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Letters to the Editor Saturday, June 10

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Questions about parade changes

I am writing to ask a couple of questions about the Niska Day parade this year.
1. Why was the beginning of the route changed to avoid Union Street? I have heard it was because Albany Med did not want its entrance blocked. This situation could have been avoided by putting a sign out front or a notice in the newspapers that the front entrance would be blocked for a time period and that patients could use the rear entrance through the parking lot of St. Kateri School.
2.The residents of Brookdale have long enjoyed front row seats to the performances in the parade. It would be a shame to deprive them of this pleasure.
Was any accommodation made for the residents of Brookdale to make up for this loss, such as transportation to/from the grandstand, with seating provided? I look forward to any response.
Barbara Follain

Puerto Ricans are American citizens

Bob Cudmore’s article in the June 3 edition of The Gazette continues the false narrative that Puerto Ricans are foreigners, not American citizens.
The article’s headline, “Puerto Rican immigrant marks milestone birthday,” is incorrect.
Puerto Ricans would move or relocate to a state, not immigrate, as Puerto Rico is an American territory, not a separate country.
Immigrants are those who leave one country to permanently live in another.
Recent articles of a Puerto Rican being denied a car rental in New Orleans and a family being denied boarding a flight from Los Angeles to Puerto Rico because one child did not have a passport are examples of the misconception that Puerto Ricans are not American citizens. Mr. Cudmore’s article’s unfortunate use of the term “immigrant” adds to this misguided notion.
Mark Gibbons

Fields’ condition a mark on McCarthy

There are over 100 Schenectady kids playing recreational baseball this spring on the Little League fields on Oregon Avenue and Route 7, where generations of city kids have played before them.
But the state of those fields is a testament to the lack of leadership that the McCarthy administration has shown over the past 12 years.
The fields sit on city parkland, but the fence is patched with nets; the roofs, the equipment storage sheds and the dugouts rot away; and the field sign dedicated to fallen Officer Eric Verteramo at the field entrance stands faded and forlorn.
Why haven’t public funds been used to revitalize these facilities in the same way they’ve been used to upgrade others the city owns?
It sends a message to the kids who play there that they don’t really count. To the thousands of cars that pass the fields daily, it shows that the “progress” the city has experienced under Mayor McCarthy is only for certain people in certain parts of town.
That’s one of the many reasons I’m voting for Marion Porterfield in the Democratic primary for mayor of Schenectady on June 27.
Andrew Morris

Road improvement won’t last too long

Thank you from this resident of Eastern Parkway for the beautiful new paved road we have. It is such a joy to drive on.
However, it will only last for the next 12-18 months because of all the tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks that use the road illegally. Why doesn’t Schenectady have CCTV on these and other roads?
Eastern Parkway is also a road wherein people run the stop signs and speed between every stop sign as if it was the Indy 500. I was told that even if Schenectady had CCTV, they couldn’t ticket anyone for running a stop sign or speeding.
That is the purpose of CCTV; it not only captures the car, but the driver as well. Time to move into the 21st century and do something to better the life of Schenectady’s residents – New Schenectady – time to stand up to the name and give your citizens something new.
Barbara J. Kerr

Stop unfair attacks about Ostrelich

Would someone please tell me who is Kevin Duffy?
He keeps writing such mean things about Michelle Ostrelich. I don’t understand his obsession. I find it creepy. If you know him, please help him find a better, more constructive way to spend his time.
I know and admire Michelle Ostrelich. She’s smart, supports causes and issues that make for a better society, and represents me very well in the county Legislature. She took on an entrenched politician when she ran for state senate and informed us about his extremely conservative voting record.
I appreciate her values and her bravery. Duffy’s attacks seem so inaccurate. Even if there’s a small bit of truth in there, he dishonorably frames things until they are so exaggerated that I don’t recognize the Michelle Ostrelich I know.
His attacks sound a lot like the awful anonymous Twitter account that attacked her with disgusting videos all last year.
Michelle is too classy to stoop to his level and call him out for his despicable behavior. Kevin, get out of the mud, clean yourself up and stop.
Roberta Steiner


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The absurdity of Trump’s attempts to equate his mishandling of government documents with Biden’s case is clearly stated on p. A2 of today’s DG in the article,”Trump allegedly showed off classified material.” The title alone says a lot about our, thankfully, FORMER president. But for those who willfully continue to insist Biden did the same thing Trump did, I quote from the article:

“Though classified records were found in a Biden home and office, there has been no indication that the president, unlike Trump, sought to conceal them or knew they were there.”

I have not read anything nasty that Duffy has written about Osterlich. Unless you call stating the facts nasty. Since she was apportioned to the county legislature, she in a short period of time has run for state senate, was defeated and then ran for county. I do question her commitment to Schenectady County. She is a politician and people have a right to disagree with her or criticize her political stands. Also I don’t remember her speaking out against the anonymous Niskyfails when it slandered and lied about another Democrat. Now Niskyfails was nasty.

Guy Varoma

He didn’t do that. And if he did, he didn’t mean to. And if he did you didn’t understand him. And if you did understand it’s no big deal. And if it is a big deal others have done worse.. ……Mr. Bill 🤡Trump voter 2024 !!!!

christophe Stalka

Mr Varoma let me put this in perspective for you. Jack Smith is a no nonsense straight arrow.

I just hope the people shelping the contaminated docs out of Trumps commode got to wear hazmat suits!


