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Letters to the Editor Saturday, March 25

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Church should ask what Jesus would do

I’m very disappointed in the Albany Diocese decision to file for bankruptcy. I feel very bad for those who have been abused and the St. Clare’s workers who took care of many of us for such a long time.
For years at church I heard what would Jesus do. He made the deaf hear, the blind see, and the sick healthy and He died for us.
I doubt He would hold up the help that the survivors and workers are entitled to.
I love my parish, the priests, deacons, wonderful choir and all the people who make me feel so welcome so I would never leave the Church.
But it all brings me back to what would Jesus do.
Soon the bishop will be asking us to contribute to the Bishop’s Appeal while not fulfilling the Church’s obligations to those who are entitled to it. I hope he can ask himself during this Easter season: What would Jesus do?
Jeff Madej

Stand up for values or let others take them

If Americans who believe in democracy and the separation of church and state don’t stand up and actively fight for these values, we are in danger of becoming a Christian Taliban nation.
A group of Republican state legislators in Tennessee has introduced a bill to grant personhood to a fertilized human egg.
Anyone participating in an abortion, from the moment of conception, could be charged with first-degree murder in a state with the death penalty.
Presidential candidate Nikki Haley has called participation of transsexual women in female sports “the women’s issue of our time.”
This would be surprising to women who see the reversal of Roe v. Wade as the current most important women’s issue.
As reported in an AP article in the March 19 Gazette, (“Election conspiracy movement grinds on as 2024 approaches,”) “(Michael) Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, was traveling the country spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and vaccines as he builds a movement based on Christian nationalist ideas.”
In the same article, Mark Finchem who lost his run for Arizona secretary of state in 2020, claims to have won with no supporting evidence. Yet he states, “We are at war. The only thing that’s not flying right now is bullets.”
Franklin Graham and televangelists support the far right movement in America as they envision the increase in wealth and power they could enjoy in collaboration with a friendly “Christian” autocracy.
These individuals are not American patriots. They are partisans seeking the power to impose their views on all Americans.
Anthony Santo


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Steve Spittler

Mr Santo:

I’ve noticed when the left has no argument they yell fascism and racism alot.

Of course Roe V Wade is important but the international olympic committee thought transgender athletes was a pretty important topic since biological men that have become women have shatter records and times at events …… shocker right? Young biological women who have practiced and trained their entire lives getting upended by a biological man who decided no more kickstand and wins a gold medal in swimming or track and field. Seems pretty anti women for a party so “pro” women.

Also maybe just me that having 8-9 yr olds making decisions about their genitalia seems a little young considering you need to be 18 to get a tatoo, smoke cigarettes or go in the military but at 8 (age that you can start playing with Legos – from their suggested ages on box) you can ask for gender reassignment surgery?

The real leaders of the Democratic party in 2023. Chuck Schumer, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Beto O’Rourke, Pramila Jayapa, ILHAN OMAR (anti Semitic trash), & Rashida Tlaib – I can’t think of people more out of touch with working class & environmentalist they claim to represent. From going to the Met Gala at $10,000 per seat, flying private jets around, or having multi-million homes in West Palm Beach. This is who you would rather follow?

I am not sure whether or not transsexual women should be allowed to participate in Olympic sports. I’ll leave that decision up to the officials in charge of such events. However, it is obvious that denying women a choice in continuing their pregnancies has resulted in far more harm to far more women than the issue of fairness in sports. No victim of rape or incest should be forced to carry her pregnancy to term. Doctors are delaying surgery until conditions such as preeclampsia or ectopic pregnancies are life-threatening for fear of prosecution (persecution?).

And another rightwing widget plops off the Fox News assembly line.
And it looks like the talking points and programming are fully functional.

Maybe take a look around before commenting to see if you’re not just repeating the same thing over, and over, and over…

-The Welcoming Committee

Steve Spittler, no two human beings, including identical, twins, think alike. Most aren’t even sure about what’s best for themselves, let alone for someone else, that’s why most go to doctors and therapist for physical and mental stability advice.

Your and Fox bullsh/t seemingly perceive to know what’s best for the entire world and all the people in it. Guess what, one size doesn’t fit all, and everyone’s favorite color is pink.

Also wondering if when you were 8 or 9 years were you aware of whether or not you liked playing with dolls and wearing dresses or wearing pants and playing with trucks? I was.

Be happy that you weren’t born with a man’s brain and a woman’s body, or vice versa, something that is unimaginable for a simple mind to comprehend. Let the families along with the physicians and psychologists involved in those situations handle them. Mind your own business.

