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Letters to the Editor Sunday, March 26 – Three, from readers in Schenectady and Burnt Hills

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Can’t blame Fox for all misinformation

As a Fox News supporter, I’m really not concerned that some of their commentators held opinions that differed from the ones they were presenting publicly.
However it wasn’t Fox News that was telling us that a 6-hour riot on Jan. 6 was an insurrection. That Hunter Biden’s Laptop was Russian disinformation. Or that our southern border was secure. That the riots in the summer of 2020 in Chicago, New York City, Minneapolis, Seattle, D.C., Portland, Los Angeles and San Francisco were mostly peaceful. Or that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a success. That the claim that COVID-19 coming from a biological laboratory in Wuhan, China, was a conspiracy theory. And it wasn’t Fox News that was telling us for almost three years that Donald Trump was a Russian agent, a spy, that he was being blackmailed by Putin. But we know who was, don’t we.
Cory Costanzo

Find out who really wants B-H expansion

I’m wondering who exactly wants to “redevelop the Burnt Hills business district” and get “all kinds of new businesses” in our wonderful little town, as referenced in Chad Arnold’s article, (“Towns look at Route 50 sewer expansion,”) on the front page of the March 18 Gazette.
Have the people who live here been consulted? Who made this decision?
Do we need to install new sewer lines up Route 50 at huge taxpayer expense? Please don’t say the state will help pay for it; that’s taxpayer money too.
The traffic here is already bad, especially around the school schedules. My vote is no. We do not need it. I for one don’t want expansion, and another project to spend millions of our money in these financially burdensome times is foolhardy.
I know politicians can’t stand to have a penny unspent, but there are too many negative results from this. Our taxes will go up. Congestion will go up. Noise will go up. And for what? I suggest this project go to the voters, with full disclosure on impact and costs.
They can start with how much the “feasibility study” is costing.
Bill Denison
Burnt Hills


Speak out against proposed asylum ban

Recently, the UN refugee agency announced that the number of refugees in the world has surpassed 100 million, in addition to the war in Ukraine, a devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, has caused more than 55,100 confirmed deaths: more than 47,900 deaths in Turkey, and more than 7,200 in Syria.
It is the deadliest earthquake in Turkey since the 526 Antioch earthquake, making it the deadliest natural disaster in its modern history.
Last month, the Biden administration asked for comments from the public about its plan to bring back an asylum ban – a new version of one of the most anti-asylum-seeker policies of the Trump era. Therefore, sending asylum seekers back to where they came from amounts to certain death.
This ban, if approved, will be a slap in the face of American Christian values.
Tell the Biden administration that you don’t agree, because this policy will hurt asylum seekers; it will prevent the influx of new workers, which are needed to fill in millions of jobs that Americans don’t want to do.
In addition, immigrants strengthen our retirement system (because of our country’s low birth rate), therefore new immigrants increase the number of people who pay into social security, hence stabilizing it and making it secure for us and future generations.
Anyone, regardless of immigration status, may comment. Comments submitted through this form will be placed into the public record. So, click on this link to submit your comments:
Ottavio Lo Piccolo



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Steve Spittler

Mod Squad – this is the way it works – ?

I state something about hunter biden – you guys act like children and name call racist, maga

I answer Trump or any candidate really should totally divest in ownership of stocks, bonds, real estate etc

Still no answer about stinky biden situation just more name calling- ? Thats how it works.

“I state something about hunter biden – you guys act like children and name call racist, maga”

Isn’t your movement called Make America Great Again? Shouldn’t you be proud to be labeled part of MAGA? The fact that you consider it an insult reveals that deep down you know the movement is authoritarian, racist, and contrary to American values and ideals.

Steve Spittler

Anthony- actually I think that is just your assumption. Just because I brought up a point that was anti hunter and anti a democratic position (on transgender surgery) – you all just assumed I was a person for Trump. Sorry you’ve made an error. People can be anti Hunter Biden, and even against silly Progressive Democrats but not a Trump follower go figure.

I think you an the others follow Democrats and every piece of Rhetoric that they spew you assume others are mindless followers like yourself. Doesn’t work that way. I can pick and chose my political likes and dislikes like I am ordering from a Chinese menu. And you know what? Sometimes you order something on the menu that sounds good but when you actually chew it and swallow it, you realize it wasn’t what it said it was on the menu, so you know not to order it again. Unfortunately, we have too many people that just keep taking tums or pepto and hold their nose to the crap that they are eating. Be an independent and do some political shopping. President Biden sold me on the campaign trail – he got my vote – he said he was pro blue collar union, lied right to the leatherneck union I work for and said he wouldn’t cancel the pipeline, he did, he also said he was pro 2nd Amendment, he isn’t, he said he wasn’t gonna raise my taxes, he did. So believe me I won’t be voting for him in 2024.

