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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, March 29 – Three, from readers in Niskayuna

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Stefanik’s defense of Trump is a joke

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is striving for a new low in public discourse and service. She released a statement on March 18 about the looming indictment of Donald Trump, a serial criminal. Her statement on Twitter began, “My full statement on the illegal leaks stating that President Trump will be arrested next week … ”

The leak was actually a fictitious attempt by Trump himself to engage his followers in more criminal behavior, asking them to protest in the streets of Manhattan if he were arrested. The Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, and his colleagues have not leaked anything, nor have they responded to the ridiculous circus of Republicans criticizing him.

I don’t recall Stefanik being so outraged when Democratic state Sen. Sheldon Silver was arrested in 2015. I don’t recall any Republicans complaining when Bill Clinton was tried for lying about an affair while president. Or when John Edwards was charged and had to drop out of the presidential race. Typical of this group. There will be no “Profiles in Courage” books written about this group.

Trump cheated on his wife, lied about it, paid hush money to a porn star and it furthered his campaign for president. Clearly illegal.

Ms. Stefanik, how dumb do you think your constituents are? No illegal leaks, no politics, just law enforcement. Where are the “Lock Her Up” people now? What a joke.


Hate police OT? Hire more officers

Each year The Gazette publishes reports that police officers are among the highest paid in public service, whether it is the city of Schenectady or, most recently, Niskayuna, and each year I must point out the obvious: If the municipality does not want to pay that kind of overtime, hire more officers.

Niskayuna is woefully short of officers. From 1988 through 1995, I had the pleasure of serving as town justice; at that time Niskayuna had 31 officers including the brass. An expert report then said we were 11 short. We now have about 21, with many more businesses and residences in town. How can detectives investigate when we have a 24/7 operation that needs to be staffed?

There isn’t a homeowner who I know who would not pay $100 more in Niskayuna property taxes if it meant hiring additional police officers. Town Board: Bite the bullet and hire cops.


Keeping the faith despite scandals

When I was a kid and we’d complain that we didn’t like a particular priest, my grandmother would remind us: “We go to Mass for God, not for the priest.”

With the deluge of media coverage, it’s easy to paint priests today with all too broad a brush. Most men are not pedophiles, and most priests aren’t either. That’s not wishful thinking, it’s a statistical reality.

While I find the actions of all pedophiles contemptible, and the response to priest pedophiles by the hierarchy of my church abysmal, I remember my grandmother’s words and will not abandon my Roman Catholic faith as a result of their behavior. My faith is not dependent upon the behavior of men; it exists by the grace of God.

In Catholic theology, a priest “acts as the person of Christ during the sacraments” — “Alter Christus.” When he stands before the altar at Mass pronouncing the Words of Institution, he is not acting as a man. No matter how flawed, how sinful the man may be, it is Christ acting through him that changes bread and wine into His body and blood.

I am proud and privileged to count among my friends two priests who are exemplars of the priesthood and ministry founded by Christ. Fr. Richard Carlino and Fr. Dominic Isopo have both served Schenectady parishes for decades with dignity, honor and respect. When I think of priests, I choose to call to mind these men and not the dishonorable miscreants.


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Bruce great letter. The political climate with defunding the police and the mob attacks on the police ANTIFA and BLM only exasperates the situation. Police are a civilian force that are the most efficient when they have the support of the community.
The first ones on the scene regardless of the danger is the police. If the community does not have their backs why would they want to risk their lives to protect them. Recruitment is down and difficult to hold on the ones that are here due to O/T and lack of support.
We need to elect a city council to support our police and as a community we need to welcome them as our friends and protectors of our city.

President Biden signed into law a bipartisan Safer America Plan that funds police and helps to recruit and retain officers, maybe you should read it when you get a chance in between raging about the Jan 6 police assaulters’ unfair treatment in jail and disparaging officers as deep state actors.


Deep State releasing criminals that are attacking opposing political staffers. The criminal justice system releases a convicted felon that attacked a police officer. Once released he goes after Sen. Rand Paul staffer coincidence or a warning to other political figures that oppose the propagandas narrative.

