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Letters to the Editor Saturday, April 1

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Gov. Hochul puts her family before others

At Gov. Hochul’s inauguration, Sen. James Tedesco pleaded with her to meet with the St. Clare’s pensioners. She assured him she would, but then couldn’t find the time. The health care workers picked the Capitol … but our governor was nowhere to be found.

A day doesn’t go by where you see her on the nightly news somewhere in the state. She can make time when it’s important.

She was able to find enough tax money to fund the new Buffalo Bills stadium. She said it would be a boon to the state. There will be jobs for parking attendants, ushers and food service workers. Possibly she’ll offer these jobs to the St. Clare’s pensioners and health care workers to supplement their income.

There was some criticism of the fact that this new stadium will greatly benefit her husband. Her recent ads say “people first.” She’s just following Nancy Pelosi’s agenda — “family first.”

I didn’t realize she meant her family. Remember Hochul has children, so let’s keep her in office so she can provide for them.


Hold corporate leaders accountable

The Supreme Court in the Citizens United case ruled that corporations have First Amendment rights and by implication are “people.” Yet these “people” commit mass murder, are found guilty, but only pay fines. Two compelling examples are Purdue Pharma and Takata Corporation.

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma for years heavily marketed their opiate drugs, leading to massive addiction and death. The corporation pleaded guilty to criminal charges (Reuters). The responsible Sackler family and the Purdue board perpetrated these crimes with full knowledge of the consequences, but also aware that there would be no individual penalty other than fines.

Less well-known corporate criminals are the executives of Takata, makers of air bags. According to NPR, Takata concealed deadly defects in the inflator of their air bags. Despite the fact that people were seriously injured or killed from the Takata product as early as 2014, the company continued to sell the air bags to the makers of vehicles sold in the United States.

Like Purdue Pharma, the Takata folks knew their product caused injury and death, but continued to sell it for years. And like Purdue Pharma, Takata was fined, but no one went to prison.

So, what is it? If corporations are people with First Amendment rights, then why don’t they suffer the same penalty as we people when they are found guilty of serious crimes?

Perhaps if corporate boards knew their members could go to prison for harming people, they would adjust their behavior and decisions.


Failure of bank shouldn’t be mystery

Why do banks like Silicone Valley Bank fail? Imagine a bank uses deposits to buy chickens that lay two eggs per week (bonds). The bank can collect the two eggs weekly (interest income) and still own the valuable chickens.

Suddenly, a new breed is developed that can lay four eggs per week. That makes the older two-egg chickens worth much less. If the bank must liquidate to get money for any reason, they can get into trouble. Even if they sell all of their two-egg-laying chickens, they won’t get nearly what they paid for them, so there is a cash shortfall.

Good bank managers don’t put all their cash in low-interest, longterm bonds when rates are rising. They know that if higher interest bonds become available, the ones they bought earlier may have to be sold at a very steep discount, leaving them short of cash.

This is very simple stuff. It’s Banking 101. If bank managers don’t understand it, they should be fired.


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Joseph Vendetti

100 red ants and 100 black ants placed in jar. They peacefully co-exist. Shake the jar and they attack one another based on color.

Now imagine African Americans & Caucasians in a jar? Jews & Germans? Arabs & Jews? Etc

Some puppet master(s) shakes the jar. Of course the shaking occurs by Propaganda, stories told one way, spin, & out and out lies.

Who profits and gains while we fight? Our politicians & our politicians puppet masters guide their actions while us, the little old ants fight, do their dirty work, while the politicians (go from regular to multi millionaire) and the puppet masters become multi billionaires.

christophe Stalka

Mr vendetti it takes a uniquely ignorant person black ant or red to attack the other based on the nonsense you described. Making the excuse that propaganda is the cause doesn’t cut it anymore its bred into some people. There is no excuse.

Joseph Vendetti

Chris –

I’m not making an excuse for anyone- just telling you the facts of life.

The “attacks” don’t all have to be physical. The Right “attacks” the Left and vice versa. The shaking is the 2nd Amendment, Illegal Immigration, Medicare, Taxes, Gay Rights, Abortion – if you can’t see we are being pitted against one another on a minute by minute, hour by hour, & day to day basis you are very naive.

