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Letters to the Editor Monday, May 22 – Five, from readers in Schenectady, Ballston Lake, elsewhere

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E-bikes not safe for bike/walk trails

I regularly walk and run on the Hudson-Mohawk Bike/Hike Trail in Niskayuna through Colonie. Prominently displayed along this path are signs banning the use of motorized vehicles.
Recently there has been an influx of e-bikes traveling along this path.
These bikes travel at a higher rate of speed than a person-powered bicycle and thus present an increased danger of collision with people walking and exercising.
Obviously, there is no police presence on the path and the e-bikes do not have license plates to identify them. Something should be done to curtail the flouting of the rules on this path before someone is injured.
Wayne Gage

To lower U.S. debt, grow the economy

Again, the political highway is littered in misinformation — this time about government spending and debt.
The only way to lower the nation’s debt is to grow the U.S. economy. Of course, the only way to grow the U.S. economy is by investment.
Yet what is being proposed by the Republican Party is less investment. Remember, the Republican Party cut corporate taxes in 2017 with the “slogan” that the U.S. economy would grow at 4-5% annually. Of course, that did not happen, and the annual U.S. deficit grew.
U.S. corporations used the increased revenues to buy back stock, not invest. Results: standard 2% annual growth or less.
Now Republicans are claiming spending cuts need to be made — cuts that are meaningless.
In fact, these cuts will hurt the general population and slow the growth we already have.
At what point do people stop listening to this political hogwash? We must hold our political representatives responsible.
Term limits for all elected and appointed officials would be a great place to start.
Jim Novotny, Sr.

New and old are good fit in Sch’dy

In response to the May 12 Gazette editorial from May 12, (“Old Schenectady has its place in New Schenectady,”) and it certainly does. What an appropriate idea. The headline piqued my curiosity, and I was immediately anxious to learn the ideas.
After a robust description of New Schenectady, the author finally got to his example, the William F. Eddy Jr. Memorial Track and Field Meet, a mainstay of scholastic sports in Schenectady sidelined by covid but now on its way back. Wonderful! But that’s it!
No more ideas? Certainly, there are other things, i.e. TV was invented in Schenectady in the late 1920s. WRGB was the first TV station in the whole wide world, but they rarely talk about it. They forgot what made them famous.
What about the OLD Schenectady Museum, now freshly renovated and now a science explorium at miSci, or the historic Stockade area?
There are certainly other things. Why not ask your readers for other examples? I have to be honest with you, just one idea left me flat.
Neil M. Golub

Accountability can be had – at a price

We are entering a new era of accountability.
With body cams on police, we can see if they are making correct split second decisions. Next let’s put cameras on doctors and medical staff to see if they are making good decisions too. Then lawsuits can proceed with good evidence.
With a few car computer changes, we can see what garages are doing. By taking in perfectly running cars, we can see if garages are scamming us with unnecessary charges.
Body cams on clergy might slow the amount of pedophilia and fornication. With more cameras in restaurants, we might see if the food being served is healthy. Are employees washing their hands and are tasting spoons being charged between sampling?
With cameras in classrooms, we can see if teachers are indoctrinating children or hopefully teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. With lifetime bots on politicians’ financials and their families, we can find out why politicians leave office with a lot more money than when they entered office.
The new era of body cams, embedded computers and bots will pave the way to detect and minimize human corruption. Who is sleeping on the job will become obvious.
We can even have computers send out warning messages — Why did you only produce 15% less last week and have 34% fewer keystrokes?
Rick Green
Ballston Lake

Not all escaped covid unhobbled

I read on Mother’s Day in his column (“We’re unlikely to learn COVID-19’s collective lessons,”) that Andrew Waite was not “hobbled” by the effects of the pandemic.
It’s something he went through, came out of and, in his words, “will most likely be forgotten.”
Perhaps you weren’t one of the children that listened to Gov. Andrew Cuomo say on live TV that we will ship the covid-positive patients to nursing homes to stay. After all, they are just old people any way.
The result was thousands of nursing home patients died needlessly. They were someone’s mother, father, grandparent. Countless number of elderly died all alone Those families did not come out of that “not hobbled.”
There are the heroic first responders you referred to who put their lives on the line to save others, banging pots and clapping at the end of their shifts, only to be zeroes a short time later because they refused, because of natural immunity, to get shot with an experimental drug.
Many still don’t have their jobs. People shamed them, as it was because of them that this virus spread and now we know that was not true. You can catch it and spread it, even with a shot.
Millions of children wearing ineffective masks, people still driving around alone with a mask on because of Fauci’s lies. Small businesses that lost their great help and shuttered forever.
Andrew, in the world you live in you were not hobbled. But in the world of reality, that time will never be forgotten – ever.
Denise Crisci

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christophe Stalka

MS crisci get the facts before raging the Covid vaccine saved millions of lives here and abroad despite the best efforts of the previous administration. Have a great day or try to have a less bitter one.


Jim Novotny, Sr.–The gop are using extortion with the debt ceiling to keep their precious tax cuts for the wealthy. This is after they spent under 45 like drunken sailors adding 8 TRILLION in only 4 years. Somehow, NOW, fiscal responsibility is #1 for them.

President Biden wants to beef up the IRS to be able to collect more owed taxes, cut loop holes, deny Big Oil their 30 BILLION (socialist) tax break when they made 200 Billion, lower the deficit even more, and provide assistance to the needy.

Hmmm…I wonder which of those plans seems more like Jesus´ teachings as a¨Christian?¨

We’ve read Ms. Crisci’s grievances here before, specious as they are. A proud member of the Society for the Perpetually Aggrieved and Easily Offended, it seems.

It’s past time to give Ms. Crisci’s wailings any credence; every one of her points are, again, easily refutable. But her special group of the “enlightened” are the sad ones, the ones who we can count on the next pandemic to not help and do their best to muck up the response.


Thanks for painting that dystopian hellscape Rick. Perhaps that’s a world you’re interested in living in, and if that’s the case, you can book a flight to China and experience it for yourself. But the rest of us would still prefer to live in a free society. Body cameras don’t just protect citizens from the abuse of the police state, it protects officers from erroneous charges and allegations lodged against them. Choosing our doctors, our clergy, or our children’s schools are all decisions we make, but we don’t get to decide whether to be subjected to the police.

Maybe if doctors and clergy killed people the way law enforcement does, often without cause and often protected by their “brethren”, they too would be required to wear body cams.
Law enforcement has brought body cams upon themselves because the trust level is so low.
Serpico was right.

Fair point, Whoville. It was for the reasons you cite that the founders included the 4th through the 8th amendments in the Bill of Rights. No state would accept the Constitution without those protections. They were well aware of government abuse by the English. How come we have a “special relationship” with those people, anyway?

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