BREAKING: Records show DC street thug arrested for critically stabbing Sen. Rand Paul aide Phil Todd in stomach, chest and head had previously assaulted a cop and was released from prison just two days before attacking Todd
Suspect: Glynn Paul Neal

christophe Stalka

Let’s go brandies you’re dancing fast today the lies your telling are going to make that nose start growing again. Please google the meaning of the word truth Pinocchio.

As usual, Mr. Ognibene has written a great letter to the editor. He opens by pointing out the obvious lie Rep. Stefanik told. Though obvious, it doesn’t register with people supporting MAGA. The claim that Trump would be arrested last Tuesday was a lie concocted by Trump himself to take attention away from the more serious investigations of his criminal behavior in the illegal plots to reverse the will of the voters in 2020 and the obstruction of justice charge in his lies about top secret documents he had in his office after telling his lawyer to falsely claim they had all been turned over.

Andrew Waite makes the important point that Republicans and Democrats agree on many issues. They favor stricter gun control, higher taxes on the ultra wealthy, and not increasing tuition at State Universities. Both sides are in favor of continuing to upgrade infrastructure, another Biden accomplishment that Trump gave only lip service to.

The real goal of MAGA in stirring up ridiculous cultural issues, “don’t say gay”, the horror of men in drag reading to children (remember laughing with Milton Berle in drag?), banning books and Renaissance art like David, censoring Black history etc. is to create chaos, divide, and thus pave the way to autocracy. MAGA supporters, please see your movement for what it is, a plot to put a narcissist back in office to fulfill his dream of unlimited power and wealth by manipulating people through abuse of their religious and political views.

Bill Marincic

Look at one useless socialist teacher defending another useless socialist teacher. Ognibene doesn’t remember me or maybe he does because I confronted him at school about how he treated my daughter. BTW Santo the “Don’t say Gay” slogan was made up by lefties like you. Banning books like Gender Queer need to be banned but I guess you are fine with pornography in the middle school library.

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo excellent commentary your last paragraph is supported daily by the posts of conspiracy theorists and full time manure spreader let’s go brandies. It takes an especially weak minded individual to allow himself to be conned so completelyon a daily basis.

Steve Spittler

Needs a beard for Yosemite sam and he (Sam) actually had some good points.

Are you ready to get your butt kicked some more today on fentanyl arguments? Or are you licking your wounds?

What I’ll do is simply acknowledge your comment and let you go off and bray about how you think you owned the libs.

I’ll let the reader decide (if anyone cares) whether you ‘kicked anyone’s butt’. Kicking butts is not important to me. Clarity and truth-telling is and frankly I think you’ve revealed a sizable tendency for dishonesty.

Meanwhile all polls show the rightwing in this country is not trending upward, just the opposite.

Steve Spittler

Chuck – you miss read me entirely. My union is as blue collar hard working as they come. We lost 6,000 union jobs in the stroke of a pen when Biden lied right to our union members 3 weeks prior to the election. Then our Business Agents (BA) worked phone banks, etc for this liar. 6,000 jobs that were scheduled to last 4.5 years. That is alot.

Then he yanked the rug out from us.

In this country what do you think most unions vote? My dad was a union worker my grandfather was a union worker – what the hell do you know about hard work? My dad said the only time his union supported a Republican was in 1988.

So stick that in your pipe in smoke it. Think you and Anthony and any other dope on this site says one thing bad about Biden they are MAGA. No people can be democrats or independent or even republicans and non Trump zealots. I think he will find out if he runs again how many working class Democrats he stuck it to by listening to some of these far left proposals.

For F – sake. Why would I want to pay some philosophy majors loans off? I paid my way thru trade school. My brothers kids did work study and paid their loans off. Why would I want to pay slave reparations? No one in my family was a plantation owner, my uncle came in 1895 and entered railroad workers union & My grandfather game over in 1906 and had to pound spikes on the rail road, so why would I pay higher taxes to pay reparations? Because it sounds good? Whats next?

Shove that right up where the sun doesn’t shine the next time you call me a MAGA or tell me what you think my views are.