When mentioning democrats then saying, “this is who you would rather follow?” Absolutely Yes! I would rather follow Daffy Duck than people the likes of Donald Trump, and Marjorie Taylor Green.

BTW, thanks for your letter Tony.

Steve Spittler

So I’m assuming from your response the children you are responsible for its ok if they smoke, drink and get tattoos prior to 18?

I’m also assuming that you have no problem that the President of the US has a crack head for a son? That doesn’t set off any buzzers or warning lights that you think might compromise the President? Or the US? His dad got him a special waiver to get a commission into the navy as a lawyer naval officer at 43 & a month later he was being discharged for failing a drug test. In his own memoire he admits being a crack head, smoking crack every 15 minutes – no problems with that? Also no problem that his oil/gas/energy business lobbying got him millions of dollars from Communist China and a Russian Oligarch that has links to Putin?? The Obama administration didn’t like it – but you are ok with it?

I’ll assume most of you are fathers. What would you do to help your son or daughter? What would you do to save your son or daughter from danger? From public humiliation?

I just think anyone that is Independent can see this for what it is – a very stinky situation.

Steve Spittler

Chuck – so i ask questions and you toss back to me about Trumps kids. You sound like my 5 & 7 year olds when I start asking who ate last 3 cookies and my wife and dog make it into conversations.

So i have seen anything where Trumps kids are drug addicted or have been involved in illegal activities. That being said – I don’t or didn’t think it was appropriate to have family members in the cabinet. That is wrong. Trump having son inlaw etc 100% wrong. Frankly we need someone/something in US where presidents & politicians need to 100% divest from all interests (stocks, bonds, property etc) to remove improprieties.

I answered so you can answer that Bidens are ??? Dirty

MR MAGA, man please don’t make assumptions on my behalf.

“smoke, drink and get tattoos”
What does that have to do with sexual preferences, and how people’s brains determine who they think they are sexually.


“I just think anyone that is Independent can see this for what it is – a very stinky situation”

Of course you are blind tenfold to the trumpian way of pure stink.

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo spot on commentary. The efforts to decieve by the far right conspiracy theorists are being exposed. Since the repubic majority in congress we are focused on George Soros , hunter Biden and not much else to heck with the border district perform scream and shout about met gala dresses. The inflation reduction act the chips act.the infrastructure bill and Biden leadership of nATo are examples Mr.Spittler might want to review before spinning another letter. I’ll take our return to ethics and normalcy any time. Others pick Putin over the US that is there choice. The rest of us pick the great American democracy

Steve Spittler

Chuck I peg you as a union rep, democrat campaign consultant, press secretary – you read & watch what? Let me guess – The American Guardian, American Appeal, Baltimore Wecker, The Forward, Milwaukee Leader, New America, American Prospector, Vanity Fair, CNN.

Try the Atlantic or USA Today

You’re just so perceptive. A virtual genius. – Pegging you is as easy as watching watching and puking back the bigoted, racist, supremest propaganda of all the other Fox/ social media, pea in a pod, watching MAGA democracy ruining “patriots”.


Steve you make great points and more people see your side of the coin than the leftist loonies on this page. If you disagree with them they attack with identity politics, MAGA supporter and so on.
The Parents Bill of Rights was Notice to the groomers who most of the Donkey Clowns are. They are has been 1960’s hippie era hating America indoctrinating Socialist.
The notice bill will be sent to the Senate but if Democrats want to be re-elected they should choose wisely as the American parents and citizens are seeing the corruption of the Deep State and the Traitor In Chief Biden and his criminal family.


Kenokoa Substack :

More and more evidence and people coming forward to expose the TIC Biden crime family.
An Israeli think tank executive claims he told the FBI in 2019 that
members of the Biden family warned a Chinese energy executive
about a coming federal investigation, allowing him to flee the country before being placed under arrest.

