Students Should Live in Student Housing, Even During COVID-19


College Suites Hudson Valley is a great choice for students looking for housing in close proximity to campus, a safe and secure building, and a vibrant, active student community – Louis Coplin, Vice President for Student Affairs
Prospective residents can visit to learn more. There are only a few spots left, and the Suites is offering an exclusive offer to Daily Gazette readers: start an application and enter the code “DGAPPZERO” to waive the application fee. Offer valid until May 31, 2021.
Where there is a college campus in the Capital Region, you will also find a standout student housing option—518 College Suites. Learn why students and parents are choosing to live in student housing and more specifically, 518 College Suites.
Why Student Housing?
Sending a child to college, whether it is the first or seventh time, is always an exciting and emotional experience. Now, parents must also consider the effects of a global pandemic when deciding how to move forward with this big move. With more than a year of social distancing and remote learning behind us, and COVID-19 still very much present, parents have some important decisions to make, including:

– Should my child opt for in-person classes or a fully online schedule?
– If my child is on campus this upcoming school year, should they live at home or on campus?
– How can I offer my child the opportunity to have as normal a college experience as possible while also ensuring their health and safety?


These are all valid and important questions, especially as colleges continue to put out their academic instruction plans for the fall and migrate to more in-person instruction. Students and staff alike are in limbo, unsure whether schools will roll out a phased re-opening or allow all students back on campus, not to mention what protocols students and staff will have to follow. It is no surprise that making plans for the fall seems daunting, if not impossible. This is especially pertinent to student housing, as it is a financial commitment over an extended period.
All the same, it is in a student’s best interest to live in student housing even if they are distance learning or enrolled solely in online classes.
College is a crucial time of self-discovery and personal growth. It is where many young adults build their identity, solidify their worldview, and begin their journey into adulthood. The student housing experience is a critically important piece of this process because it provides opportunities for specialized community building and socialization. For example, for a student who is interested in volunteer-work, it is both easy and convenient to join the local college Red Cross club and find like-minded peers. These types of beneficial peer-to-peer relationships are crucial to providing feedback and support for building a sense of self. Other benefits include academic support resources that are not easily accessed elsewhere. Many professors require physical sources for essays and papers, and the school library is much more likely to have these specific resources than the local library. In the event those materials are unavailable, students are also positioned to conveniently obtain them through interlibrary loan partnerships with other schools. Above all, it is the daily day-to-day living – cooking, eating, studying, and simply living together – that makes for life-long friendships, academic success, and priceless memories in the college environment.
Even if classes are fully remote, it is important that students get as close to a normal college experience as possible; one that many will agree is unlike any other. Despite these unprecedented times, students still deserve the opportunity to safely experience the unique time that is college.
When parents choose to have their child live in student housing, another problem reveals itself: there are countless options. Among them, however, 518 College Suites differentiates themselves as exceptional.

Why 518 College Suites?

518 College Suites provides amenity-rich student housing in New York’s Capital Region. It consists of College Suites at City Station in downtown Troy; College Suites at Hudson Valley in Troy; and College Suites at Washington Square in the heart of Schenectady. The students they serve include those at the College of Saint Rose, Clarkson University Capital Region Campus, Hudson Valley Community College, Maria College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Russell Sage College, Union College, and Schenectady County Community College.
Living at 518 College Suites offers countless advantages not found in a dormitory or a typical apartment complex. Dorms are crowded, with up to three people to a room, and offer little to no privacy. If the dorm is not equipped with a suite restroom, then residents must trek to a shared bathroom at the end of the hall. These living arrangements are expensive and offer little to no additional features. If there is a kitchen, it is shared by upwards of twenty people, especially problematic given the pandemic. The 518 area is also an older region: while it holds a rich and fascinating history, many of its buildings are showing more than their fair share of wear and tear. As many landlords and property managers see students as a transient population, they often see little incentive to repair or upgrade appliances and fixtures. That is why 518 College Suites works to provide a better type of housing solution featuring updated units and state-of-the-art shared spaces, along with a diverse selection of amenities for their residents’ benefit.
Thiri, a student at Hudson Valley Community College, recounts his experience at 518 College Suites. “My experience living at the Suites was a positive one. The 24/7 security that they have on site puts me at ease and makes me feel safe living here. The maintenance team are very quick to fix anything that needs attention, and the management is very responsive and welcoming. I highly recommend the Suites to students looking for a student living experience. I have made many long-term friends here.”
518 College Suites offers all-inclusive housing. That means with one bill, residents receive free high-speed internet, cable, heat, hot water, and electricity—residents can keep their suites as warm or as cool as they want and need not worry about spotty internet connection. Suites are also equipped with a full kitchen, including a dishwasher and ample space for cooking or baking. When residents need time alone or space to study, they can retreat to their spacious, private bedrooms. Depending on the floorplan, residents will either have their own private bathroom or share it with only one other person. Other benefits include a business center with free printing, off-street parking, a full-time management team and on-site maintenance.


Briana, a RPI student and College Suites resident, says, “College Suites is better than my previous housing because it’s in better condition and I feel like I am part of a bigger community. There are events that help residents bond… our needs are met by amenities that are tailored for students.”


College Suites Residents are automatically enrolled in a rich, complimentary lifestyle program called
‘Live, Learn, Relax’ that provides events, seminars and other opportunities that help students have fun, excel academically, and unwind. Previous activities have included resident appreciation days complete with food trucks and DJs, as well as scholarship seminars to help students identify and apply for financial aid. College Suites’ team emphasizes the importance of creating a safe, fun, and productive community for residents, and they know that COVID-19 has taken its emotional and mental toll on everyone. With that in mind, recent events have been adapted in adherence with social distancing guidelines to ensure residents can have these fun experiences in a safe, responsible manner. What this means is that they have executed door-to-door events, where staff members prepare and deliver gifts and goodies in PPE, allowing their students to participate in a rich arsenal of socially distanced and virtual events.
College Suites and its residents are also dedicated to serving the communities where they are located. They have raised money for fundraisers and most recently, they partnered with a 55+ independent living community in Glenmont, New York, to fill their van with food donations for a local food pantry.
COVID-19 has been taken very seriously at College Suites: all visitors have their temperature taken, and the communal areas, such as the lobby, are regularly sanitized. High-touch areas, such as door handles, employ NanoSeptic, a state-of-the-art, self-cleaning technology. All the amenity spaces have been adjusted to best serve the residents. As the weather warms again, College Suites will also take advantage of their courtyards to provide the community and residents with outdoor events and spaces to gather while socially distancing.
Ultimately, 518 College Suites provides a unique alternative to both living at home or on campus. 518 College Suites provides the solution with providing private space and amenities for studying without compromising the social aspect that makes college so special.

For any questions or inquiries, please visit or call (518) 478 – 8881.