The United States is more divided now then it was in April of 1861. Why? Because there are many more issues (listed above). What may seem clear cut to some maybe blurry to others. Just as easy as we are manipulated into buying laundry detergent or frozen pizza, we are barraged into ideologies and political candidates, after that people become zealots for their party like a rabid sports fan. Soon after anyone with the different color jersey is our sworn enemy.

“The shaking is the 2nd Amendment, Illegal Immigration, Medicare, Taxes, Gay Rights, Abortion.”

Each of these are political issues. They should be dealt with keeping this guideline in mind:

-What kind of legislation, if any, would result in the greatest good, the best outcomes for the most people?

-To me it seems clear that the 2nd amendment is not absolute and lives would be saved if semi-automatic weapons were made illegal. What is the argument on the other side? In my opinion it is the far right making an emotional issue of this equating love of the 2nd amendment with patriotism, getting angry about it, saying “you will only pry this gun from my cold, dead hands,” and wearing AR-15 lapel pins, i.e. unnecessarily “shaking the jar.”

-In the case of abortion rights, I argue such decisions are medical and should be left to families and doctors before the fetus is viable, capable of living outside the womb. Again, the far right turns this into an emotional issue, framing it as killing babies and a holocaust, shedding crocodile tears. Otherwise, they would show primary concern for the millions of living children in the U.S. and around with world without adequate food, shelter, or health care.

-In the case of illegal immigration the solution is maintaining border security with adequate autonomous surveillance towers and drones and border patrol guards. We also need more legal entry points, immigration courts, and decent temporary shelter for new immigrants. It seems obvious to me that America needs new young people, new blood if you will, and that “dreamers” should be allowed to remain and become citizens. The right says build a “WALL”, emotionally satisfying to them, a convenient rallying call, but really an ugly ineffective tribute to bigotry.

-Gay right should be a given. A person’s sexual orientation has no more to do with their character or worth than skin color. Again, the “religious” far right turns to a book written thousands of years ago to belittle, condemn, and outlaw sexual behavior between consenting adults that is none of their business. Think of the emotions stirred up in a MAGA loyalist’s heart when they discover a child is gay. Many are willing to put that child through tortuous and useless “conversion therapy” to force him or her to be the child they want.

-The unequal distribution of wealth in this country is obscene and unjustifiable. The wealthy should be willing to pay taxes to help the poor get the kind of health care we all deserve. Under Medicare, medicaid, and ACA millions of Americans get the health care they otherwise could not afford, and therefore live longer and healthier lives. Preventive care often diagnoses serious disease earlier, when it is more cheaply and effectively treated. The far right becomes furious and calls high taxes on the wealthy confiscatory, claiming they earned the money. In many cases, wealth was inherited or “earned” by quasi-legal political and economic maneuvering. A stable society in which all can live comfortably benefits all.

Joe, if you are arguing that an international military-industrial complex exists that benefits from and might even promote and profit from war, I agree.

We have discussed the relationship between illicit drug use and our southern border as a conduit for those drugs, particularly fentanyl. I have stated my position that the best solution to our drug problem is to deal with the root causes, poverty, depression, hopelessness, isolation etc. Desperate people will find drugs to deal with misery.

Larry Lewis’ letter opened my eyes to another cause of our drug problem. We are bombarded by drug commercials claiming the solution to all problems, emotional, mental, sexual, and physical can be found in drugs. Big Pharma flooded the market with oxycontin and other drugs, pushing doctors to prescribe them. This continued even after Big Pharma was well aware of the addictive nature of this and other narcotics they aggressively marketed. When prescriptions for these powerful drugs fell under strict restrictions, addicts turned to the illegal market.

We all sow what we reap.

christophe Stalka

Mr vendettai and Santos I am not being naive.what I am suggesting is you can’t feed this kind of crap to people unless their teeth are stained brown. Otherwise we’d all be buying the crap. Start holding people accountable for being adults we aren’t in Kansas anymore

Chris, for the record, I don’t think you are naive. In fact, I read and value all of your comments; I rarely disagree with you. For example, I agree that too many people are being fed “crap” by the MAGA leaders. Unfortunately, FOX hosts knowingly spread lies because their audiences want to believe these lies. Ratings are more important than our nation and its democracy. But it is what the audience wants to hear. We need news outlets and politicians who argue honestly about the best solutions to our problems; not phony “culture wars” based on religious dogma, but real economic, social, and political problems. We need an educational system working toward ending bigotry and racism and ensuring that the general population knows how our democracy works and their rights and roles in our democracy.


