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Letters to the Editor Sunday, April 2


More of Trump would prolong U.S. anxiety

The thought of four more years of former President Trump? I cannot contemplate it at all.

After hearing the contents of the speech by Trump at his rally in Waco, Texas, I am reminded of the “collective fear and anxiety” that millions of Americans endured throughout his four years as president. Many of us will never forget the disorienting and constantly unsettling feeling with each breaking news cycle.

There was also a collective sigh of relief as he boarded the plane in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20, 2021, and left for Mar-a-Lago. Unfortunately, we are once again feeling on edge about the possible dire effects of his future decisions, rhetoric and policies.

According to the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition), anxiety is characterized by excessive fear or worry caused by anticipation of a future threat or conflict; and fear is the emotional response to real or perceived imminent threat. Anxiety is an essential emotion that can help us assess and respond to future threats to our safety and security. The problem is when that threat never recedes.

The possibility of a second Trump presidency will not provide the foundation for a peaceful nation. Instead it will create immense insecurity, distrust, fear and anxiety.

Can the nation endure that sense of a looming, existential threat hanging over us for another four years? This nightmare must end.


Hold municipalities, motorists accountable

Regarding the Ballston Spa High School student who was hit by car on March 27 and flown to Albany Med: Thank you for quoting the principal’s victim-blaming reaction to this tragedy.

Ballston Avenue near the high school is a two lane street, posted 30 mph with flashing 20 mph school lights. The chance of death or severe injury at 20 mph is less than 10%. Since the child was airlifted to the hospital, we can assume the driver was speeding. That there are no proper crossings at a school is also criminal

We need to treat traffic violence for what it is and stop coddling irresponsible drivers and municipalities that refuse to build safe streets for all.
Saratoga Springs


Nisky intersection remains a danger

March 26 was the most recent in an ongoing series of crashes at the corner of Nott Street and Dean Street in Niskayuna. This one was particularly bad and there were numerous injuries requiring people to be taken away by ambulance.

This intersection is dangerous. It was dangerous back in May 2022 when The Gazette was kind enough to publish a letter I sent on the subject, and it remains dangerous today. The letter from May 2022 reads as follows:

“Another evening. Another violent automobile crash at the corner of Nott Street and Dean Street. The usual sounds of the ambulance siren and conversations between neighbors trying to ascertain if help is needed fill the residential neighborhood. As always, a vehicle attempting to turn left or attempting to cross Nott Street from north to south has been hit by the oncoming east-to-west traffic. The accident is human error but any motorist attempting either of these maneuvers is required to track oncoming traffic from three directions at once and that is an extremely difficult task. The configuration of these streets is indefensible, and Schenectady County has left this unsafe condition in place for too long. When motorists decide to use Dean Street as a north/south alternative to Ball-town Road, they are endangering themselves and others — even if they are unaware of it. On the other hand, the frequency of accidents at this intersection should make the county aware of the danger and prompt action.”


Support for Trump is appalling

Donald Trump — whether it’s mentioned on the daily news, written as an article in the paper or expressed as an opinion in The Gazette — I am appalled at all of the supporting rhetoric given to this man.

The current circumstances taking place with the grand jury in New York City provide just another example of Trump stirring the pot as he did on Jan. 6.

When someone else is hurt again, will Trump be held accountable?
Ballston Spa


Nisky Dems’ policies hurt less fortunate

It’s essential that Democrats judge our candidates not by their words, but their actions.

In Schenectady County District 3, Michelle Ostrelich sent out an email for her failed Senate campaign falsely alleging that Jim Te-disco stands “against our democracy,” shamelessly and inaccurately attempting to connect the longtime public servant to Jan. 6 through multiple degrees of separation.

Within days of this untrue, dangerous and scaremongering missive, Ostrelich herself voted to overturn the results of a fair and free election in Rotterdam, Duanesburg and Princetown, installing the loser of the 2021 county legislative election in the late minority leader’s vacated seat, snubbing his widow.

In Niskayuna, Jessica Brennan spoke of “two Niskayunas,” vowing to represent the less fortunate, but her and Jaime Puccioni’s policies have punished the pocketbooks of Niskayuna’s poorest by regressively increasing the transfer station, alarm and yard waste fees. Their unexplained, shell-game-resembling removal of water maintenance fees from property tax bills, which lulled many Niskayunans into the false belief that their taxes had gone down, might even reduce what some of the neediest can deduct on their federal filing via the SALT allowance.

Voters deserve better than politicians who fail to live up to their own pontifications.


Nixon, Reagan cared only about winning

I would like to review the behaviors of two Republican presidential candidates in the months before their own elections during my lifetime. Some new revelations confirming long-held suspicions and other “diplomatic” communications have brought these stories to the forefront for me.

Let’s start with Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign in 1968. The Paris peace talks were ongoing and there was a chance that a settlement could come before the election, giving Lyndon Johnston a clear path to victory. Nixon sent Anna Chennault to Paris to sabotage the proceedings, convincing the South Vietnamese to boycott the talks until after the election. Johnson commented, “This is treason.” Thousands more Americans died. Nixon won.

