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Letter to the Editor: Promotion freeze is part of nefarious plan

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Promotion freeze is part of nefarious plan

The Gazette’s Sept. 9 reprint of the commentary, (“Promotion freeze compromises military readiness,”) on Sen. Tuberville’s block on military promotion confirmations describes its effect on U.S. military preparedness. I fear that it may pose an even greater threat to national security.
Hypothesis: This hold, under guise of opposition to the military’s practices on abortion availability, is part of a plan to keep those high-ranking slots open until after the ‘24 election at which point, if re-elected, Mr. Trump will have input (how much input I’ll admit I’m unsure) into who gets them.
Remember what Sen. McConnell did to keep open the Supreme Court vacancy in the last year of Obama’s term?
Late in his term, Mr. Trump expressed his wish that he had “generals like Hitler had,” because “they did what Hitler wanted.” The military command structure impeded his 2020 coup attempt.
Staffed by Trump loyalists, it might facilitate one in ‘28.
I’ve expressed this concern to Sen. Schumer’s office and urged an end to this “courtesy” hold extended to a senator on this issue.
Perhaps my concern is unfounded. I feel like the robot on Lost In Space, waving his arms and shouting “Danger! Danger!” The robot was often right. I hope I am not.
Ray Mullin


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Bill Marincic

Ray Mullin, should the taxpayer subsidize the travel, lodging, and meals of someone in the military getting an abortion? Also, should we accept Transgenders in the military? While China builds it’s military with Warships and fighting soldiers we are filling our ranks with mentally unstable people who believe they are trapped in another person’s body.

“we are filling our ranks with mentally unstable people” What branch of the armed forces have you joined Bill?

“mentally unstable people who believe they are trapped in another person’s body.” Your sister must love you.

Do you believe Biden won the 2020 presidential election?
Do you believe Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd?

christophe Stalka

Mr Mullin I believe you are correct in your interpretation simply read the response of Big Marincic aka also posting as Zach who appears to have School girl crush on a criminal who tried to overthrow our government. im not sure what the percentage of mentally unstable people in our military is and I can assure you the afore mentioned liar also has no clue and simply made that ridiculous statement for drama queen effect.

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