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Letters to the Editor Monday, March 27 – Two, from readers in Albany and Schenectady

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State isn’t short-changing counties

The March 2 editorial, “Let counties keep Medicaid money,” is misleading, as it ignores important details about the enhanced Federal Medical Assistance Percentage for localities.
In the governor’s Executive Budget, the state will absorb more than $6 billion in costs that would otherwise be funded by the counties and New York City.
This multi-billion-dollar local relief package continues to grow.
This has resulted in cumulative savings of: $344.6 million, Schenectady County; $392.2 million, Albany County; $245.6 million, Saratoga County; $98.0 million, Fulton County; $121.4 million, Montgomery County; and $47.4 million, Schoharie County.
While Medicaid has expanded, the state hasn’t passed any added expense of additional enrollment or benefits to counties by adjusting the amount of enhanced federal funding it retains for expansion; shouldering the burden of what would otherwise be local costs.
The governor’s Executive Budget adds over $1 billion in health care capital funding, expands Medicaid coverage for 7.8 million low-income New Yorkers, and improves access to aging services and high-quality long-term care.
This builds off last year’s $20 billion investment in health care.
The state will now utilize the available federal dollars to fund critical investments in Medicaid to ensure access, promote equity, and stabilize the healthcare system.
To suggest the state is pushing a fiscal burden on the localities by asking them to assume their share of the cost of Medicaid expansion is not recognizing the billions of dollars of support that counties receive every year, and the investments being made to expand Medicaid access and care.
Robert Megna
The writer is the New York state budget director.

Church has caused us all enough pain

I grew up in a Roman Catholic home and all I can remember is the Church asking us for money.
Be it through weekly donations or Mr. Hubbard himself begging on the altar during the “Bishop’s Appeal” periods, money was constantly the talk of our masses.
To know the same men who clamored for money every Sunday while handling the Church’s sex abuse scandals so shockingly poorly claiming they in turn have nothing left to give is beyond the pale.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, in my opinion, has done far more harm than good in our community.
Victims of clergy sexual abuse and St. Clare’s pensioners have borne the burden that they have wrought upon us for far too long.
This bankruptcy, and Bishop Scharfenberger’s hopelessly tone-deaf YouTube explanation are yet another slap in the face to an already bruised Capital Region.
His offer to “walk with” the victims in their pain is offensive and downright mean.
The Church’s own website lists 50 priests in the Diocese who are credibly accused of abuse, and their mishandling of the St. Clare’s Pension is well documented as totally inept.
The Diocese should be forced into liquidation and leave us alone for good.
Actions have consequences, and their actions over the last 50-plus years have caused enough pain.
Enough is enough.
Cody Rule



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Steve Spittler

Nice try Gov Hochul & Mr Megna

Under the Obama Administration (Obamacare) the Counties of NYS (all counties across the US too) get Medicaid payments directly. Under Gov Hochuls budget the State would get the payments and then disperse them after the counties provide accounting. The counties are already providing that accounting to the Federal government to receive the payments. Why would NYS want to add another layer to this transaction? I’m sure we can all come up with the reasons NYS wants the money first.

Bill Marincic

Steve. It’s the same thing with everything with this woman. I got a notice that now as a notary, I have to keep all of the people that I notarized in a logbook and what a notarized at for. Just more and more regulations New York State kill you and regulations. And yes, you’re right they want the money so they can steal it first.


This is what Socialist do! They grab the money first take their share and divvy up some to their donors/ rank and file. Then if there is anything left it will go to an organization and filter through them and what crumbs are left will go to the people.

It is what the Socialist do top down money laundering. Apply that to Ukraine and all the other special interest lobbyist.

Steve Spittler

Wondering what the groups opinion is on this:

Is it Transphobic if a man refuses to date a “woman” strictly because “she” has a penis?

I saw a poll online in regards to this.

Ridiculous question, regardless of who may or may not have initially proposed it, and just as ridiculous that you reposted it.

Who cares?

It would be like me asking you if you would be willing to date a woman strictly because she has a vagina. So many other factors come in to play, no pun intended.

“My opinion,” considering we could be on the brink of a nuclear war, is that I would think you’d have better things to talk about, like the holy grail of all existence and the future of eternity is in encrypted in Hunter Biden’s laptop, so we better put every ounce of energy into getting that figured out.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Steve🤡 ….no that is not transphobic…….but the question you asked is…..I hope that clears that up for you.

Steve Spittler

Considering the poll (question) was posted by a Trans Woman website – its their question not mine Guy so take that up with them.

The response by them on the website – “If a man refuses to date a woman solely because she has a penis then it is considered transphobic. This is because it reduces the woman to her genitalia and implies that her gender identity is not valid or that she is less of a woman than a cisgender woman”

So your answer that its not transphobic according to them would be incorrect.

Guy Varoma

But you decided to make it an issue here on this forum…….you own the question now….You can’t magically unown the question….I will tell you what I told Mr. Bill 🤡 …thin before you comment…..

Steve Spittler

And I’m too sensitive? Geesh – I guess I’ll own the question but since Trans Woman website offered it and I just wondered how this group would respond- I don’t consider myself Transphobic and actually in my younger wilder days in Alaska may have considered dating such a person.