What is missing in your posts is what you stand for. Based on your complaints you sound like a MAGA partisan. If you want people to know where you stand on issues be straightforward. I have stated my positions on climate change, the grossly inappropriate national and global distribution of wealth, green energy, systemic racism, Putin’s terrorist invasion of Ukraine, and immigration, as have other posters with a leftist orientation. I believe you do not support Trump or Biden but I don’t know who or what you do support.

Steve Spittler

Anthony – Joe Biden lied directly to me and my union.

I have a sister that is gay & have no problem with that. I’ve had girlfriend’s that have had abortions so no problem with that. Not a fan of NAFTA, not a fan of taxes (real estate, school, income, tolls, fishing licenses, hunting licenses, registration fees, etc) but understand they pay for people like cops, teachers, clean water so we need a limited amount. I can care less if someone is super wealthy if they earned it why do we want to take that persons money and give it to some lazy person ? Or a person that got an art degree and can’t make a living. I’m not for student loan forgiveness- I learned a trade (oil drilling, pipe fitting, digging) – I don’t believe in debt, why do I want to pay more taxes so someone can get their debt washed away?

Many people with enormous wealth did not “earn” it. In many families great wealth is passed from one generation to the next carrying all the prerogatives of titles of nobility, including manipulating the justice system. In other cases, the amount of money made is related to an unfair system that allows wealth, through tax loopholes and corporate subsidies, to grow exponentially for the favored few. In any event, to allow some to suffer the pain of poverty, hunger, lack of medical care, inadequate and unsafe housing and decaying public utilities (think of the water in Flint, Michigan), and failing schools while others drink beer by their sister’s Olympic size pool is just not right. A truly progressive income tax with no deductions would result in a more equitable distribution of wealth.

Steve Spittler

Was I speaking to you? I don’t know you and pretty sure you don’t know me unless you worked in Massena NY or for National Grid – only two times I’ve worked in NY.

Guy Varoma

I know you by the words you type here. Which tells me plenty

Show us the investigations, Mr. Spittler. Show us the court actions against the Hunter Biden boogie man you people hang onto.

Because if you can (which you can’t) there is far more evidence, including the Mueller Report as well as Trump’s own words, establishing quite clearly he betrayed the United States. We all know you won’t acknowledge the Mueller Report, just like you likely deny the January 6th Select Committee’s findings, but that’s on you. Saner people do.

None of the BS you think you have on Hunter Biden and the Biden family amounts to a hill o’ beans compared to a US President who betrayed his country, Mr. Spittler. And if you think I’m doing the same thing regarding “evidence” of Hunter Biden’s transgressions, let me ask you:
– Have you read the transcript of the interview with the computer shop owner just hours after he turned over the laptops (and you of course know there were actually three)?
– Do you even know how to find it?
– Do you even know the repairman’s name and the NON-SECURE chain of custody that evidence followed (which seemed oh-so-important when you ranted about ballots)?
– Do you even know that everything you people are worked up over concerning this laptop is NOT based on the laptop itself, but one of multiple copies of data supposedly pulled from it?

So don’t waste people’s time here with lamentations about the Bidens. I expect if real evidence arises showing real crimes may have been committed, investigations will commence and subpoenas will be issued. But how many years have the Republicans had to do that and there’s ZERO action.

So far you’ve shown yourself to be just another mindless MAGA, with a fixation on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and possible children’s genitalia. And predictably, fairly thin-skinned.

christophe Stalka

Mr Costanzo FOX lied the conclusion of the dominion case will prove it but you embrace the dupe but don’t continue to be duped its a sad look

“As a Fox News supporter” is a grim statement of our current time. News outlets should be utilized to gather information and form an opinion, not to be cheerleaded and supported. I watch and read a variety of news sources to inform and challenge my views, not one single source that I “support”. If people weren’t so afraid of questioning their own views, be open to opposing information, or admit to themselves that they may have been wrong about a particular issue, society would be much better off. After all, changing your mind is the best evidence that you still have one.

Trump expects his minions to be loyal to him personally, not the Constitution or the United States, just as Hitler demanded an oath of loyalty to him, not the German Reich he ruled over. He made this obvious at his rally yesterday when he called DeSantis “disloyal and said he was ‘dropping like a rock.'” I love that the MAGA leaders are beginning to turn on each other.

