Pitney Meadows receives grant from Saratoga Springs City Council

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Pitney Meadows Community Farm across from Saratoga Springs High School.

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Pitney Meadows has received a $150,000 non-profit grant from the Saratoga Springs City Council to support its community farm solar project, which will energize its wells, greenhouses, and propagation greenhouses. 

The farm previously relied on gasoline-powered generators.

“We are grateful to the mayor and the city for this generous grant,” said Alisa Dalton, the board chair of Pitney Meadows in a press release from Mayor Ron Kim’s office. “As a model of sustainable community farming we’ve been working to bring solar power to Pitney for years. These funds will significantly enhance and accelerate our ability to reduce our carbon footprint, increase crop production, and expand our growing season. We are delighted to have been chosen for this award, and excited to continue working with the city to promote and provide open space in Saratoga Springs.”

In 2021, the city council created, via resolutions, the Mayor’s Non-profit Grant Program to provide city support to local nonprofits.

According to the release, prior to the creation of the program, local organizations received funding through annual Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Funds or allocations in the mayor’s budget. 

“The Mayor’s Non-Profit Grant Program expands the city’s ability to support community minded projects in the Arts, Environment and Social Services, as described in the Comprehensive Plan,” said Mayor Kim. “City funding was instrumental to the creation of Pitney Meadows Community Farm, and it is exciting to be entering into a new era of partnership with them through this project. The Farm already brings so much to the community through agricultural, educational and recreational programming, and this investment in solar marks the beginning of a new chapter of growth in sustainability for Pitney Meadows Community Farm and the city.”

The Putney Meadows nonprofit was created in 2016 to manage the 166-acre farm, which was purchased from the Pitney family by the city using $1.13 million in open space funds.

The Mayor’s Non-profit Grant Program will also award four $10,000 grants which are expected to be announced in April, according to the release. The next round of applications will open in June.

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