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Letters to the Editor

Online Letters to the Editor for March 27

Online Letters to the Editor for March 27

  • Quality broadcasting warrants fair and equitable contract
  • Bush missed opportunity to conde
  • Quality broadcasting warrants fair and equitable contract

    I read with interest the March 19 article on television news ratings stating WNYT Channel 13 has kept or extended its lead in almost all categories. According to Stephen P. Baboulis, vice president and general manager at WNYT, “I think we’re doing a good job, our people are doing a good job ...”

    As a retired member of CWA Local 1118, I have tried the other stations for news and still cannot “Turn off Channel 13” because they are putting out the best news programming in the area. This is testament to the union membership who, in spite of the fact they are in a contract depute, continue to do their jobs in a proud and professional manner.

    Maybe now would be a good time for the management of Hubbard Broadcasting to show good faith and negotiate the fair and equitable contract their employees so richly deserve.

    Paul V. Duffy


    Bush missed opportunity to condemn China’s treatment of Tibet

    Once again I am outraged by President Bush’s lack of moral courage and diplomatic skills. When asked if he would attend the Summer Olympics in Beijing, instead of reaffirming his intention to go, he could have simply replied that while the United States athletes will compete in this peaceful world event, he would be uncomfortable accepting China’s hospitality unless the violence in Tibet is peacefully resolved and he was sure that all American citizens would feel the same. This simple statement would have sent a strong signal and strengthened the possibility for a nonviolent settlement to the conflict.

    His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, sent condolences and support to the United States after 9/11. Can we do less for a nation and a people occupied by a ruthless regime for more than half a century?

    The charge that the Dalai Lama is somehow orchestrating the violence in Tibet is ludicrous to anyone who has watched him, listened to him or read his words since he came on the world scene in the 1950s. While there are shades of grey in many of the world’s historic nonviolent struggles for freedom, the Dalai Lama has been unequivocal in his interpretation. His record and credibility at least suggest that until proven guilty, he is innocent. What many don’t realize when they see monks taking part in violent demonstrations is that Tibet is religiously pluralistic. Buddhism has many sects, and there are many Lamas or religious leaders in this vast country. Can you tell in the blurry images whether these monks are followers of the Dalai Lama? I can’t.

    Given that he has been dealt a very weak hand, His Holiness is doing the most he can to stop the escalation of violence in Tibet. For the first time he has threatened to resign as secular leader-in-exile of his country. This is not a step taken lightly. A little moral support from the rest of the world’s leaders, especially the president of the United States, would be greatly appreciated.

    Melinda Perrin


    Among all the faults with the political parties, hypocrisy seems to be running rampant

    With all the news coverage of now-former Gov. Spitzer’s marriage infidelities, we can thank Assembly James Tedisco for adding to the spectacle of hypocrisy. There he was on national television and in national print media (including People magazine) decrying Spitzer’s behavior and informing us that he was all right and ready to begin impeachment proceedings immediately if Eliot Spitzer did not resign forthwith. Wow!

    With such sanctimonious pronouncements from Assemblyman Tedisco on the Spitzer issue, I can only assume that he was at least out of town and most likely out of the country with no access to any American media when news broke that former Rep. John Sweeney was accused of domestic violence. He certainly made no pronouncements on the acceptability of that sort of behavior then. Not even so much as, “If the allegations are true, Rep. Sweeney should resign.” Nope. The Honorable Mr. Tedisco let the election go on with nary a word about Sweeney’s behavior, and if Mr. Sweeney had won, well that’s politics. Mr. Sweeney was, after all, a fellow Republican and behavior be damned.

    At least Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand has the moral coherency (and the class I might add) to say that if the allegations being made against former Gov. Spitzer were true, then he should resign. It didn’t matter to her that Spitzer was a member of her own political party, what mattered was that his behavior was reprehensible. This is also known as standing up for your principles.

    So the message I get from Assembly Tedisco’s behavior during these two events is that it is wrong to pay for sex and maybe it is wrong to cheat on your spouse — but it sure is OK to slap ’em around. And before Assembly Tedisco or one of his staffers writes a rebuttal to this letter telling us all about the legislation he’s sponsored against domestic violence or the support he’s given to agencies that address the issue, let me remind them that Eliot Spitzer did the same on the prostitution issue.

    If you have one standard of behavior for one political party and a different standard for another political party — that’s known as a double standard. And if you have a double standard — you don’t have a standard. That’s also known as hypocrisy.

    Linda LeTendre

    Saratoga Springs

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