Jimmy Carter’s White House was consumed with the Iran hostage crisis during the 1980 presidential campaign. Ronald Reagan knew that if they were released before the election his chances of winning would decrease. In hopes that wouldn’t happen, his campaign sent former Texas governor John Connally on a tour of several Mideast capitals. Connally made a deal with Iran not to release the hostages until after the election. Months later Reagan unfroze Iran’s assets and some of the money from covert arms sales to Iran was diverted to fund the Contras in Nicaragua — the Iran-Contra scandal. Thousands more were killed. Reagan won.

These candidates and their campaigns didn’t care about anything except winning. We have an election coming up next year and the Republican candidate has promised a presidency of “retribution.” Who knows what he has in store for us.


Why can’t the public rent firehalls?

Since when did firehalls become the private clubs of firemen alone? As a taxpaying community citizen, why am I not even allowed to rent it?

If they’re afraid I might trash the place, why not take a $1,000 deposit? But no, even though my brother-in-law was a lifelong Galway resident, we aren’t allowed to hold an after-funeral get-together at the Galway firehall, and we were told the same thing previously by a Greenfield hall.

So why support these halls? Does the fire department need money? Sell the halls or rent them.
Greenfield Center


Rotary supports town police force

As a member and representative of the Niskayuna Rotary Club, I have been asked to submit this letter to thank the Niskayuna Police Department for their excellent service. Upon reading in this paper the hours of overtime that the policemen and women have worked, we discussed it and felt that we all owe words of gratitude for the work they do to keep us safe.

The hours of overtime are above and beyond what is expected. Thank you!


Move would hurt health centers

New York state is poised to implement one of the biggest health care policy blunders in a generation. It will rip savings from a federal prescription drug program now benefiting community health centers.

In 1992, Congress created the program to help organizations like Hometown Health Centers provide more affordable prescription drugs to some of its 20,000 low-income and uninsured patients. In doing so, Hometown also benefits from surplus savings, which it reinvests in the community.

The state, rarely thrifty yet sometimes thriftless, will take savings health centers use to maintain critical access to quality care. The lost revenue may mean less dental, primary and behavioral health care to those in Schenectady and Montgomery counties. The state is grabbing money from a federal program under the pretext of saving money. In reality, it’s a shell game to fix something that isn’t broken while spending more elsewhere.

Understandably, some health centers, Hometown not among them, are taking a very aggressive approach by suing the state. If the state succeeds in fighting the litigation one thing will be clear: It may be legal to undermine a federal program, but it is hardly ethical to weaken a health care safety net for those who rely on it.

Sen. Jim Tedisco and Assemblymen Phil Steck and Angelo Santabarbara have an opportunity to be a voice of reason, compassion and common sense. Stop this money grab.


The writer is CEO at the Hometown Health Centers.

Stay with Church, fight for reform

Here are some reasons to stay and fight for reform in the Catholic Church.

A recent letter to the editor cited a number of very public scandals including clergy sexual abuse and the St. Clare’s pension default as reasons for the Albany Catholic Diocese to go away. As a lifelong Catholic I do share a sense of disappointment, anger and betrayal over these issues. However, they are not reasons to leave or cancel the institution.

Reasons to criticize and call for reform, absolutely, but reasons to leave and cancel, no.

The Church was founded by Jesus Christ on principles of love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and service to others. Clearly church leaders involved in these scandals have strayed far from these principals and lost their way.

The Church teachings, scripture and spiritual guidance call us to another way. To be a light to the world in the way we act and treat each other. The good and beauty of the Church are the reasons to stay.

For example, Catholic Charities of Albany quietly helps an estimated 100,000 people of need each year with a focus on the most vulnerable in our communities.

I in no way downplay the bad characters and bad actions that caused the scandals and the harm brought upon the many victims. But the vast majority of priests in the Albany Diocese are good and holy men leading their flocks to be witnesses and imitators of the Christ-life.

I choose to stay and fight for a better tomorrow.


Indian mascot a sign of respect

Another icon falls due to stupidity.

As someone who went to school a long time ago at Schoharie Central, I was proud to have our mascot as an Indian. It was a sign of respect for our heritage and a nod to the culture that was there before us.

Now in the name of everything is racist, the school district is spending lots of money on rebranding their logo. This money would be better spent on teaching our kids how to read and do arithmetic, or for buying new computers.

I guess we will need an old-fashioned Nazi yearbook-burning, as most yearbook covers had an image of Indian.


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According to Axios, 37 gop in Congress back 45 with McCarthy putting them in key positions…making up more than a third on the Committee of the Judiciary, and the Committee of Oversight.

The gop strategy is to get ahead to control (and corruot) the narrative to protect their “king” before we know what the specific charges are. (45 announced presidential run early as possible protection, too).
They blame Alvin Bragg when it was the Grand Jury (ordinary citizens) that decided to indict. Besides, 45 praised the Grand Jury days before thinking he wouldn’t be charged. Super how 45 was caught off guard, lol.

