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Letters to the Editor Thursday, June 1 – Three, from readers in Schenectady, Niskayuna, and Rexford

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Put focus back on serving the people

With the coming election, my question is when did money become the reason we elect someone to office in America, whether local or national?
No longer is it about what the individual can do for the public,  be it state or nation.
And once you donate to any cause or individual, the request for more money keeps coming almost daily.
It makes one wonder what happened to the people this great nation was set on.
You either have to be far right or far left.
Most folks are somewhere in the middle at least, I believe.
I have lifelong friends and relatives that get along but vote much differently in elections and don’t demonize each other.
Louise Wasson

Lack of caring at Ellis was disgusting

On May 22, I was in the unfortunate position of having to go to the emergency department at Ellis Hospital for an inability to breathe.
I arrived at 10:45 a.m. and was finally seen by the PA at 7 p.m.
What was most disturbing about this experience was the number of people in physical distress who were placed in the waiting area for no less than seven hours.
An older gentleman had been sent by his cardiologist for difficulty breathing, and yet there he sat.
The phlebotomist, who sat off the waiting room area, remained seated on her stool, screamed out people’s names, but wouldn’t step out of her room so patients could see who was calling them.
At one point, she screamed a person’s name three times before she wheeled herself — remaining seated — just over the doorway threshold.
I told her that the elderly man she was calling had no one with him, and he needed assistance to get to her area for his blood draw.
She remained seated, asked him if he needed her to come out and get him, and he replied that he did need assistance.
Some people left after waiting hours, while others remained in pain and/or distress, with no one checking on them.
I’m a former employee of Ellis Hospital and never have I seen such a blatant disregard for the elderly, the sick or for those seeking “urgent” care, only to be treated as a nuisance.
What a disgusting display of “healthcare.”
Anne Fitzgerald

Musk was unfairly targeted by writer

I write in response to Barbara Mancuso’s May 26 Letter to the Editor (“Why note the gender of new Twitter CEO”?) in Your Niskayuna, in which she characterizes the headline “Musk says he’s found a woman to lead Twitter as new CEO” as evidence of Musk’s misogyny.
Musk didn’t write the headline, so the complainant should take her case up with the newspaper, not Musk.
She goes on to say that “in [Musk’s] mind, CEOs are men.” Doubtful. Another of his companies, SpaceX, has had a female president for 15 years.
Grant Henson


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Bill Marincic

Let me tell you a story about a weak President. Back in 1979 about a dozen Hells Angels from the Los Angeles charter went to a motorcycle swap meet. When they walked in, they saw 50 or so members from the Mongols. The Mongols headed straight for the Hells Angels being led by a former Hells Angel that had been kicked out of the club, when he left, he took another Hells Angels wife with him. That Hells Angels who lost his wife happened to be with them that day. As soon as the Mongols got to the Hells Angels, the one that lost his wife immediately punched the Mongol in the face, and an all out riot broke out. Those 12 house angels held off 50 Mongols. When they got back to the clubhouse their President Ray, who was very weak and a meth addict had already heard about the fight. He asked what happened and he immediately got on the phone with someone from the Mongols set up a meeting with them and made a truce. I’m sure you’re thinking this was a good idea but it wasn’t. The Hells Angels outnumbered the Mongols 20 to 1. Ray should have let them stew in their clubhouse for a few days until they called begging for forgiveness. By Ray calling immediately and setting up that meeting showed them weakness. In three weeks or so they got a phone call from the president of the Mongols, who told them that they’re going to start wearing a California bottom rocker. The Hells Angels, are the dominant motorcycle club in the state of California and they were the only ones to wear a California bottom rocker and when the Mongols did this It was a sign of total disrespect and a slap in the face to all Hells Angels in the world. Because of that phone call and meeting that Ray took started a war between the Hells Angels and Mongols that is still going on today more than 50 years later. Whenever I seen Biden and China this reminds me of how much death a weak president can cause.

What? BM posts, “Whenever I seen (sic) Biden and China this reminds me of how much death a weak president can cause.” What does the description of Biden’s relationship to China have to do with “a war between the Hells Angels and Mongols?”

Try again. Describe how Biden’s dealings with China have been weak and how that weakness resulted in so many deaths.

What an idiotic, juvenile comment.
And btw, your man-love is showing.

Meanwhile 2 prominent female MAGA voices have expressed concerns that the GOP got played yet again by Dementia Joe.

Guy Varoma

Mr Bill 🤡 let me tell you a story about an idiot, There once was a guy that posted he was 17% African American so he couldn’t be a racist. This man went on to post conspiracies about which way broken window glass fell at Paul Pelosi’s house as something nefarious. He also claimed he had a trans brother and a sister with an Olympic size swimming pool in Florida. They could be the same person but he won’t say. This man also claimed he read Mein Kampf at age 13 but didn’t spell the book’s name correctly and couldn’t cite anything from the book. This man continues to come on a newspaper forum and makes a fool of himself often….Do you know who this man is?

