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Practical Psychology: Working together makes businesses, and people, healthy

Practical Psychology: Working together makes businesses, and people, healthy

If there were only two words that will characterize our society over the next year, they would be “t

If there were only two words that will characterize our society over the next year, they would be “transformational change.” Not unlike an individual struck with catastrophic or long-term illness, America has been forced to transform its lifestyle or succumb to poverty and international obscurity.

For the individual, corporate downsizing and the associated employee layoffs has destroyed the concept of lifetime employment. Our current economy is in a recession, if not “depression.” The essential shift from manufacturing to service companies accounts for more than 65 percent of business failures or transfer overseas. The loss of jobs and spending money before we have earned it has created huge personal and national debt.

In their relentless search for more and more profit, many corporations have neglected their greatest assets that generate that profit — the people employed in the business. With a survival mentality, employees are now seen as financial liabilities and are the first to go when the economy of the corporate culture begins to turn down.

In our greedy and insecure drive to accumulate money and material goods, many of us have neglected our greatest assets in creating material success — ourselves and our relationships to those around us.

Failing to recognize the transformational value of interdependence, we continue to depend on others to take care of us, both on the level of personal health and personal income.

Prevention first

Most of us depend on healthcare providers to fix us after we become ill, rather than working interdependently to prevent illness from occurring in the first place. In precisely the same manner, we look to government, businesses, corporations and unions to take care of our personal income and benefits, rather than working interdependently with business leaders and managers to prevent personal and corporate illness and create financial success for both.

Most of us have never focused on developing the personal skills we each have to prevent illness or to be successful in business enterprise. The health of the individual is precisely the same as the health of a business. The skills required to be well in all aspects of your life are the same as those needed to be successful in business enterprise.

The basic, and most important, aspect of success in creating a well individual, group or business is self-awareness leading to character development. Any coping with change requires an awareness of personal character qualities and our own potential, usually hidden within the self. Within each of us are the seeds for ongoing mastery of business, family, body, mind, emotions and spirit. Becoming acquainted with, and empowered by, this self (its character, talents and abilities) is the single most essential activity for creating wellness within all aspects of your life.

Healthy attributes

Some of the assets for wellness include the ability to learn; to discriminate between what is true or real and what is false and delusional; a positive mental attitude; personal integrity; eagerness to take full responsibility for your choices, decisions and behavior; a sense of humor; openness and willingness to change; self-discipline; habitual behavior based on time-honored principles rather than reaction to the immediate situation; ability to take moderate and realistic risks; acknowledging the value of every individual, including yourself; self-caring so as to be able to effectively care for others; and a vision of a desired future.

All of the above assets you have used at least once in your life. They are the seeds, which, if nurtured and developed, lead to creating a healthy self, as well as a healthy business. Like the chief executive officer of a business, you are the CEO of your life. Recognize your own personal power to change, and use your inherent talents to create both your own health and your own wealth.

Realize that long-term success in any endeavor is dependent on your personal qualities of character, and you will seek to develop those qualities before anything else.

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