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Letters to the Editor Friday, March 24 – Two, from readers in Schenectady and Glenville

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City should trash MetroBins plan

We have a trash-talkin’ primary election campaign for mayor in Schenectady.
The carping began only five weeks after John Polimeni submitted a proposal to have Mayor Gary McCarthy negotiate a contract to get at least 40 free, litter “MetroBins” with advertising on them from Creative Outdoor Advertising [COA].
In the March 8 Gazette, (“Council slow walks plan for garbage bins,”) the article accuses balking City Council members of “slow walking” the proposal.
Polimeni says it’s a lack of leadership for a proposal that “has no downside.”
Mayor McCarthy declared the failure to approve the plan an embarrassment caused by obstructionists.
What is the mudslinging covering up? In a 1000-word article, The Gazette never reveals that at 6-foot-wide, 4-foot-high, 2-foot-deep, they would be like mini-dumpsters, taller and three times wider than conventional bins.
And the shared revenue coming to the city is only 5% or 15% of ad receipts. Also, Schenectady will only skim $10,000 to $15,000 a year.
Polimeni insists the city will be more beautiful.
But his plan is a COA gimmick to avoid our ban on off-premise advertising (ads for a product or service not provided at the location of the ad.)
Tens of thousands of municipalities utilize the prohibition to preserve community aesthetics and public safety, by preventing the spread of signage everywhere.
Bin location is very important to preserve beauty and minimize distractions.
But none of the proponents even hints where the bins will be placed, nor explain how COA bins will stop the most obnoxious forms of littering in our city.
See for more.
David Giacalone


Can’t forfeit nation to one man’s legacy

I address you with the utmost sincerity and in the spirit of the United States of America.
The times we find ourselves in are no less tumultuous than those of Lincoln’s era.
And I fear that the divisions that tear at the fabric of our country are widening with every passing day.
The Democrats, who strive to uphold the principles upon which our nation was founded, stand for a United States of America that embraces diversity and inclusion.
Conversely, MAGA Republicans, who ardently cling to the beliefs and principles espoused by the former president, echo the sentiments of the Confederacy that sought to tear our nation asunder.
I must address the misinformation and falsehoods that have been disseminated in a quest to preserve the legacy of the former president.
The perpetuation of lies, is an affront to the very principles that have guided this great nation since its inception.
In Lincoln’s time, he bore witness to the destructive power of deception, and the wounds it inflicts are no less damaging today.
I implore you, my fellow Americans, to reflect upon the words Lincoln delivered in his Gettysburg Address:
“It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.”
For it is not the perpetuation of one man’s legacy that shall define the greatness of our nation, but the collective will of her people to forge a more perfect and enduring United States of America.
Don Maslanka



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Joseph Vendetti

Great article in WSJ of Obama and FDR inherited financial problems but President Biden is the own author of his financial mess.

Please don’t blame President Biden – blame the Progressive wing of the party. Pretty much all the current financial woes (high interest, fuel prices, $3 billion loss at Fords Electric division, etc) can be traced back to an overly aggressive Progressive Agenda. The President is just one man, a not particularly strong or young man that is just going thru the motions.

Read the article before commenting. You can also read the AP News article about Fords $3 billion loss on electric division.

Biden inherited the financial problems of the COVID pandemic. High interest rates and fuel prices are currently global problems. Ford is ramping up production of its electric division, so of course they’re going to have losses in the beginning. Tesla is seeing record profits, so there is a demand for electric vehicles, I wouldn’t look at one company’s short term losses as an indicator of the overall EV market.

As far as the SVB situation, yes the rising interest rates did contribute to the bank’s bond investments losing value, but it’s also their fault for not diversifying their investments. If Biden didn’t announce a “bailout” for the bank’s customers, it would have caused further runs on other banks, as confidence is the primary factor that makes the whole banking enterprise work. What’s more concerning to me, is that the uber-wealthy Peter Thiels of the world can single handedly cause a run on a bank simply by texting his buddies to pull their funds out, all to cynically purchase that same bank’s stocks after they plummet. Deplorable behavior.

Steve Spittler

The US economy is largest in the world and by acting in this Progressive manner by printing money it spun global inflation out of control.

No link provided, but I took a quick look and saw one opinion piece about politics busting banks. But it’s behind a paywall and I’m not subscribing to the WSJ just for that.
Maybe provide your own synopsis from the article of how the Progressive Caucus is destroying America.

