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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor June 9

Letters to the Editor June 9

  • Hillary lost to a well-oiled political machine
  • Planned Parenthood’s message ruinous to soc
  • Hillary lost to a well-oiled political machine

    Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the nomination to Barack Obama, she was beaten by a team of political strategists led by the brilliant David Axelrod, who understood better than anyone else the arcane rule changes the Democratic Party made to kick-start outsider campaigns after Jesse Jackson’s campaign faltered.

    However, these rule changes don’t carry over to the final election, where votes are counted differently. I hope Sen. Clinton will campaign strongly for Democratic nominee Obama because as a nation we can’t afford four more years of Republican rule. But I’m not sure she should be marginalized as vice president. There are other positions where she’ll be more effective, including becoming the “Grande Dame of the Senate.”

    I’m proud of Hillary Clinton, and I wish her well no matter what she decides to do in the future.

    Melinda Perrin


    Planned Parenthood’s message ruinous to society

    Re June 3 letter, “Planned Parenthood more than abortions”: Deb Poulton stated that as a parent her “children will be taught well, and the choices they make ... will be informed and thought out.”

    Let’s be informed and think through these facts. Powerful special interest groups including Planned Parenthood far outspend taxpayer monies to promote their agenda, in schools and out. Programs that provide explicit “how-to” information to give teens a green light for activities that put them at risk — STDs associated with multiple partners — encourage teen girls to become part of a sexual obsession that encourages sexual activity for the young. Teens are confronted with the dominant message that says sex — in all varieties — is expected behavior and without consequence.

    Ms. Poulton stated Planned Parenthood doesn’t do any “brainwashing.” What does Planned Parenthood stand for? SIECUS [Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States]-Planned Parenthood-type sex education is established in most schools. Who is “brainwashing” whom?

    Abortion is the effect, and liberal sex education is the chief cause, if not the root cause, of our sexual revolution. Corrupted morals are the link between sex education and abortion. Such strategies have failed at the expense of the lives of unborn children and exposing children to an adult culture of promiscuity.

    Children, and especially girls, are being pushed out of the innocence of childhood at earlier ages than ever. A survey by Random House Publishers of parents with children under 18 found that childhood was effectively over and children were “young adults” by age 11. By age 6, the survey found little girls abandoning dollies and moving on to makeup and hair dye.

    Over the past 30 years or so, a sexual revolution has been destroying Western civilization by vilifying human sexuality. The effects have been truly devastating. Society must re-establish its social conscience — a conscience that won’t sanction free love and perversions, won’t permit gutter sex to be spread publicly and a social conscience that won’t tolerate Planned Parenthood or others to corrupt the meaning of “free speech” by stretching the boundaries of sexual indecency.

    Joanne Clough


    Clifton Park shouldn’t have caved so easily on county water

    Re May 28 editorial, “The politics of water in Clifton Park”: I’ve been wondering how long it would be before the Clifton Park Supervisor Philip Barrett and his three board members capitulate and agree to buy water from the ill-conceived Saratoga County Water Authority.

    Not many months have passed and the county Republican Party has tightened the screws, and the four dissidents have been read out of the part. Big deal! There goes our hope the Clifton Park Town Board would help their constituency and save them 40 percent by buying water from Glenville.

    The hope AMD will come has pushed this whole Luther Forest fiasco, supported by Malta officials, Sen. Bruno and other state and county officials; it should have been doomed from the start. The seed money was meant to be used in a depressed area — not a flourishing community. A site zoned for manufacturing and having municipal water and sewage, and perhaps even buildings.

    Luther Forest had many tress cut, roads had to be built, including five roundabouts and more to come — a new Exit 11 off the Northway, a new pipeline at a cost of $67 million, without having enough customers to pay for it. Halfmoon is improving its sewage system at a cost of $45.3 million for AMD, and without enough future users it will cost residents $50 a year. This all will eventually lead to the need for more schools, police, firemen, shopping malls, housing, traffic lights, air and water pollution.

    All surveys emphasize that residents want to retain the rural character of their communities. The frosting on this cake is AMD was offered $1.2 billion, and other incentives, for 1,100 jobs. Probably after AMD uses up these goodies, they will move to India.

    We had a brief glimpse of the Clifton Park Town Board doing the honest and right thing, but it didn’t last long. Politicians run amok at our expense.

    Lillian Neal

    Ballston Lake

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