are not radical Democrats, they are definitely left of center, and are big proponents of groupthink. My question to the editors is this: How long do we have to “Waite” until we get our “Fizzy?”
I have been a loyal subscriber for over ten years, and I can’t recall ever seeing a conservative columnist from your newspaper.
These are dangerous times for our country. We are perceived as being weak, due to our non-response to international crises. We are the laughing stock of the world, (as well as the piggy bank of the world.)
The disaster in Afghanistan, allowing a Chinese spy balloon to traverse the entire United States, the non-response to Russia’s downing of our drone is something that never would have happened under Reagan or Trump.
Yet, what are our military leaders concerned about? Pronouns and skin color!
This paper needs a good columnist to call out our government when they aren’t serving the people, both Republican and Democrat, and must be as unbiased as possible.
Ken Truman



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SCHENECTADY — The City of Schenectady Board of Ethics will consider conducting an investigation into Councilman Damonni Farley after Councilman John Polimeni filed a complaint with the board on March 9 regarding his fellow council member.

Polimeni has requested the ethics board investigate Farley’s consulting contracts with the Schenectady City School District and unpaid state income taxes.

Glad to see John standing up and going after the WOKE corruption in Schenectady.


DOG and pony act with the D.S. corrupt and politically motivated attacks on Trump is turning out to be B.S.. Now they are being investigated and being exposed the AG was a useful idiot like Joe Biden. They both do what they are told from Obama in the basement.


Alvin Bragg is so bad that even the corrupt Mexican President calls him out.


Mexico’s President Sides With Trump, Saying Charges Are a ‘Fabrication’

aslo reported:
I spoke with some Court Officers outside the Courthouse.
They do not know what Officer (s) would be taking Pres Trump “into custody” or filling out the arrest report.
But under the condition of an anonymity, the officers also described DA Alvin Bragg as

Guy Varoma

Anthony Wassil it’s seems to me that Trump not only lives in your head but he doesn’t rent it he owns it. Leave the cult….get your self dignity back. Unscrew the MAGA hat from your head and let some facts in.

Trump loyalists like Anthony Wassil who continues to see Trump as a superhero capable of solving all our problems and can’t wait for him to be back in office so he can pursue and punish those who dared speak out against him will never see the objective truth about the man they idolize. Ken Truman writes about how Trump and his supporters don’t get any editorial support in the DG, which he complains has a left bias. He writes “I can’t recall ever seeing a conservative columnist from your newspaper.” There have been many conservative columnists featured in the DG. The fact that his and Anthony Wassil’s letters appear in today’s DG contrasts sharply with his letter’s complaint.”

I understand that they are upset by the facts presented in the letters by Deborah Bender and John Angilletta and that they will never be able to pull their heads out of the sand and see their hero for who he really is.

Nonetheless, I wish all MAGA people would read the article, “Trump lawyer ordered to turn over Mar-a-Lago case docs” (p. A5) which raises some disturbing questions. Why did Trump and his lawyers claim they had turned over all top secret documents when subsequent to the issuance of a search warrant the FBI “found roughly 100 additional documents with classified markings”? What did he plan to do with these documents? Could his plans threaten our national security? This is so important that a judge has ordered Trump lawyers to turn over documents that would otherwise be protected by attorney-client privilege because “a lawyer’s services were used in furtherance of a crime–a principle known in the law as the ‘crime-fraud’ exception.”


Please make sure they do not forget 600 pages of of documents provided by Cohens lawyer that proved Trump knew nothing about the payment or the fact that the attorney was never reimbursed. Also the two key witnesses for the AG are disbarred attorneys. The grand jury was shocked that the 600 pages were withheld from discovery. The Deep State loonies are doing the toilet swirl grasping for turds to save them. They will all be exposed along with TIC Biden and his criminal family network.

He didn’t know anything about the top secret documents in his desk drawer at Mar-a-Lago, the illegal “Green Bay Sweep”, the 1/6 insurrection and its plan to disrupt certification of the election, or that the results of the 2020 election were accurate, right Brandon?