Guy Varoma

Again….the question shouldn’t even be asked here…..Just let people lead their lives how they see fit. It’s really that simple. It’s like a Trans person asking you ….How do you feel about having sex with your wife. That would be wrong too.

Steve Spittler

Guy so you are opposed to free speech? Because I don’t see how that question is offensive if the Trans Women website wrote the question and set up a poll?

If I just started a website on dog food tastes and I posted that particular question I can see that being out of line.

I just thought it would be a good question for this group since it appears we have people on both sides of the issue.

What would be a good topic to talk about that hasn’t been beaten to death?

Guy Varoma

You are trying to justify your question with false equivalencies. How dogs like a certain food isn’t comparable. Or should we ask questions about your sex life with your partner/wife….If you want to talk about how your wife performs at the corner bar with your buddies that is your right. But asking people in a public forum is wrong. The MAGA republicans are banning books for less.

Steve Spittler

So Guy this is like the 7-10 dirty words the FCC wont let out on the radio – trans dating topics aren’t allowed on this forum

I don’t think that is transphobic either. I agree with Guy and you. There are extremes on both sides of the political divide. Leftists are comfortable disagreeing with what they consider to be an extreme view even it comes from their side of the political divide.

It seems quite obvious that a heterosexual man would not be interested in dating anyone with a penis. I assume there are bisexuals who might find a person who looks like a woman but has male genitalia interesting. Bottom line, sexual desires vary widely from person to person and as long as they involve other consenting adults, who cares?


The TIC Biden and his puppet master continue to push the world to conflict.

Disclose TV reported:

JUST IN – Russia will station nuclear weapons in Belarus: Putin
Russia has moved 10 aircraft to Belarus that are capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons, TASS reports.
A storage facility for the tactical nuclear weapons will be ready by July this year, according to Putin.
Putin cited the UK supplying of shells containing depleted Uranium to Ukraine as a pretext.

China wants Taiwan for more than ‘historical value,’ could disrupt global power dynamic: experts
Taiwan currently produces around 65% of semiconductors used globally and about 90% of the advanced chips, making it the most significant producer of a vital electronic component.

Several more attacks against U.S. bases in Syria after alleged Iranian drone kills American contractor, drawing airstrikes

They disparage Trump but I really do not recall any conflict during his presidency. Tell me again how Trump and MAGA are the NAZI’s?


This is what the government wants people focused on while they destroy our rights under the Constitution.

From NPR:
Transgender track and field athletes can’t compete in women’s international events
World Athletics Council, the governing body for international track and field, will bar transgender women athletes from elite competitions for women.

The council’s policy, which will be in effect starting March 31, largely targets athletes who transitioned from male to female after going through puberty as a male. It will also tighten rules for athletes with disorders of sexual development, cutting in half the level of testosterone athletes can have in order to compete in women’s events.

The council said they ultimately decided to prioritize “fairness and the integrity” of the female competition over inclusion. Though the council says there are no transgender athletes currently in international track and field competition, the ruling could hinder several people who’ve won Olympic medals in the past.

“Decisions are always difficult when they involve conflicting needs and rights between different groups, but we continue to take the view that we must maintain fairness for female athletes above all other considerations,” Sebastian Coe, the council’s president, wrote in a press statement on Thursday.

Our world is on fire and this is what is important?

I am posting this from yesterday in the hopes that BM. or any other person who feels we have a two tier justice system which has weaponized the DOJ by bringing false charges against Trump, will answer them and clarify why they believe this:

Anthony J. Santo
March 26th, 2023

BM, do you think the election was rigged against Trump? Do you think he did not attempt to keep top secret documents when he instructed his lawyer to lie and say he had turned all documents over though over 100 more were found pursuant to a legal search of his property and office? Do you think his call to Brad Raffensperger was not an attempt to cajole him into falsely changing the vote in Georgia to secure a fake win? Do you think Trump had no role in the illegal “Green Bay Sweep” scheme to keep him in office? Do you think Trump did nothing to encourage the mob that stormed the Capitol and delayed certification of election and resulted in the deaths of five law enforcement officers and over 100 injuries?

The answers to the questions are clear to me. Why then, do you claim “two tears (sic) of justice and weaponized department of justice”?

I have not attacked you in this post. I am respectfully asking for a response. That should be what this forum is about.

christophe Stalka

BIG bm /Zach every notary I’ve ever went to had a log book for recording purposes. Not sure what your practices are but certainly makes sense


As more evidence comes and not from the JAN6 committee where it should have been exposed. We are seeing a more clear picture of the FBI and their involvement into the J6 riots. The truth is coming and the conspiracy theories keep becoming truth.

Incoming: I have transcript of yesterday’s hearing in Judge Kelly’s courtroom about last-minute revelation a trusted confidante to some of the defendants was an FBI informant for nearly 2 years. Defense attorney notes other issues with unknown
FBI informants in the case.

So was J6 to cover up the stolen election? As more evidence rolls out it would appear that way. Let’s see how tis unfolds as more and more FBI get called out someone is either going to be Clitonized, or they will call out the ones who orchestrated this.