Haven’t responded. Here’s the email I received.
Katie Hi. I’m told by Eric Schwerin that you are still an assistant to Hunter Biden or do work for him. I and my colleagues are trying to reach him for a story we are working about about the criminal case against Patrick Ho, a Chinese national who was arrested at JFK in November on foreign bribery charges on behalf of CEFC. When Ho was arrested one of his first calls was to Hunter’s uncle, James Biden. I spoke to James and he told me that Patrick had called him in order to get in touch with Hunter who had been Ho’s lawyer. It appears Hunter was instrumental in lining up some of
Ho’s initial criminal defense lawyers. The case against Ho is still pending and is a high profile one. Hunter hasn’t made any appearance in the criminal case but given that his own uncle has told us that Hunter is Ho’s lawyer we want to talk to Hunter about Ho and as to how he got involved in becoming a lawyer to Ho. We are are also told that Hunter knows Je Jianming, the chairman of
CEFC, the giant Chinese oil company that is paying for Ho’s legal defense We are working on a story in which we will discuss these connections and wanted to get Hunter’s
please let me know how we can get in touch with Hunter or have him call me on my cellphone
347-843-9938 thanks
Matthew Goldstein The New York Times
(w) 212-556-1665
(c) 347-843-9938

The Chinese energy conglomerate obtained a historic 14% stake in Russian state-owned energy giant Rosneft for $9 billion, and President Joe Biden’s son would play a direct role in that acquisition.

Ye Jianming, CEFC’s founder would say the Rosneft purchase was “mainly driven by China’s Belt and Road Initiative,” according to Reuters.

Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, was keen to attract foreign investments to relieve the pressure of U.S. sanctions.

According to text messages obtained by Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinksi, Hunter Biden acted as a “personal attorney” for Chairman Ye Jianming in the deal to buy 14% of the Russian-state oil company facing western sanctions.

Hunter refers to his role in representing the Chinese CEO in his text message to Hallie, where he says, “my suspected involvement in brokering a deal with Vladimir Putin directly for the largest sale of oil gas assets inside Russia to China.”

In an August 2017 email, Hunter Biden wrote that Ye Jianming had agreed to a “rate of $10M per year for a three-year guarantee total of $30M” for “introductions alone.”

In other words, leveraging his father’s position in Washington DC and selling access to the US government to get rich from China.

Hunter Biden called his father, Joe Biden, and his Chinese business partners “office mates” in a September 2017 email:

“Please have keys made available for new office mates,” Before listing Joe Biden, his stepmother Jill Biden, his uncle Jim Biden, and the Chinese executive Gongwen Dong.

Hunter Biden referred to Ye, the chairman of CEFC, as “my partner” and described Gongwen Dong as the “Chairman Ye CEFC emissary,” according to the Washington Post.

In total, the Biden family made more than $30 million from entities affiliated with China’s Communist government.

This is the corrupt DOJ and FBI two tier justice system and the failure to prosecute the Socialist elite.

Just so we’re clear where the posts come from:

Yahoo Finance
Tue, March 21, 2023 at 5:31 AM EDT

Elon Musk has been chit-chatting with a QAnon-linked influencer on Twitter, a Media Matters report says.

Musk interacted with a Twitter user named KanekoaTheGreat at least 18 times since February 20.

Musk has not said that he believes in QAnon, a web of conspiracy theories about Trump.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has been chit-chatting with an influencer linked to the QAnon conspiracy movement, per a new report from Media Matters, a liberal non-profit media watchdog.

According to a record of Musk’s tweets compiled by Media Matters, Musk interacted with a Twitter user named KanekoaTheGreat at least 18 times since February 20.

Media Matters said it tracked KanekoaTheGreat’s online presence and found that they were part of a QAnon influencer group known as We The Media. The Anti-Defamation League also highlights Kanekoa as one of the “extremists and conspiracy theorists” that Twitter has let back onto the platform. KanekoaTheGreat has more than 332,000 followers on Twitter.

Musk has been friendly with KanekoaTheGreat since February, and expressed support for some of the Twitter user’s posts. Musk’s interactions with KanekoaTheGreat include commenting “very important thread” on a tweet where the latter claimed that there were liberal biases in the AI tool ChatGPT.


Chris the Inflation Reduction Act was nothing more than a clandestine ESG implementation for various government agencies. They could not get the ESG agenda passed based on the content of the bill. They hid it in the Inflation Reduction Act the volumonous thousands of pages no one could go through in time before they vote on it. Then they call out and say pass it or we will have to shut the government down. So the spineless politicians capitulated and signed it.
Keep on posting as a post turtle.


Step right up to the greatest show on earth. Alvin Bragg is the guy exposing the two tier justice system.
A George Soros appointed Alvin is in the pocket and doing the bidding of Soros.