More NYS corruption. Comptroller Dinapoli is concerned about loosing oversight of powers. Hey Tom this is on purpose so the State can raid the pension plan and use ESG to destroy any pension plan they get their hand on. Kathy Jokel toeing the line for the Socialist. CBS report you paid for it. How changing it to . You voted for it now sit in the bed you made

Trump shows his vicious side in this attack on Ron DeSantis, which gives me great hope that MAGA rivals for the GOP presidential nomination will destroy each other:

“Ron was a big Lockdown Governor on the China Virus, sealing all beaches and everything else for an extended period of time, was Third Worst in the Nation for COVID-19 Deaths (losing 86,294 People), Third Worst for Total Number of Cases, at 7,516,906.

Other Republican Governors did MUCH BETTER than Ron and, because I allowed them this “freedom,” never closed their States.

Remember, I left that decision up to the Governors! For COVID Death Rates Per State, Ron, as Governor of Florida, did worse than New York.”

What Trump overlooks in this absurd passage on his campaign’s website is that NYS did better because the state was wise enough to follow the advice of the CDC and that population density in states like NY, Fl., and Ca. made it more difficult to deal with this airborne virus.

The campaign website goes on mercilessly, albeit accurately, attacking this potential rival for Trump’s GOP crown. The revolution eats its own:

“In Education, Florida ranks among the worst in the Country and on crime statistics, Florida ranked Third Worst in Murder, Third Worst in Rape, and Third Worst in Aggravated Assault. For 2022, Jacksonville was ranked as one of the Top 25 Major Crime Cities in the Country, with Tampa and Orlando not doing much better.

On Education, Florida ranks #39 in Health & Safety in the Country, #50 in Affordability, and #30 in Education & Childcare, HARDLY GREATNESS THERE!

The fact is, Ron is an average Governor, but the best by far in the Country in one category, Public Relations, where he easily ranks Number One—But it is all a Mirage, just look at the facts and figures, they don’t lie—And we don’t want Ron as our President!”

MAGA is a cult of personality and what a personality they have chosen to swear fealty to. Mind boggling.


Funny how the leftist party is so concerned about DeSantis as they try to divide the Trump supporters. They pay no attention to the TIC Biden and his Chinese allies contributing to the Biden crime family.
The left loved Trump when he announced his candidacy because they thought it would weaken the party. Now they have concern about how mean Trump is to DeSantis.
Anthony are you now supporting DeSantis for President?

No, I just love to watch greedy, power-hungry, thoughtless, inhumane presidential candidates destroy each other. Brandon start packing because the democratic socialists might soon be coming to take you away hehe, haha, hoho.

Did you miss this in my post above:

“The campaign website goes on mercilessly, albeit accurately, attacking this potential rival (DeSanctimonius whom Trump has redubbed DeSoros in his quest for a real zinger) for Trump’s GOP crown. The revolution eats its own…”

I’ve already gotten out the popcorn to watch the Ron and Don Show. Ron is still trying to play both sides by not directly attacking Trump, but he won’t be able to sustain that for long. And even the veiled criticism he made of the ex-President’s porn star payments, were met with criticism from the likes of Steve Bannon and others. And some of Trump’s attacks on Desantis were called out by Ron’s supporters. It really is going to be a race to the bottom, can’t wait to see what new lows they arrive at. All the while, folks like Mr. Wassill falsely believe that this is what America wants in their leaders and that Trump is going to win in a landslide lmao. News Alert: Trump narrowly won in 2016 and has been losing supporters ever since, resulting in GOP losses in 2018, 2020, and 2022. Regular Americans, not the super-online lib-owning Republicans, want a steady, un-chaotic, leader, and they have continually rejected Trump. He lost by almost 3 million votes in 2016, and 7 million in 2020. The idea that there are people that didn’t vote for Trump in 2020 are all the sudden going to vote for him in 2024, is ludicrous. He’s shedding supporters, not gaining them. Better to realize that now than to be dissappointed in 2024 and start another insurrection.

christophe Stalka

Calm yourself let’s go brandies I think I topic is all you can handle

try to focus

pick a spot in the distance and focus on it the spinning will stop

This will make many of you enjoy a real deep belly laugh:

“We thank you for this Donald Trump that you’ve raised up. And lord, even now we lift up a voice on his behalf that you will cause your hand to come upon his head, you will cover his ears so that he only hears what you are saying.