Joseph Vendetti


Eviction Moratorium
Student Loan Forgiveness/Moratorium (even though we are at higher then full employment)
Pushing/Forcing Electric Vehicles (all fine and dandy but – not enough batteries exist globally, not enough lithium exists to make vehicles thru 2030)

The article also speaks to the fact that democratic contingent including Governor Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters all customers and didn’t want to let their money get flushed down the toilet. They were all calling Biden personally. So they pushed progressive agenda, cause rising interest rates, bust bank out and government covers the losses

OK, I’m having trouble making sense of that, but it looks like the typical complaints about investing in Americans’ success, and providing favor for our sacred commercial sector.

“Pushing/Forcing Electric Vehicles”, — with the usual reasons that we shouldn’t?

Is it your belief that the administration is not pushing for developing the supporting resources?
Is it your belief that the current state is the way it will be?
Do you understand this is all a work in progress that needs to be done?

BTW, no government is forcing the major auto makers to invest the billions they are in EV technology and marketing. You make it sound like the Biden administration has them in a choke hold, or something.

And also BTW, not to deflect, but why no complaints about the trillions in financial supports our government has provided the oil and gas industry for decades?

Let’s elect progressives who recognize the gravity of the problems that face us and will take government action to create a fair system of taxation that will result in a more equitable distribution of wealth. Let’s elect people who understand no corporations, including banks, are too big to fail and regulate them to prevent the vultures at the top from stealing ordinary citizens’ savings. Let’s use government subsidies and rregulations to move us toward a green economy, even if that means some belt-tightening. Look around the globe, the evidence of anthropogenic climate change is all around us. Do we care at all about the well-being of our children, grandchildren etc.? Are we so selfish as to put our creature comforts ahead of everything else?

Liberals and Progressives are certainly not without their own fringier elements, but at least we know what they are working for: the investment in the American citizen as a fuel for our economic and overall well-being.

The same cannot be said about those in the Republican party (sorry, “conservative” is a term best retired).


TIC Biden and his nominee for Judge:
@SenJohnKennedy: “Do you know what a Brady motion is?”
Biden federal trial court nominee Kato Crews: “It’s not coming to mind at the moment

You would think that a sitting judge would know what the Brady motion is?
This is why we have criminals on the streets and not being prosecuted. Thankfully the vetting process is weeding out the WOKE appointees by the Biden administration

What a Brady motion is.”
A Brady motion is a defendant’s request for evidence concerning a material witness which is favorable to the defense and to which the defense may be entitled. Favorable evidence includes not only evidence that tends to exculpate the accused, but also evidence that may impeach the credibility of a government witness. A Brady violation occurs where the failure to disclose evidence to the defense deprives the defendant of a fair trial.


Why does Traitor In Chief Biden want to remove the second amendment.

Jorge Ventura at the border:
I’ve been covering the border the last couple of years and have never seen this amount of Chinese nationals crossing illegally into the US, this sector is experiencing over a 900% percent spike in Chinese nationals apprehensions compared to last year @NewsNation

They are allowing military aged men to enter our country through the borders. Then he allows a spy balloon to plot out our country and allow China to buy land next to strategic locations.

The TIC Biden and his criminal family is compromised and is selling out our country.

Right. Jorge Ventura.
The Daily Caller
The Washington Times

Some top notch journalism there.

Tucker Carlson is lying to you. Fox News has been lying to you.
Those are documented facts.
Are you that dense that it doesn’t matter?


Biden is not the President he’s a useful idiot doing the bidding of the D.S. socialist / progressives. They placed Biden into office by rigging the election. Biden is a post turtle by definition.
The Soros backed deep state is being exposed. They have been for years trying to destroy United States by infiltration from within. Obama came out and said we are going to fundamentally change America. Our best days are behind us.

The banking crash is on purpose to introduce the Central Bank cryptocurrency that uses A.I. and ESG to control what people buy, how much, and when. This is what the Biden administration is about.

Joe I disagree with you Biden is the resident in the White House. He is supposedly the leader of this country. Yes it is his fault for not stopping it. Being and idiot is not an excuse.


Don writes a letter under the Influence of Democratic Socialist pill. If the Democrats are so faithfully to saving our country why are they pushing the removal of our constitutional rights.
Maybe you can go to a detox center and learn why our founders wrote the Constitution the way they did.
Why are they allowing an invasion at the border.
push to remove second amendment
push to censor free speech
remove the rights of parents to raise their children and give it the government
indoctrination in our Skrew-alls
Using DOJ and FBI against the people.


christophe Stalka

Let’s go dancing brandies he rages daily against our President and country.hexoffers no solutions but just gossips like an overly excited child.

