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Letters to the Editor Thursday, April 6 – Eight, from readers in Schenectady, Scotia, Saratoga, elsewhere

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Are any crimes off limits to politicians?

Trump has been indicted.
Many people have questioned if this was the right crime to indict him on.
This begs the question: What crime should he be prosecuted for?
Which laws are off limits for charging former presidents? Which laws should he be shielded from? Why should he be able to break some laws with impunity? Who gets to decide which laws don’t apply to former presidents?
Is this shield only for former presidents or does it apply to governors, congressmen, perhaps mayors also?
Janet Palitsch
Lake Luzerne

Reveal more about who represents us

Representatives on elected bodies, like the City Council in Schenectady, are the de facto board of directors of the corporation, which runs the city.
They have a broad range of responsibilities including public safety, fire and police, streets, infrastructure, water, waste, snow removal and public utilities for nearly 60,000 people. Who are these people?
Each candidate should be asked to present a resume, which is then publicly posted, to see if they are truly qualified for this important job.
Without this, each campaign is merely a popularity contest. That is best left for student council, rather than City Council.
Without full disclosure, the voters will never know if there are conflicts of interest when a vote for public services is rendered.
Many of the candidates are an open book; some are less than forthcoming with information.
The Schenectady City Council has, in recent years, been bogged down with conflicts on what are very important federal or state matters, seemingly accomplishing little, but making much noise.
Having personally served on the city Planning Commission and Civilian Police Review Board for several years, I know we were admonished to stay in the scope of our powers.
Residents deserve better knowledge of the qualifications of those who serve.
Frederic Lee
The writer is past president of Schenectady United Neighborhoods (SUN).

Bipartisanship is possible, necessary

Last week, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew came to Washington, D.C., to testify in front of Congress. Chew was tasked with a difficult mission. He had to alleviate U.S. concerns that the social media giant posed a threat to our country.
Many questions focused on TikTok’s negative influence on American children. His answers failed to convince either side of the aisle that TikTok shouldn’t be banned in the United States.
The hearing was particularly brutal. Both Democrat and Republican members of Congress were relentless in their questioning of Chew.
Usually, the subject testifying gets a breather from the grilling, as one side or the other is usually in agreement with their point of view.
Not this time. There was no letting up. Chew found himself in a pressure cooker where he simply couldn’t quell the heat. I applaud both parties for coming together and speaking out on an issue that adversely impacts so many Americans.
In D.C., it’s rare that Democrats and the GOP find themselves on the same page. In the future, I hope there can be more bipartisan agreement on the key issues of the day. For when America is united, there’s nothing we can’t fix.
William Aiken

Biochar officials hardly transparent

Saratoga Biochar Solutions (SBS) held a meeting in Hudson Falls on March 29 about its proposal to build a 700 tons-per-day sewage sludge processing facility along the Hudson River in Moreau.
Several dozen people, including three children, protested outside prior to the meeting. Opponents have many concerns, including that SBS has never operated any facility.
SBS representatives were often rude and were obviously lying. One manager said the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has given this “an incredibly in-depth review already.” Later he said that regardless of whatever air monitoring tests are done, SBS wants “full transparency” with the local community. Another SBS man said, “We take the high road.”
These three statements are easily contradicted by the fact that SBS sought and obtained a “negative declaration” from the town of Moreau, meaning no Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was required; nor was any completed.
Preparation of an EIS is a much more public, lengthy and transparent process than whatever in-house review the DEC is doing. An EIS starts with a scoping meeting, at which everyone can identify issues they believe should be included in the EIS, such as a new traffic study. Seeking and obtaining an EIS exemption disrespects the community, is the exact opposite of taking the high road and being transparent, and is intended to limit public involvement and understanding, avoid a hard look, and to rush the review process.
Tom Ellis

Defense of church folds to scrutiny

In his April 2 letter, (“Stay with Church, fight for reform,”) I respect Kevin Harrigan’s inclination to support a church he clearly deeply loves.
However, his contention that as the “vast majority” of clergy in the Albany Diocese have not committed sexual abuse, the church is overall a good shepherd. This cannot stand scrutiny. The fact is, if you have 100 priests and six of them are abusers, you do not have 94 good priests and a few bad apples. You have 100 bad priests, because their silence has made them complicit.
Joan Fucillo

