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Letters to the Editor

Online Letters for March 26

Online Letters for March 26

  • Strock is unfair to condemn Obama and compare him to Spitzer
  • Placing life before abortion
  • Strock is unfair to condemn Obama and compare him to Spitzer

    In his March 20 column, “Obama: transcending race no longer,” Carl Strock handily dismisses logic and reason in his zeal to condemn Obama for his association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    Strock fervently tries to make the case that because Obama has been a member of Wright’s congregation for 20 years, and has listened to some of his racial and anti-American tirades, he is, in Carl’s words, “a closet racial malcontent privately at odds with his own public persona.”

    If, in Strock’s words, “the truth was now out in the open,” he may have discovered a stunning new phenomenon in human psychological behavior, i.e. listening to racist, anti-American rants automatically instills these same beliefs into the listener’s psyche — in effect, “racism by osmosis.”

    Yes, folks, our brilliant local muckraker, who has relentlessly unearthed the corruption and misdeeds of our policemen, teachers and firemen, is now trying to rescue us from the a national catastrophe — a racist, anti-American president.

    But alas, Carl pulls the noose even tighter by comparing Obama to disgraced former Gov. Elliot Spitzer, stating, “In each case the private truth is so at odds with the public persona.” Let’s examine the two transgressions — Spitzer spending perhaps $80,000 on prostitutes, while vehemently condemning and convicting members of prostitution rings vs. Obama sitting in a church pew listening to a zealot spew racism. Good grief — a thoughtful amoeba could see the absurdity of this comparison!

    Barack Obama is not a racist, or a “closet racial malcontent.” Strock’s attempt to condemn him because of his association with Rev. Wright and his parish is shameful and nonsensical. Isn’t it possible that listening to, and understanding, the vitriol of Rev. Wright — rather than simply leaving his parish — may just help Obama heal the racism that does still exist in our country?

    This is a brilliant, accomplished, elegant man, a leader admired and revered by all who know him. Let’s appreciate, not question, his willingness to serve our country

    Vince Dacquisto


    Placing life before abortion can lead to rewards

    Just wanted to say “thanks” to my recently departed mother-in-law, whose faithful following of the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching against artificial birth control and abortion resulted in eight children.

    Were these an example of “unintended pregnancies in families that were already bigger than many parents wanted,” as stated by Rev. Tom Davis and Rabbi Dennis Ross [March 16 Gazette]? Probably. Fortunately for me, my children and grandchildren, she put life before their idea of “justice.”

    Janet Hebert


    Candidates are enjoying a paid leave of absence and taxpayers are footing the bill

    If I was employed and actively seeking new employment, would my current employer still keep me employed? Much less keep me on the payroll for two years of not being at work?

    Are we the voters, taxpayers of these United States doing — allowing — just this with all the presidential candidates? Where are the bosses in charge of our employees? Why should they have that job?

    Let’s see some action, maybe a repayment of salaries and a job dismissal, for all looking for a new job!

    Frank Spadaro

    Ballston Lake

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