We live in a great democracy lets be thankful. AMERICA IS a great country.

Have a great day dancing brandies Rage on I’m sure you’re impressing yourself look up the word patriot if they have it on FOX


Corrupt Alvin Bragg.
REVEALED: Anti-Trump D.A. Alvin Bragg claimed he was raised in ‘dangerous’ Harlem ‘hood, but actually grew up in $2 million brownstone and attended elite private school

BREAKING: Anti-Trump DA. Alvin Bragg’S wife Jamila Ponton @pontonbragg has locked her Twitter page, changing her account status from open to “protected.” For several years, @pontonbragg has railed against Trump & retweeted posts calling him racist and advocating for his arrest

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg tells tales of growing up in dangerous Harl…
Manhattan’s new District Attorney Alvin Bragg regularly gives speeches about the hardships of growing up in Harlem, recalling cops pointing …
118 PM – Mar 22, 2023

This is exactly what Trump called it a Witch hunt.
Bragg states to Jim Jordon that Trump made the assumption he was going to be arrested. So here you have it DUMB and DUMBER Biden A.G.

An article in Newsweek explains why Mary Trump, the niece of D. Trump, feels that her uncle is holding his first presidential campaign in Waco, Texas. Remember yesterday Trump posted on Truth Social, “THIS IS NO LEGAL SYSTEM, THIS IS THE GESTAPO, THIS IS RUSSIA AND CHINA, BUT WORSE. DISGRACEFUL! EVERYBODY KNOWS I’M 100% INNOCENT, INCLUDING BRAGG, BUT HE DOESN’T CARE. HE IS JUST CARRYING OUT THE PLANS OF THE RADICAL LEFT LUNATICS. OUR COUNTRY IS BEING DESTROYED, AS THEY TELL US TO BE PEACEFUL! In his typical mob-boss style of establishing plausible deniability, he mentions the expectation that his supporters remain peaceful is unrealistic, thus planting the idea of violent protests against the government in his followers minds if he is indicted.

Newsweek: 3/23

“The site of his rally (Waco), has raised concerns due to Waco’s symbolic weight, as it’s scheduled during the 30th anniversary of the Waco siege, a botched federal raid often holding significance for anti-government and far-right groups.

In a tweet Thursday night, Mary Trump said her uncle’s rally in Waco was “a ploy to remind his cult of the infamous Waco siege of 1993, where an anti-government cult battled the FBI.”

On Thursday, the editorial team of the Houston Chronicle released an op-ed accusing Trump of hosting his rally during the deadly siege’s anniversary as a “blaring air horn” for some of his most extreme followers, including groups such as the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters.”

christophe Stalka

Mr. Santo of course everyone knows Trump picked Waco to stir up the whackos.

It looks like the government will be prepared this time to avoid any repeat of his coup attempt.

I guess we least know Mad made Greene didn’t write his press release gestapo is spelled correctly.

Our former president is threatening the NY DA calling on his cult to ¨remove the Animal…warned of potential death and destruction.¨ He and the gop falsely link Bragg to George Soros (their boogeyman).
Wow, violence, racial slurs, and antisemitism all out in the open in only one day.
THIS is who LGB and others claim to be a great president and want him again…smh.

Forgot to mention 45s post with him holding a baseball bat next to a photo of the DA.
45 is riling up his base for another violent attack on our government.


So the Donkey Clowns theory is. If a person or an organization a person owns contributes to the election of a candidate there is no connection between the two?
The fact that a company called Media Matters owned by Soros(boogeyman) donated to the election of Bragg there is no connection?
Stupid is. Is what stupid does.

No direct link to Soros, I should clarify. Big donors support each party, but 45 makes it sound like Braggs and Soros are conspiring together.

LGBT(Q)– But the fact that 45 is a domestic terrorist and traitor to the US is A-ok with you, right? You zero in on one thing and ignore the overall point.


Or the domestic traitors that weaponized the DOJ and FBI to manipulate an election and launch attacks on opposition politicians and citizens

This is one reason why i was off this platform for awhile…LGB( q) has such idiotic responses!
You’re thinking of 45 who called for the arrest of over 15 foes. Bill barr actually went after some of them. How about durham’s lead balloon? Barr dropped a legitimate case against 45 and shielded him from Mueller. FACTS MATTER, and you don’t have them.

