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Letters to the Editor, Tuesday, June 6 – Two, from readers in Schenectady and Johnstown

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Stop the killing of the pollinators

Saratoga sponsored “No Mow May” to help feed our pollinators. I followed suit in Johnstown. But where are the pollinators?
I have many flowering weeds. My neighbor has a flowering crab.
But in the last three weeks, I have seen but seven pollinators, six living and one dead. My yard and my neighbor’s tree ought to be buzzing with pollinators.
Pollinators are an important part of the food chain, pollinating our crops so they will produce food for us and for the cattle we eat. No pollinators, no food; it’s that simple.
The use of pesticides on farms and on private lawns are helping to kill them off. Not only do pesticides kill pollinators, but I am also sure they kill the birds that eat them. I used to awaken to a riot of birdsong.
Now, I’m lucky to hear a couple of “cheeps” in the early morning.
What are we doing to the other creatures that share the Earth with us?
Scientists say that we are in the sixth great extinction, of which we are the cause.
Not only will we be lonely without the birds and other of God’s creatures, we will be extinct ourselves, because we have killed off the pollinators, and there won’t be anything to eat.
A choice: green lawn or food for your grandchildren.
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson

McCarthy a leader, gets things done

I have lived in the city of Schenectady for 33 years. I have had an opportunity to meet many leaders and have learned much from their styles. As a result, I have come to know our mayor, Gary McCarthy, well.
Gary watches the tax dollars and cuts waste while we get the services to enjoy.
The city has paved 10 miles of roads and we are getting a new aquatic facility in Central Park.
A city is not livable unless it is safe. We have one candidate who has backed “Defund the Police” candidates and then we have Mayor McCarthy. Under Mayor McCarthy’s tenure, homicides are down significantly on his watch.
I remember years of 8-12 homicides per year when Gary wasn’t the mayor. Gun and violent crime are down 20% in the city. This is despite the police department being down 15 officers.
Gary is a leader with a heart for our community. He’s logical, strong, caring, energetic and has a style that gets things done.
For these reasons, I will be voting for Gary McCarthy in the upcoming Democratic primary and the general election and urge you to do the same.
Joe Vendetti


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Bill Marincic

Again, I stopped posting for almost a week and what do I see in every single one of those letters to the editor days? I see the daily Gazettes version of the Washington swamp attacking anyone that dares to disagree with them. I don’t know if the Gazette feels That they are serving all of the people when they have seven or eight lefties who attack everybody that doesn’t agree with them every day. We had multiple voices just a couple short months ago and they have disappeared whether by just getting tired of being attacked, or being taken off the platform by the Gazette. I’m sure I will be attacked by this comment, and to tell the truth I could care less, I’ve gone up against these lefties year after year as a matter of fact, if you go back three or four years, you will have them saying the exact same thing they’re saying today, just insert someone else’s name that they are attacking. And I will give the left credit though, because they are all like trained puppets, as soon as the liberal news comes out with a position they like everyone else on the left parrots that position over and over again , hey, they never let a good crisis go to waste do they?

christophe Stalka

Big Bill marinicic BM AKA Zach your nasty history speaks for itself. You lie about your background you make up facts, you post under fake names you insult everyone I think it’s great posters call you out for your nonsense like they’ve doing.

Stop whining and lying life can get better for you.give it a try.

how about that debt ceiling agreement another disappointment for team Trump!!

Bill Marincic

I said I was not going to respond to somebody like you a juvenile or an adult maybe with a juvenile mentality. But I will say this I have never lied about anything. I posted it all on Facebook for anybody to see to go there and see the proof. If you didn’t go that’s on you you had the opportunity. Now again, I will stop responding to you, you’re just a minor, puppet in a minor play.

Bill Marincic

Santo you said you were a teacher obviously I was correct when I said you weren’t a very good teacher. I said I could care less if I am attacked which I was immediately. I guess reading comprehension was not on your list of priorities when you went to school.

“I could care less” means you are somewhat concerned about the opinions of other posters. You have some concern because you could “care less”. Sometimes it is a stubborn student who is the problem, not a teacher trying his best to help that student.

You are not a student but an adult who refuses to accept the possibility he could be wrong. How very sad.

Again, I back up what I say. You flounder and make a fool of yourself.

“I stopped posting for almost a week”… And in those few days you posted the most reasonable, rational honest things you’ve ever put up on this forum, that being nothing.

Bill Marincic

Sometimes Lou, it’s better to shut up and let people think you’re stupid rather than in your case you keep opening your mouth and proving that fact

BM, no one is attacking you or those who agree with you. I and others you label “lefties” are presenting fact-based opinions and looking for reasoned responses from conservatives, but as Christophe has already pointed out, that is not what you do. Instead, you complain about others. For example, read my last post yesterday. Your response in no way addressed the content, just as your post today contains no statements of your views on issues, only an attack on other posters, ironically accusing them of attacking you!