Now New York Times turns on Fauci:
Former China correspondent slams
COVID tsar’s efforts to tamp down lab leak theory, lies about effectiveness of masks and keenness to impose stringent lockdown rules
• New York Times columnist Megan Stack criticized Dr. Fauci for his disparagement of Covid -19 lab leak theory.
• Fauci’s dismissal of the lab leak theory helped make it ‘socially unacceptable’ to
belove the theory thats now the maiority opinion Among Americons
Attempting to ‘clean up disinformation’ by suppressing discourse ‘creates its own dangers.

Bill Marincic

Santo, I am a Certified Mandated Reporter as I’m on a School Board. It sucks that you are always wrong. Go groom yourself.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 what imaginary school board are you on? Are you like that guy on the old Gong show who wears a paper bag over his head called the Unknown comedian?

The Unknown School Board member 🤣🤣

BM, what school board are you on? Nice language for a “school board member” and an avid “Christian.” I hope none of the students in your district read these posts. “It sucks” is an emotional and empty retort used by agitated, desperate, unstable adults.

This is just one of many points I am right on: Trump lost the election to Biden; he then attempted to stay in power through illegal schemes, working with Eastman and other corrupt lawyers to concoct the “Green Bay Sweep” plot. When that failed he attempted to halt certification of the election by inciting a mob to attack the Capitol, which mob threatened to hang Mike Pence.

Another point I am right on: It is reasonable to believe that those who deny the above facts are, in fact and deed, members of a religio-political cult led by a criminally demented, scam artist, Donald Trump: “All Hail The Chosen One!”

To all you regular contributors to this forum: Is Letsgobrandon a robot? I’m quite serious. He (or she) pops out out of nowhere, seemingly cutting and pasting droplets of accusations against the left. The messages Brandon sends are frequently irrelevant to the thread of conversation and he (or she) never seems to respond directly to refutations. Rather, Brandon just jumps to another littany of allegations that are factually hollow.

Michael Eisenberg

Regarding Brandon, suggestion: everyone just stop reading or responding to anything he posts. Cut off the air. it may take a while, but maybe he’ll stop. If not, we just ignore and treat it as noise.

There are interesting and meaningful comments from others to consider and even argue with. But his…

Michael, I have tried. But I find it impossible to not at least scan his posts. When I see something egregious enough, I can’t help responding. Having said that, I agree it would be best to totally ignore people like BM and LGB and engage in meaningful discussions, as in the one Joe, Chris, and I had earlier today.

Guy Varoma

Wizard , Mr. Brandon 🤡 is just another Trump patsy. The equivalency of what he does is farting and smelling up the room and leaving. He serves no purpose but that.

Bill Marincic

Wizard and Eisenberg, first LGB can post what he wants, LGB posts to normal-thinking people, not you lefties.

You imply that Wizard and Eisenberg want to censor rantings from the hallucinating far right. This is another MAGA technique to make progressives look bad. They say it is a waste of time to read his posts. That is entirely different than calling for censorship. Censorship is when you fire an educator for using the statue of David in a classroom discussion of Renaissance art. It is typical of the far right to be obsessed with sex and view David as porn rather than the magnificent sculpture it is. It’s similar to obsessing on “grooming” and “grooming yourself” too often.

Whose Mommy are you today?
It’s a well-established trait of you people to first scream you’re being oppressed, or attacked somehow (no matter if you’re acting like a bunch of poorly trained primates).