“Your hand will be in his heart so that he only feels what you want him to feel. And I pray in the name of Jesus that as his enemies have dug a pit for him, that they will fall into it themselves.

“We rebuke every witchcraft curse, vex, spell that has been launched against him, his wife, his children and his enterprise. And we ask you to fill him with the holy ghost. Let him be filled with the power of the holy spirit.

“Now YOU pray in the holy ghost for Donald Trump. Reesala baam balalay hosoo pah! Eela baroom dalaboleesay moso patahla dey tah! Eebro salambay bolololo mana satana tey!

“We rebuke what they’re doing right now! We pray that this will become actually an embarrassment to them! When they try to arrest him, when they try to accuse him of stirring up insurrection! That you, lord, will cause your spirit to make the wheels on the chariot of pharaoh come off! – Pastor Lance “Bad Wig” Wallnau.

Bill Marincic

Frank Natalie what you said is not true, you are attempting to blame the new board for the mistakes of the previous democrat board. The 1m was paid by the previous supervisor. The previous board member gave the supervisor the authority during a meeting to negotiate. In the new boards opinion that did not authorize him to enter into an agreement and pay a deposit. The new Board Supervisor and members did an analysis with the help of an engineering firm and concluded that the lease was a bad deal for several reasons. The new Supervisor and Board members did well considering they could have lost significantly more than 250K. I’m just curious why you are attacking the new board for the actions of the old board? Do you believe they should have gone through with the bad Viaport deal?

Bill Marincic

The Lease wasn’t unrecognized by the Board until the middle of July 2022, almost nine months after it was allegedly signed on Election Day 2021. 7.5 months times $33,333.33/month (the monthly rent in the Lease) = $250,000. So one more time, Mr. Natalie why are you blaming the new board for what the old board did?


Anthony if the Americans do not stop this Socialist government they will take away opposition parties. Just lik Hitler did. Do not think for one minute that the people who support these socialist will have a seat at the table you are fooling yourself.
They are currently using tax payer dollars to use AI to track any discussion that opposes the leftist party ideology.
This is 1940 Germany on steroids and dolts like you and the clown posse endorse this. Enjoy your train ride to vacation land as retired old person you are no longer a useful person to society you are a drain on resources.

I offer two suggestions that will go a long way toward ending this partisan bickering and break Donald Trump’s grip on the Republican Party: 1) end the primary system, which is dominated by the fringe elements of both parties, and 2) adopt ranked-choice voting. If you look at the last election results, you will see that states that had adopted either measure elected Republicans, like Lisa Murkowski, who stood up to Trump. (Also, had the second Senate impeachment trial allowed secret ballots, Trump would have been convicted and sent packing with no pension or secret service protection or the opportunity to hold federal office again.)

Fred Como

Guy Varoma

Anthony secret ballot impeachment would ever hold up ….The people have the right to know how their representatives vote. Though a good idea it would be struct down as unconstitutional

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo i find it ironic that let’s go brandies who embraces and promotes the involuntary sterilization of women as practiced by the nazis is raging about a socialist takeover. Maybe a third grade history book would help him.

How so, Mr. Verona? The Senate makes its own rules, so there’s no violation of the Constitution plus it would be consistent with regular jury trials. We don’t know, for instance, which jurers voted to acquit OJ. I suppose the people have a right to know how their senators voted, but if, hypothetically, the secret ballot were adopted for Trump’s impeachment trial, do you think he would have been convicted? The Senate only need a few more votes to reach the 2/3’s requirement.

Guy Varoma

Wizard….the jury system is not like the Senate. In a Jury system if found guilty or innocent you know how each member of the jury voted….People elect their representees and expect to know how they vote. Yes the Senate could change that rule. …But I think the Supreme Court would find it unconstitutional if challenged….

Guy makes a good point, but an impeachment vote is so subject to partisan pressure that I think a secret vote on impeachment is a good idea and would be constitutional.