The letter written by Ms. Swanker-Gibson makes a very important point. Human activities are threatening the ability of our planet to sustain life. Use of pesticides is killing off pollinators, mostly bees, that are a critical component of the food chain. Her final comment will likely be read and dismissed by most but I think it is a valid statement, “A choice: green lawn or food for your grandchildren.”


Humans are the greatest threat, for sure! Ari Melber´s show last night scared the hell out of me with Artificial Intelligence (AI), too. Humans better get a grip on technology–regulate it–and use it to save mankind.

As I said the other day, the earth will be fine, we’re just pushing hard on the envelope of our own eventual demise.

I believe artificial intelligence will, as usual, simply be a tool for the rich and powerful to become richer and more powerful at the expense of millions of of jobs and human sacrifice. Yes, AI could be a wonderful thing, but not unlike money being spent on wars and weapons as apposed to science and technology, its use will be misdirected.

Anthony: it’s not just the pollinators at risk. The weed killers on the lawns are affecting fireflies, among other insects, which means that bats are affected, too. Bats already have other problems. Lawn nazis are killers.

They are also directly affecting human health, in some cases causing deadly cancers. Why “lawn nazis,” as you understandably refer to them, are obsessed with a “perfect” green patch is a mystery to me, one of a growing number. Why not spend that time, energy, and money in raising organic vegetables? If gardening is not an interest, spend the savings on organic food. Let some areas go wild. Put in a rock garden, build a patio etc. Sit at a picnic table on your patio and watch the amazing variety of wildlife around you. Feed the squirrels, chipmunks, and birds. It is more fun than looking at a lawn. Trust me.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 pointing out the lies and misinformation you and others spew is not attacking. The comment you made sounds more like butt hurt to me. Maybe take a few more weeks away and heal up.


Hard to take the attack cries seriously from the “facts don’t care about your feelings” and the “libs are snowflakes” crowd.

In her column on the Opinion page Patricia Murphy points out that Rep. Andrew Clyde “called the McCarthy-Biden deal ‘fiscally irresponsible insanity.'” Insanity? Isn’t this the man who said the 1/6 insurrectionists looked liked tourists? Does he realize that default would result in far higher interest rates on U.S. debt resulting in tremendous increases in the national debt, necessitating higher taxes and drastic cuts to Social Security and Medicare?

christophe Stalka

MR Santo many in our government were drooling over the potential disasters that would have followed a failed debt ceiling vote. The delusional traitors among us must continue to be called out for their behavior thank you.

The truth is like a slap in the face to themas we ignore the fake protestations of innocence and good intentions

Trump had this to say about his likely indictment for mishandling and improper storage of government documents and obstruction of justice following a last ditch effort on the part of his lawyers in a meeting with DOJ officials who plead with them not to bring charges against the former president, “They did go in and they saw ’em and they said very unfair. No other president has ever been charged with anything like this.”

But Donald, no other president has ever done what you did, lied about continued possession of top secret documents giving rise to the suspicion they were being kept for nefarious reasons.

Lest we forget, “(Jack) Smith is leading a separate probe into efforts by Trump and his allies to undo the results of the 2020 presidential election.”

Quotes are from, “Trump lawyers meet with DOJ as charging decision draws near,” on p. A5 of today’s DG.


Looks like only 23% believe 45 should be able to serve as president if he is convicted of a serious crime.
Just in Manhattan, 45 has to face 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to conceal hush money payments made to a porn star during his 2016 presidential campaign; Trump’s criminal trial in that case is set to begin next March, right in the middle of the GOP primary calendar.
Hopefully we can be rid of this dangerous, evil P.T. Barnum once and for all. Let´s make the government boring again!

How extreme and irrational are some of people fighting “wokism” which actually refers to awareness of injustices in our economic, social and political systems?

“The people I know who turned their back on Bud Light, they would rather die of thirst than take a sip of Bud Light. This is where it’s getting with this stuff.” Kari Lake, from behind her usual vaseline filter, last night (June 5) on Newsmax.

Everyone knows the economic catastrophe that would result from defaulting on the debt, especially the damage it would do to our bond rating. It’s pitifully ironic, however, that this very maneuver, supposedly meant to cut government spending, actually increases the deficit by the millions because bills are accrued while Congress pursues the idiotic effort.