No one has said anything about it not being able to comment. That is completly a product of your “I’m a martyr” brain.

christophe Stalka

mr Santo you are correct I dont think Brandies is bright enough to be a bot, I also agree completely about BM/Zach his perversions pop out constantly. I wouldnt let him near any school my kids went to

if he didnt lie about everything hed really have my skin crawling


The solution from the Democratic Socialist is to take away the guns. Using more regulations. Banning a particular weapon is like blaming the car for the accident. But they use these false flags to push their agenda and push to gun confiscation. If they cannot confiscate the weapons they go after the ammunition. If they cannot regulate the ammunition they go after the way you purchase it. The Democratic Socialist are the modern day NAZI party. The destruction of our Constitutional rights, censorship, destruction of our dollar. The chaos from fringe groups, Antifa, BLM, Transgender day of RAGE. Look at the world and the turmoil and wars going on because our current TIC Biden is inept in his duties.
Biden is a post turtle period.
Biden is not mentally capable of doing this he is being control by Soros and the WEF to destroy America.
The proof is being revealed everyday. America is starting to see the corruption.

BM, what school board are you on? Membership on school boards is a matter of public record. You are not on the school board of Schenectady or Rotterdam public schools. I don’t feel like checking any further, so might you tell us what board you serve on?

christophe Stalka

mr Santo I imagine hes on the boardof his sister Esther William Marinics olympic swimming pool. her adopted Aleutian island children are majoring in lying .


WIZARD …..beep…beep..beep..I.AM. N07.@ b07ot.
I am not your monkey keep getting your news from the MSM. You will have a front row seat on vacation land train.
Prove me wrong ..come on monkey dance…dance monkey…

Folks, no serious observer of gun violence in the U.S. is calling for gun confiscation or the repeal of the Second Amendment. We are demanding, however, that common sense safety regulations be enacted nationwide. To be clear, I don’t think guns should be outlawed,though I will dispute the Supreme Court’s idiotic reading of the Second Amendment to mean it was written to protect the private ownership of firearms. I will also accede to the argument that banning so-called assault rifles will not, by itself, curb gun violence, if for no other reason than ordinary hunting rifles can be doctored to accomplish the same deadly effect. On the other hand, limiting the size of ammunition clips will definitely help prevent the severity of mass shootings (if you can’t hit your target, be it an intruder or a deer, in ten shots, you shouldn’t own a weapon meant for the battlefield).

For starters, I see no reason why gun ownership shouldn’t be subject to the same regulations as car ownership. Those regulations have reduced traffic deaths per miles driven dramatically.

I favor making semi-autonomic arms and high-count magazines illegal. Make the kits that enable people to convert ordinary arms to semi-automatic weapons illegal. Yes, people will find ways to convert weapons to semi-automatics, but it would be more difficult and should carry a substantial sentence upon conviction.

I am not against the ownership of rifles for sporting reasons. Nor, am I against handguns or rifles kept for personal protection. However, anyone availing himself of this right should have a thorough background check and be licensed after taking a course in gun handling and storage.

You’re absolutely correct, Wizard. The shrieks of ‘gun confiscation!’ and the ensuing drama and angst are entirely a product of the right (again), who create most of the hyper drama in this country.

Serious policymakers and law enforcement are not calling for any poor gun-humper to forcibly lose their guns. I would support a law banning military grade weaponry, with an amnesty period and aggressive gun buy-backs. But no one’s coming knocking on any doors demanding their guns.

It won’t happen and any whining about it is a total fiction.

I do predict the 2nd amendment will be modified at some point in recognition of 1.) the shear insanity of there being too, too many guns in general uncontrolled circulation and 2.) that guns have been an important part of American culture and can remain that way.

But as it stands, it looks like the safety of our children, and the public at large is being controlled by a bunch of drunk frat boys.


The second Amendment was written for one reason and one reason only.
Is to give the citizens the capability to be in control of thier government.
The primary purpose of the Second Amendment is to ensure that should a tyrannical power overtake the Nation, Americans will be able to defend themselves; because this danger always exists, gun control should be prohibited.
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

The militia shall not be governed or control by state of federal entities. The framers knew that power corrupts and made the second Amendment #2 for a reason. They ended it with “this shall not be infringed upon”.
They understood that if the citizens could not defend themselves they would be enslaved to a tyrannical government.
A citizen should be allowed to own any weapon of war to protect the constitution against any enemies foreign or domestic.
They have so many gun regulations and it always seems that the criminals are the ones committing the crimes. Yet with all the regulations the corrupt Democratic Socialist refuse to prosecute the criminals so more gun laws are nonsense as they do not enforce the ones we have.
This is why people see the Democratic Socialist NAZI party wanting to confiscate weapons. nJust like Hitler did.