Julie Kelly:
Here @alanfeuer confirms identity of FBI informant accused of cozying up to defendants and their families and soliciting defense attorneys.
Jen Loh–real name Jennylyn Salinas. “Loh” maintained that while she provided the government information.
About some of the defendants before the trial began, her interest in their families and legal situations was genuine. Sure honeypot.
And wow. “While not much is known about the identities of the other informants in the Proud Boys, the bureau had placed secret sources in.
Julie Kelly
in several chapters around the country, including in Cleveland and in Salt Lake City, according to a private log of internal F.B.I. messages obtained by The New York Times.”
“As many as 20 other members” of the Proud Boys had relationships with the FBI.

Why wasn’t this brought out in the J6 committee hearings. Cover up? Where is the transparency?

There were FBI informants in the ranks of these white supremacists, as you have noted. So what is your point?

It was Trump and his front man Roger Stone who worked with the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys in their failed attempts to keep Trump in office.

LGB, why don’t you answer the questions I posted above? State your views with supporting evidence and references. Don’t just keep making wild unsupportable claims just because that is what you want to believe.

“The Gazette will not tolerate…spreading of false or misleading information…”


But wait there is more!
Btw DOJ admits these undercovers were indeed in the crowd acting
Trump supporters and pushing people toward the building:
Wray told the Senate in March 2021 that antifa was not involved in the events of January 6. Awfully quick to make that announcement less than 2 months into the
Yahoo News:
Three police officers appear to be among those chanting “drain the swamp” and “Whose house? Our house!” as protesters invaded the Capitol on Jan. 6, the government said in a federal court document filed Friday.

The actions were recorded on GoPro video by a Metropolitan Police officer stationed at the Capitol “in an evidence-gathering capacity,” the document said.

The government’s filing involves the case of a Kansas man charged with multiple felonies in connection with the Capitol riot. William Pope, of Topeka — who is representing himself — has asked the judge to release videos in his case that he says show undercover Metropolitan Police officers inciting protesters to breach the Capitol on Jan. 6.

The footage, from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Electronic Surveillance Unit, “captures the officer shouting words to the effect of ‘Go! Go! Go!’ … ‘Go! Go! Go!’ … and ‘Keeping going! Keep going!’ apparently to the individuals in front of him on the balustrade of the U.S. Capitol’s northwest staircase around 2:15 p.m,” the government’s filing said.

“At other times in these videos, the officer and the two other plain clothes officers with him appear to join the crowd around them in various chants, to include ‘drain the swamp,’ ‘U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!’, and ‘whose house? Our house!’”

This is why they want you focusing on Tony wanting to be Toni.

Funny that you’re so far down the conspiracy rabbit hole, you don’t even realize how much you self-own yourself with these comments. You think those comments by the Metropolitan Police lead to some smoking gun that this was a deep state inside job to frame the insurrectionists, when Occam’s Razor tells us it is something much simpler: the majority of those that work in law enforcement, such as the Metropolitan Police, were Trump supporters that secretly (or not so secretly) wanted him to retain the presidency. Many of the insurrectionists were current military, ex-military, LEOs, and even legislators. Tells you all you need to know about the types of folks actively trying to destroy democracy.


FBI informants for two years embedded into the proud boys. Why did the J6 committee confirm the assets embedded in the J6 riots?
I am not making up anything I am posting the source and because you do not like it does not make it mis-leading or false. These are reports from videos released and Yahoo news.
Overall Score
The following are the overall bias and reliability scores for according to our Ad Fontes Media ratings methodology.

Reliability: 41.86

Bias: -6.09

Panels of analysts from Ad Fontes Media regularly review representative sample content to rate it for reliability and bias. Each panel of analysts comprises one left-leaning, one right-leaning, and one center-leaning analyst.

You keep posting things that have been proven fabrications, Steele dossier, Russia Hoax, all the other hundreds of investigation into Trump that have fallen short.

This is my last question to you today LGB. Do you really believe the insurrection was plotted by FBI agents who infiltrated the ranks of Trump supporters and encouraged them to storm the Capitol because this would somehow cover up the fact that Trump actually won? Explain that clearly, please.

Read my questions (above) there is no mention of the “Steele dossier” or the so-called “Russia Hoax.” You flippantly dismiss all the investigations of Trump I mentioned as having “fallen short”. But you you offer no evidence.

christophe Stalka

Let’s go brandies complaining aboutFbi informants in seditionist insurrectionist proud boys. GREAT.!

I don’t see the problem probably helped prevent the Trump COUP

calm yourself dancing brandies FBI just did its job


Anthony, I am not your monkey and I do not dance when the clowns disagree. I put out what I see in the news and because it goes against your socialist utopia it bothers you that more and more Americans are seeing the corruption of the deep state and the Biden crime family.
You offer MSM propaganda to support your agenda does not make it truth. Let the people decide for themselves and look into the the information as I did have been.
This is not longer your playground and you do not make the rules of content.
Let the American people decide what they believe. By the looks of it more people see what I am seeing than what you believe is the narrative.

More conspiracy theories are no longer theories the cover-up will always expose the crime. The truth takes time to reveal itself, but it will always find the light of day.

LGB, “This is not (sic) longer your playground and you do not make the rules of content.”

It never was my playground and I never made the rules. Trying to get you to give a straight and direct answer to questions is not contrary to the rules. You compare yourself to a monkey and make no attempt to confront the problems with your conspiracy theories.

You get upset when my unanswered questions expose that. I am happy about that! Go have yourself a cleansing cry about how mistreated you are. That is easier than trying to support your patently absurd views.