I’m done after this…LGB(q)…please get help getting out of 45s cult. HE IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A CRIMINAL! HE’S AN INSURRECTIONIST! Nobody else compares!

Jclark, please do not stop posting because of nonsensical posts by LGB. I never read them in detail. Sometimes a glance reveals a comment so insane and unfounded I feel compelled to point it out. I think most people, more or less, skip over his crazy posts.

Guy Varoma

I feel the same way as Jclark….The only thing that keeps me here is that i can’t let Mr. Bill 🤡 from posting his stupidity unchecked. If Mr. Brandon 🤡posts these long comments I skip over them…it’s a waste of time. if he posts a line or two I might read it


As the looney liberals have no substance to their arguments except. It’s Trumps fault. The Jan6 committee is failing part daily. The facts speak for themselves. It always trumps propaganda. The Donkey clowns are retired post turtles who spent their lives indoctrinating children and believing they do the right thing. JD the country is seeing the corruption of the Biden crime family and the corruption of a weaponized DOJ and FBI.


jclark, I also second Anthony S. suggestions. Please continue to post, but as he said pretty much ignore lgb posts. Lgb makes it easy if you try to read them as they in my opinion 1. not worth it 2. the way they run all together and swing wildly from this to that make them pretty much unreadable and worthless anyway. If you address him directly you will get a equally worthless bla, bla response.


The Groomer’s have been put on Notice. Parents Bill of Rights wins with zero votes from Democrats who attacked it as fascism. Take notice groomer’s parents are in charge of their children and how they are educated. Great day in America. Praise be to god for his people see the evil that has infiltrated our nation and schools. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the end for the socialist party.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Brandon 🤡 did you know the procedure that is required to pass a bill and make into law? Here’s a little verse from Schoolhouse Rock to teach you

I’m just a bill
Yes I’m only a bill,
And I got as far as Capitol Hill.
Well, now I’m stuck in committee
And I’ll sit here and wait
While a few key Congressmen discuss and debate

In short nothing has [assed into law yet. It’s dead when it hits the Senate ya moron

Did you read that? We groomers are on notice now!

The Righteous Right, and their More Righteous Clergy
(who aren’t incarcerated…for grooming children) have emerged victorious! The Parents’ Bill of Rights (whatever that is, somewhere, maybe Afghanistan) has prevailed!

Now ladies, good god-fearing women of god, back into the kitchen, or into the bedroom. Your choice!


Hey Dumb Chuck you can not assign genders remember you groomers have a code not to assume gender identity. Or is that only when you’re encouraging children to mutilate their bodies at the alter of wokism religion you indoctrinate the children with.

This is what happens when you allow the most narrow-minded, sexually suppressed, religious zealots to control education:

The Independent reports: 3/23

A parent in Tallahassee, Florida cost a charter school principal her job after complaining that one of the world’s most beloved artistic masterpieces was pornographic.

Hope Carrasquilla, who had just stepped into her role at Tallahassee Classical School less than a year prior, announced her resignation on Monday during an emergency board meeting, according to the Tallahassee Democrat’s reporting.

The former principal explained that the school is required by law to teach lessons on Renaissance art to sixth-graders — typically 11 and 12-year-old children — as a small portion of the annual curriculum. She said that three parents complained that their children were made uncomfortable by the lesson, which included a section on Michelangelo’s David.

Slate reports: 3/23

“Parental rights are supreme, and that means protecting the interests of all parents, whether it’s one, 10, 20 or 50,” the chair of the school’s board, Barney Bishop III, told the paper.

To figure out exactly how this happened, I called Bishop, who is also, according to his biography, a consultant, a lobbyist, an “outspoken advocate for the free enterprise system,” and an Eagle Scout.

Bishop: “She’s an at-will employee by contract, as are all our teachers. I went to her last week and offered her two letters. One was a voluntary resignation, and another a letter that said if she decided not to resign, I was going to ask the board to terminate her without cause. Without cause. We have the right to do that under the contract.”

Tell us once again, LGB:

Fox West Texas reports: 3/23

The Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office conducted a child crimes investigation that led to the execution of a search warrant in San Angelo. According to a TGCSO press release, as a result of the search warrant, probable cause was developed that led to the issuance of an arrest warrant for James Needham, 28, for possession of child pornography.