BEEP…BEEP…BEEP.. I am not a robot….

Letsgobrandon, a.k.a. R-2,
For your edification, let’s just put one word in front of the ambiguously written Second Amendment and we’ll see if objective, sensible human beings agree with you that the amendment was passed to protect the people from the government. This isn’t the only refutation, by the way, but it should at least make folks question your interpretation.

“[Because] A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Now do you get it? That group of Founding Fathers could hardly condone the right of the people to revolt after the militias had just put down Shays’ Rebellion, which drove them to Philadelphia in the first place. I won’t go into the southern fears about losing their beloved slave patrols or other arguments because your robotic inability to speak English will be tested beyond your programming.

Guy Varoma

Anthony …..Mr. Bill🤡 is a school board member of Trump University. “I read it somewhere or I heard someone say it”

Bill Marincic

Fake Varoma and Fake Chris never ever post anything of value, they make stupid people look like Mensa members.

Guy Varoma

This coming from a person who claims he is 17% African-American who has a transgendered sister and swims in an Olympic sized swimming pool and claims to be a school board member he won’t name. Who happens to sell people cars and read Mein Kampf when he was 13 years old but spelled it wrong ….Mr. Bill 🤡please entertain me some more. 😂😂😂

Bill Marincic

First of all, Varoma it’s 12% and I proved it and I doubt you didn’t go to the website I posted to see it. I also posted before and after pictures of my sister and that’s too bad that you are jealous of my sister with money, I don’t sell cars and I refuse to name the school board I’m on because lefty scum has a tendency to attack those institutions because they are just liberal bat S#*t crazy. Finally, I could really give a crap what you or anyone believes, people that know me know I never lie. So you just go about your day Mr. Keyboard warrior and keep telling us how great you are.

“because lefty scum has a tendency to attack those (school boards) because they are just liberal bat S#*t crazy.”

Dude. You’re either some kind of comedy performance act, or you’re really whacked. Seriously, that’s not reality. You can’t seem to accept that you people are the ones “attacking” and controlling elected school boards, just as you can’t seem to accept other bad things in life.

Bill Marincic

Really? You lefties called my job more than once, one of you idiots even put it here to call and complain about me so.

I promise and can assure you that I would never do something like that. And frankly I’ve never heard of any liberal person doing such a thing.

All the harassing calls we hear about in the news come against people the right hates. And 3/4 of all domestic terrorist acts come from those on the right. And you do hate many.

christophe Stalka

I don’t believe for a minute anyones called his job his employer wants that loud mouth perv in his business who cares. I wouldn’t shop there but all the guy does is lie.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 any member of a school board is public information….You show up nowhere as being a school board member….Nice try….You havr to start realizing that people aren’t not as gullible as Trumpt**d like yourself. I could send you a link of the Washington Monument but it doesn’t mean I was there…..But continue to entertain me with your imaginary places

Bill Marincic

Public School Boards, do you see any Private Christian school boards? Nope! So you have a nice day as I can prove everything I say not that I have to nor do I care what you believe. Your only thrill in life is to make people that don’t agree with you out to be liars. Sorry stooge, I tell the truth and can prove everything.

Bill Marincic

I am on a school board and this is my 7th year. It is not a public school and I refuse to name it as I know what you people do. I do good work there and I won’t let some insane lefty screw it up for those kids.

christophe Stalka

Mr BM /Zach you might want to hide your perverted views a bit school boards generally don’t like pervs and liars around their kids I mean like when you were begging for a nude photo of Michele Obama… that’s some sick crapola dude.

Bill Marincic

Stalker you know that slander even though you use a fake name that you can be found easily you might wanna watch your mouth.