“The truth takes time to reveal itself, but it will always find the light of day.” My ass! Money and power can hide most anything.

And furthermore you wouldn’t know truth if hit you in the face, and trumps crimes and lies are the proof of that.


Anthony you may want to put on your oxygen mask when you read this so you don’t hyperventilate.

Trump’s Waco Rally
By: Bill O’ReillyMarch 27, 2023

According to Texas authorities, more than 18,000 folks showed up for Donald Trump’s first campaign event on Saturday. Big crowd in Waco that none of his competitors for the Republican nomination could match at this point.

Something to keep in mind.

The Associated Press covered the speech but failed to mention the crowd size, a significant lapse in reporting. The AP did that because the news agency despises Trump and rarely reports anything positive about him.

Instead, the AP heavily implied that the former president was inciting violence in his remarks condemning those arrayed against him. Certainly, Trump is provocative in the extreme, but the incitement of violence is an opinion that should have no place in a hard news dispatch.

Editors at the Associated Press know that but don’t care. They want all Americans to hate Trump as much as they do and don’t understand why that’s not happening.

Even though the AP is widely distributed, it doesn’t matter much anymore what they do regarding Trump. Most Americans understand his upside and downside, so shading reports against him is largely a waste of time.

But the AP people simply cannot stop because they’re addicted to the game. And there’s no rehab in the world going to change that.

See you this evening for the No Spin News.
Premium Member Comments

Funny because it is true. TDS is rampant.

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo the only response you’ll get from the hysterical dancing brandies is another of his undocumented lies. Do not expect anything more he despises our great American democracy. Although he does seem bizarrely fascinated by cable news ratings lately go figure

Christophe, I didn’t bother reading LGB’s last post; only the first line. He is right, I could hyperventilate…from laughing too hard.

He is not a monkey; more like a marionette. I am certain the strings are being pulled by really off the wall far right news outlets like OAN, Steve Bannon’s War Room, and Alex Jone’s Infowars.

Steve Spittler

Guy – is this topic appropriate? NYC taxes

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of New Yorkers earning between $150,000 and $750,000 fell by nearly 6%, according to the New York City Independent Budget Office.

Moreover, the number of real high earners — those making over $750,000 — dropped by nearly 10% during the same period.

Some speculate that the wealthy elites are leaving New York because of the state’s high tax rates.

For perspective, the 41,000 filers in the city’s top 1% pay more than 40% of all its income taxes. The 450,000 filers in the top 10% pay about two-thirds of all income taxes.

In other words, the remaining 90% of taxpayers contribute about one-third of the city’s income tax revenue.

Is that sustainable? Or should wealthy be taxed more?

Guy Varoma

Yes I agree taxes are high in NYS …not just the city…..I think the way they get school taxes is unstainable…They need to come up with a better way, Retirees are moving out of State because of their school and property taxes. House assessments go up each year which causes increases in their taxes even if they schools have a 0% increase .Retirees want to stay in the only homes they have owned. And for the renters the owners have to pass these increases on to the renters. There has to be a better way to fund schools and cities than property assessments

Steve Spittler

I think population wise NY ranks behind CA, TX & FL now in size but the cost of our NYS Government – Governor, Part Time Legislature is more then CA.

Overall Total Budgets
CA – $296 Billion with $16 billion deficit
NY – $227 Billion with balanced budget
TX – $127 Billion with balanced budget
FL – $105 Billion with a $22 billion surplus

As you can see the per capita spending is out of whack. Which generates high taxes.


This is what socialist do. They are like cockroaches they deplete a food source and move on to the next economy. Except once they destroy the United States Economy there is no place left to go.
Look at CA. for example that deficit is without the reparations they want to dole out. People leave these states because of the government in place. My old neighbor loving life in the free state of Idaho. Sold his house and now enjoys the freedoms of our constitution.
It is one thing for a retired person to travel NY to FLA. 1000 miles but to leave CA. for FLA. 2600 miles 49 hours of driving to escape CA. That tells all you need to know about California, sadly NY is right behind them.

Guy Varoma

As we all know Marjorie Taylor Greene said that red states should break away from the US, Yesterday a trio of red states got hammered by tornadoes with such devastation where whole towns were destroyed and people left homeless. FEMA a federal agency sent by Biden was on the ground that very day. Biden made monies available instantly to those 3 red states that were devastated. I wonder how people feel about her ridiculous statement today in those communities …they were cheering her on in the days before.

The transphobia “poll question” has been across the internet for a couple years, it’s nothing new. But what is new is it looks like the males of the right wing have co-opted it as a follow up to their previous fail last month, “What’s a woman?”. A sad attempt to try once again, to own the libs.

I have a poll question:

What percentage of the right wing male demographic do you think are completely confused about the subject of human sexuality?

And a follow-up: What percentage of them think that everyone’s confused about it too?

It’s worth watching what happens in Israel as another rightwing petty dictator attempts to seal his leadership in perpetuity. This could be the US under a MAGA leadership.

Meantime our own busy little meatheads have established their own Karen state in FL.:


Removal of ‘Ruby Bridges’ film from Pinellas school sparks outrage
A parent complained that the movie might teach white children to hate Black children.

The Disney movie “Ruby Bridges,” which tells the tale of a 6-year-old who integrated New Orleans schools in the 1960s, has been a staple of Pinellas County Black History Month lessons for years.