The gop know he’s a criminal and don’t care! I’ll add to the anti-45 letters above that much more than chaos is at stake…another 45 presidency will be the end of our Constitutional Republic…period.

christophe Stalka

Jclark124 you are correct on Trump.the two supporting letters above and your commentary show the American public is beginning to wake up

While cautious not to slander ot libel anyone I do believe the vocal support we are seeing from the traitorous supporters of failed ex president Trump in the House will fade as he is convicted by a jury of his peers for his multiple crimes.

Joseph Vendetti

Mr Clark –

Former Chief Judge Sol Wachtler has proposed that the state scrap the grand jury system of bringing criminal indictments.

Wachtler, who was NYS top judge from 1985-1992, said district attorneys now have so much influence on grand juries that “by and large” they could get them to “indict a ham sandwich.”

Having been apart of a grand jury (as much as I pled to get out of it) and wasted a better part of 7 weeks Judge Wachtler is correct.

Joe, I don’t know about a ham sandwich, but Trump deserved to be indicted by this grand jury. His former lawyer, Michael Cohen, “was sentenced to three years in federal prison and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine after pleading guilty to tax evasion and campaign-finance violations” (Wikipedia) based on the same facts presented to the grand jury that indicted Trump.

How does Judge Wachtler propose the decision to indict or not be made? A grand jury decides if the evidence presented is sufficient to support a determination of “probable cause.” Of course the DA provides them with the legal guidelines to make that decision.

To be clear, Cohen paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about the affair she had with Trump four months after the birth of Baron. Trump reimbursed Cohen and recorded the $130,000 as a “legal expense.”

There certainly is “probable cause” that Trump committed crimes in this case. Let the jury hear his defense and make a decision. The fact that he was indicted has finally ended the imperial presidency. Remember when, several years after Watergate and his resignation, Nixon, in an interview with David Frost said, ” Well, when the president does it … that means that it is not illegal.” Those days are over. Long live American democracy!

Why don’t you also mention Wachtler is a Republican (same as the ex-president, same as the party attempting to monkey-wrench his trial, same as the party STILL trying to monkey-wrench our elections) as well as an ex con having served time for harassment of an ex-lover and her daughter?

If that doesn’t matter to you and you cite his quotes as meaningful, then I’m sure we won’t hear any noise about Michael Cohen’s credibility either.


Joseph Vendetti


Sol Wachtler was appointed to highest court by the late Mario Cuomo so I don’t know what his political party or ideology is/was. Certainly when he was quoted in 1985 Donald Trump was probably not even registered to vote. I know he has changed his feathers 5 or 6 times from Democrat, Republican, to Independent to Democrat, to Conservative to Republican.

Michael Cohen for the 5th time was charged and served Federal time. His charges Tax Evasion and Campaign Finance violation. Crimes that Hillary Clinton was charged for, that the DNC paid a fine for and that John Edwards was found Not Guilty on. Two former federal prosecutors didn’t charge him, the last Manhattan DA didn’t charge him, I have said this & so have others including Bill Maher who railed against Trump during his entire presidency thinks this is a Pandoras Box & foolish display of political retribution.

Joe, none of the Democrats you cite has a criminal legacy quite like Trump. Al Capone was brought down by tax evasion and Trump’s transgressions dwarf Capone’s. If this is what it takes to shut down the madness we see all around us, that we see right here on this forum every day, so be it. Try to see the bigger picture.

Yes, “others including Bill Maher (seriously?)” have said that. More though, including Justice itself say otherwise.

Joseph Vendetti

Bill Maher, The WSJ, Washington Post among others have said they are more concerned with future Republican Prosecutors that start indicting Obama, The Clintons , etc and the train keeps rolling as another Democratic Prosecutor indicts the Bushs, when does it end? State politicians? county ? City? Town?

So you’re not worried that the Republicans and the MAGA movement are an existential threat to our democracy?

It would be sad that Republicans, instead of recognizing their sins, only knew revenge. That seems to be what you and the others are saying. Republicans should be counted on to act like children, so we’d better not upset them.

Joseph Vendetti


I wish I was smarter. I wish I had the right answer. I wish there was a right answer. Every person or corporation or not for profit that commits a crime should be punished to the letter of the law.

The balance is how much damage will the Trump followers do to our democracy? to how much damage that political arrests will do to our democracy?

I don’t know the right answer but I know this scares me & I don’t scare easy.

I just wish the FBI, CIA, DA’s etc could avoid politics and just enforce unbiased- i know that expecting Jack McCoy is unrealistic.

I don’t know the right answer and I know I was angry in 2016 that the Democratic Party rigged their primary and debates and had an awful candidate run against a candidate (Trump) that should have never been allowed near the White House. If that had happened would we even be dealing with this idiot and all the ppl that back him?

President Trump, Mar-A-Lago, etc – think about that? He wouldn’t associate with 99.9% of his voting block. The common denominator is meanness.

I wish I had the right answer.

