5 Important Steps To Become Popular On Instagram

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It’s hard to imagine our lives without social networks. Every second active Internet user is looking for an opportunity to become popular on platforms. They pursue different goals: someone wants to make money online, someone is interested in the development of a business or brand, and someone wants to sell their knowledge. In any case, in order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to understand how to act and what steps need to be performed.

One of the most popular platforms for blogging (or business account) is Instagram. Thanks to its intuitive interface and many functions, the application has won the hearts of millions of people around the world. The platform has about 500 million users daily and this figure continues to grow. Of course, among them there is your target audience, which may be interested in you.

In order to become visible on Insta and get the attention of users, the authors follow certain rules and consistently develop the blog. In this article we will talk about the creative design of the page, where to buy Instagram followers cheap, what are collaborations and hashtags, and we will analyze why it is important to follow trends. Let’s get started!

The first and one of the most important steps is to develop a creative design for your profile. This includes sections like nickname, description, profile header and avatar. Thanks to the high-quality and stylish design, you will be able to attract the attention of more than a dozen people, but it will take a certain amount of time.

The page name is a succinct description of your page. That is, you have to come up with a word that will be associated with you or your blog. For example, you can use a funny pseudonym, first and last name, or a word that is related to your profession or subject. Your goal is to create a name by which you can easily be recognized or found by followers among other authors.

The profile header is your main assistant in organic promotion. Do you understand how IG search works? The user enters a few words of interest to him, for example, “lifestyle blogger” and looks at the result. The most important words describing your blog should be in the header, because it is this sentence that will give results in the search. Specify which products and products you sell or indicate the subject of the account.

In the “about yourself” section, write a couple of sentences in which you will fully tell about your author’s blog. It is necessary to give answers to the main questions of potential subscribers: who you are, what you may be interested in, what your blog is about, where you live and what is your “highlight”. The description is created so that you can succinctly and clearly convey information to people, so avoid complex professional terms and slang. The description should be clear to everyone who logs into the account.

As an avatar, we recommend choosing a bright portrait or logo (for companies and brands). The main profile photo is your “face”. At the same time, it is important not to change the

photo for several months so that visual people remember the photo and associate it with the blog.

What do the users who visited the page for the first time pay attention to? Most of them look at how many subscribers are on the page. The number of fans is an indicator of success and popularity for any author who promotes an account. Therefore, many newcomers buy real Instagram followers at the initial stage. This gives them an advantage over other new authors who did not think of using paid services. This way they initially create an account that can compete with other bloggers.

The more followers there are on the page, the higher the probability that a potential viewer will click on the “subscribe” button, guided by herd instinct. Contrary to many rumors, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy real subscribers. Conscientious services offer packages of services that are suitable for any budget. Study the price list, reviews of previous customers and ask questions to the manager. And if you don’t want to waste time on it, just click on the link we indicated above to get a guaranteed result.

Use hashtags to get your posts shown to more users. As we said earlier, many people search for information using keywords. Hashtags are thematic words that you can use under posts. At the first stage, we recommend using low-frequency tags that will help promote a page that does not have millions of likes. You can also come up with your own tags and specify them in the description, then users will be able to use a kind of “navigation” on the page.

Collaborations with other authors are a great opportunity to get new viewers absolutely for free. How does it work? You find a blogger who publishes posts on similar topics, be active on his page (like and comment on posts), and then write with an offer of cooperation in Direct. Bloggers do not refuse such offers if they understand that it will be beneficial for both sides. The number of subscribers on your accounts should be the same in order for the creation of joint content to bring results. Together you can host live broadcasts, create guest posts and talk about each other in Stories. With competent cooperation, you will exchange the audience and increase the activity on the pages.

Trends disappear as quickly as they appear, but in order to constantly create relevant content, it is necessary to monitor what is currently popular on the site. For example, a few years ago, the design of an account in nude tones was in the trend, and now it is an indicator of bad taste. And if you continue to use this in your profile, users may think that you adhere to anti-trends and start unsubscribing. In order not to lose the audience and delight them with relevant photos and videos, browse the pages of celebrities and fashion houses, because most often they are the ones who set the current trends.

Great, now you know what rules you need to follow to become a famous author on Instagram. Use these steps in the correct sequence to get a great result. At first, you will need to put in a lot of effort and time, but when you see the fruit of your work, the process will go much easier. Support from regular viewers will inspire you to create content and develop the page. Good luck!