It never caused a stir until this year, as parents across Florida exert increased powers to question what children can see and read in schools.

A North Shore Elementary parent who would not allow her child to watch the film when it was shown in early March later complained that it wasn’t appropriate for second graders. In a formal challenge dated March 6, Emily Conklin wrote that the use of racial slurs and scenes of white people threatening Ruby as she entered a school might result in students learning that white people hate Black people.


– www tampabay com/news/education/2023/03/27/removal-ruby-bridges-film-pinellas-school-sparks-outrage/

Guy Varoma

Another 3 little kids dead in Nashville school shooting …..When will people come to their senses about guns …..Wait I know the answers …guns don’t kill people do…right?

‘They’re not assault rifles, or military grade weapons! They only shoot .22s! Leave our guns alone! 2nd Amendment rights!’

Another responsible gun owner, apparently…

Don Aaron, a spokesman for the MNPD, spoke with reporters Monday morning.

According to Aaron, the first call reporting the shooting came in at 10:13 am CT, and the MNPD officers had “engaged with the shooter” by 10:27 am CT, and she “was fatally shot.”

“We know at this point that this shooter is a female,” said Aaron. “She appears to be in her teens, although her identification has not been confirmed at this juncture. We know that she was armed with at least two assault type rifles and a handgun.”

Guy Varoma

Mr. Steve 🤡 you asked the question….I answered you. So no one preventing you from talking about your ideas on it. My answer is still the same. The question shouldn’t be asked at all no more than anyone asking you how your wife/partner performs sexually for you, in this forum. Its really that simple….Let people live their lives as they see fit….or its none of your beeswax

Steve Spittler


What exactly would you like to know? Penis size? Frequency of sex with wife? Moisture content? Dimensions of the vagina? Be more specific and I will answer your question

Bill Marincic

MAGA Republicans are not banning books, we are removing books with extreme sexual context. The leader of “Gays Against Groomers” said ” You notice how there is no straight pornographic or sexually explicit books in schools? It’s always LGBTQ+ material. They are USING our community as a scapegoat to usher in pedophilia and sexualize children. We will no longer be pawns for their sick agenda.

@freedom chronicles

The Associated Press reports: 3/27

“The Florence museum housing Michelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece the David on Sunday invited parents and students from a Florida charter school to visit after complaints about a lesson featuring the statue forced the principal to resign. Florence Mayor Dario Nardella also tweeted an invitation for the principal to visit so he can personally honor her. Confusing art with pornography was “ridiculous,” Nardella said.”

This is a sick and untrue allegation and no evidence to support it is available, ” They are USING our community as a scapegoat to usher in pedophilia and sexualize children.”

I expect the Gazette to remove your comment above:

“The Gazette will not tolerate… spreading of false or misleading information…”

“Santo is not the same thing,” What does that mean?

The grooming accusations you make are not striking any nerves. It is necessary to call you out on this issue and expose the accusation you made as an unsubstantiated slur against educators. I assume “they” refers to educators. If not, who are “they”, the ones “USING our community as a scapegoat to usher in pedophilia and sexualize children.”

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 you just can’t help yourself from being ignorant and stupid can you?

This isn’t calling you names….it’s how the people with critical thinking skills see you.

Bill Marincic

Well my quote was correct and Santos had nothing to do with mine, they were two different things. Keep your insults to yourself, we are tired of them.

You are making no sense. You posted a quote and I called it a false allegation.

You claimed “they” are sexualizing and grooming our children for pedophiliacs. Where is your evidence?

No one should have to justify using images of Michelangelo’s “David” during a classroom discussion of Renaissance art.

MAGA just looks for ways to create chaos and confusion over made-up issues because it paves the way for authoritarians to step in and “restore order” which means make everyone accept, or at least pretend to accept, their values, opinions and way of life.

Sounds like a fine patriotic group:


Gays Against Groomers (GAG) is an American far-right anti-LGBT organization known for protesting against gender-affirming care for minors, including at hospitals that provide it; against LGBT representation at schools; and against Drag Queen Story Hour events. A spokesperson for the LGBT advocacy group GLAAD has claimed that the group uses the slur “groomer” to characterize LGBT people as pedophiles. GAG has hosted anti-LGBTQ rallies, alongside other far-right and anti-LGBTQ organizations such as Moms for Liberty, which have been attended by the Proud Boys.

GAG began in June 2022 as a Twitter account created by Jaimee Michell, who had previously been employed by right-wing communications firms Arsenal Media and X Strategies and posted similar content on her personal account. The account is known for posting anti-trans rhetoric and has been compared to Libs of TikTok. Michell officially incorporated GAG in September. GAG has been banned from multiple social media and payment platforms for violating rules on hate speech; they have been promoted by right-wing media outlets such as Fox News, One America News Network (OANN), and InfoWars.

ChuckD, Thank you for looking into and exposing the truth about this evil group.

Steve, how do you feel about BM’s original post and the responses thus far? I am not trying to put you on the spot. I really am curious. As I posted yesterday I accept that you are not a MAGA person. I know your sister is gay and you support LGBT rights and you are pro-choice.

The Advocate:

A new report pulls aside the curtain and reveals the background of those working to spread anti-LGBTQ+ hatred using the hate account Gays Against Groomers.