As do I, Joe.
My support of a Trump on trial facing justice is simply an instinctive one. I have listened and processed the counter arguments to a prosecution, but based on what we’ve all witnessed from this person it’s safe to say what he’s wrought in his words, deeds and influence have put this country in a bad place it’s never seen before. Whatever the Republicans’ ultimate response is we’ll just have to take head-on and deal with. Hopefully they will come out of their collective coma.

I just know in my gut this has to happen, he needs to be shut down, and if it’s only because he paid off a hooker while his wife was pregnant, let that stand as testament to his lack of morals, ethics, and inappropriateness to lead our nation. And let the Republicans clean up their mess.

christophe Stalka

Kevin Harrigan perhaps if the Church hierarchy stopped stringing the St clares retirees along about what they did people would look at this situation differently.what happened is well documented and was intentional.NYS knew the pension was bankrupt. All parties should come clean and resolve this issue


Waite commentary: It is obvious that Waite is part of the Democratic Socialist machine. Albeit he gives credit to Matt Nelligan for his aggressive campaigning and getting his message out. He points out Potterfield as she is not even in the race. In my opinion she is a puppet of the far left socialist embedded in our politics. She will be funded and run forth basement like Biden. The corruption and woke politics are abundantly clear with Potterfields city council. Farley, Mootooveren and the rest of tag along pay for play members.
The choice for mayor is McCarthy and Nelligan. A member of Matt’s campaign spoke with me looking for endorsements. I would recommend Matt better educate his volunteers in getting support. The guy was almost afraid to even mention his name while looking for republican support for Matt’s campaign. I am a registered Conservative and would like to hear what Matt has planned.
Mccarthy has done a great job so far so if Matt wants to swing votes start going door to door with your message.


Trump is playing the deep state like a fiddle.
1) Forced the Democratic Socialist use SCOTUS to rule on tax returns.
Reason: to set a precedent regarding tax returns now all business and personal tax returns of political figures are now fair game for investigation.
2) Trumps indictment now they used charges that federal prosecutors refused to use. A NYC AG Bragg who is a Soros crony uses a grand jury that as stated can indict a ham sandwich. Trump wants this to go forward because it exposes the two justice system being used for to silence political opponents.
Reason: Now the gloves are off, Pandora’s box is open that leaves all political figures open to these types of grand jury indictments.

If this was about justice where are these AG’s and going after the Biden criminal syndicate and deposits from foreign entities. This will usher in all the corruption of the Democratic Socialist in the current D.C. swamp.
Queen Pelosi made a statement and she should mark her words.
The Grand Jury has acted upon the facts and the law.
No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence.
Hopefully, the former President will peacefully respect the system, which grants him that right.
Now we watch and see how this proceeds and watch the citizens of our country see the two tier justice system in the D.C. swamp.


Just for clarification regarding Queen Pelosi’s statement regarding Trump.

Our justice system is set up that you are innocent until proven guilty.

But when you are a Socialist they want you to prove your innocence.

Her statement tells you everything you need to know about the two tier justice system.

Just remember that both attorney’s this case were jailed. Cohen and Avenatti are going to be used as character witnesses?

Bill Marincic

Supposedly Biden got more votes than Obama, yes I’ve never seen thousands of people lining the street for Biden even while he is president let alone two years after he’s out of office. I never saw 200 people at one of his rallies while Trump had 20,000. I guess we will see won’t we. Trump knows that he is in the way of them going after us.

I was reading BM’s comment a second time and more carefully. Two things dawned on me:

1) He is still an election denier, a threat to our democracy. As with so many MAGAites, loyalty to Trump has become more important than standing up for American democracy and values. BM states “Supposedly Biden got more votes than Obama.” Using typical underhanded MAGA tactics he implies the count in the 2020 presidential election was not accurate. In other words, forget court cases and other evidence, our “Chosen One” can’t lose an election.

2) Why bother with an election? Just determine which candidate had the largest and most boisterous crowds at his rallies and award that person the presidency. And of course, ignore the tiny number of people at his inauguration; just accept Sean Spicer’s and Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” about how large the crowd was.

These MAGAites are becoming more and more dangerous; those anti-Trumpers who don’t see MAGA for the threat they are need to reconsider. We won’t survive as the America we know under another MAGA presidency. Are reading this Joe?

Mr. Santo! Were you born yesterday? Do you know nothing about presidential campaigns??!

The Real Question is: who has the bestest boat parades, and Big Boy trucks (with gun racks) and girls with boobs? There’s no question who the winner SHOULD be!

Even Beschloss could tell us that.


Trump is the first president to be impeached twice
The first president to be raided by the FBI
The first president to be indicted by a grand Jury
The first president to be wiretapped by the FBI before taking office
First president banned from social media
They will do anything to try and stop Trump.

The Deep State is being exposed for who the really are Third World Socialist in the pocket of the WEF and China.


YES, he’s Nixon on steroids! 45 has been a white supremacist criminal his whole adult life and has been able to buy his way out of trouble.
I said when he was elected that he would rue the day he became potus, since he would no longer stay under the radar. He asked for it to be fully exposed for who he’s always been…a rich, white privileged male who can grab pussies, lie, cheat and steal and get away with it!
I just never thought there’d be so many gullible idiots that can’t see it, and believe conspiracy theories like gospel!
We watched an Insurrection and other crimes right before our eyes, heard and read dangerous rhetoric from this power hungry egomaniac! But you only see and hear what fits your narrow mind…smh.