Don’t share in writers’ optimism

After reading the letters in the Sunday April 2 Gazette, I feel that I must be living in another country from the writers.
They are so content everything is so good, that the only problem is that Trump was president for four years, and the country is still recovering.
President Trump did not take a salary. He did not take money from China, Russia or Ukraine as the Biden family has reportedly done. He was tough on crime; now we are tough on victims.
Perhaps the most egregious is Gov. Kathy Hochul. The state has higher crime rates, higher prices for everything, rents are doubled and prescription drugs are not available. Yet she has found the money to build a new football stadium in Buffalo. Coincidently, her husband works for the company that operates the concessions at the Bills’ current stadium. Her statement that it will create so many new jobs is laughable.
She cited vendors and security. I want to thank all the people who voted for her, my life is now so much better.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs

We all must come together as nation

I’m in 100% agreement. I just finished reading a letter from Don Maslanka (“Can’t forfeit nation to one man’s legacy,”) in the March 24 Gazette. The letter was spot on.
This country is more divided than I can ever remember it being because of one man. This man has been under investigation for some 40 years, long before he was a politician, so it wasn’t political. His followers repeat his lies and continue to divide this country.
I’ve learned one thing in my life: A house divided will fall. This is a perilous situation. We need to come together as a country or face the consequences.
Kenneth Kimball

Will Trump keep protection in jail?

I was wondering: When Trump goes to jail, will the Secret Service go with him?
Peter Bernardi



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Janet Palitsch If there is a punishable crime then yes. I wonder if you are going to be righteous when Biden and his family is hauled in?


Waite’s editorial: We are also terrorized by criminals because our justice system is failing to prosecute. You and your liberal puppet masters push defunding police. How about enforcing laws currently on the books?

Steve Spittler

Anthony, Lou, Guy, Chuck, Wizard, all Progressives – the perfect scenario has played out in Saratoga when one commissioner had a BLM speaker charged with disorderly conduct for disrupting a public meeting. The commissioner was condemned by 3 other commissioners including mayor as racist for doing so.

So you have gotten exactly what you hoped for. Others doing exactly what you all do on here. If someone disagrees with you their a racist or fascist.

You want know laws, no accountability or you are a racist.

Thank you, great job, be proud of yourself.

Steve Spittler

So you are proud that lawlessness is allowed and people that call that lawlessness out are called racist, and lawlessness will have no reprecrussions?

That is not how I see it. MAGA believes that America brought slaves over and introduced them to a superior religion and civilization; this view of history was immortalized in Rudyard Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden”. Jim Crow and de jure segregation, including anti-miscegenation laws, were deemed necessary to keep African American’s from introducing their “inferior” genes and mannerisms into white society. This legacy of racial mistreatment and discrimination plagues us to this day; we continue to suffer from systemic racism. BLM has a legitimate grievance. Look at how “conservatives” talk about BLM protests and compare that to the “whitewashing” of what happened on 1/6.

I wasn’t at this meeting. I didn’t see what happened. But I trust Mayor Kim’s narrative.

Get it, Mr. MAGA?

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo perhaps we should review human rights violations in El Salvador before worshipping their president of course thats meant for the dancing brandies but he’s too hysterical right now to listen

Steve Spittler


Breaking – Police in Colorado have arrested a TRANSGENDER individual (biological man) who was planning a massive school shooting in Colorado Springs.

William Whitworth, 19, who identifies as female using the name Lily, has been arrested after police found bomb making instructions, a detailed floor-plan of a local school and a hate filled manifesto including anti-Trump rhetoric.

Whitworth is charged with 2 counts of attempted first-degree murder, menacing, criminal mischief and interference with staff, faculty or students of educational institutions.

Is your point that Trump’s hate speech has increased the divisions in American society and increased the number of violent acts in this country?

Joseph Vendetti

Anthony that answer actually surprised me from you. You don’t want people held accountable for their actions?

