Are you good enough for college sports?

Guest Author

Athletes will all have dreamt their career out before it even got a chance to begin. However, before a career can ever get serious, playing the prestigious college teams and regional teams are necessary to get noticed. In between your career and official sports college teams, there will be the need for rigorous training programs and dedication to the team’s schedule pre-tournaments. Most college team athletes will find themselves tied up with little to no time to dedicate to themselves, and most of the time that is always the way it has to be. You will have your studies to juggle alongside the sports and there will need to be balanced and discipline at the end of it. 


Some of the best college teams within continents will get much hype and support from locals in the area, meaning gambling and betting offers are very prevalent even in sports that are lower/below the traditional national large teams for example. So, hey, if you and your future team get good, you could have people wagering on you! 


How to gauge your talent? 

The first thing you will want to do when you consider playing sports for a college team is evaluate your actual talent and what you have to give to the sport. Often, having a third party to evaluate is the best thing to do. This will allow you to get a real opinion, outside of your own bias. If there is anything that you appear to be lacking in, when it comes to execution and strategy, they should be able to tell you ways to improve your skill. Make sense? 


If you are in a college and education setting, the best way to get knowledgeable insight is by asking a coach for the sports, who has plenty of experience and understanding of what contributes to great athletes and sportsmanship. Some coaches will always have links towards scouts for bigger teams after college too, so they will really know how to contribute to your overall journey at the end of the day! College sports always give great chances for more professional careers afterward. 


The difference between high school and college sports 

We have heard of great teams that are on a college-level within the sports media i.e. Ohio State Buckeye for example. Yet, you may be wondering, what is the difference between college and high school teams, and does your transition from one to another mean anything, for your career moving forward?  


Well, to get things straight, you will need to be aware that high school teams will most certainly not be as competitive or strenuous as college sports teams, and that is just because of how harder it is to get out there and make an impact. Sportsmanship and scouting talent is always easier at younger ages, so you would certainly need to put in more training hours and work to get noticed within college than you would in high school. You need to think of it from a coach and scouts point of view, everyone has talent, but it is the discipline, dedication, and extra push within teams and sports individuals that really make for that star quality.  


Time management is key within college sports  

Yes, we have said this once, and we will say it again, you need to be prepared mentally and physically for the number of hours that you will need to dedicate towards sports and training. College athletes in season will most probably devote up to 80 hours per week for training and academic responsibilities. That commitment will mean that you need to sacrifice certain aspects and social activities, as you cannot allow the quality to slip. Think about it, sleep, eating, and training is what will be massively important. To get scholarships and a chance with a scout, your grades will also need to be pretty good, meaning you cannot just be a good athlete. That is just the way the system is. 


What’s next? 

So, after reading all of our tips on what to expect and putting into a college sports team pre-career, you should definitely talk to people and get more of a feel for the commitment you are about to make. Look-out for those real stories, and put yourself out there with the networking procedure. You often do not realize how important networking is and putting yourself out there can be towards making an impression for your future. You getting to know key figures before starting college will give you a better chance of getting an ‘in’ on making it on the team for example. Do not underestimate how you need to be likable, with great character and communication skills. Sports skills are not everything within college sports careers.