For the record, I come from a long line of farmers, from St. Lawrence County to Fulton and Montgomery. I am not, but I sure have lots of memories of working with my grandfather in Fonda. Don’t lecture me on “hard work”.

Steve Spittler


Thats what you took from that? Your hard work?

How about trying to pigeon hole everyone on here & if they don’t agree with you 100% they are MAGA, racist, fascist

Clint Eastwood, in one of his movies said; “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

You Steve, aren’t the least bit close to being as smart as you presume yourself to be. The more you talk the more you expose that fact.

I strongly support real Republicans, those in various organizations set up to prevent Trump from returning to power. They include the Lincoln Project and the Never Trump movement. Prominent members include Rick Wilson, Stuart Stevens, and Bill Kristol, people who put the country before political ambition, the opposite of lickspittles like Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, and Elise Stefanik. I don’t often agree with Chris Christie but admire him for stating, flat out, he will never support Trump again.

I would like to hear exactly what lie and pen stroke by Biden cost your union to lose 6000 jobs. I don’t know if the accusation is true without details. I don’t know if there was a good reason for whatever decision Biden made that so upset you.

Not every person burdened by student loans was a philosophy major; some became doctors and engineers. Were you as upset when Congress forgave the PPP loans granted to people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz?

I am serious when I say I eagerly await your response.

Why would I want to pay slave reparations? No one in my family was a plantation owner.

Was anyone in your family a slave that was raped, murdered, had his children ripped away from him for life and worked 12 hours a day for nothing?

Like I said, if it doesn’t affect a Maga man, it doesn’t matter.

Steve Spittler

Lou – who moved out of the city to the suburbs, who never had a non white employee, who never gave health insurance to any employees that put carpet & floors in. Now he is a big shot that wants to pay reparations. I want to pay for my family not any others. We can pay for the slaves that built the pyramids or people in India or the women still being oppressed. You go F off mr know it all.

I will not participate in Whack-a-Mole with you Spittler (if that’s your real name). From your first post you spew the words we’ve all come to know as MAGA language. And no, it’s not about blindly following Joe Biden (as the MAGA Republicans do Trump). It is about you clearly taking off from whatever you heard in your rightwingy echo chamber and barfing it out to anyone in earshot.

If you’re so convinced the Biden family are crooked, show the evidence. Maybe they are, but none of you can show any evidence other than the very sketchy laptop(s) evidence. But predictably you’re sure not as upset with Trump’s subservience to Vladimir Putin, which is far more serious. It’s more important to condemn Biden apparently.

And this is utter bullsh!!t, and straight out of Breitbart/Carlson/RedState:

“…having 8-9 yr olds making decisions about their genitalia seems a little young considering you need to be 18 to get a tatoo, smoke cigarettes or go in the military but at 8 …you can ask for gender reassignment surgery?”
“So I’m assuming from your response the children you are responsible for its ok if they smoke, drink and get tattoos prior to 18?”

Like I said, no Whack-a-Mole as you dance around every obviously foul emanation you’re confronted with. One thing for sure: you people don’t seem smart enough to hide your intentions very well.

Steve, you gain no credibility by insulting people. To gain credibility try to justify what you have to say. You haven’t yet explained how Biden cost your union 6000 jobs. Well?

The argument for reparations is that the wealth created by enslaved African Americans went to their white owners and was passed on through the generations. Jim Crow and discriminatory laws and business practices kept Blacks at a huge disadvantage over the decades. That is why the net worth of a Black family, on average, is 1/10th the net worth of a white family.

I do not believe it is realistic to try to pay reparations directly to Black Americans. However, I do believe in legislation to reduce the ridiculously unfair distribution of wealth in our country. A higher minimum wage, interest free loans for home repair and maintenance in impoverished neighborhoods, a true progressive income tax, a national health care system, a wealth tax etc. This would help more Blacks as, due to the facts of our history, they are over represented among the poor. I also support properly designed affirmative action programs to help minorities.