Read the above post. Ponder Kipling’s words:

“Take up the White Man’s burden– Send forth the best ye breed– Go bind your sons to exile To serve your captives’ need; To wait in heavy harness, On fluttered folk and wild– Your new-caught, sullen peoples, Half-devil and half-child.”

Joseph Vendetti

Anthony – nothing for nothing but you are quoting passages from a man that died almost 100 years ago. On this planet earth we live on – the woman is more oppressed then any African American or 3 generations of African Americans before them here in the United States.

Argument noted but people regardless of status, color, sex, age, religion can’t break laws and get passes.

So, by that logic you’d have Martin Luther King arrested.

Obviously you wouldn’t (I’m pretty sure, anyway), but that’s where it heads.
Civil disobedience? Not cool?

Argument noted but people regardless of status, color, sex, age, religion can’t break laws and get passes.

Agreed Joe, but flip that record over to the other side, and can you acknowledge an eighteen year old Black male driving an 2000 rusted Civic will consistently get the same respect and consideration, under the same circumstances, as the 40 year old white woman driving a late model Lexus SUV? – Or how these about the same two people jogging down a middle-class suburban neighborhood street?

Not accusing you Joe, but racists, bigots and supremest look at many similar situations through different lenses. Many want and expect more accountability for minority, especially so for Blacks than for White people. If we’re to have a level playing field regarding laws, let’s work harder on leveling both sides of the field.

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck – Dr King had planned marches, planned rallies and speeches. While some of the marches were claimed to be disobedience they weren’t. What happened the the Saratoga City Council stopped a meeting when one of the speakers refused to stop, then it broke into chaos & she was surrounded by other BLM supporters.

So the one person that caused it was charged with disorderly conduct (a violation) because that was what she did.

Now the person filing charges was labeled a racist.

We can’t allow any particular group, person, etc to strong arm or try and get their own set of rules. No matter what atrocities were committed from 1600-1968. If that were the case we should let woman get away with murder because they are still being enslaved, oppressed, raped, killed around the world because they are female.

So there are guidelines for how social disobedience should happen?
No, of course not. In the words of the late john Lewis (who did participate at Selma and many more places, and made a political career out of it), make “good trouble”.

As I said, I rarely go to Saratoga, have no skin in that game, but I’m pretty sure the atrocities didn’t stop in 1968, and neither should the outrage.

(that said, I will also add that I’ve seen way too much of demonstrators and their leaders drawing too much attention to themselves, and not to their cause. But those are the times we’re living in, I guess)

Joseph Vendetti

Lou – sorry – I just saw your response- 100% agree with you on that one. As I said in the past, and my two African American sons and I experienced were targeted on Freemans Bridge when I wasn’t able to drive from knee surgery. We all kept our cool and managed to get an apology (in person – not written) and we were told teaching was going to be done.

Got to do a lunch and learn with our hoop players to try and teach the keeping cool – hands visible, not fleeing, not resisting-

I think our police need a tremendous amount of skill- protecting, social work, diffusion expert, friend, etc, etc – most agencies don’t have the ability to screen out every potential bad applicant, train to the fullest, and retain.

Just imagine if every dr, lawyer, plumber, electrician, demolition contractor, teacher, flooring contractor, etc had to put on a camera & be recorded their entire shift with every client interaction? The difference is police are normally running towards problems while most of us run away from them.

We need LEO’s better trained, but lets all respect & appreciate the ones we have.

Glad we’re in agreement Joe, but let’s not forget this is not just about law enforcement and the judicial system. Systemic racism is in most all aspects of American life and should be addressed accordingly.

And in Kansas, the perfect scenario has played out. The Republicans, who constantly call Democrats pedophiles and refer to teachers as groomers, have just overridden a veto by the Democratic governor and will mandate all students suspected of not being female, to have their genitals inspected before being able to compete. Guess YOU’RE the pedophiles now.

These people are sick; I believe many of them are sex-obsessed and frustrated because of associating sex with sin and viewing sexual acts as appropriate only for procreation. They find ways to “legitimately” ease their sexual tension.

“Baltimore’s CBS affiliate reports: 4/5

The Maryland Attorney General (AG) released a redacted report on child sex abuse in the Archdiocese of Baltimore Wednesday afternoon, detailing abuse within the church based on documents dating back to the 1940s.