The founder of Gays Against Groomers, Jaimee Michell, and her partners are former ultra-MAGA Trump followers who spread anti-transgender propaganda with QAnon conspiracy theories and links to extremist militias, according to a Media Matters for America investigation published last week.

In response to accusations that it spreads homophobia and transphobia, GAG claims that, as a “coalition of gay people,” it and its members cannot possibly spread anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda. Furthermore, they claim that any attack on the group is homophobic.

However, GAG is not a grassroots initiative but a right-wing project seeking to gain political and financial advantage by using anti-trans rhetoric, according to the left-leaning media watchdog.

GAG was formed last year “to protect the kids” from “sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization,” Michell claims, and it has gained prestige in right-wing circles along with Chaiya Raichik’s Libs of TikTok, which also attacks the LGBTQ+ community.

Both have promoted the use of the anti-LGBTQ+ slur “groomer.”

Media Matters found that GAG isn’t Michell’s first venture in far-right social media circles. She was a prolific MAGA Twitter user in 2016 and 2017, often peddling QAnon conspiracy theories.

During the 2020 election cycle, she frequently corresponded with Ali Alexander, the “Stop the Steal” founder. During a “Stop the Steal” rally in November of that year in Washington, D.C., Michell claimed the presidential election had been stolen. Michell was listed as a contact for the Wisconsin “Stop the Steal” rally using the online alias “TheGayWhoStrayd.”

During the January 6 insurrection, Michell posted support for the rioters on Instagram and Telegram, including reposting extremist Milo Yiannopoulos’s content. Michell has engaged in continuous right-wing grievance culture online, complaining about everything from mitigation measures surrounding the global pandemic to mocking the killing of George Floyd, Media Matters reports.

In May 2022, she began working at a far-right social media communications firm, X Strategies. The firm, cofounded by right-wing activist Alex Bruesewitz, was previously accused of paying online influencers as young as 14 to run advertisements for the Trump “Election Defense Fund.”

Michell’s new position coincides with the increased use of the “groomer” slur popularized by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s press secretary Christina Pushaw to attack LGBTQ+ people.

During her first month in the new role, Michell established Gays Against Groomers. She regarded any sign of acceptance for LGBTQ+ youth by schools, companies, celebrities, or online users as grooming, according to Media Matters.

www advocate com/news/gays-against-groomers-exposed

Bill Marincic

According to, Mitchell is a lesbian and a creative designer at a right-wing marketing firm. She explained during the interview with Carlson, “You know, saying that ‘groomer’ is an anti-LGBTQ slur, that is doing irreparable damage to us as a whole, and it’s putting a really large target on our backs,” she said.


Guy, for all the silly and everyone carry a gun stuff in Florida, they do do the school systems correctly in my opinion. One county, one system,One Superintendent, one transportation department, maintenance etc. This county is 893 square miles and one system to serve it. Also if homesteaded, (year round residents) they can’t increase any of your taxes more than 3 % per year or less if inflation is less. It does make a big difference in school taxes.

Guy Varoma

Florida I own a home on the beach Florida too. I am not homesteaded and it is not a rental. Only my family and myself visit there . Taxes aren’t as high there as in NY …But y assessment is high. it’s a small 3 bedroom and 2 bath block house that would be worth 1/3 as much here in NY. …I still think assessing school and property on hose value is not a good way to do it. Florida also makes tons of money in resort taxes which we don’t have here in NY. I think there could be a better way to fund schools than Property tax assessments, Seniors here deserve to live in their homes and not move away because they can’t afford the house anymore


Guy, Gotten any homeowner insurance renews lately? Many insurance companies are now reducing exposure in coastal areas. Happened to us. Have to find new insurance from limited companies, and state owned Citizens is cracking down on new policies. Like tRumps health care plan state politicians have had three sessions to fix insurance, and keep saying 18 to 24 months to see results. But they did pass laws to make it harder for policy holders to sue insurance carriers for non payment of claims.

Guy Varoma

Florida …..I have no Home owner insurance as State Farm dropped me years ago. I never put in a claim with y time with them. I was buying insurance through the State of Florida for a while but it got way to expensive for what they covered …I had a nearly 10,000 dollar deductible, The cost per year was close to 10,000 dollars…So a few years ago I dropped them. I’m rolling the dice, but I have owned my home there since 1982 and it has survived many hurricanes with little or no damage The one time there was damage I lost a couple of shingles which cost me $50 to fix

“MAGA Republicans are not banning books, we are removing books with extreme sexual context.”

No doublespeak there, eh? Ever read 1984, Mr. Bookworm?

In fact:
1. “MAGA Republicans”, nor anyone else has the right to decide what books are kept in public school libraries. None.

2. “MAGA Republicans” certainly are banning books that have anything to do with challenging their absurd worldview, and my previous post from Tampa is a fine example of that. Nothing about sexuality. It’s about civil rights.

3. “MAGA Republicans” are making heavy use of words like “woke” and “racism” and “groomers” to weaponize their absurd agenda, which they believe is Biblically based.

4. “MAGA Republicans” comprise a minority of the American population, but feel their moral standards are what Americans should follow nevertheless.

5. “MAGA Republicans” will mercifully return to their caves eventually. They would be well-advised to watch Israel deal with this same mentality, and how the population responds. The popular opinion has now effectively shut down the country in response to an authoritarian attempting to take over the country and force their beliefs on everyone else.