Guy Varoma

FRANK J. CIERVO I agree with you ….all men aren’t pedophiles …..But podophiles seem to gravitate to places like the church and the Boy Scouts of America….where they cover up these horrible people. They are the playgrounds for the pedophiles. My faith in the Catholic church went to zero. The are a business now trying to make a buck. You can have faith in whatever god one worships without going into a building giving up your money to praise your god. All you need is good thoughts, good words and good deeds. If people would follow that tenet the world would be a better place. Zealots like Mr. Bill 🤡 wouldn’t exist.

Of course, you are right ChuckD. Why BM makes things up like being “certified” as a mandated reporter for child abuse is beyond me. I checked out your citation and was not surprised to find that loan officers at car dealerships, aka undercoating salesmen, are not mandated to report child abuse. Anyone who has a reasonable basis for believing child abuse is occurring has a moral responsibility to report it:

“As of this date, Indiana, New Jersey, and Wyoming are the only States that do not enumerate specific professional groups as mandated reporters but require all persons to report. Alaska, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and West Virginia.”

I wish Tucker Carlson would stop spreading his lies or, better yet, more people would begin to see the contradictions in statements like the following:

“The trans movement is the mirror image of Christianity and therefore its natural enemy. In Christianity, the price of admission is admitting that you’re not God. Christians openly can see they have no real power over anything and for that matter, very little personal virtue.” Tucker Carlson on his FOX “News”

1) Isn’t he claiming to know the mind of god in this statement? He implies that trans people and those who recognize and support them think they are god. There is no evidence for this but clearly Tucker thinks he knows the mind of god and god’s position on this issue. What gall.

2) In condemning trans individuals as the “mirror image of Christianity” is he not casting a stone at them and judging them, contrary to the teachings of Jesus, whom he pretends to worship? “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

3) If Christians acknowledge they “have no real power over anything” why does he come on every night trying to brainwash people into supporting Trump and seeing every issue the way he does?

I do agree that Tucker Carlson has “very little personal virtue.”

Still waiting on Ms. Stefanik to call into question the results of her own election win as she has done for Former President Trump’s loss. There were mail-in ballots and dropboxes throughout her district, same as everywhere else. How come she hasn’t called for an investigation, ya know, to reassure the voters that her win was legitimate.

Guy Varoma

The Republicans tenet is elections are only fair when they win. If they lose it’s massive voter fraud and rigged.


One solution was put forth last night on NewsNation Chris Como show during his weekly point counter point with Bill O’Riley. O’Riley is certainly no liberal or Democrat in any stretch of the imagination. Seems so simple but?
From O’Riley, the states have to step up and start with the very least registration for anyone buying a AR weapon. Note, they aren’t saying no, you just have to register it. Follow the background Federal guidelines (after you eliminate the three day, get it anyway rule) and universal red flag laws for every state. . The Congress passes laws that ANY crime committed with any kind of gun will be prosecuted by Federal prosecutors with federal laws applying as to sentence. No more local, well maybe next time sentence, or they didn’t really mean it. Your thoughts?
No where does it mention 2A being violated so save the “right to bear arms” comments please.

I believe the difference in MAGA republicans (not all republicans) and the majority of other Americans is that the MAGAs are only concerned with what they, as often as not erroneously, believe will directly help their personal existence. To hell with everything and everyone else, from climate issues, to destitute refugees, to slain schoolchildren and the resulting consequences.

As my Sicilian father used to say while watching politicians campaign (lie) on television; “Hooray for me and [email protected] you’s all.”

Since approximately 2015 the “trumpian” political followers have been inflexible. Their inability or refusal to logically reason through, if nothing else, equality, fairness and compassion for humanitarian issue certainly has been evident.

I believe this forum is a microcosm of the larger picture. – In all the years of posting, their MAGA hats have been irremovably grafted to their skulls.
When backed into a corner, irrelevant comments, misinformation or non-response becomes what they believe to be their “ intellectual” weapons.

I understand jclark’s frustration in, be it temporary or permanently, bailing from posting on this forum. There may be more satisfaction in hitting yourself in the head with a frying pan than attempting to logically reasoning with the MAGA tribe.