“The incontrovertible history uncovered by this investigation is one of pervasive and persistent abuse by priests and other Archdiocese personnel. It is also a history of repeated dismissal or cover up of that abuse by the Catholic Church hierarchy,” the report introduction said.

Responding to the 463-page report, Reverend William E. Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore, said it, “is first and foremost a sad and painful reminder of the tremendous harm caused to innocent children and young people by some ministers of the church. The detailed accounts of abuse are shocking and soul searing.”

The Baltimore Sun reports: 4/5

Released more than four months after the Maryland Attorney General’s Office revealed it had finished its investigation, the public version of the report has been redacted and is not expected to identify diocesan officials who worked to cover up sexual abuse within their ranks.

Titled “Report on Child Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese of Baltimore,” the report is nearly 500 pages long and tells how 158 clergy sexually abused and tortured more than 600 children and young adults over an 80-year period beginning in the 1940s.

Exactly Tony, ever since realizing you are a retired teacher and reading your posts on this forum my feelings of becoming a transsexual have been increasing on a daily basis. You’ve got me so confused.


This from a civil rights attorney spent majority of his career as a Democrat.
Mark Levin blasted the indictment of former President Trump by a New York grand jury saying the move highlighted how “tyranny” is spreading throughout the United States.

“It’s my argument this evening that we’re already surrounded and immersed in a tyranny that’s unlike anything we’ve seen internally in the United States,” he said Sunday on “Life Liberty & Levin.”

Levin argued the weaponization of federal law enforcement agencies, soft-on-crime district attorneys and billionaire George Soros’ money to back Democratic and progressive candidates is leading to the end of the American republic.

Mark quoted Thomas Paine:
THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

We need to stand and stop the Democratic Socialist from destroying our country. We need to get the word out and show the country how corrupt our government has become. Both Democratic Socialist and the RINO Republicans.


NPR part of the MSM media propaganda. Tagged as State Affiliated Media:
“State-affiliated media is defined as outlets where the state exercises control over editorial content through financial resources, direct or indirect political pressures, and/or control over production and distribution,” Twitter’s Help Center reads.

So here we have our tax dollars going to buy for propaganda. Defund NPR.


How is any different when protesters over take a state Capitol.
Now Tennessee House Republicans are moving to expel three Democratic lawmakers who joined those protests, among them, state Representative Gloria Johnson, who represents part of Knox County.

Representative Johnson, thank you so much for joining us.

The expulsion threats stem from what you and your colleagues did in the House chamber last Thursday. I understand you breached House rules when you took over the podium to lead protest chants.

The Republican leader says this amounted to disorderly behavior. What led you to do what you did? And did it cause disorder?

Will they be arresting the protesters? will they hold them in jail for a year before trial? Two tiered justice system.

christophe Stalka

The windmills in his mindless empty cranium hes so desperate to cover trumps indictments that he’s throwing the kitchens sink at the wall something might stick

The whirling dervish spins and screams.and the brandies posts gibberish


My condolences to the people of Chicago and the children that will be gun downed because of your elected leaders. You had the opportunity to change the crime rate in your city and you allowed the Democratic Socialist to be voted in worse than Lightfoot.

Leftist Brandon4Chicago has won the Chicago mayoral election against moderate Democrat Paul Vallas. Johnson calls for removing law enforcement from society. During the 2020 riots, he defended looters, saying they were lashing out against racism.
Chicago’s violent crime has skyrocketed with defunding the police campaign.

To all C.P.D. leave Chicago for cities that want a strong police force.


This is what a SOROS backed AG Bragg is all about full of the crappie put in his indictment.
Bragg: “We can not, and will not normalize serious criminal conduct.”
Last year, Alvin Bragg reduced 52% of all felony charges to misdemeanors.
Alvin Bragg has shut down the entire city, called up 38,000 NYPD police officers, closed down the FDR Drive and is spending an estimated $200 million of city funds, all for a $130,000 NDA. I never thought I would see this corruption in
the United States.
BTW Slick Willie Clinton paid $850,000 to Paula Jones for exposing himself.

christophe Stalka

Mr brandies please tell us how your legal career has led you to run your office as an elected Attorney General. IN OUR GREAT American Democracy we elect our officials fairly and allow our legal system an juries to carry out the law. Try to have a positive day and not rage


President of El Salvador states:
Think what you want about former President Trump and the reasons he’s being indicted.
But just imagine if this happened in any other country, where a government arrested the main opposition candidate.
The United States ability to use “democracy” as foreign policy is gone.