We do need to reduce the cost of education. Get rid of the excessive number of administrators from superintendents to department chairmen. The department chairman position could rotate among department members with two classes off for the person acting in that role, no extra pay. Many will not like this, but I would eliminate the sports programs which could be taken over and paid for by fraternal clubs, community boosters, parents whose children are involved etc. Gym classes would be devoted to teaching exercise routines that keep people healthy, cardiovascular, stretching, light to moderate weight-lifting etc. We would would need fewer physical education teachers as trainers could conduct these classes. Any student from grades 9-12 living within two miles of a school should walk, bike, or take public transportation. Safe walking and biking routes should be built where needed. There should be more and smaller elementary schools so that parents could walk or drive their children to school. School districts could be consolidated, with one Superintendent in charge, one principal in each building. We might even consider limiting the expectations of school personnel to education. Students having emotional or mental problems should seek therapy outside of the school system, with those who can afford hiring private therapists; social services should handle cases involving children in families with inadequate income.

Schools should be funded through a statewide progressive income tax.

Guy Varoma

Anthony unfunded mandates are also the problem….I hope I a clear that I don’t want to put out the perception that teachers are paid to much, I think they should be paid more if anything. Florida teachers make half the income of other states and need to take on part time jobs to make ends meet. My neighbor in Florida a social studies teach needs to work a 2nd job to make ends meet ….Funding shouldn’t be cut. I just think there is a better way to fund the schools.

Guy, what are your views of funding education with a statewide progressive income tax, no deductions? The tax burden on property owners would be much less and should be reflected in lower rents.

A formula for distribution to consolidated districts would have to be worked out but it could be done.

Guy Varoma

Anthony I like any idea that will fund schools at a high level. If a state income tax does that I’m all for it if it doesn’t overburden the tax payers like the system we have now. I’ve thought about a school county sales tax also. But I don’t claim that it will be better. I would have to see the numbers first. If the numbers reduce the tax burden on property owners significantly, I am all for it. The real estate market fluctuates as we all know ….But when property value goes down they never reduce the value for taxes. Only big corporations take the cities and towns to court and usually win for the reason their property value has gone down…Regular people can’t afford to do that

I think a 2% annual tax on on the amount of anyone’s net worth over $15m. is worth consideration. At least, it would lessen the burden on homeowners and renters and create more opportunities for school systems in low-income districts. Actually, I think such a tax on people with a net worth over $10m. is a good idea. The money would go only for education and be distributed according to a formula based on the number of students in a district and the needs of that district. For example, districts in low-income areas with degraded buildings would get more.

Regarding name calling:

1. having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

1. lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
*lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing.

Just wondering if someone!s post’s repeatedly show direct signs of the two above words, how do you reference what they say without “insulting” them?

“ Ah golly gee honey, your comments seem 100 percent contradictory to science and fact, and have been dismissed, discredited and proven incorrect thousands of times by educated specialists in the fields discussed, as indicated on this forum time and time again.””

Hopefully you will eventually come up with a rebuttal with more than what seems obvious to be conspiracy opinion, lacking any actual scientific evidence, support, or otherwise completely ignoring the issue/question at hand.

Surely never any malice intended, I think you’re the best. My only minor concern is the future of humanity, so no big deal.

Enjoy your day!

Bill Marincic

Santo what you posted has nothing to do with what I posted and if you read all of the articles about that principal it was because she broke multiple rules multiple times and she didn’t notify parents in advance. The principal in her interview said she knew what she was doing was wrong and that it was time for her to go as the school was going in a different direction. Stop your foolish lies.

What I posted exposes your posts as unfounded allegations of serious criminal behavior by educators. They are not sexualizing and grooming children for pedophiles as you claimed.

You further quote from your source, ““You know, saying that ‘groomer’ is an anti-LGBTQ slur, that is doing irreparable damage to us as a whole, and it’s putting a really large target on our backs,” she said.

Who ever said ‘groomer’ is an anti-LGBTQ slur? The point is being a groomer is not related to sexual orientation. It occurs in scouting and the clergy and other professions including teachers. It is more common among the first two groups than the latter.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 all you ever do is fart ….stink up the room and leave after making an ignorant comment. Then you complain days later you are being picked on. Take some GasX or Beano

Bill Marincic

Varoma, all you do is insult people I don’t know if you ever posted anything except insult you, and that Stalker should take a nap.

Bill, call it as you see it, be it a fact or an insult, but you are a moron!
And for the record I don’t believe it to be an insult.

What “multiple rules did she break multiple times”? I have read about her firing and can only find that it was based on her failure to notify parent’s that “David” was to be used in a classroom discussion of Renaissance art. Please include a reliable source of other “multiple rules” she broke “multiple times.”

I’m ready for the likelihood of a response along the lines of Santo, do your own research. I expect either that cop-out or no response. He never responded to my request posted yesterday and repeated earlier today:

Anthony J. Santo
March 26th, 2023

BM, do you think the election was rigged against Trump? Do you think he did not attempt to keep top secret documents when he instructed his lawyer to lie and say he had turned all documents over though over 100 more were found pursuant to a legal search of his property and office? Do you think his call to Brad Raffensperger was not an attempt to cajole him into falsely changing the vote in Georgia to secure a fake win? Do you think Trump had no role in the illegal “Green Bay Sweep” scheme to keep him in office? Do you think Trump did nothing to encourage the mob that stormed the Capitol and delayed certification of election and resulted in the deaths of five law enforcement officers and over 100 injuries?