Just try to remember: when your car runs out of gas stranding you, you’ll need to trust the gas gauge more. It’s not a Biden conspiracy to get you to buy more expensive gas!


christophe Stalka

My my the team is especially hysterical today. The lies are flying faster than Esther Williams lapping her Olympic pool. Calm yourself boys let the jury decide.

Hey R-2, is that you? Metsys yruj dnarg eht etsabmal ouy dnah eno eht no . . . Oh, sorry, I forgot you’re not a Banana Republican robot (but then calling you a robot would be an insult to robots).

On the one hand you lambaste the grand jury system for such a low standard of evidence that a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. And on the other, you say the grand jury has acted on the facts and the law. Isn’t that a tad contradictory?

By the way, we’re still waiting for you to define socialism, since you keep smearing Democrats with that epithet, and also to cite one crime supposedly committed by the “Biden Crime Syndicate.” Oh, I get it. You don’t deal in facts; only accusations. That’s how you argue.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 I know you Trumpers had more boat parades. truck convoys, hats and Trump flags. But comes to terms with your ignorance and accept Trump lost and Biden won…bigly. So stop crying 2 1/2 years later. Wake up to the reality that Trump was a twice impeached indicted failure of a president. No cockamamie things you think of in your dimwitted mind will change that…..Over 80 million people voted for Biden… with that

christophe Stalka

Mr Varoma the dirty flag couture segment of the economy is booming in Trumpville fat toothless people love the fashions.

Bill Marincic

The fact that Trump was impeached twice without the ability to put up a defense and Congress tells you exactly what that impeachment was, a Kangaroo Court. The fact that Trump was wire tapped before he was even president tells you all you need to know that the department of justice is Weaponized for the Democrats, but we’ve already known that with the Russian collusion story. The fact that the district attorney in New York City who ran on the platform that he is not going to put felons in jail and his whole career so far has been taking felonies and turning them into misdemeanors Tells you all you need to know of why he’s going after Trump, which he campaign on and trying to turn a misdemeanor into a felony. No federal prosecution for campaign finance was pushed on Trump. This is just another Third World witch-hunt like they use in Russia, this is Putin tactics. Stalins chief of security said show me the man and I will show you the crime. This is what the Democrat party has devolved into and for fake wizard; this is why we call Democrats socialists, because they operate on Stalin and Putin principles not American.

Thank you. And this sermon brought to you by the MAGA Republican Party, and the MAGA Republican Party only. The party of delusions and broken dreams.


You are flat out wrong about 45s victim hood because of the “deep state.” What Nixon could have been charged with dwarfes all 45s crimes. Back then we at least had a republican party that would hold their own gop president accountable. Grown men who loved Nixon cried, but did the right thing for our nation.
It’s this maga party that puts this depraved, disgraceful man above our Constitution and our rule of law!
I put the blame squarely on McConnell. He hated 45, but used him to get what he wanted. Now impeachment means NOTHING! Nor our ideal that no one is above the law. The democrats proved his guilt time and time again, but the gop and B Barr twisted it every time.
How could you possibly witness 45s Insurrection and not see how dangerous he is?!

Bill Marincic

Nixon was looking for dirt or anything he could use against his opponent. He was also looking for plans to disrupt The Republican National Committee amongst other things.

christophe Stalka

Big BM /Zach almost like your implying they slandered or labeled the criminal in chief but the bloom fell off that rose long ago no one’s buying that Crapola either

Christie is declaring

hutchinson declared

the troops aren’t rallying to the phony witch hunt cries.

The perp walk is Tuesday afternoon.

Boy does reality suck for you boys

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 can you show me how you came to the conclusion the Trump was wiretapped at any time?

Can you show me where Democrats weaponized the Justice Department. When the republicans were in charge of the Justice Dept who were all appointed by Trump himself?
Did you know that Michael Cohen was prosecuted and sent to jail by Trump’s Dept. of Justice?

Remember cite your sources if you answer. Again this is why I tell you to think before you post. You are your own worst enemy. Posting Trump lies does not help your case for being a sane person

Bill Marincic

Look it up for yourself. I don’t need to do your work and you know that he was it was his campaign and you know, as well as I do that Trump was calling people in his campaign. They were smart enough to not wire tap Trump himself, but they wire tap people that he spoke to regularly. But then again they got caught, so how smart are you Democrats?

When I was a kid (and even later with my own kids), we played lots of a game called Scrabble. Might be out of reach for the MAGA but in that game you assemble tiles each with a letter into words, for points. And if you put down a stupid, or otherwise questionable word, you would be challenged by your opponent and you then had to back up your word with a dictionary.
Seems like good policy. You make a claim, be prepared to back it up. But telling your opponent to do it themself is just plain lazy, and dishonorable. No one wants to do your homework for you.