Aren’t one of the ones calling Democrats baby murders and pedophiles?
Yes, you are.
And the word you’re looking for is libel, and you commit libel yourself all the time.

christophe Stalka

Being the product of a Christian education grades 1 through 12 I can guarantee you no Christian School Board that read the crap this pervert posts is gonna want them on its board slander and libel my butt.guys a creep

How many times have you referred to me as a “groomer’? You have called everyone who disagrees with you names; almost every post contains an insult. You dare get upset about someone libeling YOU? You are one hell of a piece of work, BM, one hell of a piece of work.

It is always refreshing and insightful to read Bob Cudmore’s column on Saturday. I love reading about the people and places in history of Amsterdam and the Mohawk Valley. He gives us a clear picture of what life was like in the past and up to present times.


Sadly the Democratic Socialist SHEEPLE talk about reasonable this and reasonable that. Regardless of the your adjectives it is still about control. Why do you feel it is the governments job to tell what, how and when to think or do. This is what a socialist government does.
How about before anymore gun regulations they enforce the ones they already have? Convict criminals that use guns in crimes, have more stricter penalties for gun crimes regardless of ethnic or gender identities.
I think it is more reasonable to enforce the existing laws than to create more infringement.

A.S. and all the alumni indoctrinating groomers here you are the one responsible for the issues of society.
Abraham Lincoln Quote:
The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.
A.S. this is because of you and your Alumni’s indoctrination of the children.

If by “control” you mean respect, and civil behavior and speech then, yeah, Democrats are all about endorsing that.
Sorry if acting civilly is such a big challenge for you that you see it as some kind of threat.


Here is one Republican who apparently squeezed another hobby in between banning books, reducing women’s rights(especially important when you read the story) intimidating school boards and for sure wouldn’t have objected to the teacher showing a anatomically correct work of art.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A formerly well-connected GOP donor was convicted Friday of enticing teenage girls with gifts, cash and money in exchange for sex.

A federal jury found Anton “Tony” Lazzaro, 32, guilty of seven counts involving “commercial sex acts” with five girls ages 15 and 16 in 2020, when he was 30 years old. The charges carry mandatory minimum sentences of 10 years with a maximum of life in prison.

Prosecutors argued during the trial that Lazzaro enlisted Medina, who he initially paid for sex, to recruit other teenagers — preferably minors — who were white, small, vulnerable or “broken.”

Pictures on Lazzaro’s social media accounts showed him with prominent Republicans, including former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence. He gave more than $270,000 to Republican campaigns and political committees over the years.

On the leader of the Republican Party:

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: I mean, you as someone who knew Donald Trump, you’re one of the rare people that I know that actually know him. Any sense like, how is he reacting to this? Is is it just is it the defiance thing we’re seeing on truth social media platform or, you know, there’s more of a sense of dread and fear that he’s going to face numerous criminal charges now?

MARY TRUMP: Yeah, the defiance is is just a way to deflect from what he’s really feeling, which is terror. And just to remind people, you know, I, I haven’t spent any kind of time with Donald in like 20 years. I saw him briefly at Ivanka’s wedding a long time ago. I saw him briefly at the White House in 2017.

But the reason I can I can speculate, I think with authority on his state of mind is because he’s exactly the same person as he was when he was 14. You know, so this is not somebody who evolves or has as I mean, he has a very complex psychology, but it’s also it’s easy to figure out what he’s thinking or feeling at any given time.

He’s terrified! Think about it, Dean. How how can you possibly process the fact that for the first time in his 76 years, he’s being held accountable for something when for almost that entire 76 years, he’s done nothing but get away with everything and not only suffer no consequences, but be elevated.

And get even more success thrown at him from his enablers and sycophants. I mean, it’s I can’t even imagine how he’s reeling.

And we saw this, I think it was in The Washington Post, they said. You know, they’re all taken aback. They were caught off guard. They are like, seriously, guys. That just shows you the extent of the delusion and the magical thinking he’s been engaged in.

Bill Marincic

A private school board is one that is self-supporting and self-governing devoid of government interference, religious body, or other outside element. These schools are typically managed by a board of trustees and supported by endowments, donations, tuition and funding.Sep 18, 2018


BM, that might be what works in NY, but Florida is now going to give $8000 to every student in the state. First year estimates are from 220 million to 4 billion in tax dollars. My dollars are going to send a student to religious, maybe terrorist school, not far fetched as home schooled children get the money so if mom or dad or both are of that persuasion I get to help educate them. Big fraud in the PPP program, how many “derelict” will get funds and not home school them. Average state contribution per student here is under 10 k. So public schools are already short monies for everything and 6k short of teachers.