Guy Varoma

Anthony….Thank you……I have good recall memory when I hear Bullshit…..It’s like did he really say that lol

christophe Stalka

MR varoma I have to agree yor response to that Big Bms delusional ramble is a classic. But Don’t forget about his massive monthly income although that maybe for two people including his alter ego Zach.

Bill Wemple

Ok, so here’s an intelligent response. You’re trying to compare two groups that operate on basically a tribal level to two Nation-states that practice formal diplomacy backed by massive military and economic forces, and that still manage to maintain trade on a huge scale despite their differences. Your comparison is an abject failure that I wish I hadn’t wasted the time to read.

BM, you believe yourself being so adept at resolving very complex situations, I suggest you take a ride to the Americade bike rally in Lake George. Perhaps there’ll be some Hells Angels and Mongols at the event and you can explain to them how to resolve issues “still going on today more than 50 years later.”

Being such a strong advocate of the Second Amendment, perhaps it would be advisable for you to pack some heat in case things get out of control. Ya know, the good guy with the gun.

Who knows, your next step may be a trip to China, don’t t forget your gun.


Thanks for the laugh Guy! Not an lol, but an actual real life belly laugh came from reading that. It seems so much more ridiculous when you put all of those ludicrous claims together into one paragraph.

Bill Marincic

And as they always do the Schenectady Gazettes version of the swamp speaks. A whole cast of feeble old men and women without an IQ score above 50 attacking someone that tells them the truth. There are three anonymous keyboard warriors that I won’t even give the time a response to. Carry on swamp carry on.

Bill Marincic

I wouldn’t call them gang bangers, they have built a World Wide multi Billion dollar brand. Yes some of them break the law but I will bet that some in your family do as well.

Just when I think you can’t top yourself, there you go.

I’m sure they’re right up there with the 4-Hers, except for the gun-running, narco-trafficking, human trafficking, violent interactions with other gangs, prostitution, stolen goods trafficking, extortion, and on… and on.

But hey! They’re the manly-men you probably wish to be on your own HD!

And by the way: I’m very familiar with my lineage going back 11 generations on one side, 3 on the other.

The only crimes I’m aware of amounting to more than a DUI (not me) was one of my earliest ancestors, a magistrate (a “schout”) and one of the 15 founders of the entity that became Schenectady and one of the founders of Niskayuna, being reprimanded by authorities for trading beaver skins with Mohawks and canoodling with a woman of the same.

Law breaking is not a part of my lineage, as I believe is true for most. We have a long history of respecting the law and participating in providing legal justice.

christophe Stalka

Anyone have a problem with the we all break the law a little bit perspective.its the song .Big Bm aka Zach needs to embrace to continue his love affair with Trump. Does it sound as dumb to anyone else?

Guy Varoma

Mr. 🤡 you saying you post facts is like when Marjorie Taylor Greene gaveled in calling for decorum rules when sitting in as Speaker …..The whole house roared with laughter including some republicans ….This is the same person that jeered all through Biden’s State of the Union address ……….You need help of a special kind


So you’re telling us the truth when you make up some random story about rival biker gangs from 1979 in an attempt to paint the president as weak? Was your story supposed to be referencing Ray Foakes? Because he would’ve been 15 back in ’79 lmao.

Bill Marincic

I will answer this time Keyboard Warrior, Ray Folkes was decades later, it was actually Ray who became the Hells Angel president of the LA charter after Old Man John set up the truce with the Mongols but Ray was with him. Regardless of all that it was weakness that started that war and it’s going to be Bidens weakness that gets us dragged into WWIII.


Oh, so it was Old Man John that was weak and set up the truce with the Mongols, not Ray, as you originally stated in your made up story. Got it.

Marincic: Believe it or not, I understand your point (God help me). I think you were laboring to say history teaches us not to fall for a bluff. According to this theory, more powerful nations should crush weaker foes when they have the chance, rather than wait for the enemy to gain strength and present a more deadly problem in the future.

Did I get that right? If so, you should have taken an example from history instead of an anecdote about the Hell’s Angels and their rivals. You still would have been lambasted by the folks on this page who are . . . shall we say, more intellectually grounded, but, at least, you would have been playing in their league.

The classic example of a historical bluff is Hitler’s successful demand to annex the Sudetenland, then part of Czechoslovakia, in 1936. He argued that Germany was entitled to it on the grounds that most of the Czechs living in the area were German-speaking (the exact reasoning Putin relies on to justify his seizure of Crimea and eastern Ukraine).