To all TRUMP LOYALISTS. PLEASE, read this and tell me you now understand the kind of man Trump is, how little he cares about this country, how he is a frightened little man who provokes others to employ violence to defend him while he holes up in Mar-a-Lago:

Posted today to Trump’s Truth Social account:


Everybody knows he is innocent? I think he is guilty; so that statement is inaccurate and an obvious lie because he knows better. That is why he is so frightened. He sees a future as American dictator fading and envisions the nightmare of spending his golden years in prison with no one there to arrange his golden hair to cover up his bald head.

I was going to post the same thing. This is not the behavior of a “stable genius”, not to mention a leader of the strongest nation in the world. So let the world see this and decide (which I think they already have).

Except for most Republicans who seem to think this man needs to be defended.

Lock him up!
Lock him up!

christophe Stalka

Mr.Santo he continues to lie in a desperate attempt to escape responsibility for one of his many crimes… oh and hes not passing up the fund raising opportunity. I actually think he or Snort Jr. released those fake pics oh damsel don being arrested.

As if you actually know what’s going on in the grand jury.

You don’t, none of us do. But I’m pretty sure when the hammer comes down on tRumpy you’ll all scream and carry on that the the whole world is controlled by George Soros and trying to kill us all.

Freedom of speech means you’re free to rant like a loon with very poor judgement (but a high degree of confidence)!
And we’re free to let you know!

Christophe, Cucker Tarlson is a paragon of honesty and all other virtues! Just like Tonald Drump! I guess Trump didn’t realize what a two-bit phony, liar, and crook his lawyer Robert Costello was. This is from today’s on-line edition of Newsweek:

“Costello once asked Trump’s attorneys if he would consider pardoning Cohen, the Times reported.”

This was before Cohen turned honest and testified to his role in covering up Trump’s affair with porn star Stormy Daniels.

“The report of special counsel Robert Mueller, who looked into alleged ties between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia, indicated that Costello reassured Cohen about a “very very positive” conversation with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and that “you have friends in high places.”

Since then, Costello has represented high-profile Trump allies including his former adviser Steve Bannon and Giuliani.”

Any honest lawyer would try to dangle a pardon in front of a potential witness against his client and what honest lawyer could resist representing two fine Americans like scam artist Bannon and Giuliani the lunatic?


The most recent score card for ongoing investigations. Please note number 6. That one has been under the radar I believe and just recently surfaced. A short quiz. Do I need to note for those in the information wasteland of right wing media. These are about Donald Trump or can you tell by the number of investigations or the prosecutors conducting the investigations?

1. Mar-a-Lago classified docs. (DoJ, led by special counsel Jack Smith.)

2. Criminal wrongdoing regarding January 6 assault on the Capitol. (DoJ, also led by Smith.)

3. Election fraud in the state of Georgia. (Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis.)

3. Various investigations into Trump’s business behavior. (New York State Attorney General Letitia James; Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.)

4. The Stormy Daniels hush money. (Manhattan DA Bragg.)

5. The Jean Carroll defamation case. Judge has ruled jury will be anonymous because of Trumps recent calls for protest and past history.

6. , A securities fraud investigation into Truth Social’s merger with DWAC. (SEC and DoJ.)

That’s a lot of investigations!

Bill Marincic

Oh Thank God I have you lefties to tell me what is true and what is false, I have Guy who gets his information from Don Lemon, Santo gets his proof from CNN, Chuck has MSNBC as his go-to, and Stalka and Lou get everything from The View. I don’t know what I would do without you all showing me my path of destruction, it’s like Adam Schiff telling me he has proof Trump is a Russian asset. I would consider this a joke but you people believe the crap that comes out of your mouths.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 your batting average on the truth is well below the Mendoza Line .You can’t see the truth if it smacked you in the face

Here’s the latest list of Democrat crimes, marincic.
How are your people doing with them?
Feel free to mention any other wins you’ve successfully predicted, and I’ll excuse you for not mentioning the 2020 election, the 2022 elections, or your predictions for the 2024 elections.

Go ahead, give us an update.

Hillary’s emails
FISA report
Nunes memo
IG report
2nd IG report
Ron Johnson report
Unmasking investigation
Durham report
2000 Mules

christophe Stalka

big bm /zach Whoppie announced today ‘ while she was fully clothed’ that Russia is not a member of NATO

Joy Bahar agreed.

Not Fox but them be some bright girls huh?

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