3 Things to Look for When Researching Talent Acquisition Software

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The best talent acquisition software is created to facilitate a superior hiring process. Simply put, employing the best tools will get you the best candidates.

That said, the landscape of talent acquisition HR technology is vast, with sometimes hundreds of companies to choose from. Let’s look at the three most important factors to consider when skimming the reviews of the top talent acquisition software, as well as reasons why you should consider these things so carefully:
The best talent acquisition software is intuitive and straightforward to learn. After all, you are evaluating candidates to determine who is the most suitable for the job, not if they can maneuver complicated software. Same goes for employers. The less time an employer needs to spend learning how to navigate the software, the more time they will have to conduct interviews and find the best candidate.

For larger corporations, constant hiring may just be a reality that there is no getting around. As such, HR managers find themselves performing the hiring process almost daily. For many businesses, hiring is not a weekly occurrence; for this reason, easy-to-use software is crucial. Nobody wants to have to familiarize themselves with a software and use it once only to have to re-familiarize themselves with it three months later.
Video strength
The most common complaint about any of the major available software is slow or lagging video. This is understandable. Conducting interviews is a cornerstone in finding the right candidate, and technical difficulties are not welcome.

Look at talent acquisition software reviews and you will find negative comments about video lag. Sifting through and comparing the frequency of reported video problems is a good way to eliminate poorer options.
Customer Service
The most important resource for talent acquisition software is good customer service. A perfect tool is hard to come by and perfect software, even harder. More often than not, the ideal software can be tailored to a user’s needs. The best replacement for personally tailored software is a software backed by a company that is quick to respond to questions and criticism. Checking to see how a company responds to reviews is a good way of identifying the best product.

In some cases, a client’s review may be responded to and acted upon in a matter of days. For example, if you notice that a customer has left a message directly on the software company’s social media page asking for a recommendation and the company responded after just an hour or two, you probably want to take note. This quick response may illustrate that the company prioritizes customer service and will go above and beyond to meet your needs.
To Conclude: Research Thoroughly to Find the Right Software for Your Business
Reading customer reviews is a great way to separate the best from the rest. Looking over what users have to say about a software’s simplicity, video performance and customer service will increase the chances of finding the perfect tool for your hiring needs.