Military historians argue that had English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain not intervened and capitulated to Hitler, the German army was too weak and ill-equipped to capture the fortifications in the Sudetenland. His own generals told him so. Had the Czechs been allowed to fight it out, they might have won on their own, but Germany’s defeat would have been certain if the Russians had joined the fight to protect their Slavic brothers, which was quite likely.

If you had based your argument on an example like this, you might still have lost the debate, but you wouldn’t have subjected yourself to such ridicule.

Wizard, the problem for BM is he can’t use facts to support his contention that Biden’s weakness will drag us into WWIII because there are none. Biden is sending military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and encouraging other nations to pitch in. Crippling sanctions on Russia are having an impact on Russia’s ability to continue its attack on Ukraine.

It is Trump who likely would have worked for a settlement that would have cost Ukraine much territory and its sovereignty. An emboldened Russia would not have stopped there; Putin would have continued his efforts to gain control over all territories and satellite countries of the U.S.S.R. and more.

Trump is the weak, naive man who would have been played like a fiddle by Putin.

The story about the warring motorcycle gangs has no place in this discussion and its seems, as ChuckD has pointed out, that BM admires motorcycle gangs, many of them deep into criminal activities, as made up of real men, willing to fight with the weak leaders failing.

Guy Varoma

Anthony I shudder at the idea of what would have happened if Trump won in 2020….I’m sure he would have vetoed any support for The Ukraine and NATO would be in disarray

I believe Trump wanted an alliance with Russia. He felt Putin would respect him as a strong and intelligent leader while Putin saw him as nothing more than a tool to advance his goal of world domination.

It is likely that at some point in Putin’s aggressive foreign policy, catastrophic war would have occurred between NATO and Russia. I believe Trump would have orchestrated our departure from NATO and accepted American vassalage to Putin’s Empire. That is, if humans survived the unthinkable, nuclear war.

I really believe that. I don’t know it but it seems the most likely outcome had Trump managed to gain a second term and achieved dictatorial authority.

Skeptics, I offer you these thoughts from Donald Trump:

“’He’s the head of a country, and I mean, he’s the strong head, don’t let anyone think anything different,’” Trump said during an interview on Fox & Friends. ‘He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.’ Trump says he wants people to treat him like North Koreans treat Kim Jung Un.” Jun 15, 2018, VOX

I was hoping Marincic would respond by drawing a comparison between Hitler and the Sudetenland vs. China and Taiwan. But he didn’t take the bait. I don’t know why; it was an obvious retort (that’s rhetorical). In effect, you answered for him with your Russia analogy and refuted what should have been his response at the same time. Poor fellow. He’s like a beginner chess player advised what his next move should be by his opponent.

But, leaving Marincic aside, which we should do more often, China is indeed a problem. We ought to be discussing that issue instead of using hapless Marincic as a punching bag (I can’t resist it, either). Next opportunity, I’ll raise the China question for discussion. There are some pretty smart commenters on this page. I’d like to solicit their opinions, especially yours.

I think we need to get past the notion that anyone professing faith in trump and maga is interested in debate.
No one personifies this group more than marincic. No one bends over further for the SPD, nor apparently shines more chrome for the Hells Angels. He’s a wannabe thug and tough guy. And he may work for an auto shop but i wonder how hard he works to wash his lily-white hands. I’m guessing a little Dove does it.

No, this pathetic human gets nothing but ridicule from me because he brings nothing but insult, to white people and people of color, to this country and to the Christian faith. Debate is out if his league because he’s locked into his own fantasy and has been indoctrinated to never back down. I guess “real men” don’t negotiate, nor debate. Theirs is a world of the WWE, and McMahon and Trump, and a bit of WC Fields. It must suck to live in a cartoon world.

Adding to the definition of “dirt bag”, yet another wise white Republican male who knows little about business. Behold the Only Billionaire in West Virginia:


Republican Gov. Jim Justice was once identified as the only billionaire in West Virginia, but the business empire he built on coal has shrunk to a small number of companies beset by lawsuits and struggling to pay their bills.

A flurry of court filings in cases against Justice and his family indicates that his sprawling enterprises are short on cash, with his own lawyers calling them “disorganized.”

The court documents show that Justice is facing a series of extraordinary actions for a sitting governor — including the potential garnishment of part of his $150,000 state salary to repay loans for coal equipment, the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported earlier this year. Another plaintiff has asked U.S. marshals to seize millions of dollars from his accounts.

www politico com/news/2023/06/01/stretched-to-the-limit-jim-justices-shrinking-coal-empire-pelted-by-legal-attacks-00099575

Bill Wemple

I honestly believe China is playing Russia and is just waiting in the wings for Putin to fail so it can come in and basically take over Russia economically. Then, we will have a huge bloc opposing the West.

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