Guy Varoma

Cory Costanzo is just another case of …Please lie to me I don’t care…..And then cites false equivalencies and more misinformation and flat out lies to make him feel better about being lied to. It a viscous circle the MAGAS minds go through to justify Trump

At his rally yesterday Trump “claimed without evidence that federal officials are using “local henchmen” to prosecute him (Bragg is an elected official, and his office is separate from the DOJ).” How stupid does he think (know) his supporters are? MAGA folk, in case you missed it, the point is Bragg was ELECTED not appointed by the DOJ or any other federal official.

He also proclaimed himself to be “the most innocent man in the history of our country.” He often speaks in superlatives in reference to himself. What an ass; an ass who millions of Americans want to be president again. Incredible.

In this segment of his speech at yesterday’s rally Trump again expressed his admiration for Putin and, wittingly or unwittingly, acknowledged he would have supported Putin in his partitioning of Ukraine. I continue to believe Trump’s dream is of a world divided into two spheres of influence, one controlled by the Putin-Russian Orthodox Church Nationalist autocracy and the other controlled by a Trump-White Christian National Church state.

“Before I even arrive at the Oval Office, shortly after I win the presidency, I will have the disastrous war between Russia and Ukraine settled. It would never have happened.

“I got along well with Putin. I used to talk to Putin about it. It’s something he certainly had on his mind, never even talked about for four years. You didn’t even hear about it. As soon as I was out they started putting soldiers on the border.

“But even then, he didn’t want to do it. He wanted to get a piece. Now it looks like he’ll end up probably getting the whole thing, but I’ve never seen anything like it.

“And if you saw the other day — President Xi, smart, top of his game. President Putin, smart, very smart people, standing there talking about the world order for the next 100 years. That’s one of the saddest things you can imagine.” – Trump, last night in Waco.


Hey Steve , Anthony and the rest of the Socialist Donkey Clowns on her are ex-GROOMERS. They spent years indoctrinating our children while parents worked their A$$ off. They produce useful idiots if the parents did not get get involved and teach their to love their country, work hard, stand up for our constitution.
Steve they are self proclaimed Socialist and endorse the destruction of our countries values and our founding documents.
They endorse infanticide as birth control, they endorse taking the identity of women away but scream for women rights.
They are post turtles.


Anthony post this he is a retired social studies teacher:
Trump expects his minions to be loyal to him personally, not the Constitution or the United States, just as Hitler demanded an oath of loyalty to him, not the German Reich he ruled over. He made this obvious at his rally yesterday when he called DeSantis “disloyal and said he was ‘dropping like a rock.’” I love that the MAGA leaders are beginning to turn on each other.

Biden: wants to take away second amendment rights’.
Trump supports second amendment.
Hitler removed guns from the German citizens.

Biden: endorses an agency to manage mis-information. Wants to control the propaganda from the news media and censor anyone opposing it.
Trump: endorsed and supports first amendment.
Hitler: Used and control all media and print and arrested anyone opposing the NAZI view.

Biden: pushes identity politics. Creates division puts people in categories and blames one group for all the problems. White, Black, asian, transgender, binary, non-binary, unicorn, or any of the 150 other genders.
Trump: allowed people to be who they were he just did not put them in groups. He addressed the citizens as Americans.
Hitler: blame the jews and and rounded them up and persecuted them.

Biden: His DOJ and FBI refuses to press charges against ANTIFA, BLM, Jane’s Revenge.All groups that created chaos and destruction against the citizens. Fails to support the rule of law. Biden wants to weaponize the IRS and create a federal police agency. Uses DOJ and FBI against opposing political party and citizens.

Trump: Endorsed by the NYCPD, supported law agencies and pushed for the rule of law.

Hitler: created brown shirts to create chaos without conviction of crimes. Creates SS to get rid of brown shirts and has a National police force the Gestapo.

So Steve there you have it a indoctrinator who taught social studies to busy pushing socialism and anti American sentiment.

LGB, you are the useless idiot. Trump supports law enforcement? You mean as he did when he tried to stay in the presidency through illegal and violent plots? As in his cooperation with the various investigations of his alleged criminal behavior?

Biden has never called for taking away 2nd amendments rights, only for reasonable limits necessary to protect the general population, including children, whom you care for only while in the womb.