Chuck, Tony and so many others thank you for fighting for the good of mankind.

christophe Stalka

M r Restifo I second your commendation. and add in kudos to all of you for putting up with todays hysterics.

MAGA marincic says, they’re only collecting books for children showing extreme sexuality, or some damn thing. So that sounds really important. I know my elementary school library had a whole section on porn just for kids.

Of course they also don’t want kids to think white people hate black people, so that’s important too.

Wait till they figure out Dr. Seuss.

I think they are suffering from the tension caused by associating sexual desire with sin. Therefore, like the Puritans and Calvinists of yore, they want to eliminate the temptation to sin, to avoid giving in to their powerful sexual desires. Therefore they see sex in everything from Michelangelo’s magnificent statue of David to “Jane has two Moms”. To prevent sexual arousal and the possibility of sinning, they must ban anything they see as “sexual”. In so doing, they think they are protecting THEIR children. INCREDIBLE!

Of course it’s the fault of women! If it weren’t for Eve falling for that damn snake who wanted to give her divinely censored knowledge (disguised as an apple), we’d all be living in paradise, the Garden of Eden!

Steve Spittler
March 29th, 2023
Lou – who moved out of the city to the suburbs, who never had a non white employee, who never gave health insurance to any employees that put carpet & floors in. Now he is a big shot that wants to pay reparations. I want to pay for my family not any others. We can pay for the slaves that built the pyramids or people in India or the women still being oppressed. You go F off mr know it all.

Thank you for proving my point of your AGAIN not knowing what your talking about. – I’m a first generation American, both my parents were born in Sicily. My father was poor shoemaker that worked his ass off to support me and my two sisters. He put them through college by sacrificing for himself. School was a disaster for me so, at 21, I opted to start a business that I worked hard at for 53 years.

Make it a race issue you moron. I’m now retired, but have had black employees. One still employed is biracial, half black. He’s been employed there for years, not that it makes a difference. But I presume a racist wants to make other people look as bad as himself.

Mr. Ill-informed, from the first day of hiring employees and to this day we provide no less than 50% of their health insurance.

And yes after living in Schenectady for 69 years, 5 years ago I moved to the suburbs and purchased some land so I could enjoy the space, wild life and tranquility, as well get away from people like you. If you think there’s something wrong with that, again it only exposes your stupidity. – I’ve earned everything I have.

I’m sure if you were smart enough (which I assume you’re not) to make enough money or hit the lottery, the first thing you would do would be to move into a two family house in a depressed area of Schenectady. You would never consider having land for your children or grandchildren to play on, without listening to your neighbors flush the toilet because the houses are so close together. That’s how I grew up.

Fact of the matter is, you couldn’t care less about “the slaves that built the pyramids or people in India or the women still being oppressed.” Or obviously the minorities, especially so the blacks, that are still being shat on EVERY DAY IN AMERICA. Obviously all you care about is yourself.

So it is you that can “go F off mr know it all.” I mean Mr. Know nothing.

I will make every attempt possible to never again respond to your self serving ignorance. So blather on, and show the world just who you are.

Steve Spittler

All BS because my father in law used to work for you – hhahahaha – caught again. Takes advantage of cheap real estate on the hill & sends his kids to Linton. I grew up on Bridge street in a two family. I own three two families on Duane & another on Paige, along with a single family on Mohawk & another on Banker.

I work 6 months on road as an oil driller & pipe fitter – President Biden sunk 6000 of my union brothers & sisters when he slashed keystone so F him – he is a liar.

Thought so.
This Keystone?


In 2016, about 400 barrels (64 m3) were released from the original Keystone pipe network via leaks, which federal investigators said resulted from a “weld anomaly”.

On November 17, 2017, the pipeline leaked around 9,600 barrels (1,530 m3) onto farmland near Amherst, South Dakota. The oil leak is the largest seen from the Keystone pipeline in the state. In April 2018, a federal investigation found that 408,000 US gallons (1,540 m3) of crude had spilled at the site, almost twice what TransCanada had reported. That number made it the seventh-largest onshore oil spill since 2002.