Those politicians who are vouching for Trump have put their personal and Party’s welfare over the welfare of this nation. They have, by doing this, broken the oath they took when they were sworn in to office. The rank and file supporters of Trump are deluded and, like Trump, unwilling or unable to admit the error of their ways. We need the remaining investigations to be presented and voted out of the Grand Jury so they are presented with the complete story of Trumps megalomania and cowardice. May it happen soon.

“I have a message tonight for Merrick Garland, and Jack Smith, and Joe Biden. And the guys back there in the fake news media, you should listen up as well, this one’s for you. If you wanna get to President Trump, you’re gonna have to go through me, and you’re gonna have to go through 75 million Americans just like me. And I’m gonna tell you, most of us are card-carrying members of the NRA. That’s not a threat, that’s a public service announcement.” – Kari Lake, earning cheers at the Georgia Republican Party convention.

With leaders like Kari Lake, the GOP is imploding. They are their own worst enemy. Lindsey Graham predicted widespread violence and bloodshed if Trump were to be indicted in New York. It didn’t happen. It won’t happen this time. The GOP looks more and more like the enemy of American democracy and the rule of law. We will find more and people denying they ever admired and supported Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.

The reality that MAGA doesn’t want to face (Part 1):


Kari Lake, the Trump-backed Republican candidate who lost the 2022 Arizona governor’s race to Democrat Katie Hobbs, fell short because tens of thousands of Maricopa County voters cast ballots for other Republicans, but not her, according to a report by the Arizona Republic.
But according to the (Arizona) Republic, Lake’s loss boils down to the fact that she alienated vast swaths of her fellow Republicans, pointing to a recent analysis of the public voting records to identify the “disaffected voters” who support the majority of candidates from one political party but cast a vote for the opposing party in a specific race.

“The numbers show that while Lake claims she lost because of printer problems or other issues in Maricopa County,” wrote the Republic’s Mary Jo Pitzl, “she could have won had she not turned off voters in the state’s most populous county who backed a host of other Republican candidates”:

Those decisions made a profound difference: Democrat Katie Hobbs picked up the support of 33,000 Maricopa County voters who cast ballots for Republicans in six down-ballot races, such as state treasurer and county attorney. Adding to Lake’s deficit were another nearly 6,000 Republican-leaning voters who opted to skip the race altogether or wrote in a candidate, the analysis found.

If those voters had stuck with the GOP ticket, Lake would have won. She lost by 17,117 votes statewide.
www abc15 com/news/state/maps-show-arizona-republicans-who-rejected-donald-trump-in-november-2020-election
electionlawblog org/?p=122303

The reality that MAGA doesn’t want to face (Part 2):


“Arizona Analysis Shows That Many Republicans Did Not Vote for Trump in 2020”
May 24, 2021, 4:55 pm
About 75,000 Republican-leaning voters in Arizona’s two most populous counties did not vote to re-elect President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, according to an analysis of every vote cast by a longtime Arizona Republican Party election observer and election technologists familiar with vote-counting data.
electionlawblog org/?p=122303

Were you born this stupid or did you take lessons? Read the facts, BM. I cannot believe you’re so masochistic as to spout such nonsense, when you know there are others much better informed than you and willing to call you out with glee. I know we’re supposed to be civil on this forum, and I agree with that regulation, but sometimes you state such utter partisan baloney that you leave us no other choice.

He’s a nasty ignorant white supremacist lying bigoted racist with the persistence of vultures over a dead carcass. What he’s saying now is mild compared to his despicable comments during the George Floyd murder incident. – That was before you were contributing to this forum.

He blamed Floyd’s death on everything from drug dealers to his family, to a $20 theft, as well as not surrendering. Never acknowledging any culpability on the part of Derek Chauvin.

christophe Stalka

oh big BM aka just be thankful hes not targeting pathological liars

you keep hoping your idol the traitor squirms out of his seditious behavior

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 feeling low today i presume. ….It’s a long way to conviction or acquittal….pace your stupidity and save some tears. Even stupidity like yours should be done in moderation …..

christophe Stalka

Mr Varoma can you imagine the tears Big BM aka Zach has shed watching that embarrassment of a traitorTrump try to squirm his way out from under this mess?

I mean even the best pathological liar would be weaping

Even that loser Ivanka bailed on daddy not sure about Snort jr hes probably to “confused’ to draw a logical conclusion and Eric well Eric yep.

BM is like a guerrilla soldier but totally ineffective. He goes into hiding, emerges behind a camouflage of righteous indignation, engages in surprise attacks on the opposition, but being unarmed, he never manages to inflict any damage.

Two dozen white supremacists are outside the main Disney World entrance in Orlando right now, marching with signs featuring Gov DeSantis’s face, swastikas, the n-word and homophobic slurs.

This is the 2023 Republican Party.

Doesn’t MAGA hero and “Chosen One” Donald J. Trump sound presidential and sane in this latest tweet?

Posted today to Trump’s Truth Social account:


Many people probably did go to bed, crying tears of joy, happy to see this clown beginning to get the justice he so richly deserves. We are already smiling, smiling with satisfaction, as we see the wheels of justice grinding slowly but finely, with this threat to everything decent caught up in the gears. The fascists, lunatics, and deranged maniacs are Trump’s inner circle. People like Giuliani, Powell, Lindell, Flynn, Stone, Clark, Navarro and Bannon who, hopefully, will be investigated and charged for complicity in Trump’s crimes.

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