We as a country have become what we used to go out and save people from.

Funny thing: most of America is wondering what we’d look like if we *didn’t* arrest past presidents for committing crimes?
Why are you so convinced trumpy’s innocent?
And what’s going to happen in your tiny brain when we start talking about stealing and trading state secrets?


Well if I did run for the office I certainly wouldn’t be funded by the Socialist Party run by Soros.
But that’s okay because America is seeing the corruption of the Democratic socialist party.
America will prevail.
Trump indictment will also open the doors to discovery and the quick sand will consume the socialist and their minions backed by Soros

Apparently all that corruption is making the socialists more popular because we keep winning elections. You keep waiting for that quicksand though!

LGB warning in a nutshell: WAKE UP AMERICA! The evil democratic socialists seeking to help the impoverished, trying to de-carbonize to fight climate change pollution, fighting to outlaw the semi-automatic weapons used to kill our children, supporting a woman’s right to choose, calling for aid to Ukraine in its fight against a Russian take-over, and attacking our savior Donald Trump must be stopped! Support the forces of honor and Christianity like MTG, Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, Andrew Clyde, Lauren Boebert, and Lindsey Graham who cries (literally) for donations to our multi-billionaire leader!


Funny how you failed to mention that the person using the weapon is the one who killed. Not the gun. Let’s say they drive a truck into a playground filled with children and parents. Is the the person or the truck responsible?
At least you stand on your Democratic Socialist connection. Mark Levin made it clear he not protecting Trump he is protecting our constitution.
That is why Justice is blindfolded. Because no matter how much you hate a person they are still protected by our constitutional rights.
But because you and your fellow groomers are socialists you demand a person to prove their innocence.

Mark Levin and the rest of Fox News are turning your brain to mush. My suggestion: take a break and try to form an original thought instead of regurgitating whatever you watched from the night before all over this comment section. We require people to take a test, get a license and purchase insurance before they get behind the wheel of a car. Sounds reasonable to do the same for murderous weapons, no?

Bill Marincic

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, what’s happening to Donald Trump is a disgusting disgrace. Bill Clinton and others lied in front of a Grand Jury, committed perjury and obstructed justice, but the independent counsel chose not to indict him because of the damage it would have caused the country. DA Alvin Bragg has chosen to do the opposite despite no perjury or obstruction by Trump because this is part of the Democrat plan to bog Trump down in cases while the Democrat media piles on nonstop. They hope this will help President Biden by not having to defend his disastrous record on everything, taking the focus off the sitting president entirely. We need Republican District Attorneys and Attorneys General to do to Democrats what they are doing to Republicans now, scour state statutes and think of new ways to approach them in order to go after Biden. Also, you’re not allowed to criticize George Soros without being called an anti-Semite by Democrats and the media, which is what Adam Schiff did to Governor Ron DeSantis. George Soros has a more anti-Semitic history than anyone, but Republicans aren’t allowed to talk about it. We need the establishment RINOs like Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson to fight back against what the Democrats are doing, but instead they shoot arrows into the backs of their own people. There’s a culture war and a revolution being waged by the Democrats in this country, and the RINOs don’t get the big picture and would rather gang up on Trump. Later, The Chinese spy balloon that traveled over the U.S collected data from sensitive military and nuclear sites and sent it back to Beijing in real-time. Biden and Gen. Mark Milley lied to us and played down the balloon, covering for the Communist Chinese and allowed them to collect all of this intel while refusing to shoot it out of the sky. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

D00d, you’re in for a long, miserable summer.
Wait till stolen state secrets (and probably trading in such) and calls to fix the Georgia election are all the headlines.
It’s coming.
Maybe head over to the new cannabis shop? For your own good.