In April 2018, Reuters reviewed documents that showed that Keystone had “leaked substantially more oil, and more often, in the United States than the company indicated to regulators in risk assessments before operations began in 2010.”

On October 31, 2019, a rupture occurred near Edinburg, North Dakota, spilling an estimated 9,120 barrels (1,450 m3) where the 45,000 US gallons (170 m3) that were not recovered from the 0.5 acre containment have spread contaminating 5 acres. This occurred while the South Dakota Water Management Board was in the middle of hearings on whether or not to allow TC Energy to use millions of gallons of water to build camps to house temporary construction workers for Keystone XL construction.

Oopsy, forgot one:

A spill of more than 500,000-gallons of crude oil from the Keystone Pipeline in December (2022) in Kansas was caused by a combination of a faulty weld and “bending stress fatigue” on the pipe, the conduit’s operator announced Thursday.

TC Energy, the pipeline’s Canadian operator, said the cause was determined by an independent lab analysis on the failed section of the 2,687-mile conduit.

“That’s our livelihood out here,” Bill Pannbacker, a farmer whose land was affected by the spill, told CBS News. “Probably an acre, an acre-and-a-half of grasses was totally covered with oil. But that’s on a slope so it would run down, and that’s when it ran down into the creek.”

Steve Spittler

Chuck – you really are such a S*^~+d F*#}. Have you ever seen the environmental destruction from a cobalt, lithium, nickel, strip mine? Thousands upon thousands of acres of trees are stripped, soil is remove, rock is blasted, trucks bring rocks to a crusher/shaker and metals are harvested out. Giant worthless holes put into the ground and they fill up with pollutants run off from the mining process. You can’t swim or fish in the water. Birds that land in the water and burn their feet depending on the metal. Drive up in the Adirondack’s to Tahaus – there was a Titanium Mine there.

Thats the start of the battery process. EV battery lasts 160,000 km (99000 miles) about 7 years. Then 10% of the battery goes to a RCRA landfill. 90% is recycled.

What about Solar – 70% of solar panels that now have a life expectancy of 10 years goes to a RCRA landfill. Not to mention the ground harvesting for space, birds and wild life that crash into them thinking they are a lake.

Wind Farms – are now being studied for whales beaching themselves because of underwater vibrations. They kill birds by the thousands every year. Blades from extruded plastic (oil) and motors.

But hey its not oil – all that counts. Who cares inflation (mainly driven by fuel prices are out of control), groceries and other staples have doubled in prices.

All while hypocrites like George Clooney, Leonardo Decaprio, John Kerry burn 30 Metric Ton carbon footprint flying private. Another 30 metric tons on private yachts.

As it happens I’m in the process of building an 18kW solar array on my property and all 46 panels have guaranteed lifespans of 25 years.

Any problems with the production of sustainable energy are a snapshot in time, and are vigorously being addressed. And that is progress in a better direction.

It doesn’t look like the same can be said about oil and gas extraction and processing, yet we continue to subsidize them with billions in tax breaks, and other incentives.

Steve Spittler
March 29th, 2023
Chuck – you really are such a S*^~+d F*#}.

You have no answer to the very real concerns about the Keystone pipeline other than something you heard, probably on Jones’ Infowars or Bannon’s War Room, that vibrations from wind farms cause whales to beach themselves etc, absurd. Have you seen footage of the marine life, including birds, injured and dying slowly from oil spills, the destruction and pollution of land in search of oil, the results of fracking? But, who cares, you are doing well from the continuation of environmentally destructive projects.

And everyone knows what “S*^~+d F*#}” stands for. As you pointed out recently, that is in violation of Gazette rules:

“The Gazette will not tolerate name-calling; profanity…”

No insult, just reality, you are MAGA. Why you deny it can only be guessed. My guess is you want to appear as a non-partisan objective poster, believing that will give you credibility. You have failed.

Steve Spittler

Anthony – There is an AP story today about 6- Democratic Senators – Corey Booker, etc wanting a full study on wind turbines on whale deaths in His home state if NJ and WA and Oregon whales washing up. So please STFU with your MAGA nonsense.