Withholding exculpatory evidence- right out of the democratic playbooks of Russia Gate, Jan 6, Ukraine Impeachment fiascos, and every other corrupt criminal enterprise they conjured up to try n take out 45 has found its way to Alvin Braggs bogus grand jury. Like all the rest, they got caught, and the fake news mafia wont hold them to account, so we will.

christophe Stalka

Let’s go brandies do you even understand the babble you repeat? Like chuck said yesterday you sound like a child the world is not against you the sky is not falling America is not your enemy comrade but ragexon while we continue to move forward

Whenever you hear one of these poor people utter “George Soros”, you need to replace that name with Rupert Murdoch. That’s what they don’t want anyone to pay attention to.

They are indeed that simple minded.


REP. THOMAS MASSIE: His opinion.

If the Bill of Rights didn’t exist, and if I were to offer those Amendments on the floor of the House today, most Democrats would vote NO on the Bill of Rights.
No Democrat would vote for the 2nd Amendment.
Few would vote for the 1st, 4th, 9th, or 10th Amendments as worded.
6:58 AM • Mar 24, 2023

This is a sad statement but it is the truth about the Democratic Socialist party.

Massie was sponsor of bills to ban the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency:

In 2017, Massie introduced a one-page bill that would abolish the United States Department of Education, and cosponsored a bill that would abolish the Environmental Protection Agency.

You may dislike the way government runs, but it doesn’t take an MIT grad to understand you don’t go around trying to cancel federal agencies. That’s a special kind if idiocy (posted by a “special” member of the MAGA).

christophe Stalka

Example of the let’s go brandies delusions how did George Soros who caused the downfall of the Weimar republic according to this idiot which I doubt he even understands what it is appoint Mr bragg.Sir you make yourself look like an idiot with these statements you do not need FOX news help

Just want make a point about Mr. Spittler’s comment above, and I think this is critical to opening any inroads to the MAGA culture. Maybe not. Probably not.

Anyway, he makes an important point at first on the issue of trans men in womens’ athletics. I agree, totally.

I’ve been fortunate to have competed at a high amateur level, after college. I know enough about human performance to know that males and females bring with them to the world physical attributes that distinctly separate them. Attributes that no amount of therapy, physical, chemical or otherwise can transform. I completely agree that at higher levels, maybe post puberty, males who’ve made the transition to female should not be allowed to compete in sports of physical strength. That’s not fair to the natural females.

The similarity between my opinion and Mr. Spittler’s ends there though as his next paragraph of horse hockey demonstrates. And then he seals the deal with his final paragraph of predictable gibberish distracting from the crimes of the Republican Party, and their utter lack of interest in helping all Americans.

It’s a shame people like him can’t put the illogical accusations and false narratives aside to where we can communicate.

You MAGA trolls should speak to Mr. Santo’s main point — that the right won’t accept the fact that we have a constitutional right to be free from religion as well as free to practice any faith we want (including Islam). Instead you spout accusations on this page about the “socialist left” without defining the term socialism (I doubt you even understand it), you condemn transgender female athletes without offering proof that they enjoy any advantage over cisgender females, an accusation the International Olympic Committee has disputed since 2004, and as far as I know there have been no convictions of anyone belonging to the “Biden crime family,” except for drug abuse, if that, and I seriously doubt that Hunter Biden is the first son of a prominent American politician to take advantage of his father’s power — and that includes Trumps’ boys, one of whom is making deals with a Saudi murderer as we speak.

You should do your homework or else keep your mouths shut. Better yet, stop promoting crazy, half-baked ideas as if you know what you’re talking about — especially since most of you can’t even write a complete sentence when doing it.

I can’t wait to see the names you’ll call me after you read this.

Steve Spittler

Wizard – i suggest you read Hunters own autobiographical memoir where he is a crack head – smoking crack every 15 minutes. The obama administration labeled the Hunter association “troubling” because of his associations with communist china and russian oligarchs. He was discharged from a special appointment 1 month in for a failed drug test. So I say it stinks.

Steve Spittler

Chuck – so you agree that 8-9 yr olds should be making the decisions of their genitalia but keep tattoos the same? Or we let 8-9 yr olds get tattoos also and cigarettes?

But you love those precious progressives.

Thanks for making my point, Mr Spittler.
In fact that’s not even happening. I am one of those “precious progressives” and I can assure you that your fantasy is not reality. Not in our civilized society anyway.

Truth is, Mr. Spittler, your absurd assertion, like all the other absurd assertions, doesn’t deserve a rational reply. But as we all know, no reply is for you all a “win”. Regardless how idiotic your accusation is.