The answers to the questions are clear to me. Why then, do you claim “two tears (sic) of justice and weaponized department of justice”?

Bill Marincic

Santo, I don’t need to answer your questions which is what you have told me before. Besides all you and the rest of you lefties will just twist the words to suit your own sick purpose.

You just admitted you have no answers. I answer questions when asked to back up my opinions. I also cite my sources when relevant.

I don’t recall refusing to answer anyone’s reasonable question.

You hide behind not answering because you have no answers. You know the rhetorical questions I asked are valid statements about Trump, including allegations of criminal behavior.

The only reason Trump said he was going to be arrested last Tuesday (Alvin Bragg, hush money and falsifying records) was to draw attention away from the more serious cases involving attempted tampering in the Georgia election (Fani Willis, call to Brad Raffensperger) and obstruction of justice and inciting an insurrection (Jack Smith, documents case [instructing a lawyer to lie about continued possession of top secret documents] and 1/6).

The evidence is overwhelming in the latter cases.

BM and his ilk are the only people with a “sick purpose,” re-electing a sociopath and narcissist to the presidency because he would use dictatorial power to force all of us to accept the white Christian (un)American way of life. Now that’s sick.

christophe Stalka

Yes Mr varoma but ‘ the Trans people the Trans people’ and ‘ oh I have to keep a notary log’ ‘ oh fOX News ratings are down’ let’s concentrate on what’s important !

Just be thankful Biden wonI know I am everyday

Joseph Vendetti

Been on west coast for 4 days and got scariest text ever – my daughter an RN at Albany Med was barricaded into a supply closet because of active nut ball with gun.

Guy Varoma

Joe….I saw that….I have a buddy who is EMT and they couldn’t even bring emergency patients there. But I think it’s over now according to the news

Joseph Vendetti

Don’t need this stress – who sneaks a weapon into a hospital.

We need more dollars on mental health longer background checks.

Steve Spittler

Mr Vendetti – the 2nd amendment allows us to carry and conceal guns. Should be no limitations on that – age, size of gun, number of bullets, etc – read the constitution. Background checks will lead to weapon confiscation and government overreach of the people.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Steve 🤡 according to you the constitution would allow us to own tanks and park them in front of our homes with loaded shells. The constitution says nothing about what you can own. It was written when we were still using muskets. I would think our forefathers would ban military weapons of the kind we have now. You use the constitution to show your ignorance

Let us know when you understand the 2nd Amendment and can show the well regulated militia you seem to always ignore. Then we might acknowledge your “right”.
See? You are MAGA! Fly your flag!

Steve, the 2nd amendment says absolutely nothing about the right to carry a concealed weapon. And as ChuckD pointed out absolutists are blind to the “well-regulated militia” clause. Read the amendment:

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

To “bear Arms” does not imply concealment of said Arms, not to mention it is difficult to conceal a musket. It also takes time to load the powder, wad, and bullet. It is 2023, not 1789.

Who tries to sneak a gun on an airplane? Responsible gun owners? I don’t know but:

“TSA agents seized 6,542 guns, almost all of which were loaded, at the nation’s airports in 2022, an average of 18 a day — the highest ever recorded, the agency said.”

-NY Post

Bill Marincic

Well that’s what happens when you don’t allow your security officers to have weapons. This has been an ongoing issue and complaint from the doctors and nurses that work there. I hope your daughter is fine Joe.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill🤡 can you show me where Doctors and Nurses complained about security officwers not carrying firearms. I must have missed those articles. Or are you just farting stinky air into the room again while pulling that statement out of your arse

christophe Stalka

Mr. Varoma I can assure you no one working in a hospital would want security guards parading around with weapons the jobs are low paid entry level positions for the most part. big BM Zach continues to make things up and lie

Christophe, some people assume they know it all and what they think should have happened did. I have never heard a doctor or nurse complain about unarmed security guards at the hospital. If BM didn’t make this up he should point us to the information concerning Ellis hospital medical people expressing their desire for armed security.

He won’t. And he won’t respond. He might be a little shaken by now.

Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
You gun hobbyists are seriously deluded to think and say this somehow entitles you to arm yourselves to the teeth. Your abuse of this amendment isn’t sustainable. And don’t think that just because you’re pointing your guns at everyone threatening America to abide, that this will stand. Increasingly more and more people think you’re selfish and wrong and see right through you.

Where’s your “well regulated Militia”? Meal Team 6?

It’s noted, and a shame that none of our gun lover friends wants to man up and field the well regulated militia question.

But they’ve got guns (so they say), so we all better behave and just do as they say. That’s just America.


Guy Varoma

It a disgrace that “right to life” people never say anything about The number 1 cause of deaths for children is being shot with a gun, They keep silent about those deaths or throw the misused 2nd amendment as an excuse.

Our “pro-lifer” friends will appreciate this, I’m sure.
American Icon
The Blast Effect
This is how bullets from an AR-15 blow the body apart

Editor’s note: We are publishing these *3D animations* to show the destructive power of the AR-15. The images may disturb some people.

www washingtonpost com/nation/interactive/2023/ar-15-damage-to-human-body/

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