BRAVO, Chuck! These MAGA types accept everything they see on Fox or Qanon or whatever right-wing outlet that serves their desires as gospel truth. Facts don’t matter to them, so they are incapable of carrying on a logical argument. They are like kids arguing in a playground about who’s better, the Yankees or the Red Sox.


Once again because you socialist believe people have to prove innocent.

I believe the justice system is set up the opposite way.
And Cheese Wiz I am not your monkey Donkey clown clown so got back to the circle of groomers and rub each others backs.

MAXINE BRISPORT and JOSEPH ROWNY, Thank you for your letters.

Not realizing the disastrous repercussions from the actions of common people with a trumpian mind set, let alone not recognizing the king of detriment, and promoting him to become a world leader exposes one of the greatest flaws of humanity’s inability to think logically. 

AL ZANGER, I believe the world would be a better place if people like you considered other peoples feelings a little more.

Perhaps replacing some of the current “Indian” “mascot” images, that would be a more appropriate “sign of respect for our heritage and a nod to the culture that was there before us,” would be that of white men scalping Native Americans.

“I think everyone in this country feels that this is not just about Republican versus Democrat. This is about good versus evil. There is spiritual warfare going on in America right now. I think he (Trump) truly knows that he is just about the only person who can turn this country back around and bring us back to the great America that we once were.” Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump, FOX NEWS, Hannitty’s “show” last night

MAGA ‘Prophet’ Julie Green & Lara Trump pray for the Trumps: “Nothing the enemy has done to them will prosper .. Give them back everything that has been stolen from them. Vindicate their name, Father God .. There’s nothing that Satan can do to keep them from their calling.”

Are they wacky, greedy, stupid, uninformed, lying, evil, or all of the above?

Bill Marincic

That sounds like a great prayer and I believe that millions pray for Trump every day, I can’t say the same thing for Biden because lefties don’t believe in prayer Until they’re in a fox hole with enemies surrounding them


Love it, Louis!
Of all people to worship…a groveling conman, pussy grabbing, so-called billionaire grifting the fools with all of his lies.

Bill Marincic

Better that than a Traitor and his family that sold America out to China.

2 Thessalonians 2:3 :

New International Version “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness[a] is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.”

I want to bring attention to what I and many others feel is travesty about to happen on national TV, during one of the most popular television shows created, and that’s the 60 Minutes interview tonight with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

While it can be argued, as 60 Minutes no doubt will, that all voices deserve to be heard, we should not be giving oxygen to the kind of hate and disloyalty this woman represents. And based on 60 Minutes’ cast of advertisers and sponsors, 99% pharmaceutical, I don’t think it has much to do with altruism or egality. Don’t be a part of their ratings reports.

Some background: The push of the broadcasters’ to get everything digital had a darker impetus to it: with digital they could better monitor viewership. With analog they can’t so easily. Digital brings us (usually) very clear picture and sound but it also benefits the bean-counters who don’t much care about content, as much as they care about eyeballs.
So if you do want to see 60 Minutes and this bit of lunacy, and don’t want to be amongst the counted, you’ll need an “over the air” signal, or one you would snag with a traditional TV antennae.

christophe Stalka

Chuck as an avid 60 minutes watcher I will be skipping the mad madge show and reevaluating my viewing habits I guess tonight I’m watching naked and afraid. Good catch on the Wachtler I remember him well now

Been a 60 Minutes fan for decades, even with its occasional faux pas. This one’s a whopper though. Fortunately we have good line-of-sight to the transmission towers on the Helderbergs and a roof antennae, so I may watch for the hysterics ..I mean… historical value.

BTW, OTA TV signals are better quality than cable or streaming.

I sat on a federal grand jury for a year and a half. While the standard of “probable cause” is low, it does exist. My experience taught me that no prosecutor worth his salt would ever attempt to bring charges unless he or she had the goods on a defendant. They are terrified of losing a case at trial; even more so in the grand jury room. I doubt very much that any prosecutor would put his or her career on the line just to score political points, as the right-wing folks on this forum imply.

But more important, we should have a little more faith in the common sense of the average Americans who sit on grand juries. They don’t just passively listen to the evidence. They are able to ask the witnesses questions. It’s no walk in the park.

We should keep in mind also that Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer and fixer, who actually made the payments to Story Daniels at Trump’s request, was convicted and sentenced to three years imprisonment under Trump’s Dept. of Justice (not that that should matter) based on the same testimony that Trump’s grand jury heard.
Trump and that twit Marjorie Taylor Greene along with all the other Republican lackeys who support him may call for protests and threaten “blood in the streets” all they want. We still have an independent judiciary, thank the gods, whose job is to seek justice regardless of the political consequences. As the lawyers say, “Fiat Justitia ruat caelum,” meaning “Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.”


Excellent, Wizard. Who would NOT have the goods and look like fools? Especially with the potus for the first time? Now, unlike the pitiful congress that refused to hold him accountable for anything, hope we have a sensible jury!

Bill Marincic

And you also must take into account the 86% of Manhattan voted for Joe Biden. So what are the chances of him getting a fair trial?