Guy Varoma

All we need is a stupid comment from Mr. Bill 🤡 and the Trifecta for Stupidity will complete. if Flynn shows up it will be the Superfecta

The entire MAGA movement is polluted with a desire to create a fascist Amerika. They use every tactic in the fascist handbook in their attempt to create an Amerika that reflects their bigotry, racism and longing for an authoritarian state. They tell big lies and repeat them ad nauseum until the gullible and vulnerable come to believe them. They want to forget any mistakes America has made in the past, whitewashing our history to create a sense of Amerika’s destiny as ruler of the world. To achieve their goals they create economic, political, and social chaos. Bigotry and chauvinistic nationalism thrive in troubled times as people look for the scapegoats so readily available in fascist propaganda.

Bill Marincic

Steve, welcome to the ICP, insane clown posse where only the leftie anti-America, anti-woman and anti-children opinion is allowed. If you are attacked that means that you are telling the truth and have common sense which is lacking on the other side. These idiots yell about climate change but they refuse to take into consideration that it takes 130 million years for our sun and solar system to revolve around our Milkey Way Galaxy, they don’t believe that our solar system travels at 514,000 miles per hour and that the earth could actually get closer and further from the sun and heat and cool accordingly. They believe that the earth is 92.7 million miles from the sun and actually stays that distance for eternity.

Like so many other scientifically proven MAGA facts that’s an easy one Chuck;

“For many Christians, the Bible’s teaching seems pretty simple: the earth was created on the first of the six twenty-four-hour days of Genesis, which culminated with the creation of Adam, the first human. Adding up the genealogies in Genesis puts the age of the earth at about six thousand years.”

Long live the burning of fossil fuels! Not a problem.

Bill Marincic

4.5 Billion or so years old according to science. Which has nothing to do with the Bible as the Old Testament is not as exact as the New Testament. What’s your point? Oh wait I already answered your point. 🙂

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 you never have a case….. unless its a case of being stupid for Trump. Are you going th Waco. Texas to join your hero Trump?

If “resting your case” means showing you often cannot defend your points without breaking out in a tap dance, then I guess you’re good.

Does this mean liberals don’t really kill babies like the bible says?

BM posts, “Steve, welcome to the ICP, insane clown posse where only the leftie (sic) anti-America, anti-woman and anti-children opinion is allowed.”

Obviously you know better because Steves’ opinions (if there are two), LGB’s opinions, and your opinions regularly appear on this site. You confuse being in the minority with being censored. That’s because you are not very bright. Stick to arranging loans and sticking gullible customers with unnecessary add-ons to their automobile purchases. That is what Jesus would do. Right?

Bill Marincic

Waco Texas the greatest slaughter of women and children by the federal government Janet Reno and Bill Clinton murdered those people, 82 in all which included 28 children.

David Koresh was a child molester. He was the leader of a religious cult that exploited women and children. His stubborn refusal to surrender caused the deaths. You defend him but say all George Floyd had to do was say “I surrender.” And you think that exonerates Derek Chauvin.

You are a twisted and pathetic man. God have mercy on your soul. If I believed what you do, I would be dreading my encounter with divine justice.

Guy Varoma

Anthony …..Mr. Bill 🤡 is not an uninformed bigoted fool…..He’s is an informed bigoted fool. Which is way worse. He sees the facts and chooses to be ignorant of them.

Guy, you are probably right. It is frightening that there are millions of Americans as narrow minded and mean spirited as he is. And they all adore Jesus Christ; well, their version of him, the one who called everyone who disagreed with him idiots and adored adulterous criminals like Donald Trump.

I wanted to voice my partial agreement on your Waco statement, but your words are so utterly disgusting, so utterly unChristian I can’t bring myself to.

Maybe you should take some time to ask yourself if that’s the persona you really want to portray.

Or maybe you just want to be seen as a complete jerk.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 you know who else defended David Koresh? The Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh… know who he is right? That guy that killed innocent children in a daycare center that he bombed …along with other men and women. That is the kind of people you adore and Trump uses to do his biding…You should go to Waco and cheer him on

christophe Stalka

Mr varoma wasn’t koresh a child molester and abuser as well I’m not surprised big Bm/zach is a big fan …. not surprised one bit

Bill Marincic

David Karesh was a child molester but should 29 children have been murdered because of that? Janet Reno should have been charged with murder as should’ve Bill Clinton. Look at you lefty scumbags putting words in my mouth. I never said I defended David Karesh I said Janet, Reno and Bill Clinton murdered 29 children and 80 people in Waco Texas. Typical lefty liberal clowns. They twist everything in anything that anyone else says to fit their tiny narrative and it’s tiny because there’s so few people that agree with them.

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