Nice cut and paste job. Just like LGB, you have no thoughts of your own. Just regurgitating the noise coming out of the hysterical right. They’re scared because they’re stuck with Trump. He’s an election loser, but there’s no viable alternative because they’re all acting crazy to compete with him. And the sane ones want nothing to do with his insurrectionist, QAnon, supporters. Good luck in 2024? LMAO.

christophe Stalka

whoville and chuck who is this hot new prophet mark levin that the gurls are quoting so frequently today?

hes getting them more exicited than that Tucker boy am I missing the messaging? or os it more of the same crapola?

Every day, here and elsewhere, it’s easy to see what they’ve been jacked into every night, and they’re remarkably clone-like in their verbiage.

Just another anti-Trumper in 2016, who is now all in on the MAGA train and poisoning the minds of the gullible Fox News watchers.

Of course, cutting and pasting with a citation is fine. But what BM did was plagiarize. It is obvious because he included “Learn more about your ad choices. Visit” at the end of his comment. He forgot to delete that. Hilarious.

Bill Marincic

I was told by a friend this is the theme song of the lefties on here. It makes sense for real. By Sam Cooke;

“Wonderful World”

Don’t know much about history
Don’t know much biology
Don’t know much about a science book
Don’t know much about the French I took

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo that was quite funny a normal person would feel kind of stupid posting that but we all know Big Bm /Zach is dancing and toe taping to Sam Cooke in celebration of his latest swing and a miss

But we know plenty about useless automobile dealership aftermarket add-ons, like extended warranties, undercoating and Scotch guarding.

Just wondering if you’ve come up with a fart smelling, bullsh/t eliminating device after you’ve given a customer a vehicle operating tutorial. That one may be worth considering.

Bill Marincic

Lou, I wonder if you realize that on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, there are less than seven million lines of code and on an F150 there are over 150 Million lines of code. Guess how much it costs to change an $80 oil pump since you have to remove bumpers and radiators, and take the body off the chassis to get to it? This isn’t the Model T you grew up with. Welcome to government fuel standards. People have a choice, they can pay around 3K for a 10-year bumper-to-bumper warranty or they can pay 3k for a fuel pump or water pump, or any number of computers that are coming from Taiwan.

Bill Marincic

That is where our chips and most computers for all makes of cars come from, soon it will be in Chinese hands just like everything else because we have a weak leader. I put it there because of no reason other than the computers. FYI Ford trucks may have the most lines of code but all vehicles have computers and millions of lines of code and you as a computer guy you should know what the potential issues are with that much code.

Your whines within gripes within anxieties have lost me.
And yes, we know thanks to Mr. Car Finance Guy repeating himself that Fords have millions of lines of code.

Maybe they didn’t tell you, that Ford signed with Global Foundries to produce the chips here in America. 2 years ago. That would be a Biden initiative.
Have they returned your stapler to you?

Biden’s Policies Are Revitalizing Chip Manufacturing in America

“New laws are incentivizing chip manufacturers to bring operations to the United States, creating tens of thousands of American jobs, boosting the use of made-in-America semiconductors, and spurring investments in workforce training and education programs.”

February 28, 2023
“The Biden-Harris Administration through the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology today launched the first CHIPS for America funding opportunity for manufacturing incentives to restore U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, support good-paying jobs across the semiconductor supply chain, and advance U.S. economic and national security.  

As part of the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, the Department of Commerce is overseeing $50 billion to revitalize the U.S. semiconductor industry, including $39 billion in semiconductor incentives. The first funding opportunity seeks applications for projects to construct, expand, or modernize commercial facilities for the production of leading-edge, current-generation, and mature-node semiconductors. This includes both front-end wafer fabrication and back-end packaging. The Department will also be releasing a funding opportunity for semiconductor materials and equipment facilities in the late spring, and one for research and development facilities in the fall.”…

Bill Wemple

That may actually be a very good thing that aircraft have much less code, as it has far less chances for failure. As a software engineer with over 25 years of experience, the code that runs the electronics in my car has so many problems, I’d have fired the QA Engineers who let it pass if I were their manager. My educated guess is that cars are full of bloated code routines that are not very efficient and require far less scrutiny than that used for avionics, etc. I see recalls and updates for car software all the time. You don’t see that with avionics. Probably because it goes through much more rigorous testing standards, six-sigma, etc. Stick to what YOU know, BM.

christophe Stalka

Funny rage? . NO mention of the Latest questionable activity by the upstanding less than honorable Clarence Thomas no outrage? No mention by the Stalwart Mr.Levin?