I believe the far right is trying to wipe out public education. They fear a well-educated and informed populace. Trump following his win in 2016:

“We won the evangelicals. We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated,” he said during his victory speech.

Poorly educated people with strong evangelical beliefs are more likely to support autocracy. They are trained to accept hierarchy and arbitrary rules imposed by authority figures, be they clergy or politicians. During the Middle Ages, control of the Church by the King was very important, as Kings used the Church the way far right politicians and pundits use social media and cable “news” networks like FOX and OAN, to get their message out, to control the flow of information and thus public opinion.

Bill Marincic

Speaking of the second amendment, I love how the Libs and the lefties say that the founding fathers couldn’t foresee firearms other than muskets. Did you know that in 1718, which was 73 years before the second amendment there was a gun called the puckle machine gun. I would say that pretty much renders the musket argument invalid.

“the lefties say that the founding fathers couldn’t foresee firearms other than muskets.”

This is not true. Intelligent people point out that the 2nd amendment was conceived before the invention of far more powerful and deadly weapons. I don’t know whether or not the founding fathers considered the possible technological advances that would make personal arms far more deadly and dangerous. Suffice to say, they worked, as we all do, within the bounds of their current reality. Do you think they could have imagined nuclear weapons, ICBM’s, or trident submarines?

What is the relevance of your statement to a debate on the 2nd amendment?

If you are so afraid of progressives using information about your life to hurt you, why do you talk so much about it? Nobody cares if you’re on the board of a private school. Nobody cares if your transsexual sister has an Olympic size swimming pool or that you sit by it drinking beer, or if you are 12% Black.

I don’t believe anyone posting on this site called your place of employment to complain about you. You obviously lie and don’t live the moral life of a sincere Christian. Today you have posted:

” It sucks that you are always wrong. Go groom yourself.” “IT SUCKS?” “GROOM YOURSELF? Would Jesus award you at the Pearly Gates for such verbal gems, insulting and full of sexual innuendo? Would you say these things in front of the students at the school you serve?

“Fake Varoma and Fake Chris never ever post anything of value, they make stupid people look like Mensa members.” Jesus taught his followers to not insult or hate their enemies. You seethe with hatred and pour out venom.

” you are jealous of my sister with money…” Nobody believes you so why would anyone be jealous? Even if they did believe, you don’t know whether they are jealous or not.

“lefty scum” “liberal bat S#*t crazy” “you idiots” “insane lefty” Nice, Bm, really nice, just the way Jesus spoke, right?

” I could really give a crap what you or anyone believes…” Why then, are you so defensive?

“nor do I care what you believe.” Your posts prove otherwise.

“Sorry stooge, I tell the truth …I never lie” which is, ironically, an obvious lie. Everyone lies at times. Some are pathological liars; most are not. Can you guess which group of liars you fall under?

I know it is a waste of time, but I had fun doing it!

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 so you are saying you are on a private school board. And there is nothing public that list you as a board member?

Is that like on the movie Animal House where they were on “Double Secret Probation” and they didn’t know it?

Mr. Bill 🤡 do you know how stupid that sounds? I told you to think before you post so you won’t sound like an idiot.

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo please be cautious in dealing with Big Bm aka Zach he will hunt you down and charge you with libel and slander for pointing out the perverted stupidity of his numerous racist sexist homophobic posts. BE cautious!

Guy Varoma

Mr Bill 🤡lies are pathological He wants others to view him positively, making things up to make himself look better. His desire to create a false sense of self worth just shows that he is unhappy with himself. People like him need professional help. I feel pity for him.

Bill Marincic

Do you know what Santo? This is what you people do take things out of context, and re-print them with your copy and paste. Not for nothing I could do the same thing with every single one of you every single day. People like Stalker, who continues to bring up that pervert stuff it shows that he is probably the one that is perverted I would have to be very cognizant of someone like him around children.

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