Letter to the Editor: TV  wars; pets good; feel bad for migrants

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TV  wars; pets good; feel bad for migrants

This cable TV abomination going on with major providers Direct TV and Spectrum is going to give greed a bad name.
The reality is we’ve depended on cable carriers to give us bang for our buck. All they’ve done has been to stimulate antenna sales.
Speaking of entertainment, I always thought with all the zillions of channels that every fringe actor should have a job somewhere.
Turns out they can barely afford an in-ground pool and privacy fence to put around it. What is to become of the new TV season and movies like Halloween Part 57?
What would we do without our pets? They seem to know when we need a hug. That’s why some owners treat them like humans when actual humans fail us.
Look. Somebody on your family tree came over here about 250 years ago and then made you relevant.
The current immigrant issues that have landed in your backyard are not going away. This is what we do — strive for a better life. The current ones are simply caught in the middle of a mess they didn’t create.
Artificial Intelligence, or (AI) is all the rage. Amazing things are going to happen. Baseball will finally be free of human error. Your boss will finally be tolerable. Marriages will be perfect.
Can we just declare some random day for Lahaina, Hawaii, like we do for cookies and donuts? Get those Hawaiian shirts out. Some island love is needed.
Dave Barnes


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