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Letters to the Editor Thursday, May 18 – Two, from readers in Schenectady and Saratoga Springs

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Make neighborhood safety a top priority

I was heartened to read that Woodlawn residents are receiving some assistance with the traffic problems in their neighborhood. However, city officials need to understand that every neighborhood in the city has problems with traffic.
In our neighborhood, we have been told for years that nothing can be done until a “traffic study” is conducted. We have been waiting decades. Surely traffic studies don’t take that long.
While increased police presence is one approach, and I’m sure a welcome one in Woodlawn, there are a multitude of approaches that cities around the world have taken to slow down traffic and make streets safe for everyone: pedestrians, bike riders and car drivers.
The Stockade’s Comprehensive Streetscape Plan ( includes an entire section on traffic calming methods that do not require more police.
The city adopted our plan in 2019 and so far, we have gotten two stop signs and flush bump outs on Union Street. It’s a start, but we need much more.
I urge our local government to make traffic safety a priority in all our neighborhoods.
If we need traffic studies, then let’s get going.
Suzanne S. Unger
The writer is Stockade Association president.

Hope Braver Angels prevail in Spa City

The May 14 Gazette article, (“Workshop’s goal: promoting civil discourse,”) by Ted Remsnyder, highlighting that a member of the Schenectady City Council recently reached out to a nonprofit organization, Braver Angels, to host a workshop on how to have productive conversations, provoked some thoughts related to the city of Saratoga Springs.
As noted in the article, Braver Angels seeks to teach attendees how to have productive conversations and seek common ground with members of opposing political parties and notes the City Council in Schenectady has experienced discord at recent meetings, despite all members being from the Democratic Party.
As noted in many media outlets, most members of the Saratoga Springs Council are acting without dignity and professionalism at the City Council meetings and while conducting city business.
The mayor frequently relies on the F-word in writing and in person in a manner that can only be described as tumultuous and possibly threatening.
Additionally, one commissioner refers to another commissioner as a psychopath, and another commissioner accused a fellow commissioner of slurring his words, indicating he may be intoxicated.
The CSEA Capital Region president recently released a letter stating the work environment in Saratoga Springs is toxic and numerous lawsuits are pending.
Although it is hard to change the behavior of grown adults, perhaps Braver Angels can help rescue the city of Saratoga Springs from its own demise.
Timothy Coll
Saratoga Springs

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A great report that reveals how corrupt the GOP is and how low they will go to protect their own, no matter what depths of depravity and duplicity they must descend to. But, they always get caught:

May 18, 2023 Politics, Republicans

NBC News reports:

Two of the three self-proclaimed FBI whistleblowers who testified before a House subcommittee on Thursday had their security clearances revoked because their conduct on Jan. 6 cases brought into question their allegiance to the United States, a bureau official wrote in a letter to members of Congress this week.

A third FBI employee, a special agent who did not testify before the committee, had his security clearance revoked because he was on the restricted grounds of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 but lied about his conduct, FBI Acting Assistant Director Christopher Dunham wrote in a letter to Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

The Daily Beast reports:

Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) repeatedly denied Democrats’ requests to receive the testimony of one of the GOP’s self-described “whistleblowers” during Thursday’s House hearing on the “weaponization” of the FBI, prompting Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) to confront him with the actual rules.

Needless to say, Jordan was less than pleased. An animated Jordan said it was the “prerogative of the committee to decide” before adding: “We have the whistleblower testimony. The whistleblower does not wish it to be made available to the Democrats at this time!”

Goldman quickly shot back that “the whistleblower doesn’t make committee rules” before Jordan attempted to move on to another committee member, eventually arguing with Goldman a bit more.

The New York Times reports:

Mr. George Hill has claimed on Twitter that the Jan. 6 attack was a “set up,” and that there was “a larger #Democrat plan using their enforcement arm, the #FBI.” He also described the F.B.I. as “the Brown Shirt enforcers of the @DNC,” making an apparent reference to Nazi storm troopers to describe the federal law enforcement agency and its relationship to the Democratic National Committee.

Mr. Garrett O’Boyle and Mr. Stephen Friend both testified that they had received financial support from Kash Patel, a Trump loyalist and former high-ranking official in the former president’s administration. Mr. Friend said Mr. Patel sent him $5,000 almost immediately after they connected in November 2022 and that Mr. Patel has helped to promote Mr. Friend’s forthcoming book on social media.

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo anything Mr Jordan touches in relation to Jan6th must be questioned didnt he cover up his communications with Trump from that day? I would think Jordan would want the whistle blowers evidence out there before they disappear like comers boy did

Timothy Call
Thank you for making us aware of “Better Angels”. I admit I need to read more about “Better Angels, however, one of their worthy goals it seems is to bring people with opposing views together. These workshops may be what elected officials need. Before attending these workshops they could go back to kindergarten and learn manners, respect for others, not to use bad words, not to tell lies, and to play fair.

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