Welp, he’s been a NYer for decades, and had plenty of time to burnish his beautiful image. Another loss for him.
Don’t you people get tired of all the losing?

Bill Marincic

You talk about Michael Cohen, Michael Cohen testified that he paid stormy Daniels out of his own money and Trump did not know. Michael Cohen’s attorney testified before the grand jury that he gave the district attorney over 600 pages of proof that Donald Trump did not pay stormy Daniels and Cohen did it himself out of his own money. Why is this case where the statute of limitations is over even being brought?

Correct me, if I’m wrong, but didn’t Trump reimburse Cohen with personal checks, $30K at a time, copies of which were shown during congressional testimony and, I assume, the grand jury? Furthermore, whatever testimony Cohen gave, according to his attorney, Lani Davis, is backed up by a ton of corroborating evidence.

Bill Marincic

Cohen is a known liar and wasn’t he trumps attorney at the time? Couldn’t that $30,000 checks before legal work? The reality of all of this is the only reason he’s being indicted is because he’s running for president. If he wasn’t running for president. None of this would’ve happened and if you believe different you’re wacky or then I thought you were. .

The quote by Henry Drummond played by Spencer Tracy in the movie Inherit the wind, as I have previously posted, is worthy of repeating for it best describes William Marincic:

“You have no meaning! You’re like a ghost pointing an empty sleeve and smirking at everything people feel or want or struggle for! I pity you.”

The check was for $130,000 and anyone who thinks Trump didn’t know what was going on must also find him too unaware and unintelligent to be president. Cohen was his fixer. MAGAites are now so deep into defending Trump that they are afraid to acknowledge the obvious; foolishly supporting a criminal ex-president. But after the investigations by Jack Smith and Fani Willis bring further and more serious charges against Trump they will look even more foolish.

Bill Marincic

Restifo , like I have any care about what you think, I don’t need your pity you are inconsequential to me. You and the rest of the lefties on here forgot the adage that if you’re not a liberal at 20 you have no heart and if you’re not a conservative by 40 you have no brain. Pretty much explains the stuff I read on here.😀

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡again you made a fool of yourself because you believed what Trump told you without fact checking …..Do you enjoy being stupid for Trump. Is that it? You relish being a fool for him?

Mr. Bill 🤡 when you say stupid things people will call you stupid. Remember that before you start crying people are picking on poor little you

Bill Marincic

Listen, fake guy varoma I never said he wasn’t sleeping with her and I never said that he didn’t pay her off eventually. It doesn’t matter because NDA’s are not illegal. So you keep being stupid for Biden or just plain stupid, which is generally the case with you.

“Listen, fake guy varoma I never said he wasn’t sleeping with her and I never said that he didn’t pay her off eventually. It doesn’t matter because”…….being the good Christian I am, the 6th commandment, “Thou shalt not commit adultery” doesn’t mean jack sh/t to me. Especially so if your wife is pregnant.

I’m sure Moses and Jesus are all good with that.

…And for an affair Trump claims never occurred. That’s a real puzzler.

The money was not for legal work, or Michael Cohen would not have been found guilty. BM, come on, wake up and smell the coffee.

You do know the family finance man, Weisselberg flipped, right? You do know he’s been living at Rikers and may be getting a bit tired of it, right?

I don’t think Trump would be charged without a few receipts as evidence. But a boy can dream, eh?


“Michael Cohen is a pathological, convicted liar,” Tacopina said. “Perjury is like the banks, the IRS. Congress now is saying he lied to the FEC when they sent that letter saying there was no campaign violation. I heard him on CNN the other day saying that when he pled guilty under oath, when he became a new man, he really wasn’t guilty. He was forced to plead guilty. So that’s perjury. If that’s not true, he’s someone who is constitutionally incapable of telling the same story the same way twice. So I’m not really worried about what Michael Cohen is saying on this. The records and the facts will speak for themselves.”

To repeat, dear R-2-D-2, Cohen’s lawyer, Lani Davis, stated that he was taken aback by the amount of solid corroborating evidence the Manhattan attorney’s had in support of Cohen’s testimony. The case against Trump, then, relies on more than one man — all 30 plus counts.

I wonder why Alan Weisselberg wasn’t given a Presidential pardon, even preemptively?
I wonder if Alan Weisselberg, having enjoyed his stay a Club Rikers, might be a bit bitter about it?
I wonder if his dropping his attorney means anything:

Susan Necheles, a defense attorney who represented the Trump Organization said, “Mr. Weisselberg’s decision to change lawyers was entirely his own, a decision which I understand Mr. Weisselberg made in consultation with his family after the conclusion of the trial.”

Five people who spoke to The Daily Beast did confirm that Weisselberg is now being represented by defense lawyer Seth L. Rosenberg, who previously spent time running the rackets bureau at the very same DA’s office that is now investigating the case.

