LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Watch for turtles crossing near Niskayuna park – From Micah Lion, age 5

A turtle crossing a road
A common snapping turtle takes a break after safely crossing Route 29 in the Town of Galway Sunday.
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LETTER: Watch for turtles crossing near Niskayuna park

It’s that time of year where the turtles are crossing River Road near Lions Park.

Recently I was biking with my family, and we saw a large turtle trying to cross.

Some cars stopped and did the right thing. Some could have done better.

I hope all of the people driving in that area will be very careful to watch out for turtles.

Let’s keep these very important reptiles safe in our community! Thank you.

Micah Lion, age 5

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Thank you Micah, for that message! As a member of the local cycling community we often see them working their way across the road, and stop to assist them (always in the direction they’re headed, of course).
You should know you’re not alone in your concern, and it is an important one.
Thank you!

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