Capital Region police departments warn of scam by someone impersonating to be officers

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The Schenectady Police Department posted on social media on Friday warning residents that it had been made aware of a scam in which someone falsely impersonates an officer to obtain money. The department, in the post, alleges that an individual falsely states that they work for Schenectady police and uses an active officer’s name, then attempts to obtain money.

“It is believed that these attempts have occurred both by phone and by email. If you believe that you have been the victim of this type of scam, please contact 518-630-0911,” the post reads.

The Schenectady Police Department did not immediately respond to multiple requests for additional information.

The state Attorney General’s Office website notes that government agencies usually reach out to residents in writing and will not call you and demand payment. Multiple state agencies note residents should never give out credit or debit card information over the phone or any other kind of personal information.

On the same day, the Bethlehem Police Department also created a Facebook post warning residents of a similar incident. It is not immediately clear if the two are connected.

“The scammer will contact the resident by telephone and on the caller ID it will show the call is originating from the Bethlehem Police Department at 518-439-9973,” the post reads. “The caller will state that they are a Police Officer with the Town of Bethlehem Police Department and will try to get the resident to provide personal information by way of a fictitious story.”

The post notes there had been only one incident reported as of Friday. It asks anyone who has received a call of that nature to report it at 518-439-9973.

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