Chuck – I have a 19kw solar system on my roof from Tesla. It hasn’t lived up to the promises of the salesman. Summer in May, june, July and August – it saves me around $110 per month. Other months – sorry – just the $22,000 bill minus the $7800 tax rebate. Plus Tesla sends me a $450 rebate check after it doesn’t reach its promised numbers.

Let’s justify a politician lying directly to our union that he was in support of the Keystone and then after he was in cutting it. Thats a scumbag move.

The only thing I said was a fact – Hunter is a crack addict- because he wrote it in his book. I just brought up some other facts – how much money he made on foreign boards, the Obama administration problem with Hunters board involvement. All from articles un the NYT.

Let’s totally over look millions upon millions of illegal immigrants coming into our country. When you travel do you need a passport? Or an ID? Me too – but lets let millions more in with deadly fentanyl & then try and compare it to gun violence.

Suck on this stat – 20,000 gun deaths by suicide (they were gonna find away to kill themselves regardless, of the next 20,000 deaths by guns – 13,480 of those committed with illegal gun ownership, leaving 6,520 gun deaths compared to 103,000 fentanyl deaths?? Just keep burying your head in the sand.

You, Lou, Chuck, Chris rabid democrats that attack anyone with an opposing view – you are clowns that goose step along with devout Democrats.

Holy Christ – I admitted we needed more gun control, background checks, that Biden was lawfully elected that Trump was a clown and I’m some MAGA. All it shows is your ignorance along with the other suburban clowns. You live in Rotterdam, Lou in Burnt Hills, Chuck in Altamont. What do you know about minority issues? Or Inner City living?

Uhm, I’m educated in solar energy and designed most of my system, with the able help of an expert. I did my homework. I didn’t blindly hand off a project costing 3.5 times (ground mounted, with batteries) what you claim yours is to someone else, and I certainly didn’t buy into anything Tesla.

And I most certainly do not live in Altamont. I do live in, and am registered to vote in Schenectady county. Have so for 18 years.

Ever look into how many people threaten and/or attempt to commit suicide by other means and have time for second thoughts about it, and express their gratitude to anyone who talked them out of it?
People with guns don’t have the chance. Clearly you’re out of your league trying to lecture us about it.

christophe Stalka

i lived in downtown Schenectady for 25 years. anytime you wanna share horror stories let me know. correction dont waste my time. chuck an Anthony and Lou thanks for schooling this thing.

Here’s a funny tidbit just for FL2016 suffering under the Bozo the Christian Clown Desantis:

Seems that just before the FL legislature signed off on the takeover of the WDW board by the rightwing flying monkeys, Disney had the foresight to basically tie the board up so as to make them powerless.


Gov. DeSantis’ new Reedy Creek board says Disney stripped its power

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Gov. Ron DeSantis’ handpicked board overseeing Disney World’s government services is gearing up for a potential legal battle over a 30-year development agreement they say effectively renders them powerless to manage the entertainment giant’s future growth in Central Florida.

Ahead of an expected state takeover, the Walt Disney Co. quietly pushed through the pact and restrictive covenants that would tie the hands of future board members for decades, according to a legal presentation by the district’s lawyers Wednesday.

www orlandosentinel com/news/os-ne-disney-new-reedy-creek-board-powerless-20230329-qalagcs4wjfe3iwkpzjsz2v4qm-story.html


ChuckD, I predicted this when all went quiet about DeSantis and his “takeover” of Reedy Creek. Corporate attorneys who deal for Disney all over the world vs DeSantis appointed lawyers. No contest.
Check out New College of Florida where he has inserted all political hacks (and their wives) at higher salaries with new titles doing the same job as those his guy fired.
And the new Steve sounds like the old Steve. If it isn’t they both have the same right wing “news” sources.
New texts being released in the Fox V Dominion from none other than lying Ted, I mean Tucker.

A recently beaten president, who’s been twice impeached, investigated, and in some cases convicted for numerous crimes including compromising our nation’s security to our worst enemies, and a certain “special” demographic can’t get past our current president’s son having a drug problem.

The Onion’s writers’ heads are in their hands because the right wing keeps stealing all the good material.

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