But yeah, Cohen’s probably lying. Sure.

christophe Stalka

gonna be an exciting Tuesday. I suggest you boys stock up on tranquilizers. i bet damsel donnies gonna be flying. perp walks do that to a criminal. lets all agree innocent until proven guilty – i certainly dont want to slander an innocent man. i have complete faith in our judicial system despite all the efforts to undermine it


Lest we forget there is a audio recording Cohen made between him and tRrump when it happened in 2016 when they knew they had to hide it to stop her from going public. Weisleberg was in the room with one of them when the call was made Same goes for the other model being paid by tRump, all the hard evidence is there. Cover man David Pecker was in on that one and received immunity to testify. . Chris Como has been played the audio his show several times last week.


I have mixed thoughts on MTG being interviewed on 60 minutes. There correspondents don’t usually let any mis information pass with out challenging it.
Will it have any redeeming value? Maybe for those who aren’t political junkies, but are usual watchers of 60 minutes. This should give all of American a look into who is in power in the GOP, unless she goes completely out of character and soft peddles all her usual mad rantings. We will see.

Bill Marincic

Florida I don’t understand why you’re not back here in New York State why are living in the republican conservative state of Florida? Is it because of no state income tax? That’s the problem people like you will go to the republican states were things are great and then badmouth everybody there when in reality why didn’t you just stay where you were? I’m gonna walk the talk and next year I’ll be in Tennessee, enjoying the conservative, low tax state

Bill Marincic

Why all of you on the left failed to recognize is that a non-disclosure agreement or NDA or hush money payment for that matter is not illegal. I guarantee you that probably 25% of the companies that you do business with including your local Hannaford, and Price Chopper have entered in ND A’s before. It’s not illegal if it was illegal, the feds would’ve arrested him. Do you know that trumps campaign made $4 million on the weekend that the indictment came out? Do you realize how many tens of millions of dollars that his campaign is going to make off that mug shot so y’all have some fun because it’s gonna be short-lived.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡again with your ignorance …..are you a lawyer now too? Try reading up on the case before you make such stupid comments. Start with business fraud and campaign finance law….Trump’s Business manager Allen Weisselberg and Michal Cohen both did or are doing time for those reasons …..You are just can’t learn your lesson about being a fool for Trump. Also they say he raised 4 million because of this ….what does that tell you? Did you sebd him a check?

christophe Stalka

Big Bm aka zach do ndas make falsifying business records legal. My you do know how to bend over and try everything huh? Stop embarrassing yourself .

You’re right, Bill, paying off a hooker to keep her mouth shut about an affair is no crime — except if you are doing it to hide your culpability in another crime, like violating campaign finance laws.

The average donation was $34.00. Dividing 4,000,000 by 34, we find that 117,647 people were stupid and brainwashed enough to send a scam artist (Trump University and Superhero Trump digital cards ring a bell?) with a net worth in the billions money to help him pay his legal expenses. BM, were you one of them?


FOLKS! Get ready for the trump show, the likes of which you’ve never seen before!
Tues, 45 will do his superman impression, big tough guy routine. He’s been planning it, which is why he refused to surrender last Friday. He needs time to profit off yet another disgraceful stunt. (But deep down we all know the bluster is as fake as his orange exterior). Pathetic grift off Cult 45.

Bill Marincic

I just listened to Mark Levin‘s opening monologue. I know that all of you probably feel that you’re smarter than a constitutional scholar but the reality is that you’re not maybe you should listen to Levin to get a real perspective on things I mean you’re so far gone I doubt that will change any of you, but hopefully it does something that no one else has ever been able to do and that’s make you think.

Bill Marincic

Falsifying business records is a misdemeanor. You just keep making yourself looking stupider and stupider Stalka if you haven’t noticed I stopped responding to you days ago because you’re nothing but a fool. You remind me of when you go to some old ladies house and they have one of those little tiny barking dogs that nip at your heels, that’s why I think of you as. But I felt I had to respond this time just because you have no clue what you’re talking about.

An “A” misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail, Falsifying Business Records in the Second Degree, New York Penal Law 175.05, is a crime that usually involves the destruction or alteration of a business record

christophe Stalka

Big BM /Zach I enjoy pointing out your errors . Can’t help myself a misdemeanor is just the beginning and a crime is committed by a criminal. Don’t worry Russia still isn’t in nato ace. And you still don’t understand slander and libel. But calm yourself dude your gonna blow a gasket tonight

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 wait until Tuesday at least to be a fool for Trump. I’m sure you will have a misguided opinion on the actual charges…keep your stupidity silent until then…If you can

How about cheating on your pregnant wife with a hooker?
That OK? Seems like a lot of religious leaders are good with it (although they’ve really lowered the bar on their own).

Bill Marincic

You know the varoma, you and Stalker are two people that are exactly alike, you’re two annoying little dogs that nip at peoples heels. You have nothing either of you that benefits this forum.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 pointing out your undying stupidity for Trump and lying benefits many. I hope one day it benefits you. I hope you will reach a moment of clarity and you say to yourself …what a fool you have been

christophe Stalka

Mr. Varoma the rage is just to hard for big BM /Zach to’s just an itty bitty tinsey winsey little bitty crime. Guys an embarrassment to all used car salesmen everywhere!

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