Guy Varoma

Joe V….you are right about the man that lived a 100 years ago. Things do change. I have the same view about the 2nd amendment. These ols guys lived over 200 years ago and things change. If there were living today I’m sure they would make the 2nd amendment clearer , If those wise men lived today I’m sure they would put limitations on what kind of gun you could buy. Especially after seeing how children are mowed down so easily in their schools

Joseph Vendetti


I own hand guns only. I’ve shot an AR on one of my workers farms in TX. He uses it to shoot wild hogs on his property. These hogs do a ton of damage on his farm, between fences, crops, holes that his cows have broken legs in. So he hunts the hogs at night with a silencer so he can kill many of them without scaring others off. That weapon has night vision and a suppressor on it. That weapon is not legal in NY but it is in TX (& other states). That weapon has one use – high capacity killing.

I have an issue with ARs for a couple of reasons – 1.) you can purchase high capacity (30-50 round banana clip) magazines

2.) you can convert these ARs from semi-automatic to fully automatic with simple modifications

3.) you can buy these weapons at gun shows across the US

The only owners of these types of weapons should be law enforcement, livestock agents, and farmers with property in access of 1000 acres.

I am a paid member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). I have participated in at least 10 surveys from the NRA that I think background checks should go further. NRA, HIPA and Congress has clashed over what medical (psychiatric) information can be used for red flag and denial. I would have to imagine that most NRA members feel the same way as I do that we meed more background checks, we need the elimination of who can own an AR type weapon, and we need to reduce magazine sizes.


Glad lgb bought up Bragg and George Soros. Seems as if Alvin has been getting short changed compared to Supreme Court Justice Thomas. All reports say Soros has helped fund Braggs election while Clarence has apparently been receiving luxury resort stays, , private jet flights, super yacht trips and apparently has forgotten to disclose all this for possibly the last 20 years, thanks to billionaire Harlin Crow a Rebublican donor per ProPublica report out today. But it’s ok because Crow has issued a statement he expected nothing in return based on Thomas position. He has lots of friends he treats this way he stated.
So again Alvin should ask George to explain how come all he got is campaign monies to help his campaign. No word if Ginny accompanied Clarence on these no strings attached trips.
PS. I’m posting this for the Fact Free Fox views who post on here because this may not show up on your news feed or nightly news shows. You’re welcome

I got a good laugh out of this tweet from Derek Hunter:

I’ll never understand why people donate to someone who spends 90% of their time telling you how rich they are and the other 10% insisting he didn’t bang a porn star because she’s too ugly.

christophe Stalka

Thank you for the updates I’m sure big gurl Ginny Thomas in. A bikini would appeal to the documented preferences of a certain constant poster to this site but taste or lack thereof is often no more than a off tune Sam Cooke joke

Tennessee House has just voted to expel three Democratic members for protesting a lack of movement on gun control.

Which brave rightwinger here wants to stand with the Tennessee House?

Bill Marincic

Oh, the ones that incited an insurrection at the Capital in Tennessee? Good job, what comes around goes around.

BM, Jesus will kick you off the bus and put you on an uber straight to hell if you don’t repent before you die! You’ll fall into a burning ring of fire and it’ll burn, burn, burn for all eternity! OUCH! That hurts!

Bill Marincic

House Speaker equates Nashville’s peaceful protests against gun violence with Jan. 6 insurrection
Sexton went on a new talk program on 98.7 FM, saying Thursday’s protests were “maybe worse” than election deniers’ 2021 attack on the Capitol in D.C.
Tennessee Lookout

Only it wasn’t peaceful even the newspapers are biased in Tennessee or at least that one is.

Right, the butt-hurt Republicans with their hair on fire. The desperation at losing everything is palpable.