Even though we could hear a collective sigh of relief from government officials and Wall Street when a deal was finally reached this time, I predict that if Republicans continue to use this tactic – and it is a Republican tactic, Democrats have never used it, even when the “other guy” was in office – the mere threat of routinizing this brinkmanship will lower our bond ratings. If investors have to worry about the possibility of default every time our bills come due, unlikely as a full default may be, they may become reluctant to put their faith in American securities.

We might say “phew” this time, but if Republicans keep playing the brinkmanship game, eventually our bond ratings will tank just at the mere suggestion of another standoff, because, who knows, this time the sky may actually fall.

Wizard, you post about a valid concern. As everyone knows, financial markets respond negatively to uncertainty. Republicans are playing with fire and the entire global financial system could be burned. Pay attention voters, play close attention.

The Republicans really are playing with fire by holding the debt ceiling hostage. Democrats should have eliminated it in 21-22 when they had the majority. If there is any merit to the uber-patriotic claim of “American Exceptionalism,” it lies in the fact that our currency is the backbone of world commerce. The reason the U.S. dollar enjoys such popularity, as we all know, isn’t because we are nice guys who don’t invade other nations based on phony intelligence or our generosity (our foreign aid is but a fraction of our budget) or our hospitable reception to immigrants. No, it’s based predominantly on our credit. Our history – from Hamilton’s economic plan to assume the states’ debt after the Revolution, to the passage of the 14th amendment to our financing the Allied effort in WW II – shows we always pay our bills.

Bill Marincic

I said I wasn’t going to respond to anonymous keyboard warriors, but I can’t let this go without responding. Nobody in the GOP held the debt ceiling hostage, it was hiding Biden you know the guy that refuses to come out of his basement while he runs for president. You know the guy that won’t debate the other Democrats I don’t think that’s going to work out so well for him this time as there’s no Covid well at least not yet. It was Biden who said for 96 days that he would not negotiate and he wanted unlimited spending like we did during Covid even though we don’t have Covid anymore and that was a big farce anyways . I watch video after video of Biden wandering around not knowing where he’s at just like he did again today when he had the basketball players at the White House. He has no idea what he is doing so you’re right in a way, it wasn’t Biden that held the debt ceiling hostage it was his handlers, who are more than likely Susan Rice Barack Obama or one of the others.

What in the name of sanity are you trying to say?

Maybe a shot of bleach or ivermectin will clear your mind and enable you to make sense and back up what you say. Not likely, but thanks for giving me a hardy laugh. You really are the poster boy for unawareness.

How about learning the wonders of bullet points and you won’t come off as a disjointed idiot. This is what’s called a stream of consciousness. A half-baked one.
I echo Mr. Santo. And Wizard makes you look like you need medication.

If the Republican Party insists on behaving like flatulent, obese WWE “fighters” (or biker gang-bangers, as some would want) instead of serious respectable people, let’s get Christie and tRumpy up on the debate stage, bring out the snacks and beverages and make a fun evening out of it.
That’s a prize fight I’ll watch!
Just send the kids to bed first.

Meanwhile the grownups in the Democratic Party will continue leading this country forward into an uncertain future. Thank you Democrats for being the adults in the room.

Guy Varoma

If you go to a Trump rally and a pro wrestling match it’s the same people…They just want to be entertained.

I actually thought Trump was pranking us at the beginning of the Republican debates in 2015. I laughed and thought this guy is purposely trying to a pull a fast one and give us all a good laugh. It didn’t take long to figure out he was serious and therefore a very dangerous man.

I think you are right about those at Trump rallies generally being people who watch WWE (many think it is real). They are also the majority of those at NASCAR and various big truck events. I wonder why.

Guy Varoma

No doubt about it,,,,,Trump was entertaining ….Like a clown at a circus. …I would have never believed back in 2016 that many people would be so easily fooled. But I think there are more good people than bad people in the USA. Trump had a perfect storm in 2016….They demonized Hillary for 2 years prior. And the ignorant people bought it. Plus a black man being president for 8 years brought out the racists that couldn’t handle it. Trump knew this and embraced the racists like to candidate had done so outwardly before They heard Trump’s dog whistle….Then Comey one week before the election comes up with another Hillary email conspiracy which netted nothing but it was too late….I think Trump expected to lose and was shocked when he wone, ,,,,The Republican voters released the Kraken and like it.

Bill Marincic

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the Hometown version of the Washington swamp here daily on the letters to editor comments you have, Guy, Anthony, Chris, Wizard, Lou, Florida, Chuck D, Cynthia, and Anthony Santo, former teacher, or should I say, indoctrinator. Each and every one of these people above, will tell you that you are wrong, and they are right, they will attack you, they will contact your place of employment and complain about you. There’s no dirty tricks that these people won’t use. And they are loved by the editorial department of the daily gazette, who gives them free pass.

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