It isn’t Biden who called Alvin Bragg, the Black Manhattan D.A. an animal. It was Trump. It was Trump who called for the selective persecution of labeled groups in the United States, immigrants, Muslims, and transsexuals.

It was Trump who told the White Nationalist militias to aid him in remaining in the presidency. The Oath Keepers and Proud Boys are Trump’s gestapo. He hates and maligns the FBI and trusts Putin over the CIA.

It is Trump who has promised pardons to the idiotic traitors he incited to insurrection on 1/6

As Guy puts it, you are STUPID FOR TRUMP.

I forgot about Trump’s lying platform, mislabeled Truth Social, and the hosts on FOX and other far right propaganda outlets who knowingly spread his lies, helping to brainwash ignorant fools like you.


Soon coming to America because the current TIC Biden’s economy is collapsing because he sold our our country. Macron calling out to the people they need to sacrifice because of the economy being so bad, rolling black outs and no food or energy.

Britain’s King Charles III visit to France postponed due to mass protests: Elyse
French President Macron says new date for visit of Britain’s King Charles Ill in ‘early summer.

Macron while asking for sacrifices from the French people realizes he is wearing a € 80,000 watch and like a magician makes it disappear under the table.

Once again the globalist Socialist push around the world. It is time for Americans to wake up and and stop the Central bank implementing their CRYPTOCURRENCY, and ESG regulations.
If we do not stop this it will destroy your life as you know it now.
The ESG standards will limit what you can buy. When you can buy it. How much of it you can buy. It is nothing more than a manipulated central bank control currency and they can turn it on, off, and limit how much you can use.

They are going after gas stoves, now air conditioning, and the socialist in charge of ESG first said no that is not true. They said it is just a conspiracy. Well GEE-WHIZ another conspiracy theory comes true.

WAKE UP before it is too late.

Hitler loved hard economic times. They drive people to the right in search of quick solutions even if at the expense of freedom and democracy. That is why you drool over the prospect of ” Biden’s economy is collapsing.”

BTW, it is not Biden’s economy you want to fail, it is the American economy you slathering ignoramus.


Mike Lee @SenMikeLee • Follow
The United States doesn’t need to create a Central Bank Digital Currency to know it is a bad idea.

Mike Lee © – Mar 24, 2023
@SenMikeLee • Follow
Replying to @SenMikeLee
We’ve seen this play out in China with the digital Yuan. In early trials, China canceled its citizens’ money after a set period, forcing Chinese citizens to spend their savings at the compulsion of the government.

Mike Lee
@SenMikeLee • Follow
My bill protects Americans from a similar intrusion by prohibiting the Federal Reserve or any federal government agency from minting or issuing a CBDC, whether through a direct-to-consumer or intermediated model.

Traitor in chief Biden wants to be like CHINA.

christophe Stalka

lets go brandies I think your buddy big BM /zach was the one drooling over the pedophile david koresh yesterday but you keep spinning your special stories. all you know how to do is lie. sorry your so jealous of Mr Santo and his pension. your envy is palpable.

rage on dancing brandies

Thank you for that information, Mr. Lo Piccolo.
Contrary to the general rightwing night terrors they act out on, immigrants strengthen this country, as they always have. And yes, we desperately need to expand immigration processing and assimilation services and that’s on both Republican and Democratic politicians.
The Statue of Liberty still stands in NY Harbor, and it still means something.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if MEGA people concerned themselves with things other than fighting for what they believe will be beneficial to their selfish temporary existence, without having any consideration to negative and dangerous consequences to others, including, because of their shortsightedness, themselves as well?

The epitome of ignorance and foolishness. – Even the stupid can know better.

To all you MAGA trolls blathering on this web site: allegations are not facts. Among other distorted conspiracy theories you state as facts (I assume with a straight face) is that there is a “socialist global push” around the world. Where’s the evidence? Obviously, you didn’t have Mr. Santo as a teacher. If you had, you wouldn’t spout such nonsense — and you’d be able to write a complete sentence.

And if you had me for a social studies teacher, you’d know be able to define socialism. I challenge you to give us a) a sound definition of socialism, and b) offer evidence to back up your idiotic allegations. Oh, and by the way, did you send back your covid relief checks?

Steve Spittler


The Gazette will not tolerate name-calling; profanity, threats; accusations of racism, mental illness or intoxication; spreading of false or misleading information; libel or other inappropriate language in any form, and readers may not make any such comments about or directly to specific individuals.
Readers who violate the policy will be warned and then banned.

