Halfmoon launches community survey to assist in Comprehensive Plan update

Halfmoon town hall

HALFMOON – The Town of Halfmoon launched a community survey Friday to give residents an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas about the town as a part of the town’s Comprehensive Plan Update. 

The Community Survey is available to take online, and all town residents are invited to take part. The survey will help the town in updating its 

“Halfmoon is a fantastic place to live with an incredible quality of life, but it didn’t happen by accident,” Halfmoon Town Supervisor Kevin Tollisen said in a statement. “It took hard work, leadership, careful planning, and listening to residents’ concerns. Our new Community Survey will use resident feedback to strengthen our Comprehensive Plan Update. I encourage Town residents to visit https://www.planhalfmoon.com/survey and take part in the survey to help chart an even stronger, more successful future for Halfmoon.”

The Community Survey is designed to gather information about Halfmoon from a broad group of community members, residents, business owners, and other stakeholders. The town announced that the information will inform the overall vision and goals for the town and help to shape the Comprehensive Plan Update. 

The town’s announcement about the survey said the responses from residents will provide valuable guidance and direction for the Comprehensive Plan Update effort. All survey responses are kept anonymous. 

The town had an Open-House Visioning Workshop earlier this month at Town Hall. The interactive workshop was the first of a series, and included stations facilitated by a consultant team and opportunities for residents to provide comments. 

The update to the town’s 2003 Comprehensive Plan will create a frame work for the future, particularly in the areas of land use, economic growth, sustainability, community identity, housing and transportation, according to the announcement from the town.

 The Comprehensive Plan will guide the Town’s long-term vision and identify the tools and actions needed to achieve that vision. Visit the project website at www.planhalfmoon.com for more information. The Comprehensive Plan Update process is being developed by the Town of Halfmoon and guided by a Comprehensive Plan Update Committee and a consultant team led by M.J. Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C For more details regarding the Town of Halfmoon’s new Community Survey, please call (518) 371-7410, ext. 2266

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