Use your Big Brain and look it up yourself. Don’t make someone else do your homework.

BM, at the Tennessee capital protests, how many lives were lost? How many people were injured? What are the estimates of property damage?

I guess a Tennessee paper and anyone disagreeing with your special knowledge is biased. How Trumpy can you get?

In his original comment on 98.7 FM Sexton referred to the protests at the Tennessee capital as “maybe worse” than 1/6. MAYBE WORSE? He later retracted that statement. How does anyone believe anything coming from a MAGAite Trump supporter? As the old saying goes “How do you know a Trump MAGAite is lying”? Answer “When his lips are moving.” OR, in BM and LGB’s case, when their fingers are hitting the keyboard.

I am waiting for the footage of violence at the Tennessee capital. Surely some MAGAite filmed the protesters attacking police, crushing them in doorways, hitting them with flagpoles, spraying them with bear deterrent, battering doors down with a police shield, smashing windows, and crawling up the walls of the capital building. PROVE IT BM OR SHUT UP WITH YOUR INCESSANT LYING CRAP.

With the atrocities committed there today, those protesters all deserve medals of honor for holding back their anger.
I swear I had flashbacks to the 1960’s and the racial atrocities openly committed then. To think I was watching it happen in realtime, in the present, 50 years later is shocking.
And some of that trash is with us here every day.

christophe Stalka

Big BM /Zach you keep up,with that nasty mouth Jesus might throw you off that special bus you claim to ride bro. Keep raging angry man

And people like you, Marincic, and the others, pigs and white trash every inch as much.
I’d go on but it’s clear that white trash is a badge of honor for you all. Tell your kids.

christophe Stalka

But Chuck big Bm / Zach is protected by his 12% multiracial background. Can you imagine how the suicide rate would skyrocket among the bros in Tennessee if you told them that multiracial line of crap?


Those Republicans are always thinking how to end the shortage of workers and keep the workforce white instead of letting in all those immigrants who want to come here for opportunity. From Iowa legislators and the Governor is all in for it. If there is any doubt Rebublicans want to return us to say the 1930’s before we had these pesky child labor laws.

Anew bill rolling back child labor laws in Iowa to allow 14-year-olds to work hazardous jobs in the mining, meatpacking and logging sectors as long as they are done under an approved training program has been harshly criticized by Democrat state senators and labor rights experts.

According to the existing state law, those under the age of 18 in Iowa are prohibited from doing dangerous jobs such as working in slaughterhouses, operating power-driven metal forming, punching or shearing machines, and being involved in roofing operations and demolition work.

The new bill sponsored by Republican State Senator Jason Schultz—Senate File 167—wants to amend a section of Iowa’s code on child labor to allow teens to work in these prohibited jobs when “participating in work-based learning or a school or employer-administered, work-related program


Florida: Yeah that’s a great idea. If the kid has been exposed to farm work or trades life style. Why not if they are willing to work. I have worked since I was 10 years old. From working at a horse farm cleaning stales, Paper-route KnickerBocker News 120 customers Chris Jansing was one of my customers(Chris Copastotchi) when she was in the capital district, I have always worked. My children started working with me when I was doing sales work on Saturdays building displays. They’ll have excellent work ethics and work hard.
Typical Liberal teaching kids to be lazy, rather than teaching to do whatever work you can get to earn a living sometimes I had 3 jobs just to keep my head above water. I bitched but did it because I had to take care of my family. The groomers want lazy unmotivated kids and teach them the government is the answer.
The philosophy in School today is the politics of tomorrow. We as a society are proverbially scr3wed.

Gosh, no cattle butchering? Or chicken cleaning? Or fish processing? Because that’s what they’re talking about. I worked similar jobs at similar ages, including being a Knick news paper boy, but that’s not what this is about. But you got your stupid whining in which all that matters.

And by the way, it’s Kapostasy, moran. Too lazy to look even that up?

christophe Stalka

Let’s go Brandie’s mr Santo is being kind child slave labor is not “ my children have an excellent work ethic “ good God man you simply really sound like a dolt. Correction even a dolt doesn’t sound that moronic .

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