Just today –
Name calling – wizard, lou, guy, anthony, chuck, brandon,

christophe Stalka

geez guess he never met Big BM/zach the queen of the liars/ perverts the 18% bi racial dude with the half trans sister with the 20 kids she adopted from the aleutian islands .

oh and he missed this part “spreading of false or misleading information”

most of the hunter Biden evidence easily fits in this fantasy category

But no mention of Bill Marincic, the king of insults and name calling on this forum. Beat up on Biden and family and never anything negative about trump, the master of evil.

That’s part, there is so much more, of why people like you have zero credibility. Things are only as you see, or want them to be. Facts and comparisons of the varying degrees of criminal activities of both political parties is irrelevant. If a liberal farts it’s catastrophic, if a MAGA conservative commits treason, let it slide. Like I said no credibility.

Steve Spittler

Chuck – I don’t know what goes thru your mind when you read but find one time where I said Democrats are sexually abusing kids?? If thats what you got out of me saying I believe 8-9 yrs olds are too young to make that determination when you can’t get a tattoo or cigarettes until 18. When did I ever say sexually abused? Democrats in same sentence – very bizarre.

What I would suggest – learn how to follow written rules – they do apply to everyone.

Just innocent questions, right Mr. Spittler?
Surely no insinuation there.

Fortunately for you, members if your own special demographic come right out with it, as can be read here. Every day.

And btw, i challenged you on your HB fixations, but i guess you missed that. Or you deflected from it. The reader can decide.


Steve Spittler
March 25th, 2023

Chuck – so you agree that 8-9 yr olds should be making the decisions of their genitalia but keep tattoos the same? Or we let 8-9 yr olds get tattoos also and cigarettes?

Bill Marincic

Two days ago, all the lefties on this forum after calling me names and lying and making up stories about me, they told me to go to Waco and see my friend Trump. Yesterday I posted that the largest most disgusting murder of women and children happened in Waco because of Democrats Janet Reno and her boss Bill Clinton. Right on cue, the lefties get together in attack mode and accuse me of defending David Karesh as a child molester because I had the nerve to criticize Democrats. That’s how sick these people on the left are with their identity politics. It’s sad and I know it’s sad because I used to be a liberal Democrat just like they are, they don’t want to hear that , but I was just like them up until the year 2000 when I finally realized what the Democrat party was and I divorced it and became a conservative because conservatives matched my values. No matter what anybody says on this forum is always a lie and we are all MAGA and we are all Trump followers. We are all racist, xenophobes or whatever other name they want to call us. Chuck Lou, Santos, Whoville, Stalker Varoma, are like zombies that smell blood when someone posts anything contrary, whether it be a letter to the editor or a comment in this section That goes against what they believe in. I’m far from perfect. They’ve gotten me angry enough that I’ve called them names and I’ve been kicked off the forum, but it seems that they can do no wrong. They can call people names they can attack people that write letters they can do anything they want say whatever they want about whoever they want, and they just continue day after day . What they are doing is disgusting, but it gets a blind. Eye turned to it because it’s a liberal newspaper in a liberal city and a liberal state. Two tiers of justice just like in all democrat states just like Biden’s two tears of justice and weaponized department of justice.

Well i get a little miffed when i read specious, groundless insults against what most consider a noble profession: teaching. And you have levelled the most vile.
But that’s just me.

BM, do you think the election was rigged against Trump? Do you think he did not attempt to keep top secret documents when he instructed his lawyer to lie and say he had turned all documents over though over 100 more were found pursuant to a legal search of his property and office? Do you think his call to Brad Raffensperger was not an attempt to cajole him into falsely changing the vote in Georgia to secure a fake win? Do you think Trump had no role in the illegal “Green Bay Sweep” scheme to keep him in office? Do you think Trump did nothing to encourage the mob that stormed the Capitol and delayed certification of election and resulted in the deaths of five law enforcement officers and over 100 injuries?

The answers to the questions are clear. Why then, do you claim “two tears (sic) of justice and weaponized department of justice”?

I have not attacked you in this post. I am respectfully asking for a response. That should be what this forum is about.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡you lie…..I asked you about Timothy McVeigh …The reason he killed children and other people in the Federal Building was because of what happened at WACO…He chose the very day it happened. The Trump rally in Waco was there to gather more nut cases like McVeigh …….Trump wants a war…You people like you back him

Perhaps BM will answer my questions and clarify his position later tonight or tomorrow. I’ll check tomorrow morning, but I fear there will be no direct response; more likely, none at all.

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