Subsequent to the search warrant, Needham was identified as being the youth coordinator for the House of Faith Church. At the time of the warrant issuance, the House of Faith Church was notified of the investigation. Needham was terminated by the House of Faith following their notification.

San Angelo Live reports: 3/23

Numerous electronic devices were seized from the residence and Needham was interviewed by investigators. Needham allegedly told the investigator that he lived at the residence for about a year and that “hometowndude” was his Snapchat account as wel as “HD#9287” was his Discord account.

Needham also allegedly told investigators that he did view and download/save child pornography using his Discord and Snapchat account and that the images that he viewed and downloaded contained images of young boys. The children were approximately aged eight to 12 years old and were performing sexual acts in the photographs.

Matthew 7:3-5 NIV
“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

I cannot understand, for the life of me, why George Soros is hated and vilified so much by the right. George Soros is a philanthropist who, for about 50 years, has given his money to support groups that work for justice, democracy, freedom for all and human rights around the world. He is a holocaust survivor; so, these causes would be close to his heart.

You are correct. What is so terrifying is that some of the right actually support autocracy. There was a time when all Americans cherished the democracy, freedoms and rights that our countrymen have always fought for throughout history.

They hate sanity and science and people who try to find solutions to our global problems by bringing people together. They would rather self-righteously blame “others” for all their problems, be they immigrants and dreamers, Blacks, liberals, feminists, drag queens, or Democratic Socialists. Anyone who looks for solutions instead of scapegoats is the enemy. They are special people, evangelical Christian Americans, led by the “Chosen One,” the phoniest most corrupt person to ever occupy the White House.

Marie, thanks for your contributions. We will send them back under their rocks to their HeeHaw reruns with the truth.

My take on the Soros fixation is that like all the warts they bear, it’s a deflection from something and in this case it’s the chaos Rupert Murdoch has now been exposed for causing.

We are the racists (but don’t talk about the Southern Strategy), or the propping up of stooges like Hershel Walker. Or the siege on people of color voting freely.

We are the baby-killers (but don’t you dare bring up gun control or the so, so many innocent American children killed by their hobby).

We are the groomers and pedophiles (but no apologies for the crimes committed by their own religious beliefs, or their “grooming” of young men through the Boy Scouts).

There’s a clear pattern to this ‘special’ demographic’s behavior. They all decided swimming lesson were not for them, and then dove into the deep end carrying all their baggage with them.


Yet to be seen if Democrats shoot it down 2024 they will have to answer for their decision. FYI parents will vote them out.


Yes Marie he is all about sunshine and lollipops and farts rainbows. You keep on feeling all warm an fuzzy about Soros.

christophe Stalka

Marie don’t expect a rational response its been a particularly bad week for Damsel Donnie Trump they gotta deflect to somebody.


More Looney Tunes Socialist agenda that is going to hurt the American citizens. Since they have gone after gas stoves now they are eyeing air conditioners. Yes that’s right folks down south new regulations on air conditioners from Jennifer Granholm wants you to suffer the heat and like it. Let’s se how many socialist elites comply. Surrounded by idiots in Washington

LGB, do you care at all about the future of this planet? Do you not see the problems climate change is causing? Do you really think it is a bad idea to require more energy efficient, less polluting appliances, and encourage the development of green renewable energy? Do you care about the suffering your own children and grandchildren will endure as a result of selfish people like yourself?

christophe Stalka

Let’s go brandies stoves air conditioners Venezuelans little gray men dude calm yourself your starting to scare people with your hysterical behavior oh never mind that’s the idea … ragecon


Anthony voodoo climate change it’s fabricated. If were so bad why did your messiah Obama and Biden have multi million dollar mansions next to ocean? They use climate stories to control the population. They fly around on private planes to environmental conventions and tell the little people to suffer

I’m guessing you’re about 12 years old. You really ought to STFU if you’re of adult age. Those didn’t work as gotcha points years ago and they’re even lamer now.

Seriously child, this forum would be twice as worthwhile if you didn’t come here to pleasure yourself. Just disappear and let the grownups debate.

March 24th, 2023
“Anthony voodoo climate change it’s fabricated.”

I suggest you show the world your self proclaimed intelligence and abundance,of knowledge, while attempting to prove your above statement; Go in your garage, close all the doors and windows, and start a gas powered Weedwhacker, then in the morning explain to us all just how right your about the “fabricated” negative effects of burning fossil fuels in a contained atmosphere, as in the earth’s.

The only thing you actually prove on a daily basis is that you are a moron, a racist and supremest.

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